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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stickguystickguy Posts: 24,987
    Try Turnersville (in NJ) also. They have a nice internet quote operation too.

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  • johhnybjohhnyb Posts: 2
    Touring with RES & Nav... for $31,844 which you say is $700 above invoice? You are mistaken! That's the price for EX-L w/RES& Nav... THAT"S NOT A TOURING.. I call B.S....even the tightest of us tight-wades couldn't get them to sell it for $4000 UNDER INVOICE. You may want to up date your post.
  • rashdirrashdir Posts: 29
    Doesn't the tile say "W/O"? Which for most of us means without.

    The price is for a plain Touring.
  • david849david849 Posts: 1
    I'm going to grab a new '05 EX-L in the next 8 weeks. Does anyone have any idea if Honda will have any deals or incintives before June??

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Contact Hugh White in Columbus. I bought a Touring R&N there last month for invoice. They had 24 Odysseys in stock as of last Sunday (biggest inventory thus far this year) so a good deal should be in the offing if you can get it done yet this month. An EX-L R&N is about the hardest model to find - I believe they only had one of them then.
  • Thanks CCCompson, I'll give them a call. VERY impressed with the Honda after test driving one tonight. Also came to the conclusion an EX-L is all we'll need as a family (you can pick up portable DVD players for $200 anymore). Local dealer's initial offer was $28718 plus $100 doc fee and $25 plates, does this sound decent? Their trade in offer was right about where it needed to be. They also had about 25 new vans on their lot, any help on where the pricing should be would be GREATLY appreciated.....Mark.

    P.S. Exactly What IS the Invoice on an '05 EX-L W/O nav or RES/DVD ? Does Invoice include $515 Destination?
  • All you need is one person to offer a deal and most dealers, who want to sell a car will play along. We were originally quoted $1000 over invoice on the touring res nav in schaumburg. We would have bought right then and there, but couldn't decide on color. Once we decided, the one black/black they had was sold hours before we called.

    We were planning on going on a family vacation and really wanted the new van, so we started expanding our search to see if we could get one in time. I can't remember which dealers were willing to talk, but several quoted list as their best price.

    I guess we did ok. Try taking an price quote in to see what a local dealer will do. If we didn't have the trade to contend with, a flight out to New Hampshire and the drive back wouldn't have been so bad.

  • lomaximolomaximo Posts: 2
    Re: I am in chicago and looking for the same oddyssey EX-L res- nav . The best price here in chicago has been 33,300 , what is invoice and do you think I can get the same deal you got?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    Did you start by visiting our new cars page? If you build your vehicle there, you'll get MSRP, invoice pricing and TMV (average price that others in your area are paying).

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  • etaeta Posts: 33
    Dealers here in DFW are currently using an invoice price of around $30848 for the EX-L NAV/RES. It varies slightly from dealer to dealer. If you come across the "official" invoice I'd like to see that :).

  • etaeta Posts: 33
    Well, as mentioned earlier, I gave up on Bankston and yesterday I put a deposit down at David McDavid for a slate green / gray EX-L NAV/RES. The price for the vehicle jumped $600 to $32448 ("that old price that we gave you was for one that was on the lot") but given how hard it is to even locate this vehicle in the DFW area, I decided this wasn't a bad deal.

    While I was there their internet sales manager (contacted through the Edmunds online service) showed me their list of incoming vehicles. Through about April/May they only had a handful of EX-L NAV/RES models coming in and only 1 in our #1 color choice. I said something like "you guys aren't going to turn around and sell this to the next higher bidder are you?" and they assured me that as of tomorrow, that vehicle will have "sold" indicated beside it so it can't be allocated to anyone else. They also said that because it will be marked as sold when it comes in, it won't get the "dealer treatment" where they stick wheel locks and detailing etc. on it so they can jack up their profits. It should be made around the end of April and they should be able to give me the VIN about 10 days before it shows up.

    Stay tuned -- I'll update when/if I actually take possession of the vehicle :).

    Here's the pricing that I'm looking at BTW:

    EX-L NAV / RES 30848.00
    markup 1600.00
    D&H 515.00
    SubTotal 32963.00

    Tax 2123.95
    Total 35086.95
    license / doc fee 225.00
    Final Total 35311.95

    I dropped all the accessories for now. They wanted to charge way too much for these (e.g. $599 for fog lights with labor). My plan is to look for these at and install as much as I can myself.

