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Toyota Sienna Maintenance and Repair (2003 earlier)

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
Please continue discussing and posting your Sienna
problems here.

Past Toyota Sienna Problem topic:
Problems with Toyota Sienna Van

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  • vwbus1979vwbus1979 Member Posts: 42
    jeprox...Thanks for the update. I tried
    holding the button. It worked! No more annoying
    idiot light.

    Speaking of idiot. I suppose I could have read
    the manual to see the fix, but I'm the kind of
    guy that doesn't read the manual.

    Oh...And Yes...The dealer DID take the original
    tires. I caught them in a lie! I checked the VIN
    and it showed that my LE came from the factory
    with the rims. I got it with CAPS...It cost them
    $500 in negotiations! SIX hours worth! But I got
    our van for $18k with 24k miles! It's in MINT
    condition, too. Lease returns are the way to
    go in MOST cases. We lucked out.
  • eomeom Member Posts: 8
    Sienna automatic brake adjusting takes place via Parking Brake usage...not when backing up. So sayes Toyota Customer Service.
  • bobsmith3bobsmith3 Member Posts: 14
    So should I or should I not be concerned about the click (it's actually a linkage-like noise) that I hear when I first apply the brakes to slow or stop when backing up?
  • vwbus1979vwbus1979 Member Posts: 42
    I wrote a response to this issue, but I
    never posted it, so I'll make it short:

    The Hand Brake only adjusts 2 out of 4 brakes.
    When you engage the reverse gear and press the
    brakes, it clicks to adjust them to spec level.

    Toyota Service does not go into detail. They
    are right. The hand brake does adjust brake
    level, but not for ALL brakes. Just the brakes
    it's attached to. (rear). So the fronts click
    when you reverse as normal operation.

    If you are EVER suspect of your brakes though,
    it's safer to simply pay $15.00 to any place
    (Midas, Winston, Good Year, etc) and get your
    brakes inspected. Brakes are the only system
    on your vehicle you DON'T want to fail! Be
    safe and get them inspected.

    As a rule, I get my brakes checked when I get
    the oil checked. It's an additional $15 at my
    shop, but that small "investment" is peace of
    mind. They give me the % stats on wear, so I
    know when to replace the brakes before costly
    rotor damage.
  • cblake2cblake2 Member Posts: 53
    My dealer just replaced the rack rods in my '99 Sienna. Just after picking up the van from the routine maintenance service visit, we experienced severe vibrations while traveling on the beltway in the D.C. metropolitan area. There was no braking at the time and we were traveling about 60 MPH. The vibrations were so severe that we had to leave the highway. The dealership said the problems were "fixed." We had to have the van towed to the dealership and get alternate transportation home. We were an hour into our vacation!

