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Acura TL vs Honda Accord



  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    IMHO, your adult children will love the TL-S better than the regular TL. The TL-S comes with 17 inch-alloy wheels and sport tune suspension. Check out the, we had a member who is 47 years old and said he loved the Type S.

    Acura said 87 octane is fine on the regular TL and the TL-S. But it also said to achieve maximum performance, higher octone is recommended.

    The major complaint usually is when it first come out. Like, I bought mine on March, the car had been back to dealership for the windows recall. Exhaust pipes are not leveled. Sunroof is too noisy. Those problems had been solved already. But some people still complains about the sunroof noise and rattle.
  • I'm 59 and my wife is 58, and we love our TL-S, mainly b/c it's so responsive. My wife actually drives the car from day to day (I get to drive it on trips), and she says what she likes about it is it's so "smooth." Although I wouldn't have used that term to describe it, I know what she means. It does everything so effortlessly. Her car before was a 1999 Audi A6, which was a wonderful car in many respects but not what I would call fun to drive like the Acura. Also, we had lots of little service problems with the Audi and decided to go back to Japanese for the quality aspects. Haven't been disappointed so far with the Acura.

    On the gas question, we use premium fuel, mainly b/c our son thinks it's stupid to pay that much for a car and then use a lower grade fuel than recommended to save a few cents on a fillup, and I have to agree with him. Gas mileage has been excellent for the car's power--16-17 in our town, which is small so it's really hard to get good mileage, and 29-30 on the highway.

    Can't really comment about the TL, as I wanted a Type S, and that's all we looked at/tested.
  • The EXV6 represents a good value especially for the $23.4K we paid a year ago. We traded it for a TL as initial impressions were gone after a couple of long trips. The seats, suspension at highway speed, and transmission are not quite together after several driving hours. The TL rivals many cars in the $35-$37K category and at $27.4K was a steal. We have owned many mid $30's vehicles; BMW, Volvo, and Audi, over the past 10 years. No time for the continual down time. The TL has signficant refinement over the Accord in seating, dampening (16" tires are ++), and 5 speed transmission. The extra 25hp is plenty for our driving needs-especially with the 5speed. Throw in the xenon lights, extra sound insulation, 6 disc/dash Bose which rocks, and significantly tuned suspension and the value line reaches upward quickly.
  • esneedesneed Posts: 16
    Purchased a new 2002 TL Type-S several weeks ago, and while it's the most expensive car I've ever bought, I still feel as though it's quite a bargain, because it drives and feels like a car costing thousands more. This car is truly a pleasure to drive, and has incredible power and torque - particularly when passing. The 260hp engine is very unique for other cars in its class. And I did choose the NAV system - yes, I can read a regular map too, but living in Florida with several larger metro areas in the state, the NAV system does a great job on leading you through unfamiliar territory - even in my home of Jacksonville. This feature is perfect for realtors who drive from address to address often for clients. Conservative styling - yes, and if it offends some - fine. I did all of the comparison shopping - and for me, it's the best automotive value for the money.

    To Accord owners - Accords are great cars too - I've owned 2 Accords and 1 Prelude, and was very happy with all of them. So this topic should not be taken as a slant on Accords - you just can't seem to go wrong on a Honda. But for me personally, it was time to move up to something different and with a little more prestige, so I'm glad I moved to the Acura - even for the higher price.
  • I was considering purchasing a new 2002 Acura TL w/o nav. The best price I've gotten was $27,500. While car shopping I came accross a 1998 Lexus ES300 with 30K miles. It was bascially a stripped down ES no heated seats or load leveling. I found it at a Toyota dealer who was willing to sell for $20,900. Not bad. I thought it was quieter and had a nicer ride than the TL but none of the frills. Should I go for the used Lexus or go for the new TL is it worth it?
  • esneedesneed Posts: 16
    If the Lexus meets your needs, and you're comfortable with it, go ahead with the Lexus. The ES300 is definitely a nice car... I drove a 1999 model myself, and I found it to be a very quiet car, although it didn't have the handling of what I wanted, and in my case - they wanted $29,500 - and I thought that was steep. Most people find the ride of the TL-S to be harsh... compared to a Lexus, it is definitely a more controlled, tauter, and yes - harsher ride.

