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    Yeah I watch him every night as well as Hannity & Colmes...the best prime time political shows. Sometimes I watch "The Edge" with Paula Zahn (After H&C) but I don't care too much about her "Leftist" point of views. Anyway, tonight Rush Limbaugh will be a guest in Hannity & Colmes...that's going to be one heated debate...
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    Yesterday morning the temperature dropped to 48F, but still no "ICE" warning on my Trip Computer display (Dang it!). Today it will raise again to 78F (max) but it will drop again tomorrow night just in time for Xmas!

    The Impala performs very well in cold weather. I was wondering about everyone's experiences in the far frozen north with the car....

    Anyway, I want to wish all the Impalanatics here a very Happy Xmas, Hannukah and a wonderful New Year (and century, finally we are in the XXI century!)with plenty of happy Impala miles!
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    I think one of my frustrations of this new setup is the inability to go straight to my list of bookmarks. In the old system, I always bookmarked the last post I'd read, so when I came back later, all I had to do was go to my bookmarks, hit the last one I'd saved, and continue on from there. I've tried to do that on this new system, but invariably I'm either not automatically logged in, or I get jostled around somewhere, and end up just scrolling back through the posts until I find one I haven't read and go from there.

    Has anyone sorted out the new system to make any suggestions as to how to do this more easily?
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    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 00V371000

    Manufacturer: GENERAL MOTORS CORP.
    Mfg. Campaign #: 00090
    Year: 2000
    Model: IMPALA
    Potential Number of Units Affected: 12
    Manufactured From: FEB 2000 To: JUL 2000
    Year of Recall: '00
    Type of Report: Vehicle

    Vehicle Description: Passenger vehicles. Some of these vehicles exhibit a condition in which the driver side impact air bag inflator separates from the air bag module during deployment.

    If the inflator separates, the air bag will not deploy properly during a crash and occupant protection would be reduced. If is also possible that a separated inflator could be propelled downward and could result in injury to a rear seat passenger whose foot is positioned approximately under the inflator module.

    Dealers will replace the side impact air bag module. Owner notification is expected to begin during December 2000. Owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Chevrolet at 1-800-222-1020 or Buick at 1-800-521-7300. Also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236).
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    Sorry if this is a double post, but it didn't take the first time.

    Have been reading your boards for the past couple of weeks. I thought I would share some of my Impala experiences. I am on Impala number 2, the first was base 2000 model which I kept for 14 months and put 28,000 miles on. It was a great car, and the only trouble I had with it was a check engine light problem, which resulted in the replacement of the fuel tank and a sensor of some kind or other. 3.4 engine got about 28 mpg on average. 90% of my driving was interstate which includes a 50 mile round trip commute daily to work. I always wanted an LS and the 3.8 engine and finally decided to take the plunge this December and traded in the 2000 for a 2001 LS, black, sunroof, AM/FM/CD, and digital information center. I started reading the boards AFTER I bought the 2001. I found out too late about the amp problems with the radio and am still debating the bypass. Also have noticed the headliner problem with the sunroof. Although bothersome, a minor problem which should be easily fixed. I have had the 2001 now for 3 weeks, it has 1500 miles and it will get its first road trip over Christmas weekend. A short 320 mile round-trip drive to Texas. The weather turned lousy the day after I picked up the car, traction control and ABS have worked great in the snow and freezing rain/sleet. Biggest source of grief so far with the 2001 is the digital information center. The mileage is off by 2-2.5 mpg, and the fuel used is also short by about 2 gallons. If I relied on the fuel used, I would be walking to the gas station. I have seen a lot of people talking of mileage of 28-30 and was wondering if that was actual or what the DIC said it was. My actual mileage so far has been averaging 24-25 mpg. I am satisfied with that for now, with it being new, and the weather being cold and lousy. Am anxious to see what mileage is on the trip to Texas. That is if it doesn't rain and snow like they say it will, which will mess up mileage and make me thankful for traction control.