    When we returned from our vacation, we got a call from the dealership. They now tell us the rear brake drums were "out of round." They said the brake shoes were rubbing and this caused the vibration. My question is, is this a common problem? Can it cause the severe vibrations? Could the symptoms be caused from the problematic rack and pinion? Thank you for your information.
    [email protected]
  • sbrandonsbrandon Member Posts: 24
    We haven't bought yet, but were wondering which gas is 1) recommended by Toyota?, and 2) recommended by actual drivers?
  • yamanyaman Member Posts: 113
    We've been using regular which is fine per the owner's manual.There has been some discussion on this board that using premium will increase gas mileage.We are averaging about 17-18 mpg with 90% of the driving being my wife's local stop and go type.
  • dylbrenadylbrena Member Posts: 7
    My question to the dealer would be if there was a problem, shouldn't they have seen that during the maintenance visit? After all, isn't that what we pay the price for "routine maintenance" for? I just had my 15k mile maintenance done. $103 later, and knowing we would be heading for vacation soon, I told them I wanted to know how the brakes looked and I wanted the tire pressure checked and adjusted if necessary. (I know... an easy thing, but I figured it was there) Do they only check front brakes on routine maintenance? That would be stupid. I'd be pretty ticked.
  • nuclear78nuclear78 Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I have read many of the posts on this topic of Problems with the Sienna. I purchased a 2000 Sienna LE 1 day shy of a month ago. It has already been in the shop three times. I am having the following problems. The rear windshield washer is leaking fluid or dripping. The van just got the Torque converter replaced, They replaced the computer because they weren't sure what the problem was after I told them that replacing the coverter still didn't cure the problem with my van. Then they said I had a bad solenoid on the transmission. Now the van is surging really bad and is currently in the shop. I called Toyota and they said it was a misfire problem in the #1 cylinder and he wasn't sure if it was a plug, wire or a bad coil. To make a long story short I believe I purchased a Lemon. I am going to talk to the Manager today. I am going on Vacation in one week and it is a 1,300 mile road trip. I donot trust my Minivan anymore. That didn't make the service manager very happy, but who cares. I have a $26,000 dollar investment sitting in their garage and they are not sure what the problem is!!!! I say Bull butter. Well if anyone would like to email me and talk in depth more about the problems I have expierenced they can email me at [email protected]
  • vwbus1979vwbus1979 Member Posts: 42
    We use 92 octane and get 21 city/24 highway

    (Mostly city)

    I hear that 92 octane leaves less deposits on
    the piston walls and valves, but that could
    be good advertising to the oil companies credit!
  • jeproxjeprox Member Posts: 466
    Should read "Routine/regular maintenance does NOT necessarily..."
  • rabonrabon Member Posts: 1
  • gazoo1gazoo1 Member Posts: 3
    I posted this problem a few days ago. My dealer is telling me the same thing. My parts are on order but toyota is not shipping them yet. I also was told that this situation is not a problem. Does anyone else know anythng about this?
  • waldman1waldman1 Member Posts: 1
    Got a new Sienna XLE on Tuesday, and on Friday, at 177 miles, the Check Engine (Electrical/transmission warning) light came on. Went to dealer immediately. They ran the computer check and it came back cellanoid. HOWEVER, they told me that this has been happening alot and it is a PROGRAMMING ERROR. Toyota is sending new program for computer and it will be in in three weeks. He cleared the light and said it may come on again but not to worry, there is nothing wrong the car, it is a computer error. He said it has been happening after 100 miles and/or 400 miles.

    We had a 1996 Saab that started with the same sort of problems, although Saab never claimed a computer error, and had trouble with the car for four months... the amount of time it took my husband to convince them that we had a Lemon and threaten to sue them (yes, he is a lawyer). Finally, four months later they gave us a 1997. So, I am not so psyched about this... we will see... maybe we will all end up with 2001s!
  • ashworthashworth Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2000 Sienna in July,1999. After about 4 months, the power door would not close on occasions after pushing the latch button. On the 2nd or 3rd time the door would finally close. As time went on the problem would occur more frequently. Pushing the side release or dash release button had the same results. If I deactivate the electric door and use the door manually for a while, the door sometime starts working again. I am taking my van back to the dealership Monday for the 4th time. The dealer will usually adjust the cable and reprogram the computer. The cable and motor have also been replaced. In the past the fix has only lasted between 1 week to 1 month. It seems to be getting worse with each fix. I feel it must be something electrical - could it be a problem with the computer? If anyone has successfully solved a similar problem, please help.
  • mlin1mlin1 Member Posts: 2
    I had an xle 2000 two weeks ago. It had a power sliding door problem since I bought, the door occasionly bounce back. It refused to close. I was told by dealship : the rail of the door need to be re-aligned, the computer sensor think something in there and bounce the door back. I leave my xle for overnight and next day when I pick up, the sliding door works perfectly. By the way, my dealer also wash my xle and put full tank of gas.Did I mention they give me a loan car for free?
  • linkuslinkus Member Posts: 4
    I am going to buy a new sienna CE 5 door. I have got an offer for 2000 Sienna CE 5 door with HV+TO+BP1(bumper protector)+QS1(security system factory installed)+XH6(drop hitch and rec/wiring harness installed)+XY3(toyo guard) for 22,817. The dealer initially quote me the car with HV and Security for 22,300 since this one has TO+BP1+XH6, he gave me those at invoice price. The out of the door price is 24747(incl. tax, lic, tag, document fees). What do you guys think of this price for 2000 Sienna CE 5 door? Should I wait for 2001 Sienna? In addition, how common sienna has torque converter and windshield fluid leak from the rear window? This van has 18 miles on(still a new one). Should I go for it? Thanks, I have leant so much from this place than from the dealer. Thanks,
  • vwbus1979vwbus1979 Member Posts: 42
    Linkus: That is an excellent price for the CE.
    My wife and I priced one out about three weeks
    ago here in Southern Calif. It was a maroon
    5 door CE with dual air, tach, tow package,
    security, tint, rack, keyless and more. All
    for $22,500. He SHOWED us the invoice. We didn't
    go for it (Wished we had). Instead, we got an
    LE for $19,400. It's a '98 lease return with
    26k miles. It's not bad at all, but it's not new
    either. However, we're very happy with our
    Toyota overall.
  • jeproxjeprox Member Posts: 466
    I would personally wait for 2001 model coz' half the year is already gone. As soon as you drive that van out of their lot, the price drops at least 2 grand or more.

