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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • toddinsctoddinsc Posts: 2
    We just bought a 2005 Odyssey EXL. Paid $27820 plus $130 for muds, $120 for cargo tray, $87 procurement fee, $39 tag transfer and $300 tax (sales tax is capped in SC for residents). Total out the door was $28496. This is $129 below invoice excluding the two options. Excellent buying experience. Acutally I never went to the lot. Everything handled by phone and my wife picked up the car when I was travelling. Bought from Superior Honda in Organeburg, SC. Highly recommend.

    Other dealers
    Rock Hill SC was about $580 above invoice via phone
    Dick Brooks in Greer was about $251 above invoice via phone
    Honda cars of Aiken was about $2200 above invoice in person
    Gerald Jones Honda in Augusta would not quote over the phone

  • toddinsctoddinsc Posts: 2
    Normally they won't uninstall such things. But if you can catch one before it hits the dealership good dealers will only put the items on that you request. They know what they have on order and the ETA. Or they can order for you. Don't pay for what you don't want. I had success with Superior Honda in Orangeburg, SC
  • karbuffkarbuff Posts: 34
    I've been to Bellevue Honda before, and it seems they are used to selling cars to people who have money to burn, and don't mind paying retail. If you're set on an Odyssey, and it's definitely a good choice, I'd try going south first. Renton Honda has had adds in the Times for Odyssey EX with cloth for around $26000, which is $700-800 over invoice, and they've offered more than the "one only" at that price. Didn't see it last weekend but it does appear every so often. Lots of posts here for invoice and below but I don't know if there's enough inventory around here to get a dealer to sell that low, but it doesn't hurt to call around, or try dealer web sites and see what you get.
  • brucegt1brucegt1 Posts: 7
    I have recieved quotes from Hondas in Seattle, Renton, South Tacoma, Bellevue. They all gave me atleast 2K or higher above invoice. So i decided to try Mt. Vernon Honda for my EXL in silver/grey color. They have one and quoted me with $29,900 (price includes cargo net, floor mats, mud guards, and wheel locks) plus TTL. Tax is only 8.2% in Mt. Vernon. I had one similar quote from Kendal Honda in Salem, Oregon. But Mt. Vernon is a closer drive. The van is due in their lot this week. I also put 1K down for secure the van. I will see if the dealer deliver their promise or not. If it doesn't arrive like they said it would, i cancel my order and drive to Salem, Oregon. :P
  • etaeta Posts: 33
    At that price it *better* be a Touring. An EX-L with NAV/RES can be had for around $32500 + TTL (some people are doing even better than that).

    Yours is a Touring NAV/RES (I don't know what the actual Honda code is), if it had no NAV it would be a Touring RES.

    What area are you in? My experience in the Dallas area has been that dealers have been unable to trade for NAV/RES Odysseys and that wait times (for ordering one) are at least 6 weeks...

    I'm hoping to pick up our EX-L NAV/RES next week...

  • hiya ETA;

    Yes, I am guessing there is not way they can pull a switch. They make you so nervous though.
    I don't mind the wait...the contract states that we will have the car by May 30th.
    They said the deposit is refundable.

    I got nervous that they would say it was a touring and instead it was an EX with Navi RES. Or say that my paperwork states an EX. Although he wrote Touring on top.

    If everything is okay. I must say our buying experience was great. The manager called me on the phone. I told him what Edmunds said you should pay for the car.
    Then he said okay, threw in a bunch of accessories and we are paying 37, 500 + TTR.

    I find it strange that you pay a destination charge and a delievery charge?
    Destination is 515 and delivery as $399.

    Hopefully, the whole experience is just fine. Then I can write a glowing report on them.
    We are in Florida.
  • nojonesnojones Posts: 13
    Which dealer in Philly? Thanks.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Thanks for your suggestions! Mt Vernon is in Oregon right? That's too far a drive for us. Also taxwise, wouldn't I pay the same Washington sales tax regardless where I buy the van. I'll definitely check out the Renton dealer when the time comes. Will let you all know what transpires.
  • mcdowdmcdowd Posts: 7
    My wife and I are looking for an EXL w/RES and Navi. Anyone have any recent experiences in the San Diego or Greater Southern, CA area?

