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Buick Regal



  • sailesaile Posts: 25
    From Road & Track Oct'01
    Black Stock Regal GNX S.C. 300-bhp
    hood has a power dome...looks much like current grandprix??? With 18" this possible???
    I think this car should be called GSX not GNX!!!
    Here's what I don't understand...
    Regal's sister car Grand Prix will become G8. A 5.7 V-8 @ 350-HP with VERSATRACK all wheel drive...WOW!!! With 19"(255/40ZR-19) this possible???
    Why can't the next generation GN have this package???
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    I'm by no means an expert on the old Grand Nationals and GNXs from the mid-'80s, but they were Regals. However, they were turbocharged not supercharged. So I think the R & T article probably meant to say Regal GSX, and not GNX. Anyway, Buick did build a Regal GSX a few years ago. I think they put a smaller pulley on the SC, modified the air intake, and installed dual a exhaust system that increased the HP from the stock 240 to about 300 or so. I think it only shaved about 0.2-0.3 seconds off the 0-60 time.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    I forgot to mention that there is a topic for the Grand National in the Classics forum. It sounds like Pontiac might be replacing their soon to be discontinued Firebird with the new "G8" you mentioned. There were rumors the new Grand Prix would be redesigned and outfitted with the LS1 engine. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Buick did the same thing with the Regal GS. I really think Chevy will be bringing back the Impala SS with a shoehorned LS1, or the supercharged 3800.
  • deibsdeibs Posts: 11
    i have a wonderful 99 regal gs...have put michelin pilot xgt z4 series tires on it. what an unbelievable difference it makes from those lousy goodyear eagle LS tires....but i digress.

    i was wondering why the regal no longer has the ability to program a performance mode for the shift points. the 99 has a button on the shifter that allows one to go into either a standard mode or performance mode.

    does anyone know why they got rid of this function? was it a cost reduction, or do they have a more sophisticated transmission algorithm for shifting.

    just curious. i leave the car in performance mode and it shifts crisply and is much more responsive.

    my plans are to go with a more free flow air filter and pulley mods.

    also, one more question...does anyone have any experience disabling the magnasteer in order to get better road feel? i only know of one person who has done it and they said it was a very worthwhile mod.

  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    I have a 2000 GSE and have tried many times to feel a difference in the shifitng or even RPMs it shifts at in either mode. I can find, see, feel absolutely no difference in the performance mode when it is on or off.

    A true waste of a feature on my model!

    As top ride, not bad but stiff and one would expect is stiff it would handle well. Handles like a Mack truck on corners but it could be the tires. Overall engine tranny good but handling leaves a lot to be desired especially compared the the Maxima SE it replaced. That car rode and handled well.
  • I replaced a noisy and worn out alternator belt the other day. It cost me abut $40 and took about 45 minutes. The hardest part was fishing it back in around all the pulleys. I was kind of suprised that it wore out that quickly, my car only has 44k on it. Oh well at least it wasn't the alternator and its nice and quiet again.
  • I agree that in my 2000 GS, I see/feel very little or no difference in either mode. Of what little I detect, its usually when driving aggressively in performance mode -the upshifts are more pronounced. But that doesn't means I'm getting anywhere quicker. It was wise for Buick to get rid of it for the 2001 model year.
  • I read in MT magazine a month or two ago aboyut the 2004 Regal and ther was no mention of models. There was no mention of a Supercharged version only that the base engine would more then likely be an all new 3.5 DOHC powerplant, I cannot find the issue though. I remember I was not impressed.
  • The warranty issue is interesting. It will be interesting to see what Buick corporate says.
    I remember asking my service tech at Pontiac whom I knew well and the Bonneville has been using the same supercharger for years and years, longer than Buick. He said in the many years he has worked their he did 3 or so if he even remembers that many. He said that maintaining the oil level is critical.
  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    I have to agree with "deibs", I also notice a significant difference in PERF SHIFT mode.
    My '98 GS downshifts more willingly AND holds each up-shift longer when in this mode.
    Maybe there is a fault in the system on those cars where very little difference is felt???

    GM should have left this feature on.... To "deibs" thanks for the comments on the
    michelin pilots... I'm shopping for new tires & was considering the Firestone SH30's... what
    to do now?... you sound so excited about the pilots!! Did you go with the same size as your Goodyears??
  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    to: pacinpelo

