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Buick Regal



  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    I think anything with the 3800sc is nice...
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    I checked out the link for the Grand National... I actually like the styling of the 80's GN better than the current Regal! As I was coming to work yesterday there were two Buicks righ in front of me and to the right. Both gold and Regal/Century but I couldn't tell which was which from looking. My first clue was the tailpipe. The car with one pipe I guess was the Century; the dual pipes I figured was the Regal. Sure enough as I passed my guess was right.

    But that's the problem. As jackjt said, you can't tell the difference. Most will never see both a Regal and Century, the exact same color, at the same time except at dealerships. But I was disappointed to see how hard it was to tell them apart.

    That being said, if I can't get another Intrigue in the 2002 model year (I've got a 98), the Regal GS is my 2nd choice.

    As far as the differences btwn the engines goes, you have to make an apples to apples comparison. If you have the Regal LS, give the Ingtrigue 3.5 a whirl. Go uphill and pass someone. I did this and was at 85 and climbing. Didn't feel it and didn't realize how fast I was going. I put a K&N in my Intrigue (mine is the 3800) and it has improved throttle respone at high speeds and pulls better. But it doesn't compare with the 3.5

    I also drove a SC3800 Regal GS. To be honest, all else being equal, I'd probably pick the SC3800 for obvious reasons. BUT, since everything isn't equal (like gas prices), I'd take the 3.5. Uses regular gas and at the high speeds performs on par with the SC. Not the same, but close enough considering the cost btwn regular and premium gas. I used to down the 3.5 just like a lot of Regal owners. But I took it for an extensive test drive and I have to say, once it's gets past 1500 rpms, you won't even be thinking about a supercharger.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    GS does not stand out in crowd - till the driver steps on gas. Perfectly "generic" car body.

    Most of our friends did not notice we bought a new car till we told. They thought this is our 98 Chevy Malibu of the same color. And, after looking on the both cars, a neighbor asked if we bought a second copy of the same. Even a mechanic, when we changed oil (not at dealer), did not realized what engine have the car till he opened the hood.

    Though, what you like and dislike in the car appearance is very personal. My wife and I like our dark-red Regal for its modest view as much as for its power, comfort, and auto-dimming mirrors. Do not like attracting attention. I would even prefer it to be delivered without the "GS" letters, not "Supercharged" plaque. We know the difference, and it is enough. Why advertise it, except to the closest friends and relatives?

    By the way, it is rather easy to tell Century from Regal from the rear: the tail lights of Century are enclosed in a chrome frame. But if people cannot see the difference between Regal and Malibu...
  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    hahaha could not tell the difference between a regal and malibu hahahaha
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    The 3.5 is a high-revver and only makes power at high rpms. At 3K, the 3.5 is barely making 120hp. However, compared to the NA3800, the 3.5 is a better highway cruiser, and has comparable torque although not as sustained.

    Against a SC3800, there is just no comparison I can see. I don't drive over 80mph, and the SC3800 gets there from any speed faster than the 3.5 based on my test drives. I'd like to find some comparitive numbers on this.

    Also, I still think the 3800 in either form will always be more bullet-proof in the long run. The more times the crank turns, the more potential for wear. The 3800 is very forgiving in its old age.
  • michaelpsumichaelpsu Posts: 24
    Only 17 and you bought your own Aurora? You really must work hard....congratulations!! Your parents must really be proud of you. I have a brother and several cousins that could learn a lot from you!!! Excellent choice of car!! Enjoy it!!!

    When I was in college, my best friend's mother had an Aurora, and her dad had a DeVille Concours. I used to love to go to her house for a visit. She drove everywhere!
  • michaelpsumichaelpsu Posts: 24
    I was only 24 when I bought my 1999 Century! I even traded a 1997 Subaru Legacy GT in rio red for my new white Century. I agree...a car needs to fit your budget and suit your driving needs. I drive a good bit for work, and the Century makes a great highway cruiser. For about the same money as my friends were paying for Altimas, Civics, and Carollas, I got a V6 six passenger car, that is quiet enough to have a conversation while driving down the road. Sure...I get teased that I drive a grandmothers fact my Gram now owns her third Century since 1989! They are great cars. I do not care what anyone says! It is very low maintence, and the insurance is only $600 per year....compared to the $1000 I was paying for the Legacy. Plus, the car is almost invisible on the highway, which is a good thing. I have blown past state troopers doing 75 in a 55 zone...and they don't even blink an eye! Try doing that in an Altima or Accord!! Don't get me wrong...I would love to trade up to a Regal GS---in dark blue. But, right now I cannot justify the extra money. I have the Century almost paid for...and then I can start saving for my Rendevous!!

