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Acura TL vs Honda Accord



  • Floormats are standard on the Accord EX V6.
    The service up to 11250 should only amount to 1-3 oil changes/tire rotations, depending upon how often you take it in for service.

    Carsdirect price for the base EX V6 with a 92069 zip code [best guess for San Diego] is $23124, including destination charge, so that quote doesn't sound that good.
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    A week after I got a quote from carpoint of
    $23875 including the package that same dealer
    is advertising EXL V6 for 22980.Looks like I'll
    go for the Acura TL though some say it's not
    worth the extra $5k.It may be almost the same car
    but at least it will be easier to find in a parking lot and my Acura service is excellent.
    I am keeping my 98 CL because at 50K miles it still looks runs drives like new.Now if I could only get back that new car smell.
  • barr5barr5 Posts: 2
    I live in Laguna Niguel, preparing to return my Accord EXL next month (lease expir). Will be leasing again, strongly considering getting another EXL V6 and have been checking local dealers. Did I understand your post correctly, that a San Diego dealer offered you a lower price than when being referred to same dealer thru Carpoint? Which source offered you the best price when you were still considering EXL? (I don't mind driving down to San Diego).
  • barr5barr5 Posts: 2
    Lease will be expiring next, preparing to turn in 98 Accord EXL V6. Was happy with its performance, though it somehow looks a little "dated", boxy. At an acquaintence's suggestion, who is extremely happy with their Sable LS Premium, I test drove one yesterday and was very impressed. The engine seemed to have better pick up, seats were considerably more comfortable with lumbar support, stereo much nicer, the car handled very nicely on streets and freeway, and felt more control braking, especially going down hill than I have with my Accord. No tune up required until 100,000 miles, and dollar for dollar, at about $4-5000 less than Accord, I'm wondering if I should consider it. Checking the auto expert comparison sites, most prefer Accord, but when reading what Sable owners have to say, most, not all, love their car, and rebuy same over the years. Many of whom have owned Japanese and American, including upscale cars such as Volvo, Lexus and dollar for dollar, prefer Sable. Features I dislike on Sable: gas tank doesn't lock, and no hook for gas cap when filling up, antenna is external (automatic one is an option), and antiquated foot brake. Also, now that Mercury is splitting from Lincoln, they'll be offering what I hear will be phenomenal promotions within the next few weeks. Regarding Accord, I understand the body style will be changing in 2002, which will automatically date my car. What is your opinion? Have you owned a Sable 1998 or newer?
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Actually the Accord redesign will be in the '03 model year, with vehicles arriving in September '02. Personally I don't see the Accord (or TL) as being boxy.

    I don't have any info on the Sable/Taurus except they are popular with the rental companies (which accounts for their being up there in terms of sales). I considered the Taurus for about a half a second until I came to my senses and went with the Accord. I always find it funny when a car doesn't have a locking gas filler door, heck my 11 year old Accord has one. It bothers me that the domestics are so cheap that they can't add this feature to their >$20K cars.
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    Tipton Honda in El Cajon quoted the $23875
    including the package of oil changes,mats,etc..
    Never have figured out how anybody could sell
    a car for $20K and still charge extra for mats.
    Any way,I got the TL, a much nicer car for only
    $3k more.If you ever owned an Acura and experienced the service where there is very little waitng and overall good experiences you would see the value never mind the fun to drive
    of 225 hp and autostick tranny.
  • After hundreds of back and forth, I finally make my mind to get wife a '01 TL. I was more seduced by MDX -- but it's the first production year plus the $$$ I would spend.

    Does anyone know good Acura dealers close to Fairfield county in CT? I am thinking if I should buy a TL on the web -- I found a deal that 01 TL w/nav for $28,600 (not include tax, reg,etc.)

