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Oldsmobile Intrigue



  • After much thought and comparison's I just purchased my first Olds' Intrigue; it is a 2000. I love the way this car handles, but I have experienced a problem in the last 2 days. After starting my car, turning on the lights, and driving a short distance my headlights seem to dim. They seem to dim and within minutes they dim again. This has only happened 2 times, both at night (of course). When they dim it is just really minor and it happens fast. My husband was driving the first time and he said he felt that some of the power was lost, but when it happened to me today I didn't notice it, maybe, I was just concerned about the lights and didn't pay attention to the power. I haven't called the dealer yet, but will do so in the next couple of days. Just thought I would post this to see if anyone else has had this problem. Hope you can help.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    So they are still counting chads in FL? What are they going to do if somehow Gore pulls ahead in the count, boot W out of the White house? BTW, he will address congress this evening. I've had my Intrigue's electrical system loaded to max before(heater fan on high, rear defogger on, high beams on, radio on) and I've also got a cd changer ad a cellular phone added to the car's electrical system and the only time I've noticed the lights get dim is when the ABS or traction control kicks in. Next time I've got the system maxed out again, I'll pop the cig lighter in just to see what happens:) I've never noticed on the Intrigue, but on my father's 95 Aurora hot weather seems to bog the electrical system down. I've driven his Aurora before and on hot humid summer nights with the A/C going and the headlights on, when idling in traffic the dash lights do get a bit dimmer and on that car you can key up the volts on the driver info center and they have been as low as 11.6 whereas the car usually runs 14.9 or so. As soon as you step on the gas, it goes back up. I've tried this in cold weather with the seat heaters on, heater fan on high, and rear defogger on and it still stays at about 14.5 so hot weather is the real culprit on that car. It is also worth noting the car is still on it's original battery. Also, the Intrigue does not do this, but on the Aurora when you turn on the rear defogger, the engine speed actually increases slightly due to the increased load. That huge heated backglass must really draw the juice.

    jjpowell2, congratulations on the Intrigue. Hope you enjoy yours. Looks like you got a pretty good deal too.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Hey htwired and arnie82, which Milwaukee dealers are you talking about with your service issues?

    I live in Waukesha, and I've been contemplating getting an Intrigue (trading up from my trusty '96 Lumina - hey, it may be a "generic" car, but it was cheap and it's been very reliable for me). Mother-in-law works in the Janesville plant, so between that and the GM card...

    Of course, I ran across a pretty sweet Aurora (98) while window-shopping at a local dealer on Sunday. The Intrigue's not radically different, looks-wise, than my Lumina, but the Aurora is. I've always loved the classic Aurora (but not sure I'd want to take on the V-8 and premium fuel, as well as a used car). On the other hand, the Aurora'd be less expensive and wouldn't depreciate as fast, not being new (I'd plan on keeping the car for at least 4-5 years).

    I only drive 10k/yr now (put 26k on the Lumina the first year, when mother-in-law lived in Michigan and worked at the Lake Orion plant building Auroras - put 10k per year on after she transferred to Janesville). I've driven her 2 Auroras, but, since they've been her car and not mine, I've had to be... gentle with them. Size-wise, the Aurora's big (on the outside) and heavy, and doesn't have that much room inside (mother-in-law is 5', I'm 6' and about twice her weight :-).

    I guess I need to go drive 'em both, side-by-side. If I go Intrigue, I'll probably test both the GL and GLS (see if PCS really does improve low-end torque, something I use on a daily basis :-)

    I've never purchased an extended warranty before, but, if I went with the used Aurora, I'd probably do so. If I went Intrigue, the 5 year/60,000 would probably do me just fine...

    Any thoughts, advice, or suggestions (other than to go drive the cars, which I'm going to do) would be greatly appreciated...


  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Noticed that the edge of my right front tire is worn quite a bit. Will probably have to buy a new set when i turn it in. I have 31,000 miles on mine, which means i can only put 5,000 on it over the next 12 months. Yeah right!!!

    I checked the air pressure and there was 32 lbs all around. Pumped the fronts up to 35 lbs and what a difference in handling! It turns in quicker and definitely sticks in the corners better.

    The ride is a little firmer but i can live with it. The trim around the rear door has started vibrating again. I will have to fix that.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    etharmon:::::::Dubya came out O.K. on the recount from what I hear.. Of course there is another side to the story as we all know.

    b4z:::::::Right front tire; bouncing off of curbs or power slides. Not rotating regularly-tsk-tsk..