    My suggestion is drive both cars back to back - on the same day. See which one appeals to you the most, then begin to decide on the differences of price based on what you perceived to be most important. Good luck!
  • ronl4ronl4 Posts: 1
    I test drove both the TL and TL-S last weekend near Boston and ended up buying one the same week from a dealer across the country, where I am being relocated. (No fault of the salesman, Mike D, whose help was tremendous and whose prices were very competitive. I just didn't feel up to driving a new car cross-country in winter.) I have driven an old Accord for many, many years and have found it very comfortable and reliable. The TL had many features that made it "recognizable" and instantly comfortable, but clearly a big step up in luxury. Before deciding on the TL, we considered BMW, Volvo and Saab but, really, there is no contest in performance, comfort and value. As for the TL vs. the TL-S.... I chose the TL. Mike explained it very well: if you believe the TL has struck a 50-50 balance between comfort and sportiness, the TL-S comes in at about 60-40. I found the handling of the TL-S very appealing, but opted in the end for the slightly softer but very responsive ride of the TL. This is a great car.
  • Seeing what the topic of the forum is "Accord EX V6 v. 3.2 TL", I thought I would add some insight

    If someone came to you and made the following offer;
    A. You can have an brand new Acura TL or;
    B. You can have an brand new Accord EX V6 AND $6000 cash.

    Which would you take; A or B???

    Right now, at least in suburban Chicago, you can get (per newspaper ads) a new V6 EX Accord for near or at invoice; $22,765 to $23,000 vs. the TL, where most dealers I've met to are not budging too far below MSRP.

    I was thinking seriously about a TL, but now I'm having second thoughts. Is the extra few bells and whistles the TL or TL-S offers worth paying an additional $6000?
  • Invoice on the EX V6 with destination charge included is $23205. We paid $100 below that on 12/29 here in Dallas. If you can get it for $22,765, go write the check now, because that's an outstanding deal. (assuming that dealer doesn't try to force a $500 "exterior protection package" (wax job!) on you)

    To be sure, the TL is a better car, with features that to some people justify the price. It didn't for me, and I'm more than pleased with the features to price tradeoff of the Accord.

  • I am 55 and enjoying the Acura 02 TL-TYPE S. I come from the era of the pony cars (1960's) so I know power. This car is fast and a kick to drive.
    Can't compare to the ACCORD as this is my first Honda OOPS ACURA!! I can say that this car is smooth and powerful. Very quiet and handles great.
    I get an average of 25 miles per gal city/hwy. So far I have had zero problems and the build quality is terrific. Of course I only have 2500 miles on it. Hoping for the best. It is a pleasure to drive. Did have to get a radar detector as it is hard to control the lead foot!
  • I had a 2000 Honda Accord V6 EX, had it totalled 2 weeks ago, now have to buy a new car. The only gripes I had about the Accord were excessive tire/wind noise (expessially hated the high pitch sound it produced) and transmission which sometimes shifted gears with delay. Initially the shifting was very harsh, but that mellowed out after 6K or 7K miles (had total of 20K when got hit at 60 mi/hour). The whole back of the car was smashed up to rear window and the driver seat back broke, but fortunately no injuries. Anyway I need a car with spacious back seat and would prefer a car that has decent handling and power and want to move up from an Accord. I test drove 525ia - a great car in every respect except for the price, handling, power, everything seemed just right. Jaguar X-Type 2.5 - didn't like the handling, reminded me of some rented Ford cars and transmission had the same problem that my old Accord had - delay in shifting. As far as TL-S goes, I have read some postings that tire noise is excessive and transmission is not as smooth. Does the TL-S have the same noise/transmission deficiencies as the Accord V6?
  • Per my previous posting I considered the Accord EX V6 and, instead, purchased (on 2-2) the TL type S for $6000 more. After re-test driving both, the TL-S is a heeluva vehicle and worth the extra $$....For me anyway. If its a budget issue, go for the EX.

