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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    If you want to read long spiel, go to the Ody versus Sienna forum and read the last 100 posts. Those guys (present company included) can get really long winded.

    If you feel really argumentative, go and post that you think Sienna is only 10% better than the Ody and it's not worth the money for you. Guarantee you will get some response.

    Andrew can hook you up with a Honda parts web site for your cross bars and stuff. You can get these cheaper than your local dealer.

    You should go to the Sienna price paid board and look for some dude name blandfordm as he claims he can't find any Atlanta deals less than $1K off MSRP and that's his rationale for getting a Sienna.

    If you wife need a van now, waiting for a new Quest doesn't make any sense, does it? And with the brand new radical design, how secure are you in that there's no bugs. Odyssey may not be the latest and greatest, but in its fifth year, I'd bet there's less problems than a brand new design in the Quest. But I'm out of my league in tech talk, I'll let the "collective wisdom" handle that part.

    Good luck on whatever you decide.
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    Great job in all you comparison and how you came to your decision. Congratulations in advance, I am sure you will be happy with it. You never did mention which color you were looking into.

    That is funny, everything you just said is what I have have been saying over at the Ody - Sienna forum. Then I was labled as a "bitter Ody owner". For the definition of "Bitter Ody owner" go there and read up on it, as someone complained we were all long winded, and you would fit right in.

    Yes I too purchased the Midnight Blue EXL RES just 2 weeks ago, because I couldn't stomach the price difference of $5k-$7k in order to get the Sienna. Just as I have been posting, I may not have the latest and greatest, but I walked away with a better bargain, still came away with a safe reliable minivan.

    Keep us posted
  • njswamplandsnjswamplands Posts: 1,760
    what is the price diff on a sienna with nav versus odyssey with a nav. my bet is several thousand??? i cant wait to hear andrews response on how kewl the nav is AGAIN lol
  • Which dealers near Atlanta or Macon Georgia gave you the best offer including any fees?
  • rboyd4rboyd4 Posts: 23
    Since last night's post the prices have tighted up a little more. I now have a deposit on a 2003 EXL-RES Ody with the cross bars, cargo mat, and mudgards for $28,100 plus $117 in doc fees. This is the total drive out price not including my Georgia sales tax. The dealer is in Alabama (I live in Atlanta) and they are to deliver it to my house on Monday (free of charge). I'm not sure what value the other readers will put on the accessories but assuming an accessory value of at least $200 this implies the Ody is going for about $27,900 which I think is about $650 over invoice.

    The color is Sandstone.

    In the end the Alabama dealer won by about $250.

    My only advice to other "internet buyers" is to e-mail the dealers directly to cut out any intermediaries and fees and to be very upfront, almost blunt about what you will pay. The icing on the cake for the dealer is that you are ready to buy immediately with no wasted time or delays for financing, etc. Interestingly, it looks like the only dealers willing to get real competitive all had two of my model and color in stock. Also, in my case my process started only yesterday morning.

    I'll confirm satisfactory delivery on Monday. Once I get delivery I will respond to the question as to who the competitive dealers were.
  • That's the difference in price as of April 2003 between the Odyssey NAV+DVD RES and the Sienna NAV+DVD RES. If you say, "but you can't get both DVD RES and NAV on the Odyssey," you are wrong. The dealer installed DVD RES is basically the same as the factory installed DVD RES with the same DVD player installed into the front dash. In other words, it's a "Honda" Brand with the "Honda" on the dvd player and a 7" widescreen, not the Audiovox brand installed under your seats.
  • kksdadkksdad Posts: 28
    Sounds like you got "NAV for free", and not mounted on the dash! I got one like yours, TOO!

    Hey, do you think anybody's out buying Odys at Dublin HOnda this weekend, IN THE RAIN? I see their inventory count went down today from yesterday, 38 to 37, big WOW!

    Good news is I got my PeopleFirst application approved in less than 24 hours, is that normal? Most likely will sit on it though and "wait", no big hurry, also not colorblind, just prefer the black but I can live with just about anything for the right price.

    Had to drop into the office today, so back to my taxes, later!
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    Trust me, if you poll the guys at this board, many will tell you they all have a "portable NAV" that tells them where they should go. The portability goes from car to car, car to house...

    Yeah, it was raining buckets out here today (at least by CA standards). This after being in the 70's just few days ago. Go figure.

    Oh, yes, back to van talk. People first advertises themselves as being really simple to get approved, like in 1 hour or less. If you're a Costco member, you can get peoplefirst through them for 0.25% less. The drawback with people first is on the backend that in order to "fund" the money, they are more strict in their procedures and not all car dealers like to work with them.