    Usually, the new models cost about $1000 more, give or take a few dollars.
  • lemon15lemon15 Member Posts: 1
    We bought a 2000 Sienna LE in Jersey 4 days ago. The engine light came on the way home from the delaer. First they thought it was a celenoid in the transmission. While we were waiting for that part to arrive I got a call from the dealer today that there is an internal memo from Toyota home office that the torque coverter is actually causing the celenoid to go bad. Toyota is looking at all of the torque coverters to figure out which ones actually work. They don't expect to have a replacement for our for 2-3 weeks. Needless to say, with less than 200 miles on a 25,000+ van we are not happy at all. Can't recommend buying the 2000 or 2001 until they straighten this out...what a headache. We had to fight to get a loaner while we are waiting for this part to arrive. Write me if you have similiar or additional [email protected]
  • linkuslinkus Member Posts: 4
    I am just wondering how many people had problems with their Sienna with torque converter or breaks? If this is a common problem, can people force Toyota to recall the Van to replace it? Is it gonna hurt Toyota's reputation? Or just let dealers to deal with each individual cases? I just bought a new 2000 Sienna CE5 dr at 200 below invoice price. The salesperson told since they get Toyota factory incentives and they can afford to sell at around invoice price (I am not so sure it is 100% true). I am just wondering how much they get from each Sienna sale considering the dealer has to pay all the costs, incl. insurance and commissions. Does anyone have an idea?

    This board certainly helped me on buying this car.

  • jshortjshort Member Posts: 1
    Since February, I have been trying to get satisifaction from my local dealer regarding CD skips. They keep replacing it with the same model (manuf. by Fujitsu 10/Delco). Same problem -- even w/ new units.

    Problem is with American CD's only, and according to regional Toyota office, if you request a special CD eye "repair" the units can be modified to work with American CDs.

