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Buick Regal



  • Its time to FINALLY get rid of those wonderful Goodyears that came stock on my '99.

    I have a question for those who have put new tires on their Regals - what brand and type have you installed? Do you like them?

    Thanks in advance!
  • I haven't swapped my 2000 GS tires yet, but hope to do so in the next 6 months or so. I have been looking at the Nitto NT-450 in a 235/55 R16, or the Yokohama AVS in a stock 225/60. Both are around $100 a tire. I think the Nitto would look better, and both would perform well above the stock GY's.
  • Has anyone put Michelins on their Regal?

    Which ones?

  • Are you insane? I really like my Black GSE, but it definitely does not need to be any more generic looking. Look at the new Maxima. 255Hp and a sporty looking exterior. That is the direction Buick should have gone. Oh well, what can you expect from a company that takes the ugliest vehicle ever created (Pontiac Aztec) and builds an offshoot of it (Buick Rendezvous).
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    The Intrigue uses the same Badyears as the Regal. I replaced mine with Michelin Pilot XGT H4. You will definitely notice a difference! If you live in a region where you get pretty much all 4 seasons, this is a good tire. Excellent in the snow and rain. Traction is fabulous. Much more confidence inspiring in the rain than Goodyear. Ride quality was better also, IMO.

    Highly recommend them.
  • I put Michelin X-ones on my previous Regal. They changed the handling completely on both wet and dry roads from the previous GoodYear GSA's. I had much more confidence on tight curves with the X-ones. There was a particular highway off-ramp that I drove every day, and when it was wet, the GSA's would break loose at slightly higher speeds. The X-ones never broke loose even at higher speeds. Excellent all-weather tire.
  • Wheeeeee.....

    Can't wait for those badyears to wear out.

    Thanks for the info guys.
  • lkohnlkohn Posts: 13
    After getting another slow leak in one the Goodyears, I was wondering about replacement tires. I'm not wondering any more. Thanks for the advice.
  • Badyears! I love it!

    I was looking at the Michelin X-1 tires as well. I have heard good things about them in addition to your input, rcarboni. Thanks!

    lkohn, I had a slow leak in one of my tires as well. It ended up being a bad valve stem. Since having it replaced they have held are OK.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    I was browsing over in the Impala forum and came across this post:


    Interesting 2001 Montecarlo SS performance modifications. The link is:

    It talks about the same things you want in the new Regal (intercooled SC 3800), except the HP gains are a lot more than 300. Check it out!

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Well, they probably pushed the engine a bit too far. I'd rather avoid such consequences (see picture):

    According to their explanantion, the pistons are not strong enough:

    By the way, the dyno measured power of the car is (was?) about 309hp at the wheels. 370 hp is their estimations of power on crank, before transmission, etc.
  • Thrasher also pointed out that the GS was used as a test car for nitrous and other mods. Who knows whether one of those "tests" had previously weakened the piston. That car took a lot of abuse!
  • A factory buick with NOS, now that will change the demographic !!!
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    I missed that. It sure looks like the pistons needed to be stronger to withstand all the extra modifications they made. Now I wonder if our '00 Regal GSE is going to hold up over the next 4 years. Buick claims the L67 engine parts are supposed to be stronger than the ones in the L36. I'm glad I bought the extended warranty.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I am reasonably sure that the stock GS engine will last for long years. Much longer than all the seals, gaskets, bushings and/or electric parts and electronics.

    Trasher mods included replacing intake, exaust (headers and the pipe), boring/polishing heads, installed intercooler, cold air kit and very small pulley. And they still are not afraid to repeat this experiment again, this time with Monte Carlo. Engine, transmission, axles, etc. were transplanted from GTP or GS before modifications.
  • .
    FYI and FWIW... Last week I took my car in for minor warranty issues. As I was chatting with the service tech, I asked him to honestly tell me how many times he's had to service the supercharger. His reply was that he can count on one hand how many times he's done major service on an Eaton supercharger (which is what sits in the GS). He added that this goes as far back as 1994 when he first started working on Buicks (I think Buicks have been supercharged since 1992).
    But what I found more interesting was that he said GM/Buick/Eaton superchargers are warrantied for 7 years/70,000 miles. I questioned him repeatedly on this new-found fact. He took me to the service manager of the dealership to verify the information and sure enough, he backed it up: 7 years/70,000 miles. The manager said that it is not a warranty that GM publicizes. Still doubtful, the manager took me to a '99 Gran Prix being serviced that had 69,700 miles on the odometer. On the job ticket, it stated that the supercharger was being replaced under warranty (I do not know the circumstances behind why it was being replaced. I did notice the Yokohama tires on the car were nearly bald). I told him for all I know, this could be an extended warranty on the car covering this replacement. He dug deeper in the job jacket to show me documentation from Buick's parts division that sure enough, it was a replacement covered specifically under the 7/70 warranty. Still with doubts, I put a call into Buick's customer care division. I'm wating for a returned call to verify of the 'extended' supercharger warranty.
    So...has anyone else known of this 'extended' supercharger warranty or have I just been in the dark about this?
    As Colonel Klink would say, I find this information '...verrry interrresting!'.
  • I had no idea either that the warranty is covered 7/70 for the supercharger. I passed on the extended warranty on the car when I purchased it used in April. Now, I don't feel so bad. Actually, as long as you check the supercharger oil before the 30, 000 mark you should be fine. As some people have said that it was low and it almost took the full bottle of supercharger oil.
    Since we are talking maintanence here, any suggestions on spark plugs to get better performance?? I am from the old school of maintanence, plugs and trans service at 25, 000. I don't buy this 100,000 mile interval they claim with plugs and transmission. Any suggestions would be helpfull.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Thanks! That's good to know. I'm going to print out your post, and store it in the glove compartment for safe keeping (in case something were to happen to the SC in our '00 Regal GS).
  • Rcarboni,

    I own a 1998 GS with almost 25,000 miles on it. It's been in my driveway about two months with no problems to report (other than the "low tire" light having a tendency to get overexcited at times).

