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Acura TL vs Honda Accord



  • maryg2maryg2 Posts: 33
    I have also been an Accord owner for many years. However, in shopping for a new car late last year, I easily recognized the superiority of the Maxima and the Acura TL. Frankly, I would have loved to own a TL, but even the EX-6 was a stretch for my budget. And now, looking at the new Edmunds TMV for the EX-6, I realize I could have had the Accord for $2,000 less than the $23,000 I paid two months ago--if I had just waited! So there is now a considerable spread between the price of the EX-6 and the TL, and given that, I think the Accord is a great value. It's not the most exciting car you can buy, but it drives well, feels extremely comfortable inside, and will hold its value. However, if someone had offered me the TL for the same price, I would not have hesitated, not for a moment.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Your post points out the problem with this topic. Maybe $3000 or $3500 more for the TL is "well worth it" to you. But others would disagree. How does one quantify what is "worth it" to someone else. Sure heated seats are nice, yep the tranny on the TL kicks the Accords transmission and those HID lights, stunning, but are they worth $3500 more? To you yes, to me, no way.

    I still say this thread is pointless. Although similar in many repsects, these two vehicles have different price points. I'm sure there is a better analogy but do people compare 25 inch basic TVs to a 25 inch stereo, picture in picture, etc? If they do, they know they will spend more (and get more) for the deluxe set. Same with these two cars, spend more, get more.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Check the TMV again. For the EX V6 it is 22681 (or close). You got a fine deal at the time you made your purchase.

    I do agree with you about the Accord and it's value.. Look at it this way, you have a fine vehicle, others paid thousands more for their similar vehicle. And when they start selling the TL for the same price as the Accord, I'll be right behind you in line.
  • maryg2maryg2 Posts: 33
    Thank you, thank you. You are absolutely right, I goofed. I must have looked up the wrong car, perhaps without the leather or automatic. So I feel much better now, knowing the car isn't selling for $2,000 less. And I love my EX, but as you gathered, I was just saying that for the same price, of course I'd take the TL. So if 3.5K doesn't matter to someone, of course he/she would buy the Acura. If it does matter, they can't afford it. No doubt this whole argument is somewhat pointless, but I love reading everyone's opinions and experiences relating to these two wonderful cars.
  • I don't think ANY of these forums are pointless...

    Even if there was a forum entitled: "1991 Toyota Corolla vs. 2001 BMW 328i"... I think it would do what any forum did in this situation .. it would allow everyone and everyone that has an opinion to voice it about either car, regardless if the fact that one is non-luxury, and one is .. sort of. This is a great forum, and it's a pleasure to read the posts. I'd much rather, however, read posts that stick to the technical features of the two vehicles that make them unique, because we all know that the price issue is large enough to force you to make the financial decision as to whether you can afford the next 3.5K. However, what makes this forum even more interesting is the understanding that both cars are essentially built on the same platform, and definitely by the same manufacturer (i.e. Honda). Just a thought..
  • I don't have either of these cars. I tested the TL but decided to choose something else. I did like the TL. I'm sure the Honda is a solid decent car too. I have no personal pull either way.

    However I have to wonder why the folks who wax lyrical about losing "nothing" except more power and amenities and saving 3500 buying the EXV6 did not save even more money and buy the lower trim line or even 4cyl Accords ? After all if you don't want to pay for extra power and amenities the lower level Accords are obviously MUCH closer to the EXV6 than the TL is so why does your logic only apply to cars higher up the scale and not lower ?
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    I thought about the 4 cyl. since 150 hp is adequate.Automatic climate control is not
    available on the 4 cyl EX.Since I'm spoiled
    with all the stuff on my 98 CL I had to have
    ACC.I chose the TL because my wife gets more votes than I do.Now that I have two great cars,
    a CL and TL I hope I don't have to buy another
    car forever.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Good question. I would have been more than happy with a 4 cyl. Accord. However my SO wanted certain features on a car such as a V6, and traction control. We also wanted such amenities as leather seats and moonroof. Then it came down to what could we afford and since I new I wanted a Honda we started comparing models. To move from the top of the line 4 cyl to the top V6 was a $1700 jump. For that $1700 I got the V6 she wanted with 50 more hp than the 4 cyl, traction control and a few other things. To move to the TL would have cost $5200 more than the 4 cyl. For that I would get a V6 with 75 more hp, a 5 speed auto stick, heated seats, HID headlights and NO 6 disc cd changer. Many nice features but not that important to us. The Accord represented a better price:value for us at this point in our life.