    As for the radio, my opinion is still not clear, it is short on bass at low or higher volume, especially low volume, but it is reasonably clear at moderate listening levels. It is different from my 2000 Impala's radio though. I never listened to the radio before buying the 2001. The 2000 was just an AM/FM cassette and had better sound. Warmer weather will have me crawling in the trunk to experiment with the bypass.
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    I hope everyone has a great holiday and enjoy driving your Impalas. Don't eat too much and if you drink, please stay off the road. Have a merry holiday.
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    EVERY TIME I HAVE filled the tank and reset the computer, it has only been off by .1 gallons, I think that 1/10th of a gallon is pretty accurate. BLCKTREE, maybe yours could be re-calibrated.
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    why would anyone want to overide the lights going on automatically when it gets dark and they should be on.?
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    This is my second attempt....To night_owl1. A picture is indeed worth a 1000 words! Thank you very much. I will cut the section circled and let you know how things turn out. To Teo, the Impala starts fine at 0F even without the block heater being plugged in. And the heater/defrost is very strong. No problems in the Land of Ice (Canada).

    Can someone outline the history of the 3.4L? I know it is in the Venture van but it does not seem to be used elsewhere in the GM line. The Lumina had a 3.4L but it was DOHC. Why revert back to OHV? Is this an orphan engine: soon to be abandoned?
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    ...been gone for a couple of weeks but it's good to see the forum still going.

    jeffreyw1 - i had the same issue with the perfect fit bra and teo helped me out with the same advice. i would agree that it is very tight and hard to fit in the cold.i will also add that it was easier to stretch after the firtst wash (while a little damp) and it has pretty much held that "shape" ever since although i do need the wife to help me put it back after a wash. it has performed beautifully and looks very nice on my 2k silver LS.

    teo - it was so cold here in Pasco county that i had ICE on my car the last 2 mornings!!! that's all the winter i need to see for a while.

    merry Christmas to everybody!
    don't forget, God loves us no matter what kind of car we drive!
    THAT's the reason for the season (john 3:16-17).
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    I think someone discussed the 3.4L earlier. Might want to read all the posts. =P

    I tried to assemble Chevrolet Impala X into one long document (I really miss "See All Messages") with the intent of backing it up to my page. However it came out to 405K. If this is typical of the other 9, I'll run out of room really quickly. Anyone want to assemble it into a FAQ? Anyone? Anyone? =)

    And thank you for the photos. I hope it works.
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    I bought the Impala emblems for the front doors of my base Impala. They were not expensive (about $12.00 US each, part number 10412430). They are "stick-on" and I will find a heated garage to to that. Should I prep with iso-propyl alcohol before giving it a try? having done this type of thing before, there is no going back once "pressed" you are committed.
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    This really is getting so annoying. Where do these posts go?

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    I'll try posting again - hope this one takes.

    I drove the base model for first time today - 2000 used model (CD player and upgraded interior) with 29K miles for $13,495. Car drove and handled well over a short test route and seemed like a great deal. Hoping to find similarly affordable deal on a 2000 LS model but this was impressive too - lot of car for a very reasonable price.

    Happy Holidays to all

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    to the rest of the posts after 266?
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    my bad. the posts i was looking for are farther back. open mouth, insert foot.
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    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I don't own an Impala yet but will be purchasing in the Spring of 01. I have followed this forum for several months and read most of the posts. I have a couple concerns. The engine cradle as one. I remember seeing test pictures of the 00 Impala back in 98. Its now almost 3 years later and a permanent fix for this cradle problem is still nowhere in sight. I know many of you Impala owners have had them replaced at Chevys expense under warranty. What happens when everyone clicks 36001 miles and the warranty is up. How much will it cost to have these cradles replaced at our expense.

    The other concern I have are these plastic liners in the rear wheel wells of the 01 impalas. I have been to a couple local Chevy dealers and these flexible liners do not fit as a closure around the wheel wells. You can almost put your fingers around the edge and this I am sure will let water, salt and sand accumulate in the wheel pockets, behind the liners. This will stay there forever and eventually rust through. At least the 00 Impalas can be flushed out. Does anyone have any comments on these two items. Thanks John
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    Hey teo, I have the puckering leather around the side impact airbag, do you think this is the same thing? Is this just a fit and finish thing or does it have to do with the seperation of the airbag module? I suppose I will have to go to the dealer and find out what the story is. Oh well so far this is my only complaint if you can call it one since I keep the seat so far back you don't even see the puckering. I'm approaching 9k miles and still runs like a dream.

    Merry Christmas to all!
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    Which emblems did you get? The chrome impala deer ones or the "impala" one? If it was the "impala" ones, what color does it come in?

