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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • First, I would like to welcome John (JRCT) back. how is your drive going? I hope all is well.

    In the year 2004 a new crossover class (minivan/sport ute/wagon)is being introduced by Mercedes-Benz called GST or Grand (wheel base similar to that of the S class)Sport (V6 and V8 engines offered)Tourer (3rd row 7 seater vehicle).

    The new ML is due for a change/makeover after the GST introduction late in 2004. Both will be built in Alabama. The new ML will abondonits current "body-on-frame" architecture. A new lighter unibody structure will be introduced thus imprving gas mileage and safety. Both the GST and the new ML will share the same unibody structure and it is gonna be marketed as sleeker portier and more aerodynamic.

    Both are also gonna be full time all wheel drive. The new ML will no longer look like a minvan. instead, a more rugged look is in the making. Also it is expected to be longer by about 8 inches with plenty of room for a 3rd row seat.

    As for pricing, the GST is going to be priced betwen $57k and $64K. the ML about $50k.

    Also, by 2004 MB is palnning on converting all of its engines to direct injection. No diesel engines are gonna ever be offered for the US market due to tighter emission regulations.

    P.S. I have gotten most of my info from the recent Automobile magazine.

  • To get pricing information, use a combination of & to research pricing & reliability ratings before you walk into the dealer so you won't be ripped off. Carpoint has easy access to the Kelley Blue Book online calculator & will tell you which dealers in your area have the kind of car you're looking for and will provide the VIN number. You can then sign up with to get reports on that particular vehicle. If you decide on a new car, edmunds is a great resource for wheeling & dealing. Especially this link:
  • Thanks to everyone for the great information here!Your postings are invaluable.Been trying to decide between the bmw 3(too small), bmw 5(too costly), lexus is(don't think it'll hold its value) & the mb c class(need I say more?). Finally decided on the c and have been calling the dealers and will soon go out for a test drive.
    The info you've posted will give me some extra ammunition, in case I need it. Thanks!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I divide the answer to your question into two parts: preventative mtc., and repairs. Preventative mtc. on a late-model MB will be slightly more expensive than a typical US SUV, but not drastically so if you use a little common sense about the mtc. schedule and look for dealer specials in the service dept. On the other hand, REPAIRS can bankrupt you - and in this case, it will indeed cost 2x what it would cost to do the same thing to your typical domestic car. This is why I caution you to know a used MB's service history and make sure you have some warranty protection. Buying the car is the easy part - keeping it running after, say 90k miles, can the expensive part.

    Again, so much of this depends on the luck of the draw - I've had both good 'uns and bad 'uns from these guys over the last 32 years. Any recent model is a reasonable risk, so long as you're sharing the risk with the warranty co. or MBUSA, as the case may be.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I've been lurking here all along, but have been distracted by any number of things, including most recently getting us hooked up to a broadband [cable modem] fast connection so we can be "on" all the time, with no more time-out and phone line worries.

    The '01 Accord EX V6 continues to surprise and delight on every drive - I'm still blown away by how different this car is from its 4 cyl predecessor...the body may be the same, but everything else feels really different.

    On the new C, I've got to say I am pleasantly surprised so far at the absence of any widespread show-stopper problems; let's keep our fingers crossed that it will stay that way.
  • pk6pk6 Posts: 26
    Along with making sure you know what your buying with a used vehicle as mentioned above. Take a look in your local yellow pages for an independant garage that services MB, sometimes exclusively. If you can find a good one, you might know by the knowledge they've been in business for years at the same location, they can offer substanially lower labor costs.
    I had the good fortune a few years back with my aging Volvo. I saw a non-descript shop that I hadnt paid much attention to prior to buying a volvo, been there for 20 years or so. They were great, quick service for an h of a lot less than the Volvo dealer, and they gave you the option of fixing with new or used parts. A consideration when you're keeping an out of warranty car on the road.
  • mrdietmrdiet Posts: 16
    Thanks for those descriptions of Oyster. Given your descriptions, I think the Motorweek segment on the 320 showed an Oyster car:

    I was also thinking of a Red/Oyster combo, it's probably the best color combination.