    I'm pretty sure I can handle the mud guards, 3rd row sunshade and even the cargo tray myself :).

    Less sure about the fog lights but I can't imagine not being able to get these installed for $100 or so (and the parts cost quite a bit less at handa to begin with). Anyone know if there are warrantee issues if these aren't installed by Honda (e.g. if something electrical goes wrong will they try to blame it on the fog lights)?

    I might let the dealer do the tinting -- they want $150 which doesn't seem to bad. Anyone know if I could do better than that aftermarket (with a lifetime warrantee)?

  • cteng1cteng1 Posts: 8

    Please don't waste people's time shooting your mouth off. Read a post completely and make sure you understand it before you reply in such a terse manner. If you honestly think that someone has posted inaccurate information, you have every right to say it, but at least you can be nice about it. Furthermore, I don't think it's fair to insinuate that people who post here are "tight wads". If you can't find a way to be friendly, I suggest you go elsewhere.
  • cteng1cteng1 Posts: 8
    They might run a special for Memorial Day weekend, but you never know. Rate are going up, though. We locked in at 4.39% for 60 months through Chase (arranged by dealer) this past Sunday. Finance guy said best rate he could get on Monday was 4.89%. Something to consider. Good luck
  • I am currently searching for a 2005 Honday Odyssey EX-L with leather and a DVD system. I got an online price quote of $31,600 from a local dealer (Eastern Mass), which is a few hundred dollars less than the Edmunds "TMV" price. Sounds like a good start. But I also got two other internet prices from some other dealers within 30 miles, one for $31,000, and one for $29,988! I was very surprised to see such a difference, of which the lowest quote is about $1100 over invoice. I have two questions for the forum:

    1) How easy is it to use the online price quote from one dealership to affect (lower) the price from my nearest dealership?

    2) Independent of the other dealers, if I am quoted a higher price by an on-the-floor salesperson versus the online quote, can that be used as a negotiating tool with the on-the-floor dealer?

    Any advice you could give would be most appreciated. Thanks everyone...George
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I spoke with a dealer the other day about an EX with NAV-RES. They didn't have one with the NAV, but said they could trade for whatever I wanted. They had a dozen or so EX with RES and all were marked with a $2200 discount (sale priced, $29,880). He said the EX with RES/NAV would be discounted similarly. Seems fair, considering they don't really haggle much at that dealership and have always treated me well.

    I inquired about special financing with Honda (most of the cars are currently at 2.9% for 60) and he said he "figured" they would put the Pilot and Odyssey at 2.9% soon. He said last year the cars were onsale through the winter, and the Odyssy and Pilot got the cheap financing in the spring. Something to consider. Since Honda doesn't offer a rebate option, it would be worth getting the 2.9% financing since you can beat that by a % or two even with a CD.
  • rg77074rg77074 Posts: 2
    Any body bought an Ody Touring w/NAV & DVD in Houston Area. I like the model, all the dealers are asking $2000 to @3000 on the invoice price. I am willing to drive up to 200 miles for a better deal.

  • rashdirrashdir Posts: 29
    When I was buying, I got internet quotes from Invoice + 500 to MSRP. You shouldn't be surprised since if a dealer want's business they should compete on price.

    Answer to your question #1.
    Some dealers will match/beat in a heartbeat, some will lower their price and some will warn you about bait-n-switch tactics...

    Answer to your question #2.
    You think the on-the-floor salesman would be ashamed about on-the-floor price being higher than online-price? I bet they would run into the back office and say ok we will give you the internet price.

    Get all your quotes and go with what you think is the best. Things to watch out are:
    1. Salesperson saying "Come by the dealership and we will talk...". This is a waste of time.
    2. Some dealers will match the lowest price but will add a bunch of access you don't need. Be specific when you ask for a quote about accessories.

    I think Edmunds TMV is an average price paid. I think with a week of effort TMV is easy to beat.
  • cteng1cteng1 Posts: 8
    I would expect that they will be offering some special financing in the coming months. I know Honda recently had special financing for the President's Day holiday. Just a matter of timing it right and making sure that you are able to complete the deal during what may be a limited time frame that the special rate is offered, which may be difficult if they need to trade for the vehicle. Good luck...we are really enjoying ours (Touring, no NAV/DVD).
  • cteng1cteng1 Posts: 8

    If you are in Eastern Mass, you are not too far from Autofair in Southern New Hampshire. They are a no-haggle dealership who posts their prices on their website. They list the EX-L w/DVD price at just under $30,400. You should have some luck with a local dealership at least matching that price. If you can't, I would go ahead and buy it from Autofair.