    The alcohol wipe should be ok. You just need to get the wax and oils off. You might want to use a bug and tar remover first, just in case there is something on the paint.
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    This is what I cut from the #12496350 splashguard to make it fit the 2001 Impala. There was one small piece attached to the cut piece shown but if you see the original pics in the Forum you will get the picture. It was a two-step process and the first cut piece went in the garbage before the Wife realized it was part of a Forum show-and-tell. I have not installed the splashguard but it now fits very nicely on the dry/pre-drill run. To GM, customers should not have to get out the X-Acto knifes for "genuine" accessories!!

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    I went out to my 2001 and took a look a the rear wheelwell. I wasn't sure what area you were asking about. Take a look at my page and tell me which area.

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    Sorry, look under "Whats New" and you'll see where to click.
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    To night_owl1. I purchased the door emblems. I have a base 2001 but thought these emblems as found on the LS were very attractive. I paid $15.20CDN each or about $10.00US. The part number is different for each colour, BTW. My car is silver so here they are.

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    I just checked the rear wheel wells of my 2001 and I cannot see anything untoward there. Actually, the area looks very neat and tidy. Can you be more specific?
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    Glad to hear that it worked. Looks like you had to do more trimming than I had originally thought.
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    What is the problem? And has there been a GM recall on it?
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    See post 182 in this group. For more info, check out the archived Chevrolet Impala discussions.
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    Thanks, night_owl1. The archives makes for interesting reading on a number of subjects. I hope GM gave some thought to the engine cradle before my 2001 was produced. Looks like a quality control problem with the Al welds. I do not know the build date on my car but I will try to find it for reference in case of any recalls. I do not wish to re-open old threads but I must say the radio is a disappointment. I ordered the CD/cassette version with UQ3 eight-speaker enhancement but it pales in comparison to a four-speaker Pioneer unit I have in my 1979 Corvette. I cannot pin-point why it is a disappointment; just one of those subjective judgements I guess. And I cannot find eight speakers. Must be a play on the word "enhancement"....
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    Yes it's an old thread but one apparently GM didn't bother to try and fix. Some of us on this board bypassed the amp to enhance the bass which was very bad on the upgraded stereo cd package. The sound that comes out now after this enhancement is great. As far as 8 speakers goes, there are two per location, four speakers x two, look inside the grill of one of your speakers and you will see the small speakers. Hope that helps!
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    I put a set on my friends base. I have the factory manual and it gives the exact measurements for placement. I'll dig it out for you.
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    Just wondering how the majority of you folks are "driving" your Impalas. Are any of you folks really "pushing" the car or just "cruising"?
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    My car is a daily driver. However I find it really easy to "cruise" at 70+
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    I cannot find the diagram for the amp bypass. I have decided to try this and see what happens.
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    I will turn in my leased 1998 Lumina LTZ this week. I loved this car. In Canada, the 3.8 was an option that year. Standard in 1999. Mine had the 3.1. BUT I pick up my 2001 Navy Blue Metallic Impala LS later this week. In Canada, there are a few dramatic differences in packages and in pricing. I think you all will find these differences interesting, so when I get time I will pass them on. One thing though is that you will fall off your chairs when you find out how cheap they are in Canada when you take the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar into effect. If they charged what they should, few would be able to afford such a vehicle in Canada. As a matter of fact, there was a black market for PT Cruiser cross border action. So fa,r I have read all IMPALA XI board messages and am half way through board number X. Whew!! Talk to you all soon.
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    How do I find info on the radio amp problems. I want to try to fix this before I take possession later this week. Thanks
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    If anyone is interested in Canadian option packages and pricing, go www.gmcanada.com. The Canadian dollar is about 66 cents to the US$. Note the 0.9% financing. I love using GM's money without paying interest!
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    I have taken 6 trips in my 2000 Impala, those trips were about 750 miles per day and accomplished in about 11 hours, an average speed of 70+ mph, (figured manually, no DIC to mess it up). These were during 90+ degree temps with the A/C on and constant speeds of 75-85 mph. This was with the 3.4 engine, and it preformed quite well. I have only had one chance with the 2001 Impala and the 3.8 engine to get on the highway for any time, and that was 2 lane highway, not interstate driving, but it did very well and never was at a loss for power to pass cars when you stuck your foot in it. The rest of the miles driven on either of the cars are normally interstate miles in the OKC area, 50 miles per day in rush hour traffic. It performs well, and I am quite satisfied.
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    My brother's '01 Impala LS has a rattle somewhere around the back window when going over bigger bumps in the road. Does anyone else have this or know where it's coming from? I'm sure it doesn't help that the temperature outside is hovering around zero degrees. Also, I'm wondering what the Impala uses for the radio antenna. Is it in the back window? Thanks to all who reply.
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    Yes, the antenna is in the rear window.
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    Has anyone gotten the engine-block heater installed as an after-market item? I was curious as to whether or not you can get one if you didn't order it with the original car package.
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    I haven't had any interior squeaks or rattles in 12,500 miles (Well, except for the annoying rattle I was getting from the flimsy glove box door latch which I fixed in 5 minutes). Around the back window there are a few things that your brother might wanna check such as the rear pillars plastic covering trim for adjustment/fit, the Back window shelf adjustment, also look for a loose rear speaker (These attach to the shelf), Another source of noise could be that the folding rear seat backs are not firmly pushed all the way to the back as they require a firm 'slam' to latch them back in place, make sure the folding rear armrest or cupholder is nice and tight and folded back into position when not in use. Loose objects in the trunk can also cause noises....make sure the spare tire is tightly set against its holder and that no tools are lying around loose in the trunk and spare tire compartment.