    I negotiated the TL-S and Accord EX V6 prices close to invoice. Note: 2003 TL's are in production and coming out soon...price may not be as negotiable as the 2002's.
  • dbllcdbllc Posts: 3
    I hate to burst some bubbles here, but be sure you check out the 2002 TL reviews before purchasing. They are decidedly mixed. Generally, new car owners are saying great things and owners who have had the car for some time have minor to major complaints. I have had my issues with my 2002 TL w/Navi and was told by an Acura Customer Service Rep recently that my expectations were too high. Wow, that's confidence building!
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    First someone wasn't sure if a few extra bells and whistles were worth $6000, but after they purchase the higher priced vehicle it's now a hellava vehicle and worth the extra dollars. I really didn't expect someone to say they wasted $6000.

    In my mind it's very simple, pay $23K for the Accord or $27K+ for the TL. My thinking is that these are two different classes of vehicles, yep they have many similarities but I still (going back almost two years) don't think these should be compared to each other. Family sedan vs. near luxury sports sedan (at least that's how I view them). A year or two ago the differences were less pronounced, but with the TL and TL type S changes, the differences are quite significant, really unfair to compare (5 spd vs. 4 spd, 16" or 17" vs. 15", etc.). Both are Hondas though, so that's a good thing.
  • I may have seemed a bit hypocritical....My pro EX posting a couple months ago was more of a "devils advocate" position...really on ongoing debate in my mind as to which car I would buy; the bargain v. the luxo-bargain.

    I couldn't get that 260hp engine off my mind. Besides, everyone in my neighborhood drives an Accord. Who wants to blend in?
  • The lease is up on my '99 EX, and I am in a position to step up a bit, so I test drove the TL & the TL Type-S, as well as a couple Maximas and some higher priced options. After every drive, I couldn't help but question what the extra money was getting me. The Accord is just a great, great car for the money. Nothing I sat in felt significantly bigger, quieter or more comfortable, and the all cost at least 25% - 75% more.