    Anybody else have skips? This radio is also in other model toyota's by the way -- in fact the Toyota dealer's head mechanic has the same problem with his (and after being replaced once).
  • lexviewlexview Member Posts: 1
    We purchased a new Sienna CE July 5th, in North Carolina while on visiting there. The engine light came on at 40 miles. We took it back in the next day. They said we could drive it home and that the over drive celinoid needed to be replaced. Upon returning home we made an appointment with a dealer to service the van. They had the van for three days. After picking the van up the engine light came on 40 miles from the dealer. We called and they said to bring it back the next day. They said that the torque converter would probably need to be replaced. We were leaving town again and the van would not be done in time, so we took the loaner car. When we came back six days later the van was not repaired. We were told that Toyota in California cancelled the order for the torque converter and the service department must wait until they receive instructions from Ca. We have had the van for almost a month and have only driven it home and the service department. This is our first Toyota and we are really frustrated and disappointed. If you are lucky enough to remedy your engine light problem please let us know. If these vans are lemons and you take action please let us know how you go about it.
    Thank you [email protected]
  • cblake2cblake2 Member Posts: 53
    Your story is really amazing, "lexview." While you wait for your van, start reading about your state lemon law. Document, document, and document some more. Do you have repair records for *each* visit back into the dealership? Obtain a copy of the "Lemon Book" by Ralph Nader and begin creating a vehicle repair notebook....a paper trail. Once your van qualifies based on number of repair visits or days out of use, give the manufacturer notice via certified mail (return receipt requested). Tell it that you expect all problems to be remedied in "X" number of days or you wish to get a refund as per your state lemon law.

    Do not leave out this letter after the appropriate number of repair visits are made. You ensure your rights under the lemon law once this notice is given. The clock is ticking for Toyota.....time is on your side. Read the details of your state law carefully. Get a copy of the law on the internet or your local consumer affairs office.

    Consumers often wait too long to document and thus, they lose the edge under the law. The writing may be on the wall with this torque converter problem. **Take nothing for granted.**
    While it is nuisance, document closely and fully now. Add quotes which may support that Toyota does not have a valid "fix" for the problem. Communicate with others similarly-affected and stay in touch to see how their situations are resolved. Expect equal treatment and accept nothing less.

    Good luck.

    [email protected]

    P.S. Don't forget to elicit the help of the Center for Auto Safety in Washington, D.C. They look for trends after owner reports are filed in writing.
  • cblake2cblake2 Member Posts: 53
    I must ask opinions about these so-called "open work orders." This is dangerous for the consumer who wishes to preserve all legal rights. You *need* to get a work order each and every time you go in for service. You need to make sure dates and a list of your "symptoms" are included.

    I recently was told that my van would have an "open work order" because I *might* bring it back in for the sticking door latches. I didn't ask that the work order be "left open." This is totally unacceptable!! I got no work order after pickup of my van after a routine service visit. I experience severe vibrations and after the van goes back in (via a flatbed towtruck), the service manager says I will get a "consolidated" work order.....EXCUSE ME!! I want separately dated work orders. I attribute the second problem to the first visit. To show on paper that repairs were *all* done on the same day is ridiculous. It does little to help support a cause-effect relationship in events. No doubt, it is advantageous to document this way for the dealership.

    My recommendation is to decline an "open work order." Do NOT leave the dealership without a dated repair order which is complete. If additional work is expected, ask the dealership to specify this in writing on the order that you take home *that day." This is especially important for those in the throes of the "Check Engine Light" problem in the 2000 model year. Lemon law relief is based on the *number* of repair visits or days out-of-service usually. One long work order where the van has been "repaired" several times is NOT going to work to preserve your rights. Toyota is well aware of this, IMO.

    [email protected]
  • vwbus1979vwbus1979 Member Posts: 42
    cblake2 is correct here. I did the same thing
    to GM when I had a Malibu with front end troubles.
    They tried to keep open work orders on me. I
    stated "NO WAY" and stuck to my rights. I ended
    up with a nice "paper trail" that burned them.
    After a threat of arbitration under the California
    Lemon Law, they backed down and refunded me 100%
    of my money AND my insurance!