    Do these checks before heading to the dealer. Dealers are not usually very helpful or effective in finding interior noises as they don't or can't devote enough time to troubleshoot them.

    The Radio antenna is attached to the back window (Upper section of the glass) and it is also known as a "Diversity Antenna". While it provides a 'cleaner' vehicle appareance, nothing beats the good old metal antenna mast for clear and interference free reception.
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    My LS has cloth seats and I also have the "Pluckering" problem around the driver's seat side Air Bag cover. It is not easily visible as I also drive with the seat a little ways towards the back, so the center pillar and seatbelt covers it most of the time. I have tried to set fabric back in place but as soon as I seat it pops out again. Not a biggie in my book. I think the problem can be solved with a few extra clips (That GM should have installed in there in the first place)but since it is an Air Bag I don't want to mess around with it.

    However, the Recall deals with the "Underseat" air bag 'inflator' component that on those 12 lucky Impalas might fall on the feet of the rear left passenger and also render the side air bag useless.

    My car was built 1/00 so the recall doesn't cover the build date scope of my car, but I will contact my dealer today, just to double check.

    I have notice that the two Impala recalls (Seat Belts and Side Air Bag) cover the same build date scopes (From 2/00 to 4/00).
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    Does anybody know why the sedans list is not alphabetized? Maybe our host could shed some light.
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    They are sorted by the latest postings.. So the last group to get posted to will be on top. I like it this way. Maybe they could have some options to sort differently once they are done fixing the bugs.
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    I believe you can alter the sorting method my going into your Preferences.
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    There are supposed to be standard. I assume they are for A/C also. Where are they? How are they activated. I do not have air flow in the back seat area.
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    I updated my website with info about the bypass.


    All the info I have can be found on the Impala Radio discussion group here on Edmunds.

    Platour, strangely enough I was wondering about this myself and looked into it the other day. Under the front seats, there are two small ducts about 1 inch high and 3 inches wide. If you turn on your ventilation system and switch the selector to top and bottom vents or just the bottom vents, air will be directed to the vents under the seats.
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    Christmas weekend I get my first rattle. In the front, somewhere in the dash. Can't find it... but I'll try Teo's glove box door suggestion. I doubt it's that because I've not opened that door more than twice in the year I've had the car. When I'm alone, I just crank the stereo and the rattle goes away! Amazing.

    I like how edmunds has finally put some margins on our posts so I don't have to scroll left and right to see the messages.

    Hope everyone had an excellent holiday. Our weather was great for driving. Clear, cool and no wind.
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    Thought I had a short posting and it would work - NO SUCH LUCK. No time to repost - will try again later.
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    To Edmunds. I composed a lengthy post three times today and for a typing-challenged person that does take some time. Three times it went into never-never land so I Give Up! You may wish to pattern your Forum similar to www.corvettefrou.com. I have gone there since August of 1999 when it had less than 3,000 members and now it has more than 16,000. Those guys and gals do a fine job. Too bad for here: there are some very knowledgeable folks on Impalas but I do not need the aggravation.....
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