    If I was looking for basic transportation a lower trim line Accord would have been sufficient. We weren't so I don't even know if my situation really addresses your question. I felt we got the best bang for our buck, a car with basically every luxury feature as cars that cost thousands more.
  • estevef1estevef1 Posts: 22
    I prefer the styling of the TL - especially the side and rear angles: the TL simply looks sleeker than the Accord sedan.
    Also, did Honda address the auto transmission and V6 issues with the Accords [all this is 2nd hand]? From what I've read on various Accord boards, the Accord V6 really stresses out the auto transmission on the 98+ models...
  • I looked at both the Accord EX V6 and the Acura 3.2TL this past November. I liked the Accord, but I loved the TL. I know both are based on the same platform, but the TL had more of luxury ride and feel. I bought the TL and haven't looked back since. The difference in price between the two cars divided by 60 monthly payments also made the decision to go with the Acura easier. I know it's subjective, but TL looks nicer on my driveway, too. Thanks, Edmunds, for the pricing information and also the opinions of other buyers.
  • slzslz Posts: 10
    For everyone's information - I am comparing a 2001 3.2 TL (which I just leased - base price I paid was $26,200 - basically invoice) vs a 1998 Accord EX V6:

    I drove my Accord EX V6 for 3 years and put on 36,500 miles - I thought it was a great car for the price. My 2 big complaints were - (1) some funky transmission shifting when I jammed on the accelerator - it seemed to lag a little bit, and (2) I thought the engine was overpowered for the car - at highway speeds if I had to quickly stop or maneuver I would feel like the car was unstable.

    The 3.2 TL on the other hand has a much smoother and responsive transmission - no problems when jamming on the accelerator. The suspension and braking feels MUCH more secure to me than in the Accord (I don't know if Honda has changed this in the past few years - I am comparing against my 1998 Honda).

    The Acura feels like a more refined car than the Accord. Make no mistake - if you go with the Accord you DO save money but you also DO give up some of the refinement present in the Acura. The HID headlamps are also quite impressive.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Using your logic, if I buy an Acura instead of a Mercedes I save money and also give up refinement. These cars (Accord and TL) are different, the cost is different. Anyone with a brain knows which car is better.
  • w900lw900l Posts: 5
    Carguy - your opinion on the similarities between the Accord and TL seems to waver depending on the point you are arguing. Make an argument and then stick to it please. Sorry you couldn't afford the TL!
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Have you seen my bank account? I doubt it, so how could you make such an idiotic statement. I guess if the shoe fits.... I don't need to prove anything to you but if I wanted the TL it could easily have been done. Your comment was flat out ignorant.

    My argument has been the same from the beginning. I compared the vehicles and felt the $3500 difference wasn't worth it to ME. The cars are different, yeah they share many of the same underpinnings but they are different enough to have a $3500 price difference.

    I still believe this thread is pointless, they are two different vehicles in different classes. Comparing the TL to the different Lexus' makes much more sense.

    Sorry you feel the need to justify the 27 large (or more) you spent on a Honda!
  • Suck it up, buy the TL Type S and give your Accords to your grandparents.

    Thank God Acura FINALLY put some distance between the 2 cars with the Type S. If Honda comes out with a 260 HP Accord or an MDX with a Honda badge, then I'm selling my Type S and getting a BMW.
  • Yes, I do agree with you, buy the 2002 TL Type S. I have a TL myself but not the type I and it is much better than my friend EX V6 Accord. He told me that his EX V6 Accord is the best car in it's class, and that my TL is nothing to compare. But when we both tested our cars, he changed his mind. The tests were from the feel of the car while driven, the comfortable feel of the interior , the music system, the overall feel and look of the whole car and most of all, we raced a 1/4 mile and we can say he was 5 car lengths in front of him. So even my friend said that if he knew about the TL, he would of bought it instead of his Accord, and put in the few extra grand to get it, because it is worth the few extra dollars. And my TL just has a much more Luxury Feel and Ride.
  • I had a friend tell me that when Honda made the 1998, they gutted the old 1997 and put in cheaper parts. He says there is more engine/road noise in the '98+ than the older models. Has enyone heard the same? What can you tell me?

    Also, is one V6 better than the other (from 1997 to 1998+)??

  • I have recently purchased Acura 3.2 Tl 2001 model.I like the car very much, but I have feeling that I get lot of wind noise driving on freeways above 50 Mph.I wonder if it is normal.I feel it's not silent on freeways. Please let me know if anybody else in this discussion grour facing the same problem ???.

    Thanks in Advance
  • jfavourjfavour Posts: 105
    I agree with dmallinder about the lower level accord arguement. I personally own a 2000 LX-V6. It has exactly the same mechanicals as the 2000 EX-V6, but it doesn't have leather, a moonroof, a cd player, alloy wheels, and auto climate controls. I added a cd player at the dealer after I bought it. The other stuff didn't matter to me. The price of the car was almost exactly the same as a EX 4-cyl without leather. For me, this is the best value for the money and makes a better arguement for value vs. the TL. For 2001, all V6 accords have traction control, so it is really just a matter of how many luxury features one wants. The TL is a more "sporty" vehicle in its driving dynamics, but (until the TL-S comes out) not different enough for me to justify the higher price of entry. Instead, I just kept my '95 Integra for sporty driving.
  • Well, I decided on the '00 Accord. Mostly because of one thing: economics. I test drove the TL back in July and was very impressed. Lots 'o power! I also tried the ES300, wow very quiet and refined. I should mention that I had just sold my '92 Lexus ES300 at the time.(It was a very rare 5 speed model). So naturally I was accustomed to the Lexus way of things. But, the TL was looking pretty good (cool headlights!) and I thought the price would be better than Toyota's answer for 4-door mid lux sedans. Well it was, and I almost got one until I just happened to drive an EXV6(don't know why I did that). I felt like I was driving theTL! For $5k less? I thought if I was going to spend that much, why not just get the ES? Well I'm the kind who likes to try new things, and my first car was an '82 Accord, so I have a place in my heart for them [Accords]. And it is a new thing to me, I'm glad I got it! Plus I saved some cash. By the way, my next car will probably be the Lexus, but I'll always be a Honda fan.
  • liposlimliposlim Posts: 3
    LIFE IS TOO SHORT! and..