    Any information will be highly appreciated...
  • I own an Accord and Integra. I do like the TLs a lot. At my Honda dealer, an oil change for any Honda is $14.95 with coupon which is always readily available at their website. At my Acura dealer, an oil change for any Acura $27.95. Does anyone know why other than Acura name?
    My Honda dealer also said that they service Acura automobiles as well. So far I've taken my cars to its dealer (Honda at Honda and Acura at Acura). But I'm tempted to service my Integra at the Honda dealer. (Never again at Firestone. They screwed up my other Accord)
  • Don't buy the Sable, several friends have Sable/Taurus's and have had nothing but trouble. I have rented ones that had 15,000 miles, and drove like 100,000. I leased an 01 SE Maxima and I would recommend you look at the Max. I also drove a new V6 01 EXL Accord and liked it a lot, it was a tough decision, much improved over the '98 that I remember test driving. How about driving a new Passat, I also liked that a lot, low availibility, of the V6 GLX back in October, precluded me getting one. I understand the new models are now available. Are you in O.C., So. Cal.?, if so I can suggest some dealers to try. Good luck!!

  • liuliu Posts: 1
    Hi, thinking about getting a new car to replace my beloved '91 SE. Never had problem, just liked the new TL look. Saw your comment about the oil change at Firestone, how did they screw up your other Accord? Isn't oil change a routine maintenance that some people do it on their own? Please advise! Ever found out what the difference is between an Acura oil change and a Honda oil change? Why doule the price?
  • I cannot say for sure what the difference is between the American and Canadian versions of both vehicles are as I live in Vancouver C. I can give you some ideas of the feelings between the 2 vehicles though. One thing's for sure, the 3.2TL is definitely a better value than the EX V6. The 3.2TL engine is by far more powerful and soother. The EX V6 is a little nosier.

    I haven't made any accurate calculations as to who's more fuel efficient as the EX V6 use 87 octane gas and 3.2TL use 91 octane. However, I get the feeling that the 3.2TL is better on gas. The interior of the 3.2TL is far roomer and the seats are more comfortable. 3.2TL has traction control whereas the EX V6 only have traction control in the couple model. Is this for U.S. models too? The 3.2TL has HID headlights and an 8" sub. The above is not to say that the EX V6 is not good value. It's just that the 3.2TL is an even better value.

    The good thing about the EX V6 is that it's a good car for as a commute around town and pretty good on freeways. You actually get the feeling that you're going fast. It's also about 4-5 inches shorter than the 3.2TL without too much sacrifice for interior space.
  • I have read at least one message on this subject and cannot agree more. I have been a Honda fan for the past decade and had quite a few Hondas in my household, such as 91 Civic IS, 93 Accord EXR-SE, 95 Accord EX, 97 Prelude, 1999 CR-, Aura 2000 1.6EL (just a top model 4 door Civic EX in the U.S.), 2000 Accord EXV6. The quality was good up to and including the 97 Prelude. We only kept the CR- for a few months so the quality was still good when we had to trade it in.