    I had a peoplefirst loan also, but be sure to check whomever you intent to do business with that they accept People first, some takes them, some don't. I forgot if Dublin's position on People fist, but I was told outright by Autowest Honda and Capitol Hondas amongst other that they don't take People first. Ask first or else you'll be unpleasantly surprised when you get to the finance managers office.

    Here's a web site to read up more on car financing tips:

    Let me know if you need more help and stay dry.
  • med28med28 Posts: 17
    I thought that car buying site was helpful. By the way, I too was going to use People first, but got better financing at the dealer. I read something the other day that AAA backs Peoples First now, so hopefully it will make it more acceptable. I was approved within an hour of applying online.
  • npkbnpkb Posts: 25
    Harryfat, thanks for your response 3462(harryfat Apr 7, 2003 2:06am).

    Finally, I made the purchase for this price. I live in the Chicago area and have been researching LX pricing for two months. This was the best deal I could get in the midwest. I saw some dealers advertise LX in Boston for invoice.

    Had car payments before, so didn't make any sense to wait for the prices to go down further. As for the Sienna, I liked the drive and some features offered in LE over Ody LX (rolling windows for 2nd row, keyless, CD, roofrail). Figured I could get remote start/CD installed at Best Buy for $400 and will be better off with a much more reliable and PROVEN minivan.

    Absolutely love the van, so far!!!
  • os691os691 Posts: 2
    I just purchased 2003 Honda Ody Sandstone for $2100 of MSRP at Jacob Twin Group in Chicago. Total price including delivery was $26,260.
    I asked for a price quote @ &, received several quotes. Only one was better than $2000 of MSRP. I have not negotiated with dealers at all. I just went with the best quote. Delivery took less than one hour. The best car buying experience I have ever had.
  • murmalmurmal Posts: 25

    I was looking for Sienna 04 and due to the waiting list, Price and lack of Nav., I have
    decided to look for Ody 03. I live in Richmond, VA and could travel upto Philly or SC to get a
    good deal. What price is reasonable for
    Ody 03 EX - Leather with Nav. Color no problem.

    Looking forward to your valuable suggestions,
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    Congrats on the new van.

    I thought you sailed off into the sunset and is never coming back after you asked for collective wisdom help but got me instead.

    You want to say the name of the dealership (per the Edmunds rules, no name, phone..etc) just so the "hundreds of lurkers" out there can benefit from your experience?
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    You SURE you want a NAV? Is there anyway someone can dissuade you from getting one before Andrew responds to your post and then this forum will become a NAV love feast on how cool the NAV is...Just kidding. Andrew is THE NAV expert on this forum and many other forums.

    Can't really help you in the pricing front in your area as I don't recall seeing too many posts for prices in your area the past few months. But I know in some areas of the country, the Ody now are being heavily discounted whereas 4 months ago I was looking at MSRP or above here, now people are talking $2K plus off.

    Good luck.
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    I can understand your dilemma on the pricing side. I refused to pay MSRP on my Ody because people were getting outrageous discounts of $2k+. And no one around here was even coming close to that.

    However I insisted, and I contacted tons of dealership around a 60 mile area from me, and finally got the deal that I want.

    My tips to you since you aren't sure what people are paying in your area. Insist on what others have been getting. Don't get frustrated it will take some time and energy to convince the dealers. Use the 04 Sienna and the 04 Quest to your advantage.
  • Yes, get the super cool NAV Ody for at least $2K off. The longer you can wait, the longer the new Sienna is out, the more discount you should expect and demand! Don't settle for any less discount than that. Since I'm seeing some posts on getting $2,100 or even $2,300 off MSRP, I say don't give up until you match their bargains. I got $2K off MSRP, plus negotiated on the DVD RES for $300 off MSRP ($1,700 instead of $2K), which really brings my total discount to $2,300 off MSRP. My car tax is 3.25%, so the Tax, Title, Tag came to $1,048. I think you should figure the tax into the deal as well. Thus I got my Ody NAV+DVD RES for a grand total (Tax and all) of about $31,600.
    For example, if your car tax is 6.5%, then you'll be paying twice the amount of tax I paid. Thus if you get $2K off MSRP, you would still be paying $1,000 more than I did. So if you want DVD RES, negotiate that into the deal and also negotiate the Tax, Title, Tag into the deal. For example, if I live in Texas where the tax is twice that of Oklahoma, I would be expecting $3K off MSRP instead of $2K off MSRP since I would be paying about $2K for T,T,T instead of $1K. Also, if you want Honda Care Extended Warranty, I believe the going rate is about $750 so NEGOTIATE that into the deal! You are the BOSS!!!!! It is YOUR money!!
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    Andrew I can honestly say, Harry and I envy that you only paid 3.25% on tax. Harry paid 8.5% and I paid 6%. I never really paid any attention to this part, I just figured, everyone must be within this range, but 3.25% just blew my mind. I think you probably still paid less than I did and you got Nav+RES, all I got was a RES and a lousy rubber key chain. Way the go
  • dad16dad16 Posts: 35
    I have been following the posts for a few months and have received some valuable information. Thanks to everyone! In the Bay Area prices do not seem as soft as they were at the end of the quarter. The best offer is about $27400 for an EX-L. I have solicited offers or I should say responses from about a dozen dealers. I have outlined what I will pay (700 over invoice)Yes, I know that Dublin has 37 on their lot. Unfortunately we are locked into a color or two which does not help. I do not even bring this issue up until I have received an offer. I still am not getting much flexibility. Most other dealers here are not carrying much inventory 7-10 Ody's.Any suggestions?
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    I do believe quarter end/month end will bring out more discounts as dealers/sales people wants to fill certain sales quotas or sales targets, so there's more incentive to deal. If you can wait at least until end of the month, then try and see if anybody is willing to bargain.