    From "Liposlim"
  • j_walkerj_walker Posts: 99
    I test drove both the 2002 TL and TL-S this weekend and easily noticed the wind noise at 30+ MPH. The noise is from the outside mirrors. The mirrors were supposedly changed this year to address the wind noise. If that is the case, I wonder how much louver the noise is in the 2000-2001 models.
  • wolf22301wolf22301 Posts: 10
    I'm in the market for a retirement car, replacing my still perfect but dated Infinite J30 ('94). I've driven the AL, and the TLS. I'm very impressed with them both, but would opt for the Type S. Just for comparison I drove a new Accord EXV6 and was also impressed. Very many of its interior parts are shared with the L. For me from the perspective of pure transportation and economics the Accord would by just fine, but from my love of performance I'll probably opt for the TLS. At this point in my life I can afford what ever I want. The TLS is a real performance bargain. I've also driven Bows, Jaguars and Audio. I'll stick with the bullet proof reliability of Japanese products. I hate having to take a car into the shop for repairs.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    this talk of TL vs Accord was more appropriate when Accord was going say 500-700 over invoice and TL for MSRP+. Accord presented a strong argument when it was atleast $7000 cheaper than the TL. BUT TL was supposed to be compared with the Lexus ES300 & it presented a good argument too with atleast $6000 cheper fully equipped. With demand and supply macthing for TL I guess TLs extra price is justified with the amount of equipement, power, Transmission, HID, Warranty, dealer service(loner), strict quality checks.

    If you compare Accord and TLs invoice, I think what Honda demands for both of them is justified & it is up to you to decide. When the Accord goes for invoice and TL for MSRP....then it shifts slightly towards Accord but consumers compare it with ES300 instead of Accord.

    Mind you, TL & Accord are based on the same global midsize platform, but TL has longer wheelbase and more rigid chassis with extra crossmebers in back & more re-inforcements. Thats the reason why TL lack the Accords legroom and folddown rear seats. Answer liles in better chassis dynamics.
  • ipngipng Posts: 2
    Can someone comment about the ride quality
    of TL and Accord V6?

  • slzslz Posts: 10
    I had a 98 Accord EX V6 and just got the 2001 3.2TL. Although the Accord was a nice car the TL ride quality is far superior. Better handling, suspension, braking, and engine. No comparison as far as I am concerned.
  • I have a '99 4 cyl EX, and am already looking at what's next. My only complaints on the EX are the road noise (both from the engine and the wind) and the occassional shift hesitation (which I think would be eliminated in the TL). Question: How quiet is the TL? I've heard the Honda's been quieted a bit since '99, and a 6 cyl would help, too. How much do I gain with a new TL? Also, since it's not a big car to begin with, I am concerned about the smaller interior on the TL. I know the leather and seats are supposed to be better in the TL, but that won't matter much if there isn't enough room.
  • dannyledannyle Posts: 43
    Both are great cars .. but there's no comparison between them ..

    They are in different class. TL should be comparing to I30 or ES300 and Accord should be compare to camry or Maxima ..

    Theses car are in different class that's why there's a gap of 5K in between them.

    If's Accord is comparable to TL , then might as well compare it to the ES300 and the I30 .. they are only 6-7K difference ... which is only 1-2K more when compare it with the TL.

    Both are great car from Honda, but one is a luxury department. They may look similar, but they did not share any sheet metal ...
  • ptvmanptvman Posts: 1
    Wow! I'm surprised to have found such a timely thread. I'm deep in the decision making process myself. I almost convinced myself to save the bucks and go with the EX-V6 (got an awesome deal from a local dealer... $3000+ off MSRP) which just makes it all the harder to justify the extra $11,000 for the full-blown TL-S Nav, but it is one awesome car and you guys are tempting me back into the TL camp.
    Not much mention of the sport-shift (or whatever Acura calls the darn thing). Does anyone bother to use it regularly? I'm sure gonna miss the stick. This might be the one car that makes me part with my noisy but beloved Miata.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    ptvman-be careful about dealing from MSRP down. You should always go from invoice up. The Accord's MSRP is 25540 (i think), 3000 off is 22540 which is good but they are dealing on these cars.
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