    Our local dealer, unnamed at the moment, is asking MSRP plus $1000. Clearly, this is not an option.

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    For your own piece of mind, maddy, go back to the dealer and have them clearly indicate on the contract that it is for a Touring R&N (Honda's designation). Also, get them to commit to you where the vehicle is coming from - either they can get it now or it has been allocated to them - pin them down on this or you might be waiting a good long while. From what you have said, they being way too vague about it.

    While Edmunds' TMV might be indicative of the average selling price, it does reflect "best prices" or factor in geography. Good deals on Odysseys are hard to get in Florida. By way of contrast, I paid the old invoice price of $34,558 (which included $400 worth of accessories) plus $100 doc fee for the same vehicle in Columbus in February.

    The $515 fee is charged by Honda to the dealer and there is no mark-up in it. The $399 "dealer fee" is common in Florida and is 100% profit for the dealer.

    I had some contact with Flordia dealers relative to an Odyssey on behalf of my dad in March and the contrast with those in Ohio (both as to price and otherwise) was striking.
  • ocdanocdan Posts: 2
    Good Timing- here's my first post:

    Yesterday, took delivery of a 2005 Odyssey EXL-RES from Honda Santa Ana.

    I had three competing Out the Door prices (which unfortunately includes our local 7.75% sales tax): 33,000 - 33,130, - and the one I did pay: 33,200.

    Why the extra change? Only ones to have the ext/int colors, had some extras thrown in- mud flaps, cargo tray, wheel locks.

    For the non-SO-Cal people, that was about 30,500 price (not the best nationally) - but other dealers I spoke with wanted MSRP.

    Honda Westminster would have been my first choice if they had stock.

    Also, costco connection was Invoice plus $1k.

    Hope this helps. :D
  • mcdowdmcdowd Posts: 7
    ocdan, I knew there had to a better way. I have an appointment with my local Costco buyer on Saturday. Invoice plus $1K is about what I guessed. I can handle $33K out the door.

  • brucegt1brucegt1 Posts: 7
    Actually the dealer is in Burlington, WA. I got a confirmation with the VN# and the van is in their lot. I will pick it up within the next couple of days. Send me email if you want more info.
  • tiptiptiptip Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2005 Ody EX-L w/RES from Rossi Honda in Vineland, NJ (southern Jersey). I paid $29787 for the van, about $90 doc fee, and a $7 tire tax. Basically $29890 + tax and licence which wasn't much for me since I register in Delaware. I went through their internet sales person. Very nice man and probably the most painless car buying experience I have had. I even got a pretty fair deal on my trade - in. Of course I was trading in a late model Accord which I know they will have no problem selling.... :)
  • joedishjoedish Posts: 2
    Nally Honda in Union City GA. 24560 OTD (Out the door) including mud guards and cargo tray. Best deal we found around the Atlanta area, and closest to our home. All dealing done over the phone through Internet purchasing. Pleasant and fast experience. Salesman "delivered" the car to our home county to save an additional 1% sales tax. Involved driving him to the county line a couple of miles away. Nice touch and appreciated. We had no real color preference so had each dealer quote something from their lots.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Maybe GA is different. Here in PA, the sales tax charged is the rate of whatever county the vehicle is registered in. So if you live in a 7% county and purchase in a 6% county, you still pay 7%--and vice-versa. I'm surprised "delivery" shenanigans made any difference.
  • joedishjoedish Posts: 2
    I certainly don't know all the rules. But if that was the case there would have been no reason to go for a ride with us to the county line only to have someone from the dealer follow him and take him back. Hey as far as I know he may just like riding around in everyones new van.
  • ickahogickahog Posts: 9
    I picked up our touring r&n two weeks ago in Ohio.(I'm in Chicago area)No added items,paid 35,700 incl. dest, doc. fee.Jim White Honda near Toledo.Hassle free experience; so far.Waitng on papers for in state registration.Here are some quotes from other dealers.Schlossman - 35,791+doc Voss - 36,038 w/doc Grand - 36,100 +doc Penske - 37,759 +doc College Hills - 35,938 +doc Zimbrick - 38,010 ?doc Honda of Lisle- 38,966.5 w/doc Ed Napleton 37,495+doc
    I found that the local dealers including a couple I visited were sticking to the "no supply/high price" scenario.
  • Took my new Ody home last night. Went to Moreno Valley Honda with a quote from a couple of other dealers and asked if they could beat the deal. They first wanted to match the deal but I asked them to sweeten it a little. After wheel locks, mud flaps and back floor mat we settled on an agreement.
    2005 Odyssey EX with destination $26581.00
    doc fees $45
    tax $2063.52
    license $242.75
    final out the door: $28932.27
    The fastest easiest deal I even made. Even the finance person was easy to speak to. No pressure, just an honest deal that I feel good about.
    I used to help us find the car we wanted and the price that we could expect to pay. Having timed it so we were going to the dealer on a Friday afternoon just before the end of the month I believe also contributed to the smooth purchase.
  • mcdowdmcdowd Posts: 7
    Well, I visited my local Costco dealer and their price on for an EX-L w/RES and NAVI was $34100 plus tax, title and tag. This price also included a number of dealer extras (mud flaps, wheel locks and cargo cover) the sales person indicated they "automatically add". I will be back in touch with costco to voice my displeasure.