    Off to the Doc and then to the dealer to have this dumb exhaust system installed..Also the service manager will get grilled today on front end problems--NOISE.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Sounds like the alternator problem some people have had. Some people get flickering lights, some get occasional dimming. Have it replaced under warranty, it's a half day job.
  • oscarz2oscarz2 Posts: 153
    Front-end noise: may be jounce bumper issue.
    Mine does it when turning right and braking. Lubing the jounce bumpers may silence it temporarily. Last year, a mechanic (after 3 days of troubleshooting) pinpointed the noise to the jounce bumpers and lubed them good and noise was gone. It returned in a couple of weeks. Basically, if enough lube is in the right spot, it goes away for a while. There are other noise issues to consider such as intermediate shaft, etc. Have mechanic ride with you so he/she can hear it.

    Hot lights: Don't turn your dash lights all the way up. Keep the dial about halfway or a tad more. All Intrigues are this way (based on previous posts).

    Window thump: My driver window all of a sudden had this problem last week. Dealer fixed it. Paperwork said "window regulator bent/ removed door panel and straightened stop".

    Gap in dash at a/c vents: many (including me) had this problem. Some got a new dash. My dealer replaced center vent covers (said they are sometimes cut differently). I don't know if they actually did or not but when I picked it up, the gaps were gone. I was told it will only reoccur (design flaw) so I put super glue in the seam when I got home. This was about 8 months ago. No gaps. Believe it or not, many were coming out of the factory this way (poor quality control). Apparently, the dash was redesigned for newer Intrigues.
  • Looking forward to picking up our new car this morning but am prepared to walk out if any extra charges show up on the paperwork. Think we got a great price considering we turned down the $2000 discount to get the 0-payments til Feb. 2002. Will let you know if we seal the deal!
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    How did you get the car for $22,000 if you turned down the $2000? It would seem that the dealer is selling the car to you for invoice, less dealer holdback, less the $400 spiff to the salesman, less the $100 to the general manager. They must be making it up on the camaro.
    You still got a deal though.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    No bouncing off curbs or power slides, but i am partial to early apex in, power out. If you get my drift (pun intended).
    Have you ever noticed that in hard cornering that the inside front tire squeals. Shouldn't it be the outside tire? Maybe it is just an intrigue anomaly.
  • My 2000 GL just turned 40,000 miles today. Sorry 1415, but I still have the original tires, rotors which have never been turned, brake pads, and front end. Only trip to the dealer was early on when a fuel vapor return hose came loose. Sorry to see Olds go because I would certainly buy another Intrigue in 4 or 5 years when I wear this one out. This is a great highway car but I must say, if you do most of your driving in city traffic, you may want to look at something else. Maybe a 4 cylinder something. Be careful out there.
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    It's the alternator. Call your dealer and tell them there is a service bulletin on the problem and that they'll need to order the newly redesigned alternator. Mine should be in this week and we'll see if that repairs the problem. Unfortunately we're heading into spring and mine never had a problem in warmer weather before. (Make sure you get the newly redesigned alternator. I've had mine replaced once and the problem seemed solved but reappeared 3 months later).
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    Can anyone explain tire size to me? Like, for instance, what does P235/60R16 mean?

    I've posted before about my handling problems (I've a 2000 Intrigue with Eagle LS), have had them check suspension etc... does anyone think this could be an alignment problem? I really have noticed a drastic decrease in handling.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    Good to hear your update and that all is well. Your car is a cream puff and the you certainly deserve the "gold star". Maybe my couple million miles of driving has caused me to lose the edge.

    You know the brake story and the tires will be gone by another 4k miles=40k total..Speed kills the life..The tire tread edges are barely worn; but the centers are almost down to the reminder bar.. The balance out of the box was great and wheel alignment is right on.. Hate to buy another set of tires for it is a pain in backside getting them balanced..

    SLP exhaust went on without any hiccup and its not noisy or raspy and is only noticed at lower speeds..The dealer put it on and still has the old system. The SLP does eliminate the resonator so noise level is higher. Lets face it; the Intrigue is a big noise factor so any additional racket is hardly noticeable. My opinion of the different exhaust is 50/50..You will sound different from the stoplight and get someones attention; probably a drag race. You might end up driving faster, getting tickets, and burning more petrol. The cost on the car including all charges is $421.00..The rear view is obviously better looking since the twin outlets are 2 1/2" dia. ea.

    No progress on the front end noise--struts are in great shape--jounce bump syndrome!!!!!!No cure except to replace with aftermarket kind..
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    My Intrigue lights dimmed a little once on a VERY cold night a few weeks ago. It has never done it again. Does it have something to do with the cold??
  • jg28: check for the information you seek on tire sizes. I think this is how it breaks down:

    235 - tire is 235 millimiters wide
    60 - aspect ratio of the tire (60% X 235 = 141 millimeters from the rim of the wheel to the top of the tire)
    R - Radial
    16 - 16-inch wheel diameter
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    A 70 series tire is taller than a 60 series tire.
    Using his example, 141mm X 2 = 282mm. 282mm divided by 25.4 mm = 11.1 inches. Add 11.1 inches
    to the 16 inch rim diameter and you have a tire
    27.1 inches tall.