    Obviously, Toyota has a big problem with the
    torque converter assembly. These things happen,
    folks. It's not your fault. You are not alone.
    Toyota has to correct this problem on a national
    level, not per individual complaint, so that is
    going to take some time. If your car is usable,
    then drive it until they can remedy the situation.
    Otherwise, begin your paper trail and establish
    that your van is a lemon. Get your money back in
    a timely fashion so you can get a Honda or wait
    until 2001 Siennas come out.
  • sahilsahil Member Posts: 1
    I went through the same problem. Probably, the replacement units you got are repaired ones, not new. I have a third unit replaced and is working fine so far. Ask the dealer firmly to install a new similar or upgraded unit. The dealer will have to get approval from Toyota for a new unit. The units are made by Eclipse-Fujitsu. The unit should work with any CD without modification.
  • ksundforsksundfors Member Posts: 4
    We are in the market for a 2000 Sienna, and here is what one dealer sales rep told me, FWIW:

    A computer chip in the torque converter of the Sienna is bad on about 2% of those Siennas manufactured roughly from May through July 2000. Toyota cannot tell which specific vans are affected in this manufaturing period. So their goal is to get enough torque converters to each dealer so that they can be swapped out easily. The St. Louis dealer I was talking with claimed they have 4 of these new torque converters in stock, and they have sold two Siennas that need this part replaced. The dealer said Toyota at first thought it would just replace the computer chip but decided to replace the whole torque converter for "quality control" reasons. The dealer says this problem does not affect safety or drivability, although it is a pain (my word, not his) to have to bring in the van for swap. He said models being made in the past 2 weeks or so are being fixed at the factory.
  • readytobuy4readytobuy4 Member Posts: 24
    Hat's off to Al Hendrickson Toyota and Gary the service manager, they had my new torque converter replaced and my van back to me in 3 days! Luckily, they had 1 in stock, the 1 that they had ordered from the port was on back-order.
    Just one observation to all of you having this problem repaired, make sure your alignment is OK once you get the van back. They apparently have to remove the "rack" when they replace the converter. I noticed my steering wheel was misaligned when I picked the van up, they realigned it in 15 minutes.
    PS. Why don't these beautiful (and expensive) vans have power antennas??
  • vwbus1979vwbus1979 Member Posts: 42
    I wondered that too!
    Why don't the vans have power antennas?
    Every car I've had for the last 10 years
    has had power antennas!

    I suppose I can install my own, right?

  • cblake2cblake2 Member Posts: 53
    Based on some further discussion, I feel compelled to make a few comments in the name of consumer rights preservation. I see that Toyota's stance is that only a *very few* vehicles are affected by the torque converter problem. I would take this information with a big grain of salt. History can prove (but I hope it is *not* the case for those affected) that the automaker may cover for known, widespread problems. The proclaimed numbers affected are *not accurate* in many cases.

    Take, for instance, the anti-lock brake failures on the Chrysler minivans. Thousands of owners began to complain in the mid-90's (though many had the problem on the earlier models, too) of sudden brake loss with no electronic warning. Still others had the dash lights come on intermittently and were told by the dealers not to worry. Chrysler said any problem was *DRIVER ERROR* related to the proper use of ABS. IMO (and that of many others, too), it denied, lied, and defrauded owner after owner over the course of several years. The repair to the slow leak in the hydraulic assembly portion of the ABS cost most owners from $2000-3,000!! Many (myself included) only owned their vehicles a couple of years.

    To make a very long story short, after hundreds of owners banded together first on the internet and then in a class-action lawsuit (supported by oodles of documents from the NHTSA), Chrysler finally had to succumb to a major recall of the 1991-1993 minivans with ABS (my personal feeling is that many more years should have been included). Owners were reimbursed for the earlier repairs (IF they knew about this) and given a warranty to 100,000 miles. The problem was KNOWN but MINIMIZED by Chrysler for several years. The Chrysler executives fought the facts tooth and nail and made their "Customer Ones" scapegoats for a major defect in manufacturing!! It was a fiasco.

