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Kia Sorento Real World MPG



  • I bought my 2011 Kia Sorento in Feburary 2011 brand new no miles. I currently have 9000 miles and realized at certain gas stations I get less MPG, the average was about 25. Some gas stations use a cheaper quality gas which effects all vechicles MPG. I found a local Marathon gas station, and I average between 32-35 MPG highway. Street I average 27 MPG. If you are getting a lower MPG try different gas stations and test them like I did.
  • hi
    have a new 4cyl gdi and getting mileage lower than expected. dealer says let it break in of course, but the gap seems too large. car has 500 miles now. i had the dealer check the computer and they say its functioning to spec.

    when resetting the trip computer at 70-75mph, flat road, etc it will pretty consistently get 24ish. oddly, putting the AC on Max, rather than the normal setting seems to make a slight improvement. turning ac off makes a difference too - gets 26ish. car is rated for 32hwy.

    drove a 6cyl for a couple of days and doing the same resetting at highway speeds was easily getting 26ish with the AC on. so more inline with rating and better than my 4 cylinder. it had 700 miles on it. (the 4 works for my commuter needs but the 6 was MUCH nicer to drive, btw)

    i'll be checking by filling up the tank. also thinking i might go ask to drive another 4cyl on the lot.

    what are others experiencing?

  • What engine do you have, a 4 or a 6?
  • beehbeeh Posts: 1
    We just bought a 2012 Sorento 4 cyl. GDI...Has 190 miles ( 120 of them highway @ 65mph ) on it now and the avg. mpg is 20.6!

    Wow, the truck I traded for it was almost this good and it was a 10 year old V6. The main reason we traded was for the mpg.

    If this doesn't get better, we'll be looking back at the Equinox. I mean I expected maybe 24-25 but 20? Sad.
  • joehickjoehick Posts: 28
    Just bought a 4cyl 2012 sorento 4 tanks of gas driving both city and highway on different tanks of gas and getting lousy mileage.
    city two tanks= average 16.5 mpg
    highway two tanks=average 19 mpg
    Dealer says the advertizing is just averages and they way you drive, I say BS. I had this car on cruise contrtol for the majority of the way, and still got lousy mileage
    NOT HAPPY, got better mileage in my 2003 6cyl merc
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Some people get good mileage right from the start but on my last new car, the mileage didn't approach the EPA ratings until 4,000 miles or so, and didn't really settle in until 10,000 miles.

    I'd give it at least another 4 tanks, and keep a log of fill-ups.
  • mapaxmapax Posts: 3
    i feel your pain. i don't know why the dealer and customer service help line don't have a ready answer for this, but they certainly didn't with me. dealer tried to convince me it was my lead foot.

    in any event, my early experience was like yours. then at 3000 miles i took my first road trip - 200 miles without much of a stop. around that time my mpg stepped up a notch. the dealer made a big deal of the car's 'learning computer' which makes me wonder if it needed the long trip to get something through its thick head, or if that was just coincidental timing with getting over some hump in engine break-in.

    so early on i was averaging 21ish combined driving and now its more like 24. i'll see moments of 30 mpg on the computer when going 70 with ac on and a fair amount of 27 in same condition. i had to go 60 with the ac off to get a glimpse of 30 in the early days.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    My brand new Sorento GDI is getting between 23 and 24 mpg in mixed driving with less than 1,000 miles on the odo. I had the same engine in a 2011 Sonata and was getting around 30 in mixed driving and 36 mpg on the road. I was expecting better mileage on the Sorento than I'm getting now, but maybe it will improve as time goes by. It is becoming doubtful that we'll be able to get to the 32 mpg highway mileage advertised, however. More likely will be around 30 mpg at best.
  • I have a 2012 SX with 3.5t 24 Valve DOHC CVVT V6 Engine
    6-Speed Automatic Transmission w / Sportmatic
    I get 19-23 "around town" on short trips (.5 mile to 3 miles). More like 26-27 on highway driving depending on a/c, open/closed windows and sunroof, load in car, etc. SUV is approach 5000 miles on odo. One thing I have noticed is that when I fill up at a Sunoco station (there is one close by but it seems to be true of Sunoco in general), I get about 2 mpg better gas mileage. My theory is that Sunoco uses less ethanol than other brands (not sure if that's true) but whatever it is it seems consistent.
  • joehickjoehick Posts: 28
    This is my point, you have a 6cyl, I have a 4 cyl and I get 16 to17 mpg...
    Somethings wrong..I got better mileage with 03 merc 6 cyl
  • 2011 v6. average about 22mpg. highway only 24 to 27. has 20k miles on it now. it does take a few thousand miles before you should worry about mileage. also in real life many cars with v6 get similar mileage to 4 cyl. always has been that way because 4 cyl has to work harder. epa mileage numbers and real life mileage arnt the same thing.
  • lanshilanshi Posts: 22
    I am looking for anyone that is getting the mileage out of their 2012 Sorento LX. They say up to 32 mpg. I am wondering when this should kick in. I have 6300 mile on it and I am getting 26 whenever I do the math. Funny how their computer states one thing and you do the math boy is it alot lower. I drive all highway miles everyday and if I was not informed by the salesman that it gets 32 I would have never bought this vehicle as I drive 120 a day to and from work. Sad the dealer tells you one thing and you really find out afterwards. They tell me to look at it past 5000 and I am past that. Any one out there would like to hear from you. :confuse: :mad:
  • I just bought KIA Sorento 2012 a week ago and it has wonderful drive and power and most amazing thing is its millage - which is almost 31 MPG mix withing city and highway ! that sounds perfect with 6 cylinder engine. Am sure I will get better than this after service and couple of thousands.
  • Hate to intrude on your euphoria, but in my 2012 SX I get 26-27 highway on long trips. Around town closer to 20 and I do not have a heavy foot. I doubt your 31 is going to last. Have you calculated it yourself?
  • I agree with ennui101..This is very unlikely to happen to have mix 31mpg with 6 cyl...I'm also wondering if it's your computer or your calculations...

