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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    No way, nobody makes aftermarket radio stuff for this car. They've got you over a barrel with this fiber optic stuff. I wonder if the spec has been released by MB? If it has been, maybe someday there is a chance for Blaupunkt to clone it. A car like this should have a head unit with a single CD player in it, hell a $17K Accord does.
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Arrived at Millennium MB, N.J. at 5:30 PM and drove away with my New C 240 at about 8:30 PM after activating Tele Aid with a person in Dallas.

    I am in a "state of shock"....


    Breezeway Delivery:




    Charcoal Interior:


    Glacier White:


    What a Day !!!

    See you at Friday Freeway !!! Ian

  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Your car looks awesome!! I really do like the desert silver!!! I can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow at Friday Freeway!! Enjoy!
  • sleakesleake Posts: 47
    Congratulations, and I really enjoyed the photos. (The Glacier white, minus the license
    plate holder, is what mine looks like.) Enjoy!
  • sleakesleake Posts: 47
    My radio has the "EXT" so I don't know what to tell you. Maybe someone else can answer the question you posed in #1252
  • My radio does not have the "EXT" and the "service dept. guy" at the dealership said that it wasn't on all radios!!! I'd like to know why, but wont loose any sleep over it.

  • MB USA sends out a questionnaire about 2 weeks after the purchase of a car. [Please note that the dealer may send out its own, as well, but the questionnaire from MB USA is important.] It asks what you thought of the dealership, the salesman, the finance manager, the condition of the car upon delivery, what you like and dislike about the car and several other questions. Your salesman's commission on your car is linked DIRECTLY to your responses on this questionnaire. If it was a good experience and you respond 'excellent', then he or she will get the full commission. But if the responses are not 'excellent' especially in the area of the sales experience, then the commission amount declines. MB USA takes your responses very, very seriously and the dealerships know this. My recommendation to you is to be honest, fair and factual in your responses.
  • lxgmblxgmb Posts: 41
    What fees do we have to pay in NJ? And how much are they?

    Plate fee, document fee, advertisement fee, etc?
    Thank you.
  • elmbelmb Posts: 8
    Congratulations!!! The color is awesome. Good Luck!
  • maabmaab Posts: 41
    I bought a MB StarTAC phone, and it came with an thin (~3in) antenna for the truck. I've seen MLs on the road with ~2in antenna with a square base(?). Is square-base-antenna for NAV system?
  • maabmaab Posts: 41
    Sorry, wrong forum. A thousand pardons.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Have been busy. Will finally be able to post more in this topic tonight and this weekend. The Friday's Freeways is starting in under an hour's time. Hope to see you there!

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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    OOps, I just realised that I left out the "l". Here it is again:

    Chat starts at 5pm Pacific, for those of you who are newbies. I'm sure Ian (diwc240) and Bill (dennett) will show up :-)

  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Edgar, thanks! Are you in Jersey or Chicago ?
    If N.J. think we will organize a MB C Rallye get together in June / July, Liberty State Park.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Was awesome as usual, if you haven't checked it out you've got to come by next Friday! Ian is so excited about his new car, and he should be right?!!! I'm sure he'll have a huge smiled glued on all weekend as he's cruising around NJ! We're planning on doing some serious cruising in the C this holiday weekend as well!
  • Love the C240( sport 6MT) BUT have had the trunk that opened every time the turn signal was activiated (fixed with a new rear computer box) and now an "internal failure" of the power steering pump.. The original replacement is back ordered for a few weeks (is that a message), and a temporary non conforming replacement has been inserted that sounds as if a jet is about to take off. At least the vehicle is driveable with all of its 2600 miles on the odometer. Also had the teleaid malefunction which was corrected.. Isn't beta testing fun...
  • Picked up the new C320 tonight, Bril. Silver with charcoal leather. Car drives fabulous and looks great. Only problem was that there is a thin stress crack in the windshield, center of passenger side at bottom. I certainly would not have seen it but sales rep pointed it out and already had the replacement windshield on order. Said that 3 new C's that had come in this week all had this crack. Thought I heard a slight brake squeak on the way home so will have to check that out as well.

    Even with this, no regrets on the purchase.
  • ...two weeks. How long has it been, on average, between build and delivery? Just curious...ordered 11-10, so getting anxious.

    I won't take delivery at night, either. I want to go over the finish during the day.

    C240, C1-4, K2, Bose, Brilliant Silver met/Ash. Should look awesome.