    Starting with the 2000 1.6EL and the 2000 Accord EXV6, I can feel a degradation in quality in a sense that the car weren't built and fitted as good as they were. There were rattles not long after I got the 1.6EL. The Accord is by no means as good of a car compared to the previous one that we had. I recently bought a 2001 3.2TL. I will need time to report on how well the car is holding together.
  • Can anyone tell me if there is a alot of head room in a 2001 TL? Considering buying one in september when my current lease runs out. I'm 6 feet tall and tried sitting in a avalon, altima, maxima and camry. Every one of these cars give me about 1 to 2 inches of head room. My 4runner is the same also. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    Because of engine layout it is impossible to get
    to the oil filter except for underneath and that
    means getting dirty,storing oil,all for saving $10.My Acura dealer charges $22 and washes the car too but they require an appointment because they are busy.I usually take it there but I waited till Friday to call and they were booked
    up for Saturday so I took it to an independent garage by my workplace, dropped it off and went to work.It was $20.In California EPA slaps on
    a $2 fee so what is advertised as a $16.95 oil
    change is actually $20.
  • Edmundw's statement on traction control being available only on Accord V-6 coupes is incorrect. All V-6s have traction control, and both TLs and Honda's are low speed and not all speed.
    Roominess: Both are the same - in fact the Accord gives you better rear leg room + fold down rear seats.
    Some differences:
    5 spd vs 4 spd auto + sportshift - TL wins
    HID - like Viagra, those who have a need for it may use it. The average human can see well with regular lights, and is generally a nuisance for a driver on the opposite side
    Stereo - TL has a marginally better system, though Honda gives you a 5 disc changer + you need to buy the optional tape player - TL wins
    Maintenance: I see a few posts here - I own both an Acura and a Honda - Honda servicing is generally cheaper - Honda wins
    Money: Ex-V6 can be got for around $ 22.5 - a TL for $ 27.5 + nauseating Acura salespersons. My advice is to go with the Accord and save a bundle
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    MY wife has had a CL for 3 years and was not going
    to give it up for the Accord.We got the TL and I
    get the 3 yr old CL.It was about $3000 more than Accord and for that I got roadside assistance(don't need)better warranty ( I like),tiptronic (I like),225 HP (don't need).The only negative
    is it needs premium fuel and insurance went up a little from the Explorer I had.In my CL's 50k
    miles the only thing done is brake pads at 45K
    for $400.Is this a high price for brakes?
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Don't know what Accord you were looking at but the EX V6 in the US has a SIX disc CD changer AND a cassette player standard. The TL will finally get the CD changer in the '02 model. So I would say it's a tie right now, TL will win next model year (unless the Accord makes changes).

    Regarding the headlights, my favorite question to ask people is "what is the function of headlights?" Nine out of ten don't give the correct answer which is to help other drivers see you better. Unless you're legally blind anyone should be able to see the road well enough with any lights being put in cars today, how well others see you is a different story. I personally don't like the HID lights.

    Funny how many TL buyers service their pride and joy at a (gasp) Honda dealer since many here have said Acura's excellent service is a reason to buy the TL (free coffee from the service dept. was actually given as one reason they bought the TL)??

    As for roadside assistance, my insurance covers that for about $30 a year.
  • Sorry - I got the '00 and '01 EX mixed up - the former did not have a tape player, and only a single CD player - the '01 has both. With regard to HID lights, I guess it is the shock factor drivers on the opposite side get - there has been much legislative discussion on toning down the intensity of HID lights - eager to see outcome.

    I just noticed that the EPA interior volume of the EX is 2 cft. greater than the TL, and the LX about 6 cft. more!
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    The moonroof accounts for the difference in interior volume between the LX and the EX. The slightly more sloping roofline of the TL along with slightly less rear seat room accounts for its lower value.

    On another note just read the review of the '02 TL-S in Car and Driver. Looks like Honda has another winner (natch!). This will further differentiate the TL from the Accord so maybe we can finally close this thread which I still feel is unfair.
  • Check out this web site I,ve had my TL for 6 months & no problems. Very comfortable & well finished. Technically a well designed car.
  • Hi, Guys, I want to buy a car, but after I read all the messages here, I am really confused!! anyone can tell me, which one is better for Acura
    RS 4 DR or Accord EX 4 DR sedan?
    and anyone know the drive out price for these cars?

    Experts, please help!
  • I've had 4 Sables and have had to do only normal repairs. They were/are
    1986 LS 3.0L No issues, 50k
    1988 LS 3.8L No issues, 125k
    1991 LS 3.8L water pump @ 160k, tranny recall @85k no other issues, 175k
    1996 LS 3.0L DOHC, 24V, just replaced battery, 100k and going strong.
    Some people have had problems. I take care of my cars and have never had any serious issues, not even the dreaded 3.8L headgasket. I traded the '91 in on a Lincoln LS and got $1500 for it. Not bad for a car with 175k on the odo! I think you should at least give the Sable consideration.