    I've bought mine Sorento EX 6 cyl FWD a week ago and have on it 300 miles so far making city 19-20mpg and today I was driving really economical (easy and 55-65mph) on full highway 30 miles and did 29.7mpg which I consider as great if it goes about 6 cylinders

    ...but honestly I'm done checking mpg every 3 seconds cause it's make a little bit paranoic :) ...on highway for 6 cyl I would say it's going to be more around 25-26mpg...

    Anyway it's a 7 passengers SUV so guys don't be so picky - Travers, CX-9, Highlander do much worse mpg..Enjoy your Sorento...
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I have had similar results with my 2012 EX with the GDI engine that is supposed to get up to 32 mpg on the highway. Mine has about 1,250 miles on it and I get between 22-24 mpg in what I call "mixed" driving, which is about half on the freeway. While I know it's too early to really gauge the real mileage, I have serious doubts that I will ever get to 32 mpg. By comparison, I had the same engine in a 2011 Sonata and was getting around 30 mpg in similar driving and 35 on the highway consistently. I suspect that 28 mpg will be the best I can expect in highway driving going forward. I just think that the EPA mileage being advertised by Kia is not achievable on the 4 cyl GDI engine in the Sorento due to its weight, size and styling.
  • if i get going 60-65 and just keep driving i get 30-31 with my v6. no one could ever drive like that in real life but as long as i dont slow down or speed up i can get that
  • I would be happy as hell with your mileage.I get 12 in the city and 18 on the highway
  • I have the 4 cyl and am really disappointed. Our trip to FL resulted in mileage of between 22.5 and 24. The car is underpowered as every hill caused the transmission to downshift. This car should not be sold with the 4 cyl for highway.
  • many cars in realy life get similar mileage 4cyl or 6cyl. 4 s do much better in epa testing which is very important to the car makers but an overworked ungine doesnt get good mileage. always been this way.
  • lanshilanshi Posts: 22
    Well I went in for my second oil change and asked about the mileage AGAIN and now they say you really can't judge it until after 10,000 miles. Last time was 5,000 Service says it will get better with time. I see on their computer 29 and sometimes 30 but in reality i still am at 26 on highway. I pretty much drive all highway 120 miles a day so that is why I really thought of this vehicle at 30 to 32 mpg. I traded in a Nissan Altima and should have gotten another one as the mileage was awesome. :cry:
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    That's why I must have test driven the Sorento V6 and 4 cylinders numerous times. I pretty much knew from the start that the 4 was way too weak for this vehicle and noisy too. Put any passengers and luggage in and drive through mountains forget it. That's why I went with a 2011 EX V6 with the premium package. We get about 18mpg around town and 26 on the highway. Our best mileage comes on two lane country roads where the speed limit is 55. I have gotten 27mpg at 60mph. At 70mph I get about 25mpg. You have to manually calculate the mpg on these vehicles. The computer is the worst I have ever had in a car and usually shows about 1.5 to 2mpg higher than the actual. The reason you got the poor mileage is obvious because the engine has to work so much harder than a 6 on hills and it is eating gas faster.
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  • The kia has caught my eye, I seem to change vehicles every 2 to 3 years, that is why I am checking out the write up on the Kia. Now I may not change.

  • lanshilanshi Posts: 22
    Yes I have asked the dealership also and they say it will get better after 10,000. First they said after 5,000 and then now the next service person says 10,000. It is ashamed you can't throw it into their face. The Kia is really a nice vehicle but the EPA should really look at mpg better. good luck in your search but all of the SUV's are the same. I drive 60 miles and now probably look for a second vehicle if I continue working. :mad:
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    the government makes the mileage numbers not the car companies. i do think the car companies set up the cars to get best mileage under epa tests standards making it harder for the average person to hit the numbers but the car companies dont come up with mileage numbers. last time gas was as much as it is now in the 80s they passed a law that car companies had to advertise the city number and not highway number. look at any car ad for the 80s.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited January 2012
    True, but the car companies can still get into trouble for their mpg advertising, as Honda is finding out.
  • joehickjoehick Posts: 28
    good luck, have my sorento for 6 mos, still getting 12 mpg city with a 4 cyl, and 19 on the highway. watching to see how the honda lawsuit plays out
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited January 2012
    While my link is about the small claims suit, note that Honda already lost the class action. Owners didn't win squat (which is why the one woman opted out and went to small claims), but that's pretty typical with a class action.

    If she wins her small claims suit, the floodgates could open for a lot of people. But she has the advantage of being able to show that another court has found that Honda misrepresented buyers about the mpg they could expect to get.
  • I am in the same boat. Owne y 4cyl sorento for about 5 mos, and getting 12mpg city. If nothing happens will trade this in this summer.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    It is my understanding that the Government sets the expected Mpg for a vehicle. Also, even though my Sorento V6 has a 18 mpg city and 26 Hwy it states that the actual could actually be as low as 13 mpg city or something like that. I don't see how anyone would have any chance of suing the Government or the fact that it states that your actual mileage may vary. It seems to me that the bases are pretty well covered and I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to see if the Honda owner wins her case.
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