    To make matters worse and get to the point of my post, Chrysler put in either new or remanufactured parts which were **no different** from the original. They simply did not know how to fix the problem, and many owners continue to have repeat ABS failures from the parts used. THIS is why I caution you about the new torque converters. HOW do they differ from the original components? IS Toyota buying time by simply putting in the same variety? I trust that no manufacturer could stoop to Chrysler's former conduct (but I am still naive). We will know when those with replacements report their findings after several months. I am hoping that Toyota will come forward and RECALL these vans so that they do not alienate customers the way Chrysler did a few years ago. Honesty will help Toyota's bottom-line. Ask Chrysler what secrecy (and fraud, IMO) did to them....with owner collaboration on-line, manufacturers are wise to come clean very early in the game. A few owners with a bit of simple frustration can finally get assertive and very vocal when met with an unresponsive manufacturer.

    Good luck to all affected.....start your database of e-mail addresses and symptoms/repairs NOW....

    [email protected]
  • lynne29lynne29 Member Posts: 46
    A long way back, some complained of squeaky back row seats when folded up and away.

    I never had that happen until this weekend, when I was in a hurry and folded them up without taking off the headrests. Hope this helps.
  • edmonds92edmonds92 Member Posts: 1
    Bought my 2000 Sienna LE yesterday, the check engine light came on today at 47 miles on the odometer, doing about 55mph. My dealer had mentioned the torque converter problem but since I saw no light on the lot I figured I was OK (wrong!!). I put in a call to the dealer tonight to notify them and will continue to pursue the fix with them. The dealer insisted that the car wa OK to drive even with the light, but I just don't believe it. Appreciate the numerous posts on lemon laws and consumer rights, pls keep them coming. I will continue to check this sight for updates and will keep all updated on my successes/failures. I refuse to get screwed on this!!
  • yupingyuping Member Posts: 8
    I got my Siennea LE last week and now the engine light on. It has only 130 miles(manufactured in July'00). I noticed many postings which say it's torque converter's problem. Has anybody got his van fixed with this kind of problem and what's the solution? I'll contact the dealer on Monday to check if I can still drive this van safely with the light on.
  • cblake2cblake2 Member Posts: 53
    Just to give you an idea of what the internet can do for you as a concerted group, please see "http://www.businessweek.com/1996/27/b348212.htm"
    and for more details see "http://boardwatch.internet.com/mag/96/jun/bwm34.html"
    To get a perspective on what other owners of other makes have had to deal with and to get good consumer rights information, visit the "Chrysler Products' Problem Web Page" created by Brian Gluckman. He did a phenomenal job in helping owners get a start on getting lemon relief. Be certain to read the St. Louis Post Dispatch article about the ABS problem and get a look at the automaker's response (or lack thereof).

    For further tips on the preservation of your auto rights, visit "http://www.autosafety.org" and be sure to file all complaints with both the Center for Auto Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (of course, make copies for your files).

    While one owner can do a lot of research and settle an individual issue with the automaker, it is much better in the long run for owners to unite and speak up together. The message is, give us this poor quality at a high cost and you *will* hear from us if there are major problems!!" Go quietly away (just as the automaker wants you to do) and you will continue to purchase vehicles with inherent defects.

    The "battle" is not easy or pleasant, but with the internet, you can reach a lot of people quickly. If the automaker is responsive, good for you! If not, seek the help of the media as you unite. Proceed to seek **fairness under the law** and do not be bothered by those who try to strike you down for your actions. Go with your gut instincts on this one......