    Typically, each dealership has an internet only salesperson. To be fair to them, I would not talking to a floor salesperson after instigating a conversation with the internet salesperson.

    Good Luck!
  • Picked up my EX-L with DVD RES last night. Paid 31,957 out the door. Ended up having a very good experience with the internet salesman. The VA dealer kept telling me tales about vehicles coming in. The MD dealer was honest and delivered. Based on the market for an EX-L with DVD RES right now in Northern VA, I feel like it was a win-win for both sides. The MD dealer started quotes well below MSRP from the beginning. Every other dealer I talked to started at MSRP. Ourisman Honda in Bethesda delivered for me.
  • One dealer in Chicago want to sell us the following options for an LX:
    mudguards for $148
    pinstripe for $129
    environmental protection package A, which is a 7 year unlimited mile warranty on the paint, rust, interior and exterior on your van. That is $995.
    And he said he will sell all three to us for $698 total.

    Does anyone know the fair price for these options?

    Thank you very much for your help!
  • scottybscottyb Posts: 83
    Any opinions from the East Coast experts out there?

    JL Freed - Lansdale, PA
    Martin Honda - Newark, DE
    Metro Honda - Jersey City, NJ
    Classic Honda - Streetsboro, OH

    Other Ohio and Northern NJ dealers have been mentioned (Joyce, Honda of Essex).

    Should be able to get at invoice, maybe less.

    Good luck
  • annakrannakr Posts: 1
    I am located in the New York City area and have visited and talked over the phone to several dealerships that have claimed that the invoice price listed on edmunds and on kelly blue book are not correct. Several of these dealerships showed me notices from Honda itself as proof that these are the prices they paid. Two dealerships said something about exchange rates having changed. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? What is the invoice price for the Odyssey EX with leather and DVD?
  • oly44011oly44011 Posts: 11
    We picked up our EX-L-RES @ Jack Matia Honda in Elyria OH for $8 over invoice. The total was $28995. the price included the destination fee. Only add on were tax, doc and title. The internet sales manager was great to work with.
  • Pulled the trigger on an EX-L at Voss Honda in Tipp City, Ohio. I had been casually talking to their Sales Mananger (I get through there on business regularly) since the then new generation came out in the late 90's. His demeanor was always low key and the price offered was always very good and the first offer. I called him on the phone from Cincy and his price on a pre-increase stock van was actually below invoice. I'm also surprised at the lack of response to my request for internet quotes, I must of emailed 20 dealers and only got 3 or 4 replies. If you're looking in Ohio call Voss Honda. Thanks again for this forum.....Mark.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Invoice prices have changed about a month ago, but the differences are trivial: about $200.
  • Thanks to everyone for your replies to my first message.

    I have a question about the Odyssey Extended Warranty. I've read a little about the Honda Care, and what it offers. For a big investment like this car, it is something that my wife and I want to consider.

    I wanted to know about your experiences with purchasing an extended warranty contract, whether these prices they offer are negotiable (and how much!), whether it is better to purchase one indepedent of Honda, etc....anything on the issue that you think may help. Thanks again.
  • 217901217901 Posts: 2
    None of these is necessary. Theses options should cost less than $50.
  • I completely agree on the warranty, especially since the Displacement on Demand feature is new. A local dealer gave me a sheet quoting the 7yr/100k mile 0 deduct at $2050, I've read their cost on this is about $1050. I paid $1250 for it and probably could of beat on them more but the overall deal was so good I didn't have the heart to.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    DO NOT buy extended warranty from your dealer unless he can offer it to you near cost. There are several Internet dealers that will sell you the same Honda Care policy for $20-25 over its cost. I paid $1,070 for 7 yr/100K miles zero deductible policy from Pohanka Honda of Salisbury Maryland.

    It is important for buyers to know that they don't have to buy the warranty from the same dealer where they get the car or soon after the purchase. Of course, if your dealer offer it to you for $1,100 and you'd rather roll it into your car loan, it makes perfect sense to do so.
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