    Michael, who is now in his flame retardant castle!
  • cubs1cubs1 Posts: 2
    I'm going to buy an Accord EX V6 Sedan in the next month. I've received a price of $23174 (includes dest fees) but the doc fees are $399.00 - I've never paid that much - what is the amount anyone else has paid. Also, the dealer is telling me that the EX V6 also comes w/cloth interior. All of the research I've done only show the V6 coming w/leather. Is there something I should know about?
  • consider a TL that's going for (2001) about 26,500 pretax. Doc fee is 48.82, title and license will add some more (you should be familiar with these figures however). Another 3,000 goes a long way:

    sequential sportshift,
    better leather, interior
    In dash cd-player (6-disc)
    Faster car, better performance
    Acura badge, prestige

    plus many more reasons -- visit the Acura 3.2 TL (five) forum for more info.

  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Carefully consider whether you want a vehicle that is being redone in less than a month. You are essentially buying a one year old vehicle. Nothing wrong with it, just be aware.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Hello again. Hmmm here you aknowledge the Accord is $3000 less (actualy more like $3500) than the TL.

    Also perhaps you are not aware but the Accord has a 6 disc in dash CD changer standard, the '01 TL does not.

    As for the "prestige" of having an Acura, I look at it the other way. The Accord is a very similar vehicle to the Honda produced Acura and costs $3500 less. If prestige is really what you are after you need to set your sights a little higher.
  • You know what carguy, I'm gunna stop using this word that is thrown around this TownHall so often, and more than likely only to raise some already crumbling egos...

    Forget prestige in association w/ Acura. The "3500" difference (you seem to think that your one stop to one or maybe even two dealers is good sampling of the entire united states' pricing for Accords and 3.2TL's .. but oh well) is well worth it to some people -- and a 6-disc in dash CD player is not the ONLY reason (in fact it's a pretty bad reason) to drop to the Accord. The Acura was built to compete against vehicles like the I30, ES300, and entry-level BMW's. The Accord .. is the Accord. What can I say about that. It's Car and Driver's top ten because it's solid, a great family car, and quicker than the Camry. However, what THEY say it's negative aspects are include: small wheels and tires not up to the cornering ability expected from the chassis design and layout. The Acura is a competely different vehicle.

    Oh and you'll have to forgive me, I was quoting a standard feature of the 2002 TL, the in dash 6-disc, sorry.
  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    I have no argument with the fact that the EXv6 is a better value than TL but Accord is so common that yours will get lost in a parking lot.If I
    could change one thing it would be give up
    25HP in order to use 87 octane gas.I also have a
    98 CL with a 2.3 and it has plenty of power.What is weird is I get 21 mpg and my wifes TL gets
    20 mpg.I'm going to try experimenting with premium
    in my CL and see if I can get a 10% increase in mpg.
  • prov1632prov1632 Posts: 10
    Compare your driving habits to your wife's first... In my family, the wife says "boy this TL cruises really nice at 65 down the highway," where I might say "that F150 Lightning next to me at this light doesn't look so tough." I would bet my mileage isn't quite the same as hers on the same car, even.... :)
  • w900lw900l Posts: 5
    I recently drove the TL, the Accord EXLV and the Maxima SE the same day, trying to make up my mind about these three. I have been a staunch Honda fan since my first Kick n'Go in the early Eighties. Having had seven Accords and currently owning a '91 Accord EX and a Legend, Honda was the first place my wife and I went to check out cars. I was impressed with the Accord. Much more refined than our old one - but hardly better than our old Legend. So we went up the road to Acura and drove the TL. Completely blew away the Accord in my mind- Apples and Oranges difference to me. My point is, the $3,000 or even $3,500 difference is well worth it for the TL. When you are already paying $20K plus, what's a couple thousand more?! I know, underneath they are basically the same car, but while Honda went for point A to point B transportation with the Accord, Acura went for point A to point Z and everywhere in between with the TL. I'd still gladly buy the Accord, I just the think that for $3K more, the TL is more than worth it. I even like the Maxima better - my decision is now between the Maxima and the TL, or if the dealer is too arrogant about them, maybe the TL-S next month. Just my opinion and nothing more.
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