    You tried Oakland Honda? In my previous experience of working with them, they sound like they're willing to negotiate with you. They always asked me to come in that night to talk prices. With a pregnant wife and an active 2 year old, I don't think so. I'm not going anywhere until I see the price in writing. I even had my dealership deliver my van to my front door for free because we didn't want to go to the dealership.

    But maybe you can catch them in a sales mood in 2 weeks.

    Everyday you can wait is another day of more Sienna hitting the road and one less competition for your Ody. So it really depends on your timing and patience.

    Good luck.

    BTW: Did you delete your own posting? Because it looked like I replied to your original posting in 3702 and there's no 3701?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Members can delete their own posts at any time. Hosts delete for violations of the member agreement, but I haven't had to do that in here for weeks.

    Sometimes I delete duplicate messages (usually happens when you post and then refresh your screen without going elsewhere on Town Hall first). But I try to clean up the later duplicates not the original.

    Finally, occasionally our server will hiccup and lose messages. No recent complaints that this has happened. In any event, the messages are supposed to renumber so there's no gaps, like the mysterious 3701.

    More housekeeping details than you wanted, I know :-)

    Steve, Host
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    Host Steve,

    Thanks for the info.

    I know either you or the original poster can delete their own posts (wouldn't be utter chaos if we can all delete each other's posts?).

    It's just I remember that name and I replied to him awhile back and now I went back to see his original question and I can't find it. So if you read my post as is, you'd think I gone off the deep end and started talking /replying to myself referring to an non existent post...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Actually deleted posts don't result in the messages getting renumbered. For a while they did, but the new pagination feature killed the renumbering process. I forgot....

    Beats me what happened to the other message :-)

    If you want real chaos, think what would happen if you could edit other's posts. It's tricky sometimes even with the 30 minute edit window for editing your own posts. Hosts can only edit their own posts in that 30 minute window too (otherwise I would have fixed my renumbering comment).

    Steve, Host
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    I understand your pricing situation. As I said before I did notice less people posting in regards that they purchased an Ody and at what price. If you turn the pages back to about mid March, you can see tons of postings in regards purchases, deals in the works and so forth. And just as Harry said, the end of month and quarter can only help.

    I know someone who emailed me back to thank me for the information I emailed them in regards the dealer I purchased from and other dealers in our area. He then told me he was able to get $1k off of MSRP. I didn't want to be rude and say that's it, but at the same time I was shock because that was only 50% of my discount.

    I spoke to my salesman the other day to find out how my leads were doing and if he was happy with them. He thank me, and he also instructed me just to tell them to call him and not mention any price. This leads me to believe that there is no way he would be able to offer that discount to anyone else at this time.

    Again to you and everyone else, if you can wait than do so, it can only help you. Don't get too stuck on numbers, decide on what discount will it take for you to pull the trigger. Don't worry about how much the salesman is making, just make the deal, get your number, pull the trigger and drive off into the sunset.

    BTW, easier said than done. Good luck.
  • murmalmurmal Posts: 25
    First Thanks a lot to Harryfat, lapvn and
    Andrewtran71 for the excellent response.