    you mention that oil level in the Supercharger is critical... anyone know the correct
    way to check the oil level? Does this oil ever need to be changed?
  • Your manual describes how to check the oil level of your supercharger. I think the manual says to change the oil at 70,000 miles (or 7 years). But a Buick technician said it is wiser to do so at 50,000 miles - especially if you live in the 'stop and go' world of Los Angeles, Boston, etc. Cost is about $150 to have your Buick service department change the oil.
  • I check mine at every oil change and have had to add oil twice with 45K on the clock. To check it you remove the filler bolt with an allen wrench and the oil should come up to the bottom edge of the opening. I also notice a big difference in performance shift mode, but I usually have a heavy right foot.
  • The 300 hp GNX, and the grand prix G8 (v8, all wheel drive, manual transmission equipped grand prix!), are just performance concepts. One-offs built by GM as what-ifs. I think they're basically show off cars meant to generate interest. An exec probably made a comment to the effect that they might see production, which is probably true, with the intent of then judging reaction. Both are far from production. Maybe if enough people showed interest ... (I've already emailed GM to encourage them to build both, for what it is worth)? Of the two, I'd imagine that the Regal GNX would have the best shot at seeing production. Less retooling required to produce what is basically a tweaked version of a car already in production. I don't know, though. In the usual good, better, best strategy of pricing models, the GNX would be priced over the GS. In order to make it profitable, that would probably push it well into the $30k range. How much of a market exists for a $30k+ Regal? Maybe ... if it conjures up images of the old GNX.

    By the way, R & T did mean to call it GNX, not GSX, even though it is supercharged and not turbocharged like the production Regal GNX. I believe the GNXs (production from 80's and new one-off) both make about the same horse power, and the Regal GNX holds a special place in Buick fans' hearts, so the one-off modern GNX is playing off of that. There was an article in Motor Trend about both, along with a specially tuned Intrigue (part of OSV - Oldsmobile Specialty Vehicles). I can look up what issue if there's interest. Word was that the OSV Intrigue, along with an OSV Alero were close to production, but then Olds got the axe. Too bad.

    By the way, I notice a considerably difference switching between the performance and normal transmission modes with my 99 Grand Prix GTP.
  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    pinetted: thanks for the info on the supercharger.....

    To all who participate in this forum: I presume most of you are Americans and I
    just want to express my most heartfelt sympathy for your fallen comrades during this
    time of unbelievable sadness. We in Canada are proud & grateful to be your neighbors
    and friends & believe me we feel your pain and anger at this despicable act of terror.
    The USA stands in our world as an Icon for freedom & justice & despite what has
    happened, this has NOT changed. I'm sure that now the rest of the free world realizes
    how important these basic rights are and will certainly stand with you to protect and
    preserve them!
  • My wife hit a pothole and the Buick "badge" on the spoked aluminum wheel lug nut "cap" came off. Is there a good online site where things like this can be ordered?

  • Did everyone go to another forum?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054

    While it isn't really GM that you're buying from, they sell their parts way cheaper than your dealer would. Even with the air freight, they beat my local dealer by at least 20 percent. If you don't know the part number (which most of us don't) email them with a detailed description and they will reply with a part number that you can verify using their search feature. Good luck.
  • sailesaile Posts: 25
    Here are 4 more photos of the 2004GNX... GNX Concept

    Here are few things I DON'T like about this car:

    Remove the front Strut Brace and place a chrome version as found in Grandprixstores.

    Remove Air Filter and place less restrictive unit as in thrasher or performancemotorsport version.

    Remove the non-functional crapy hood/side ports as they seam to be designed ONLY for cosmetic use!!!

    Remove PCM Card and place a more aggressive unit

    PAINT the bottom half to the car and forget the old two tone throw back of the T-Types.

    Surrender these cars to McClaren and let them MODIFY the next generation GNX!!!

    Only time will tell if current Buick designers foresee/forget the performance leaps of the past GNX. It's sad to think what awaits Buick. What would I like to see...

    manual 5-speed,new chassis,better CAM, maybe liberate a V-8 Norstar engine from it's cousin???

    Would would you like to see???

    Here is what I like about this car:

    300-HP GNX!!!

  • I recall seeing this car at the L.A. Auto Show. I wasn't too impressed with the car. Just too much overkill (cosmetic and otherwise). It reminded me of a bad hair day for Tammy Faye Baker.
    If someone wants to add some flair to their Regal, add some 245/50/17 tires on the standard rims for marginally better handling. Under the hood, use a smaller pully for an added 20-30 hp & torque. You can also install 12.1" disc brakes to replace the existing 10.9 (reduces stopping from 70 MPH by 20 feet).
    But you must truly get with the program. The car was designed to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. If you're looking for flare and the desire to add aftermarket products, trade in you GS for a Gran Prix GTP.
    Afterthought: The GS in its current state is a radical departure by Buick to mass produce a supercharged car. It is highly unlikely to see the 2004 Regal to w/ a supercharger; especially with the Century line being discontinued. What you will most likely see is Pontiac becoming more performance oriented (more so then they are now) and Buick taking up some of the Oldsmobile demographic (family of 4 with a $40-$45K income). Buick's current $$$ demographic is near $58,000.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    If Oldsmobile (Intrigue?) is for families with $40-$45K income and Buick(Regal) is for $58,000 income, what are driving those who make $80-100-120K and more? Cadillac?