    Of course, in the end, I went with a TL-S with Nav, because it was the most fun to drive. Sure, it's faster, sure, the leather is softer, and sure, Xenon headlights and the talking Nav system are cool, but I am definitely not getting as much of a "step up" as I had expected when I decided to spend a little more money than I had been spending each month, and I consider the TL to be a screaming bargain compared to it's competition.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Thanks for your post but it was confusing to me. On one hand you say that the Accord is a great car for the money. Nothing that you sat in was any better but yet you bought a TL-S. Why not another Accord if there was nothing significantly better? Why not get the TL and save a little money over the TL-S?
    I am also in this quandry. I am looking at the TL, Lexus ES300, Maxima, and the Accord. I have driven the TL but not the Accord. Should I save some money and just buy the Accord? I was looking at something a little more upscale this time but I just do not know if it is worth the extra money. I sure would appreciate your comments.
    I would appreciate your opinion on the Maxima vs. TL.
    How did you like your EX? any problems?
  • I wanted something more fun and upscale, so I got the TL-S. It probably isn't worth the money, but so be it. If I were better looking, I might have have gotten the Accord, but I admit that I can use the little bit of extra coolness that comes with 260HP and a Nav System. Besides, my older brother just got an EX, so I was obligated to one-up him. As for the other cars you arelooking at, the ES300 is a ton more money once you add any options, and is to sterile like a Camry, for me. The Maxima was a close second, but I felt the jumps between gears was just to pronounced, and the Nav system wasn't nearly as cool. My EX has been terrificly trouble free.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    How does the TL compare to the Accord? Is there any substantial difference? Did you notice any difference in highway noise? Steering differences?
  • No difference in highway noise. The only noise difference is the sound of the engine when pushed, where the TL-S is noticeably quieter (little diff with the regular TL). I loved the steering response in both. The other differences are in the gadgets (xenons, nav system, dual seat memory) and the cosmetics (somewhat nicer leather). The back seat of the Accord wins.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Edmunds has a new feature called "True Cost To Own". It is listed when one researches out the various vehicles on the new car heading. It is one of the 13 subjects when you click on a particular vehicle. It is very useful when comparing one vehicle to another. "True Cost To Own" takes the purchase price and adds things like depreciation, insurance, license fees, etc. and gives you a figure for 5-yr ownership. They even tailor it to your particular zip code. I tried it on a few vehicles and it is very useful.
  • I was making the same cost/benefit analysis when I saw an Ad in the LA Times for an EX-V6 for 21,588 "3 at this price" of course. Well, one of the three was in the color I wanted so I bought it. I just couldn't pass up the price. That was 4000 miles ago. I am very happy with my car, and the extra money in my bank account. I have seen ads since then as low as 21,388 (don't know where they come up with the "388" part), all as limited supply. No dealer add ons with mine either. Of course, Los Angeles has about 200 Honda dealers, so they are very competitive on price.
  • phatratpakphatratpak Posts: 12
    I read the posts here and thought I'd chime in. Basically, I've driven my friend's 2001civicEX, my parent's 1998accordLXV6 and I just bought a 2003TL-TYPES. Essentially honda/acura engineering and precision is readily evident in all cars. IN the type-S you will find switches and stalks, parts similar to even the civic. However, I digress, let me compare the accord with TL. Road noise, especially at highway speeds (70-90mph) is significantly noticeable but by no means unbearable. The transmission shifts smoothly (even after 60k miles) and the engine has pep and power for days/miles. This is a wonderful car, just nothing very special. Apart from the obvious benefits (260rip roaring bhp & 5 gears) the Acura rides like a dream, is extremely fun in the curves and is non-intrusive at highway speeds. I have to admit I partially went with type-s for need for speed and a desire to one-up my family. But it is a fantastic car, worth the extra money if you want it and can afford it. Remember you will be paying more for gas, servicing and heaven-forbid parts. I agree fully with the fact that these are two cars competing in very different markets with completely different competion. Ultimately one's best bet is to test drive both cars.
  • machiavellimachiavelli Posts: 260
    You get what you pay for. The TL is the nicer car, but is it worth the extra money? That is up to you to decide. I went with the TL - much nicer interior, 5 speed vs. 4 speed, more power, better dealer service, etc... The only advantage I saw in the Accord was more headroom, and the lower price. I'm happy with the TL
  • ghomazghomaz Posts: 68
    My cousin went through the same dilemma! Accord EXV6 or TL Type S? He basically did not want an Accord because almost everyone in our circle of family and friends was driving one. Endless discussions, comparisons and test drives later he gave up the whole issue and went in for a BMW 325i! He is happy and so am I since I get to drive it quite often!! However, I am extremely happy with my Accord LXV6.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    Since my cousins have both a Accord EX V6 & a's easy to make a comparison....and I'd spend the extra money on the TL without a doubt.
  • I'd have to say, the new '03 Accord EX V6 narrows the gap considerably compared to a '03 3.2TL (more power 240 vs. 225, both have 5 speed, etc...) But, the new, improved '04 TL will rectify that situation in a few months.
  • The 2004 TL will certinly get the Type-S engine as the base engine for the 2004 model, IMO that is.
  • At the very least, the new TL would have to have more than 240. But, yeah, it's probably a safe bet that the "base" TL will have 260 and a new Type-S would have more than 260.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    The 260 hp engine is not as smooth and refined as the 225 hp engine. It's louder and grumbles with a sporty tone than fits the type-S more.
    I don't know that everyone wants it as the base engine for the 2004 redesign.
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