    Any info on the parking brake location and operation? Is it foot operated?
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I checked that page, and yep that's the light grey oyster interior. It really does look awesome with the magma red. The parking brake is foot operated and hand released, seemed a bit weird at first, but once we got used to it we really like it. The pull handle clutters up the console, didn't really realize it until we got a car without it. Good luck to you!
  • John-

    I was amazed to read your comments on the Honda, because I completely agree! I have been test driving 330's, C320's and an IS300. Right after taking a very long demo ride in the C320 (non-sport, I hate the aluminum look), I went over and drove the loaded Accord. I think it had a better ride! No acceleration lag, more room, more comfortable seats, comparable handing and very quick.

    Of course, it is not as sharp as the c-class, but for $25,540 MSRP and heavily discounted, I think I'm going with the Accord! For those people still looking, check it out…

  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Reply to # 292 (mrdiet): Parking brake is activated by pressing down on foot pedal with left foot and subsequently released with your left hand as you reach down a little (fuse box location on Japanese cars). I drive a 5 speed now and have never used the parking brake (RHS center) to hold on a hill, mind you I have not started from steep steep hills. I find if people know you are driving a standard on a hill, they tend to leave more than a couple of feet gap behind you, at least I try to. I know it will take me some time in the seat to get used to a slightly different clutch than my current Subaru Outback, but the C 240 6 speed is very good both clutch and smoothness of stick shift / short throws. Can't remember if there is a "dead foot" pad but I would think there must be. Ian
  • The New York Times has a nice review of the C-class.

  • mrdietmrdiet Posts: 16
    Wow now that's a positive review. I'm dying to drive this car, but don't want to buy until MY 2002, so I'd rather wait to start with dealers...

    Thanks for the info, again! Makes sense the brake would be hand released. I drive a manual also (can't tolerate automatics) and use the hand brake on any incline (often unnecessarily, but why not). Also my Dad lives on a hill in Mill Valley (CA). His driveway is a 30% incline.

    Red/Oyster is my top choice right now. I might yet go with one of the blues, but from what I've seen they're not what I'm looking for (quartz blue on CLK is nice, and the gray blue on the Passat is nice too).

    I'd really like to wait until next year, to let the X-type, IS stick, and other competitors arrive, let MB fix the bugs, and see if anything interesting is up for 2002 MY. But it's so hard...
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Which red are you planning, the standard dark maroon metallic or the special order bright red like ours? Check this link for the bright red
  • mrdietmrdiet Posts: 16
    Thanks for the link. Yes, that's it, the non-metallic red. I would prefer a darker red (Volvo's red is nice), but the bordeaux is not the right color for me. Too bad because it would be $500 less.

    I'm still considering orion, capri, or midnight blue as well. I'll just have to make the final decision once I start shopping and see a few cars.

    Here's a link for Orion blue; I don't know how accurate the color is though:

    The color is real important to me, obviously! I'll shut up now :-)
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I think the metallic is either $625 or $675 so really the Magma is only $325-$375 more than ordering one of the metallic colors. My wife just had to have it, and it really is beautiful with the oyster interior.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I think the metallic is either $625 or $675 so really the Magma is only $325-$375 more than ordering one of the metallic colors. My wife just had to have it, and it really is beautiful with the oyster interior.
  • mrdietmrdiet Posts: 16
    You can get a CD player for about $450 (shipping extra) from an MB dealer (they're franchised for other makes too) that has a mail-order business on

    Might as well get all your stuff (headlight bulbs, signal bulbs, brake bulbs, motor oil, extra floor mats, air filters, etc) from them. With dealers I often find low prices go with good service.

    I used to buy all my parts from BMW South in Florida because Stephen Wolf ran a great dept. there and also offered 25% off true SRP on everything. (He stopped doing mail-order sales a while ago, because they got more walkin business.)