    I have a very vague idea about incomes of people around. You know, Americans are rather secretive in this respect, and immigrants catch the culture fast too. However, the few better-off families whose income range I know do not drive Cadillacs.

    A family with $150+K income have two 4-cylinder Honda Accords. A family with $200+K have two Olds 88. A single Wall Street programmer drives Mitsubishi Galant. A senior manager, VP of a high-tech company in Boston, drives Subaru. Another high-rank Boston engineer with PhD from Caltech drives Mitsubishi GT-3000 with mileage approaching 200K; his wife, a doctor, drives Mercury Sable.

    I also know one man who invented not relevant what exactly, and made a real fortune, several millions. The last time I saw him, his wife drove Mercedes, but he was driving Jeep.

    Well, all of them are immigrants from Russia or other former Soviet respublics, mostly of Jewish descent - the same as my family. Probably we are not typical.

    However, the president of our laboratory, who also is a full professor in a leading state university, drives Olds Alero. Another leading scientist in our lab, who is also a full professor in an expensive private university, drives an older Ford Excort wagon. Probably 91 model or so. A third scientist and professor (at Yale, not less) drives Honda Accord. Etc., etc. All of them are American in several generations.

    In reallity, I know (well, know somewhat) only one man who have a relatively new Cadillac. Eldorado. Our neighbor in apartment complex. He is a high-skilled plumber, and does emergency repairs every second nights.
  • I bought a 2001 GS in February and absolutely love the car. I am looking for a dash cover and have come across Coverking, Covercraft and Dash Mat. Does anyone have experience with these or know of another prefered brand? What about carpet vs velour?

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You'd be surprised what that plumber makes doing those emergency calls. Its pretty much a blank check...cause if they don't want to pay it...well you know what happens...

    As for the rest that you've mentioned, and not to stereotype but they have more important things on their minds as it relates to what their occupations are and not with what they are driving. Like they say, you don't know what you're missing till you've tried it. Some of them may need to get out more often. Ever seen what a bank president drives, or successful attorneys, and even doctors. Well a lot of doctors drive Buicks so that their patients don't think they are being overcharged...hehe.

    Needless to say, among our circle of friends, only one drives a '00 Park Avenue and that's because he does a lot of work for the Buick dealership as he owns a repair shop. His other vehicle is a '99 Camaro SS and a '00 Tahoe. Other professions tend to enjoy their vehicles. By what you've stated. The types you describe, obviously do not with the exception of the wife that drives a MB.
  • I had the change to drive a 98 M3 on Sunday. Nice car, very tight and solid even for a convertable. It made me miss having a performance car with a manual transmission.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    it sounds like you know a lot of geeks who don't know what a good car is :)

    Seriously some people hate cars but still have to have them in order to get around. They buy Honda Accord and Totyota Camry.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    You've got the best car of anyone you know, buddy!! Do they all ask you to drive?

  • Read between the lines of my post. I'm just conveying (and giving personal interpretation) of public information on GM's target demographics.

    Your basic college economic classes and statistical analysis courses convey the importance of demographic targets for large corporations such as GM.

    Enough about that. I still think the 2000 GNX Regal is overkill.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Thank you!

    Bushwack: I did not read your posting between lines; it was just a honest misunderstanding.

    Now I see that my personal impressions are rather different from the GM goals. Of course, GM must know much better. No doubts they used scientific statistical methods, with a big sample of customers.

    Ruski: you told I know a lot of "geeks". This is a gross understatement. In reality I cannot remember a single successful professional or family who does not fit your definition.

    However, no one of them hate cars. Most of them like to drive. Cars simply have low priority comparing to other interests. Additionally, all of them value the reliability higher than performance, and most value reliability higher than comfort.

    By the way, you mentioned Camry and Accord. It happened somehow that my friends and colleagues do not own a single Camry. At least I cannot remember. Accords are popular, but not overhelmingly.

    Tpken: well, I also have impression that my Regal is the best cars around. On the other hand, my second car, a Chevy Malibu, probably is not. Any case, I like driving the both cars.

    Frankly, I would prefer to stand out in my skills and professional results, not in what car I bought. Fortunately, nobody around pays any attention to this matter. And, of course, nobody asked to drive my car.

    Obyone: I have some idea that a skilled emergency plumber makes good money. Both because his customers cannot shop around, and because he have a difficult life. How many people work every second night?

    Have no idea what bank presidents typically drive. Only once occasionally was at headquarters of a medium-size regional bank, with some $12 billions in assets. The president of this bank had a very nice Olds Aurora, parked on a reserved place near elevator.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Tow truck and cab drivers come to mind. Also, police and fire department. Not to mention the military. Don't think any of these make as much as a plumber on an emergency call. Course now a brain surgeon making an emergency operation......
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