    Happy motoring!!!
  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    Actually Im 18. You can see some pics of my car here.

    I bought the 98 aurora w/56k, heated seats, and power sunroof for $13k. I thought it was a good deal. With oldsmobiles demise approaching there are great deals on Olds cars right now.

  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I agree with you on driving an "invisible" car. I have an Intrigue which many would say is more stylish than a Regal or a Century, but I have blown past cops doing 20 mph over the speed limit and they didn't flinch. Hopefully, this doesn't ruin my streak of good luck:) And I'll come clean, I fly sometimes. Now, think about this. I've been dating this girl who drives a little Escort ZX2 and she's had two tickets recently and wasn't going as fast as I typically drive on the freeway. Now alot may be luck of the draw, but I do think that driving an "invisible" performance car has it's advantages. The most fun though is embarrassing these guys who sit at traffic lights revving their little 4 banger Honda Civcs and rocking them until the light turns green. I sit there calmly silent and then when the light turns green, I unleash the 3800's fury. Sometimes they probably don't even know what hit them it will take off so quickly. I can only imagine what a supercharged 3800 would be like.
  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    I also know what you mean. I use to drive a Dodge Avenger and everywhere I went a cop would at least look at me if not stare. Now in my Aurora I drive by cops and they dont even look.

    I was driving recently when a younger guy in a Grand Am GT flew by me w/ his girlfriend. When he drove by I think he realized I was a teenager and slowed down to qait for me. He must of dropped his car ind 2nd cause he kept flooring it and slowing down trying to get me to race. I p[ulled up even with him and mashed it. Kepp in mind we were already doing about 35mph. There was no comparison. All I could hear was this noise that sounded like p!ssed of bumble bee in a tin can but it was drowned out by 250hp flowing out of my dual exhaust. Theres nothing like mashing on the gas pedal of an aurora at 35mph.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I can only imagine what a supercharged 3800 would be like.

    Mostly the same, only not with 4-cylinder Civic, but with V-6 Camaros and Mustangs. Though, the 8-cylinder ones are so much faster...
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    An SS Camaro typically runs high 13's in its stock trim. With the 10lb pulley and K&N cone intake, the SC Regal will be about the same. Considering the rear-wheel drive traction loss on the Camaros and Mustangs, a good Regal driver could probably beat most V8's even without the pulley.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I see the Camaro SS as 0-60 in 5.2 seconds and the Regal GS in 6.6. That's a 1.4 second difference from 0-60. Don't think John Force and a hole shot would matter.
  • bralleybralley Posts: 20
    I just did a 650 mile round trip in my 2000 LS and got 31 MPG!! (Normally this car gets 21-22 in the city) I was very happy with that mileage.
  • Just turned 600 miles on my 2001 California Regal. The air bag light is now on steady indicating the system is malfunctioning.

    We will see what the service department determines Monday. They told me that the last few cars that had this problem was caused by a poor wire connection in the seat area and related to the seat belts.

  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    You've the discovered the Aurora's "g-spot" :) From about 30 mph or so it will literally fly if you mash the gas hard.
  • ttrimnell1ttrimnell1 Posts: 8
    I saw a computer-enhanced photo of the new 2004 Regal by spy photographer Jim Dunne and it looks very sleek and stylish. With the new Rendezvous,
    '04 Regal, and production rear-drive LaCrosse coming, Buick will soon lose its image of being "old people's cars". I don't have a scanner or digital camera but anyone that has access to this week's Automotive News magazine can see it. BTW their website won't have the spy photo because they want the print edition to have many exclusive contents.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I hope nobody seriously thinks a modified gs will hang with a camaro ss.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    they can post it over in I'm sure they would get a good amount of feedback on the subject.
  • jpmiller99jpmiller99 Posts: 50
    I know that this isn't the problems forum, but that forum seems dead.