    [email protected]
  • racharacha Member Posts: 1
    I am presently looking to buy a mini van. The problem me and my boyfriend have is he is 6"6' and 250lbs. How ever I sugest to you that you wait about a month before buying, because dealers will be having BIG sales to get rid of the 2000 modles. I believe that in Sept. most dealers will be looking forward to the 2002 modles and still trying to get in more 2001 modles. The cost of a mini van after the summer may also be cheaper.
    These, of course, are just sugestions. Good look in finding a good price on what you are looking for.
  • kraftiekraftie Member Posts: 2
    We were in the final throes of negotiating purchase in Colorado of an LE 2000 for about 24,600 plus tax. This was 3% above invoice and the dealers locally are not going lower - they say this model is in too much demand - I wonder if we are falling for a line... ALSO, I am now reading (with concern) your comments about problems with a torque converter, what is that and what months of manufacture has it been a problem? We are scheduled to drive 2400 miles next week with this vehicle and don't want an unexpected failure on the road! Are we crazy to make a drive like that with a brand new vehicle?!
  • ksundforsksundfors Member Posts: 4
    Allegedly, this torque converter problem affects a percentage (at least 2%) of Siennas manufactured in May, June and July 2000. Supposedly the vans made late this month were fixed at the factory. I would ask the manufacture date of any Sienna you are considering. If it falls in that range, ask if they have replaced the torque converter. Also ask if the service department has the part in stock.

    We just bought and will take delivery today on a CE that supposedly was manufactured in March. We are hoping to escape that problem, but our fingers are still crossed.
  • yupingyuping Member Posts: 8
    Ref: 40

    The dealer cleared the light after resetting computer code. Now there is no this check light.I found the shift is not smooth like before resetting the shift soinod. BUT told me the torque converter still needs to be replaced. They ordered the part for me and takes about one week.
  • chikai_lochikai_lo Member Posts: 1
    At highway speed, my 2000 Sienna XLE has a wind noise coming from the left slidig door. Upon comparing the left and right side doors, I found that a rubber insulator which runs along the front edge of the right side door is missing on the left side. I am not sure if it is by design or it's a factory screw-up.
    If any 4-door Sienna owners have the insulation rubber installed on the front edge of BOTH sliding doors, please be so kind to let me know. I have to be armed with evidence when I go to the dealer's. Thank you very much for your assistance in advance!!

  • vwbus1979vwbus1979 Member Posts: 42
    OK...This is a weird one:

    When we turn OFF the A/C in our car and have just

    Is there a filter somewhere that I can change?

    WHat gives? When the A/C is on, it's not bad at
    all. But when it's off, it's STINKY!!


    Help !
  • cblake2cblake2 Member Posts: 53
    I have a few questions about my Sienna repairs. The needle of the speedometer supposedly was not working in the startup period because of some "sticky substance," or so I was told. IF this was the case, why would it suddenly start working after the van warms up a bit...e.g. 10 minutes down the road? I know there was a T.S.B. on that problem, too, but I don't know what it says.

    Next, the rear brakes...What would cause my brake drums to be out-of-round this early? I was told that the severe vibrations I felt after routine maintenance was caused by my brakes, NOT my alignment problem. One suggestion was that a brake shoe may have been sticking....isn't this dangerous?? I mean, I don't want to think that I am driving around with my brakes intact! Can anyone help on this issue?

    I want more information on the rack and pinion and how this ties in with the alignment. At first, I was told that I might need a new R & P assembly, but later learned only the inner rack rods were replaced. Why would this be? Like with the solenoid before torque converter issue, I am wondering if I will need other parts of the R & P replaced later.

    I still have a pull to the right after all the brake work, the rod replacement, and the new tires. I noted it clearly after testing it many times under different road conditions. It isn't my imagination. I feel the road bumps a lot more now....I *thought* this would be the opposite. Is the alignment problem causing suspension parts to fail? I would like information if you have it.

    And, one last weird thing is that it feels like the van isn't going into OD like it should. I wouldn't expect any transmission involvement unless the speedometer failure is in some way connected. I remember back when I had the Dodge Caravan that the speedometer failed a few months before the transmission did. Can you explain that connection?

    Since the sliding doors were repaired, they are MUCH easier to open. I know one person who had a repeat problem. I HOPE we don't!! The kids would complain that they simply couldn't open the doors. I had to struggle, but managed after pulling several times.

    Additional observations in my van are at times I do smell the "mold" on the recirculation mode of the A/C. I see paint being scratched off VERY easily on the hood after I bumped into a bicycle a couple of times gently. I really like the seating with the bench in the middle because of all the room on the right side. My kids complain of no leg room in the third row, though.