    At this stage I'm just PRAYING they have all these glitches out by March 1. I again thank those out here who have posted their problems and joys, as I will be ready to do a close inspection upon delivery.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Let me get this straight, the dealer admitted to you that 3 new Cs had come in with cracked windshields and they deliviered the car to you in that condition anyway? Aren't these cars inspected at the port. Sounds like something that happened to these cars either at that particular dealer, or in transit to him. I don't see any other posts about people reporting that they picked up their cars with cracked windshields, like they do with trunk problems, etc. I'm starting to feel glad I'm waiting until 2002 to buy mine.
  • I had my C240 in the shop today for the squealing Brakes. They said the chemically cleaned the rotors. It has stopped for now. Wish me luck.

    The EXT button on the radio is also not on the showroom C240. Can people let me know if they have it on their C240 with regular radio. This can be referenced on page 174 of your handbook.
  • I wish to remove the ugly, yellow airbag warning labels posted inside my C320. Any suggestions on the best way to remove them without damaging the interior?
    Before the 'advocates' in the forum start screaming, my kids are in their 20s and I don't transport any babies (unless you count BMW owners in this catagory <:) ).
  • I could see how this could have been missed at port inspection. It is a hairline crack about 6 inches long, down at the base so it is out of your line of sight. The crack is internal in the glass so running your hand or cloth over it does not detect it.

    All that said, I might agree that it could have been crappy transportation to Chicago, but the odd thing is that the cracks were all roughly in the same area.

    Anyway, time to go order some zaino.
  • The airbag labels should just peel right off. My salesman actually removed some of them. I pulled one off of the back of the driver's side visor. I left the ones on the front of the visors in place for now.

    I sent my letter off to the dealership's GM today. It was 2.5 pages long! I included pretty much all of my dealings with them good and bad in chronological order. I also sent a copy of it to MB USA along with a cover letter and a copy of the salesman's letter to me re: the survey.
  • I went and checked the radio in my car yesterday, a C240 w/ C2. I dont have the EXT button. I think this may be a case of the manual being poorly written. My manual does not mention EXT on p 174, but on 166. On p 166 it is refering to tone level settings such as "driver", "speech", "ambience". I am guessing this is a feature of, but see no refernece to, the BOSE system, which I do not have. With mine, when I press the AUD button, I can adjust the usual Bass, Trebel, Balance... It is nice that the Bass and Treble settings are stored seperately for CD/RADIO/TAPE (not that I use tapes).
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Try using a hair dryer. The heat from the hair dryer should make the glue easier to work with.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Regarding the upcoming MB chat on Tuesday, March the 6th, I was given the incorrect time. It's not 5-6pm Pacific, but 4-5pm Pacific. How does this work out for everyone? The reason for the earlier time is that we have another chat at 5-6pm, and this will clash with it.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Hi Gary,

    For legal reasons, it is highly unlikely that MB will disable the front passenger airbag for you. Why worry though? Unless your wife is sitting only about 11 inches or under from the passenger airbag, this is really not a problem. It's only if she is sitting really close to the driver's airbag (under 11 inches) that it could be cause for some concern. Also remember that the C-class has dual stage/dual threshold airbags. At lower speed impacts, they may not deploy at all, or at a reduced level.

    WRT how the MB Babysmart child seats work, there is a transponder inside the child seat. When it is placed within a certain proximity of the centre console, passenger seat, the sensors detect this and hence disables the airbag (a warning light "Airbag off" will be illuminated to show you this). Note that only the front passenger airbag is disabled, not the side airbag. Side airbags are not a problem for child seats.

    Hope this helps!

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  • pk6pk6 Posts: 26
    Drew... all us Pacific and Mountain timers are either at work or trying to get home.
  • nil88nil88 Posts: 10
    this is for current c240 owners. one think i forgot to do during my test drive was to test passing speed. does the car have enough pickup speed for passing when going 70 mph.
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    I am awestruck by this automobile!! but I'm coming from Mazdas and a Subaru Outback.

    I upgraded the stereo to Bose AudioPilot and I have the EXT button after pressing AUD. Factory delivery had whatever mode "OFF" at EXT. I pressed it and it displayed "AMBIENTE" and the stereo changed to a phenomenal Concert Hall / Surround Sound, absolutely amazing !!!

    Squealing Brakes - just a little when they are cold and only when I apply the brakes lightly.
    No noise if I apply firm brake pressure.

    Stickers just peeled off, no residue.

    6MT is incredibly SMOOTH ! The clutch is so easy to press (vs. the Outback very hard). Stick shift is a Dream - I love it. Only revved to 4500 - 5000 RPM so far.

    First chance to read thru the Manual tonight.

    I am impressed to the Max.!! Dealer (Ed Carlock at Millennium was EXCELLENT) and the rest of the Staff also, financing, reception, other salespeople - just a real pleasure, I cannot say enough...

    Ordered Nov. 8th,
    Built Jan. 19th (2nd decade of Jan.)
    Shipped Jan. 25th
    Arrive Baltimore Feb. 7th
    Took Delivery Feb. 15th

    Can't wait till tomorrow !!! Ian
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