    Is anyone having a problem with warped brake rotors on their Regal? My 1999 LS warped the left front rotor at 30K miles. I had it re-surfaced, but it came back quickly. I then switched to Raybestos rotors (they are slightly thicker than stock), and they warped too. I don't think that I have a sticking caliper, as I can get 22-23 mpg when driving gently around town. (I think brake drag would make it much less.)

    Any ideas?? Warranty is almost up, as I am 35K miles.
  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    I had the same problem with my Dodge Avenger. I found that cross-drilled rotors with carbon fiber brake pads works great.
  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    there is no way a regal gs could hang with a camrao ss without some HEAVY moddifying.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    This GS ( will blow away not all but definitely a good number of the dreaded Camaros, especially if they blow their shifts:-) Would be fun to watch.
  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    Maybe a 6 banger but not the SS. A lot of it depends on the driver. The 6 cylender will got walked on by a lot of cars but not the SS.
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    Here's a couple Regals and a whole lot of GPs running 13's and one in the 12's:

    As far as I know, most of these cars have only bolt-on mods.

    A stock SS runs high 13's in the 1/4 mile. This has been reported by the mags and the owners. Therefore, a modified GS would hang, and a modified GP has a very good chance of taking a stock SS in the 1/4 mile. If the SS is modified, then all bets are off.

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The stock GS is much faster than 6-cylinder Camaro.

    I definitely am not a good driver - using any definition. Learned to drive when was 45, after immigrating 5 years ago. Still uneasy when merging on highway after dark. Would never take a risk intentionally, even more engage in race on public roads.

    Though, it is a child play to "blow away" a V-6 Camaro during the usual driving - like when you are sitting at a traffic light and need to change lane before the next traffic light. No place to "maybe". Just pull smoothly, to not burn tires, and after you see the Camaro headlights in the rear view mirror (not the side one), you can lit your turn signal to change lanes couple of seconds later.

    Though, the SS is doing the same with GS equally easy. Have the first-hand experience.

    This is with stock cars. After very substantial modifications, the specs of Mr.Tolan's GS are approaching the Z-28:

    Probably his car is roughly competitive with some V-8 Camaro with auto transmission. With older ones in bad shape. Or if the driver have no experience with manual shift. But definitely not so fast as the current SS with a good driver.

  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    rcarboni - What kind of mods are we talking about?
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    Most if not all of the GPs and GSs on the list above probably have the 10lb pulley, cold-air intake, exhaust, 180 stat, and modified PCM (GPs only). The GP in the 12's might have an intercooler to get that time.

    Thrasher has a project GS that has dynoed 309hp at the wheels with bolt-ons that include all the items mentioned. That's probably about 350hp at the engine!

    I'm not saying that if you want the fatest car out there to go get a Regal. Obviously, if you installed a supercharger on a V8 Camaro or Mustang and ran 8lbs of boost, you would blow the doors off the GS. However, considering the insurance cost, police attention, and thief attention the Camaros/Mustangs bring, the GS and GP are not bad for a hi-perf alternative.
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    This is a little off-topic, but since we are talking about racing V8's, I thought I would mention an article I read in this month's Mopar Muscle magazine. They had a turbo Dodge Neon that was running 11-second 1/4 miles and was completely street legal! I think they had the boost up to 20lbs or something on the 2.0L engine.

    Imagine going to the track in your tricked-out Camaro SS, only to eat the dust of a Dodge Neon! Man, that would HURT!
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Recently took the car (2000 GSE) out for its first extended interstate trip, 4000 miles on the odometer. The window sticker at purchase said 27 highway so I was surprised to average between 30-31 mpg over the 1200 mile run. Of course, cruising at 2000 RPM at 70 does help the mileage, good overdrive unit. I don't like the cruise control lever though, wish it were on the steering wheel. Is there a way to slow down the speed without hitting the brake and resetting. Speeding up is easy with moving the resume each time but is there a speed reduction move that I am not aware of??????? Consumed about 4-8 ounces of oil during this trek. I like the SC but quite honestly, nothing like the feeling of a turbo kicking in!
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