    Lately I bought wiper inserts from the dealer I go for service (which is not my local dealer...) and they charged me $22 per insert. Also he fingered the Halogen headlamp bulbs, oops. Obviously not going back there for parts.
  • mrdietmrdiet Posts: 16
    That's true on the prices. I can only imagine how great your car were to post pictures...
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I think the metallic is either $625 or $675 so really the Magma is only $325-$375 more than ordering one of the metallic colors. My wife just had to have it, and it really is beautiful with the oyster interior.
  • nfotxnfotx Posts: 15
    Glad to hear the trunk is working. Your post led me to test my trunk before driving off with the new car. Hope that's the last problem you have.
  • nfotxnfotx Posts: 15
    I have not seen a post from you is quite some time. What was the outcome of your "check engine" problem?
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Went out to put up the Christmas lights, finally, and came back and hit reload.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Thanks, we're hoping it's the last problem we have as well!
    We're thinking about getting our rims chromed, has anyone here done it? If so what were the costs, and did you take care of it yourself or have it done through the dealer? I bet they'd look great on our red C, I saw a black C with them at a shopping center and they looked great!
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    I'd strongly recommend against chroming the wheels. The chrome adds addition (unsprung) weight to the vehicle, hence deteriorating ride and handling. MB went to great lengths to cut down the unsprung weight of the new C-class and chroming the wheels would seem like going backwards a step. In addition to this, the chrome also weakens the structural integrity of the wheel. Obviously something you'd want to avoid.

    Do not hit reload or your last message will repost itself. Instead, select the URL and hit enter. If you do double post, simply click on the post number (#310 for thsi post, for example) and click on scribble. This will permanently delete the post.

    Yes, Magma Red for the C-class is nice. I have a picture of it (little larger than postcard size) sitting next to my desk.
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    You don't have to purchase light bulbs or oil from Clair parts. The C-class (non-HID Xenon) uses standard light bulbs that can be found in many places on the Internet for lower prices. As for oil, I get my Mobil 1 5W30 synthetic from Walmart since they seem to have the lowest prices (8 litres ~ CDN$52 excluding taxes).

    Drew/aling Townhall host
  • w2p2w2p2 Posts: 63
    I too will back up that opinion. Chrome looks great, but it will start to peel and gather rust like any other. Chrome lasts on the parts of cars that have no weight on them. It cannot take weight and jars. My brother-in-law works for a major automotive repair house (paints,parts,etc) They ship all of their chrome work to California. I asked him the price of getting mine done. Thought it would look great, once my cars arrives. He said he wouldn't advise me to do it. It was expensive and would have to be redone in a few years time. He said since I was now rich and could afford the "jack" do it, but know I'd have to redo it every few years. He said the price ran from 200-600 a tire. I'll pass, I don't have that much jack!
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Was out shopping today and drove by our central Jersey MB Dealership. Looked in the window on a Bordeaux Red (that I have test driven twice) and I do not see a "Dead Foot" pad to the left of the clutch, oh well maybe a recommendation to MB in future, as they come out with more Manual TXs.
  • tclawtclaw Posts: 23
    I've had my C320 for two weeks now, and was disappointed in the mileage commuting to work--about 18 MPG. There are a lot of stop signs and lights, and some downtown DC driving, but I had hoped for 20+. Maybe as it ages it'll improve. This weekend I took a 250 mile trip to NJ and averaged about 25.5 MPG on the way up, driving abut 65-75, and 27.5 MPG on the way back (!), driving a bit slower because of he traffic. Apparently the car is built for speed. It's still in its first 1,000 mles, so I didn't want to push it.
  • I also though that the special paint would only cost an extra $375, but apparently the $1000 special paint fee is IN ADDITION TO the $625 metallic paint fee. So in effect the special paint really costs $1000 more. If you plug a special paint or special interior color option into the MB "build you own" utility on the MBUSA website it will add that $1000 to the total in addition to the other costs. If this is incorrect some one will correct me I'm sure. I had been considering Wedgewood blue until I saw it would cost so much more and that led me to switch to Aspen green. I saw an Aspen green E-class on my dealer's lot the other day and I'm certain that it was the right choice for me. They had 3 or 4 silver vehicles sitting outside the showroom getting ready for pickup...they look pretty, but they're just so common. I wanted something a bit more unique.
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