    I got a MSRP deal from a local dealer and MSRP -
    760 from a dealer 120 miles away. All the other
    nearby dealers gave the same MSRP rates for EX-L
    with Nav (no DVD). Sales tax is 3.2% so, I am
    on the same level of AndrewTran71. I have
    received MSRP - 1K from a MD dealer, which I am going to followup tomorrow.
  • dad16dad16 Posts: 35
    I did post Harryfat and thanks for your reply, I am a rookie and was trying to add to my original post within the 30 min period and some how was informed that I could not continue since I was past 30 min allotted. I received a phone call and got side tracked. Have not tried Oak dealer, but I will. I just cannot believe that Dublin with 37 Ody's is not a motivated dealer. I will keep you posted. I hope this ends the mystery to my original post.
  • rboyd4rboyd4 Posts: 23
    We took delivery this afternoon on our '03 Ody EXL-RES. The "drive-out" price was $28,217.50 not including Georgia sales tax which for me is 7%. The vehicle seemed perfect except one medium sized scratch that the driver buffed out on the spot once we pointed it out. This unit did have the cargo tray (not mat as previously reported), cross bars, and mudguards and the extra surprise of pinstripes. I don't really care for pinstripes but it would not keep me from buying the lowest priced unit.

    Because we bought the unit from an Alabama dealer who delivered the car to our door and we did all of our negotiations over the internet and phone we never actually set foot in a dealership during the whole process! We did visit a dealer a couple of months ago to take a look but tonight was the first time I had ever driven an Ody even though I had already paid for it. I though the Ody drove great! That this was my first drive may sound crazy but to me there were only two real choices- the Sienna and the Ody (this summer will include the Quest). After I realized that the Sienna we would be happy with would run about $5,000 more than the Ody (given today's markets and limited Sienna discounts) I did not need to drive the Ody to decide to buy. Plus I had ridden in my brother in law's Ody several times.

    In looking at the Ody versus Sienna page tonight I was somewhat surprised to see some buyers indicating they are paying only 2% over invoice for Siennas. To be honest, I don't really believe they are getting these deals- it makes no sense unless they are ordering to wait for months (this statement may create a stir). Here in Atlanta, most dealers have between 0 and 2 Siennas on the lot- not the conditions conducive to discounting. One Toyota salesman I had spoken with when the Sienna was introduced in March recently told me that the demand for the new Sienna was greater than his dealership had anticipated and there would be no significant discounting for a few months. Further, for buyers subject to the Southeast Toyota Distributor Sienna program the only way to get the Sienna options we wanted would be to overbuy and get the XLE Limited (or do a special order).

    Anyway, back to my Ody purchase. Hopefully Steve will not get angry for my listing of dealers. We bought the Ody from Sunny King Honda in Anniston Alabama. Here in the Atlanta area the closest competitors were Honda Carland (somewhat surprisingly) and Carey Paul Honda. The big disappointment was Gwinnett Place Honda- they must have 30 Odys on the lot but they did not come within $800 of my purchase price. Sunny King is known for having pretty good deals. They have to in order to entice Atlantans to buy from a dealer 100 miles away (although few Atlantans actually travel there as they will deliver to your door). But in the end, I don't think the buy was dealer specific as much as timing- I found dealers who had the model and color we wanted and were in the mood to move the product when my e-mail came in.

    PS- I was able to get the final price to come in about another $300 from the original quotes by playing the leading 3 dealers off one another.

    Good Luck to everyone else. I really learned a lot from the Edmunds pages.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Dad16 - thanks for solving the mystery of the missing post.

    Rboyd4 - Congrats on the Ody! Like it says in the discussion header (I know, no one must read that stuff up top), it's fine to mention dealer names. We just don't want people to tout individual salespeople and fill the discussion up with "bird dog" fee posts. Kind of like what Lapvn is hinting at :-)

    Steve, Host
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    Congratulations, WOW, great deal. You got a great price to start with, PLUS a few freebies. Not bad at all.
    What are you going to do with all the money you saved from not buying the Sienna?

    Harry is going to buy 100 boxes of diapers.
    I am going to try to take a family trip.

    Your $5k figure is right in the area where I have been SCREEMING about in regards the pricing difference with the Sienna, and I got labled a "Bitter Ody Owner."

    Again CONGRATULATIONS. And if you are like me, you will be up late night posting on Edmunds because after two weeks I am still excited about my Ody.
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    dad16 - no big deal on the deleted post, it's just that your screen name sound familiar and when I looked back at what I said to you, I realized I was responding to thin air. Good luck in the search. The prices do go up a down. I remember trying to get price quotes in January after reading about what people got in December and the sales people said, "That was last month's sale. We're low in inventory now."

    Like I said in 3702, I don't understand how Dublin can sit on that many Odys (37 plus) and not making deals. They've been at this level at couple months now. Oakland sound like they're willing to do thing with you, but I'd imagine you have to prepare to a haggling deal as they were aggressive in calling me/emailing me weekly and say "come in now with any deals you get from other dealership and we'll beat it."
  • bmartin5bmartin5 Posts: 5
    Not quite sure if it is allowed... Can you please give me the dealer name/phone#. I wonder how much they would charge to deliver it to FL.
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