    This is a great formula for calculating plus 1 and plus 2 tire sizing.

    Probably more info than you wanted. But i live for this stuff.
  • Bought my 2000 at Amato on N76th. They're quite a way out from where I live on the South side but I was happy with the deal. Arrow was unable to find the problem specified. I won't give them a second chance with future service.
  • Would have posted sooner, but had a tee time at the golf course. What a pleasant surprise to find the bottom line a bit LOWER than expected. They gave us $3000 trade on the '91 Crown Vic, had a $500 Phoenix Open rebate and total price(inc. all tax & lic.) came out to $22,225. Nothing down, 0% interest til 2-27-2002 and first payment 3-27-2002. With the 5 year warranty we feel comfortable. Dealt directly with the sales manager and said we'd walk if they couldn't work the figures. They were under pressure to meet a quota and that was to our advantage. The car looks SOOOO good in the garage and can't wait to give her more of workout in the next few days!!
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Congrats are in order. Take it easy for the first 500 miles.
  • Can you elaborate a little more concerning the "service bulletin"? Where can I find more information regarding it?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Your dealer will know where to find it. They have access to all the bulletins, don't worry. Just mention it when you go in.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Can you notice any improvement in the car's performance with the new exhaust. I bet that does look neat with those larger exhaust outlets. Much better than the coffee can fart pipe addition you see on so many Asian cars.

    alternator and dash gap, I guess I missed both of those on my 98 as my lights don't flicker or get dim except a slight dimming when the ABS or Traction Control first engages. And I've looked at my dash vents numerous times and the fit around the opening is very tight. However, I did have a service loaner once that did have a gap above the center vents.
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    Yes, the cold has something to do with it. I'd take it in because even though it will only do it once, it'll more than likely happen again, just watch. That's exactly how mine started. The problem is HIGHLY intermittent. It'll happen sometimes and not happen other times but definitely more in the cold.

    My service manager had no problem finding the technical service bulletin when I told him about it but he did say Olds forgot to include the part number though for the new alternator, if you can believe that!

    If you would like more information on the bulletin, just call Oldsmobile customer care.
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    to improve the road noise? Did it help? So all you Pilot XGT H4 fans... please tell me what the heck tire size I'm supposed to be lookin for as far as price goes. Can I really get the widest one?
  • I bought my 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue used last year and it had 25,000 miles on it. I noticed a rattle in the steering just after I had purchased it. I took it to a dealer and they replaced the intermediate steering shaft. It was fine up until recently when the same problem started occurring. It has only been 7 months and 8,000 miles since the shaft was replaced. I have noticed many other vehicle owners are having the same problems. Is there anything I should ask the dealer to do that will correct this problem permanently? Since the vehicle is now out of warranty, should the dealer be totally responsible for fixing this at their cost?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Go get it fixed again. There should be no cost as it was recently fixed. This is the main reason I always tell people to stay away from 98s. While it should not re-occur, it seems that it does for some reason.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    You can probably go to a 245 section tire, but i think our rims are only 6.5 to 7 inches wide. So i wouldn't go to a 245 tire. If you do go wider you will need to go to a lower aspect ratio, like a 50 or 55 series tire. If you went to a 245/50 then the rim size would need to be 17" to get the same tire height.
    The last thing that you would want to do is go to a taller or shorter tire that will affect your speedometer and computer.
    I would stay with the 225. Just get a more performance oriented tire. The michelin is a good choice and i think it puts a little more rubber on the road than the goodyears.
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    The other day I drove a 2001 Intrigue GLS, midnight blue, neutral interior, PCS package. etharmon, you would have loved it!

    Anyway, I made it a point to determine if noise had been reduced. The answer is: depends on your perspective. I must say it is noticeably reduced as I had jumped out of my '98 into the '01. If you're coming out of a Maxima, then it might not sound like anything special. For those considering another Intrigue, the sound is better muted although it could still stand to be better. Rubber undercoating might do it. But unless you live in an area where it snows a lot, it might not be worth it.
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    When I did my test drive of above stated Intrigue, I got the chance to push it on a 2 lane road on a hill. The speed limit was 50 and the guy in the 4-banger was only doing 30. When the opportunity arose, I passed him and got back in my lane. What I didn't realize until I looked down was that I was doing 85 and never even realized it! I must say, I was impressed.

    We've been on this debate before but I revisited it for my own satisfaction. The 3.5 is very nice; so is the 3800. The two feel and drive differently but I won't say one is *better* than the other, just *different* if you follow me. I will say that it wouldn't be difficult to go from the 3800 to the 3.5.
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