    I'm interested in making some changes to wring more power out of what Buick/GM gave us. I'll admit upfront I'm not a mechanic and wondered if you have personally tried doing the adjustments you talked about, or do you know someone who has?

    If anyone else has made a few modifications and has good/bad news to report, feel free to pass it along!!

  • That "low tire" light is the bane of Regal owners everywhere! You know you need it, but hate it when it goes on.

    I am spending most of my time right now building a Dodge 5.9 V8 - .030 over pistons, rods, heads - the works. So, I have been pouring little attention over the GS.

    I have replaced the stock air box with an MSP (Motor Sports Performance) intake. Yes, this is a VERY good place to start! Really woke the engine up I think. I also use Amsoil synthetic 0w-30, which many believe is good for a few horses. I definitely think these engines run better on synthetic.

    My next two mods are probably going to be the pulley and the thermostat. The GTP guys seem to like these two changes quite a bit. If you want a lot of performance opinions, you should check out the GTP club forums on the net. I think one is Also, the and have lots of performance parts.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Actually, on several cars in the past few years I have gone thje full 60,000 on plugs etc. so Iwould feel very comfortable with at least 75,000 on these plugs. Also, with synthetic ATF I would not be too concened about the coolant either.

    Maintenance, quality if manufacturing have changed so much over the years that other then oil changes which can also be extended, not much needs to be done in 100,000 miles
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    You wrote: with synthetic ATF I would not be too concened about the coolant

    What is relation between ATF and the engine coolant (antifreeze)? Or it is just typo?
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Coolant is 5 years 150,000 as you know, ATF on mine is 50,000 severe, 100,000 normal.

    Over the years with maintenance recommendations being extended the service dept revenue is not doubt going down so the only item left that a owner has to return to a service dept for on a periodic basis is oil changes. Now with indicator lights, synthetic oil, that (oil change) is going the extended route as well so we have service depts sending out notices, change your oil every 3000 etc even though the manual says no such thing, manual says wait for the light to come on. Every service dept of every manufacturer I know of will say well, due to the severe climate we live in etc.e tc. Problem is they say that whether you live in Maine, Fla, Ca, MI or TX. Just drumming up revenue.
  • Performing a L.O.F on a car is the cheapest insurance you can buy. Forget what the manual says and base your decision on experience. I've had cars go 200,000 + miles with no oil-related troubles by changing the oil every 3 - 4,000 miles (that's with 60% hwy driving). If you driving is mostly city, LOF at 3,000 miles. If you use synthetic, I'd go 7,500 between changes. But my experiences are based on conventional motor oil.

    As stated, just my opinion based on life experiences.
  • Please help me, guys. I bought a '98 Regal LS partly based on the positive posts I read on this site, and mostly on the recommendation of my independent mechanic (who said the 3800 II was one of the best engines GM has ever made). My wife and I just took our first trip in the car and we felt EVERY bump in the freeway. Very unpleasant. We were three hours on the road and had a bad case of "trip-fatigue" when we got home. My wife said, "so much for the great Buick ride, and the so-called 'gran touring suspension'." Since this was my choice of cars, I was defensive, but had to agree. What gives? It's very responsive (I like that), but is this the price one pays for responsiveness? I just had the tires rotated, balanced, and the front end aligned. Could it be that the suspension needs some kind of adjustment? (never heard of that, if so) Could it be the tires (original Goodyears), as post #1355 might suggest? The car only has 17500 miles on it, and was thoroughly checked out by my mechanic before I purchased it (he spent three hours on it). Any clues/advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    If you really have an LS with the Grand Touring suspension, it my be a bit rough. Especially depending on what you drove prior. Maybe just maybe you have too much air in your tires?

    Compared to other "sporty" cars, the GS ride is quite good.
  • Thanks, "jackit"...that might be it, although I don't know why the tire guys that did the rotation would have over-inflated the tires. I'll check the pressure. My previous car was a 1990 Lumina Euro 3.1 with a very nice ride.

    Anyway, anyone else got any thoughts on this problem (see post #1375)? I appreciate your input!
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    While visiting my in-laws I passed a gas station that had a beautiful Grand National for sale. The exterior was in pristine condition. If they took care of under the hood as well as the body, it's a good machine. I kept thinking about what I could do without to get car.

    Ohhhhhhhhh, it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    Too bad I won't have it.
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    While visiting my in-laws I passed a gas station that had a beautiful Grand National for sale. The exterior was in pristine condition. If they took care of under the hood as well as the body, it's a good machine. I kept thinking about what I could do without to get that car.

    Ohhhhhhhhh, it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    Too bad I won't have it.
  • I own a 1999 Buick Regal GSE. From day one it has a rattle which seems to come from the rear seat courtesy light/handle assembly on the driver's side. I've opened the assembly twice and placed felt pads on all parts which appear capable of making contact, but to no avail. It's particularly annoying as it's about as close to my left ear as a rattle can get. Anyone lick this one?
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