    I do like the looks of the van much better than others out there. It is roomy enough. I just want to be confident in the van's long-term reliability. I will post the outcome of an upcoming long trip, and I would appreciate the same from others. Thanks in advance.

    [email protected]
  • sbrandonsbrandon Member Posts: 24
    One thing we were told is if you run the a/c in the recirculate mode you need to hit the outside air or vent, or whatever is marked as the opposite of recirculate, prior to shutting down. This should flush fresh air thru the system and hopefully bacteria (which could cause a smell) does not build up in the system.
  • linkuslinkus Member Posts: 4
    I bought sienna ce 5 door about a week ago. I drove it mostly highway and now have about 400 miles on. I noticed somewhat vibration during acceleration above 45 mile per hour when I bought it. TOday, i felt a little more vibration and a little more bumpy driving on the street at around 50 mph. From what i read so far, it seems to happen to a couple of people. I am just wondering what the solutions were for those who had such problem. Even though I love my car, I do need to make sure it is well taken care of :-). In addition, I have heard that Firestone tires have defects and caused a number of accidents and fed is investigating. I did not know what kind of Firestone tires were bad. I have Firestone tires on my Sienna CE and am wondering if they are the same type as reported ones. Has anyone experienced any problem with the tires (Firestone)?
  • fuji8bitfuji8bit Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 2000 Sienna about 1 1/2 weeks ago, and Its been great so far. I can't help getting nervous, though, about this engine light.

    Many people have been posting that they have this problem, but very few have been telling us what date their car was manufactured. I would ask anyone posting an engine light problem to also check the driver's side door tag for the date of manufacture.

    I only ask because I have heard differing stories on which vans are affected... anywhere from May to July, to just June. My dealer assured me my van is "safe" from this problem, but hey -- I only trust you guys :)

    (Mine is a July 2000 LE, and no engine light problem as of 150 miles.)
  • yupingyuping Member Posts: 8
    My Sienna LE was manufactured in July. The check engine light came on at 150 miles.
  • sgergensgergen Member Posts: 155
    Mine was June 2000 and with almost 600 miles we're in the clear so far!

  • murphy20murphy20 Member Posts: 3
    2000 XLE mfgd 6/2000. Light on at 65 off at 120 on again at 165 - dealer diagnosed fault at 215 as P0770 - shift solenoid fault. Ordered new solenoid. Reset engine light. At 400 and no part and no light so far. Appointment scheduled for tomorrow and part is not here. Service Mgr. indicates that Toyota is trying to come up with another solution; he believes solenoid replacement is a stall until they get enough torque converters or some other fix. Suggests solenoid replacement is a waste of time. Suggests I call back to check if they have a fix later. Huh? This is crazy. I hope someone in the Toyota universe is taking note of these and other posts. Only takes one bad experience to kill any affinity for a brand not to mention resale value. Oh what you do for me.....Toyota.
  • csnycsny Member Posts: 1
    My Sienna LE had only 59 miles on it when the engine light came on. Took it to the dealer today. I was told the torque converter was fine. The problem was the oxygen sensor which the dealer had replaced. The light has stayed off so far. The Service Manager said he was aware of the engine light problem associate with the torque coverter with the Sienna. He was positive that mine was not among them and instructed me to bring it back if the light ever comes on again. I hope he was not b-s-ing me. I'll appreciate feedback from anyone who has been told of the same thing and how it turns out.
  • robinpoohgrobinpoohg Member Posts: 2
    Sbrandon, are you supposed to turn on the fresh air vent EVERY time you turn off the car if you were running the AC to avoid the smell? I had a wonderful Honda Civic for 8 years, and my only complaint was that it stunk when the fresh air vent was on without the AC. I really don't want to have the same problem and would appreciate the advice.

    Also, my Sienna LE was manufactured in June 2000 and the engine light came on at about 150 miles.
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