    Meanwhile, the search goes on. ocdan you mention a dealer who did the deal for your EXL w/RES for $1K over invoice. Can you name the name? Maybe they want some more business.

  • myodymyody Posts: 17
    Your post is a bit confusing...
    Did you purchase an 05' EXL RES for $30,500?
    (Your title says EXL w/RES and NAVI)
  • twinwrkztwinwrkz Posts: 6
    Here is my experience this past weekend: I emailed a few dealorships in the area (to internet manager). No one responded. I called the internet manager at David McDavid Frisco TX. I said I was looking at the Ody Touring, he had 2 in the color I was interested on his lot. He said he would take 37,5 for it. I said I was looking for 37 out the door. He said OK. I came in that evening. He handed me off to another salesperson and I got the typical runaround. Give us your drivers license. (No) What are you looking for? Let us make an offer on your trade in (low balled) Diappeared for 30 minutes at a time. Bottom line, I walked out after 3 hours. We didn't get anywhere. I took my trade-in off the table but they still tried to muck up the deal with that. It was my rookie mistake. It was not what I had hoped for in going through the internet guy. I'll do better next time. Thoughts and advice?
  • alkanealkane Posts: 2
    even a "mini" commission as you called it at $100 for an hour and a half would be $66.66 an hour!!! and for what??? knowledge? i can get that from honda's website. what is it that salespeople do for us as customers? why on earth would anyone want to even use a salesperson at all? maybe i'm just wierd, but i can do my own research and figure out what i want/need in a car all by myself.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    In my experience, it is very easy to tell whether a dealer is serious about selling a vehicle. Either they are upfront and don't screw around or they aren't.

    As soon as someone starts to dally or won't provide a straight answer to a simple question (such as will you sell this vehicle for X dollars), I head for the door.

    My advice to you is to expand your search. Email 20 or 30 stores. If necessary, look out of state. You will get some replies - several will be serious and a couple will have favorable numbers.
  • optimus8optimus8 Posts: 2
    I just picked the car up from the dealer and it was the best auto transaction I ever had. They had the car ready, the paperwork took 15 minutes MAX and there was not extra stuff added or offered. I think they did a great job and I told them so. If you are in the VA,PA, DE, MD area and are willing to deal with a out of state dealership (they will deliver the car for $150+) these guys are great. The place was APOSTOLAKIS Honda in Cortland OH. Good luck with your search. ;)
  • tom25tom25 Posts: 17
    I just bought EX-L in Houston. $30250.00 drive out. 4.35% Honda loan (60-month). Slate green metallic + Olive. The price includes the security feature (VIN etch on all window, ...) which worths $299.
  • dansgirldansgirl Posts: 14
    I paid $30,465 (+ ttf) in Northern VA for the ocean mist EX - L with DVD and a couple of add-ons. The buying experience was OK, but the typical 'let's see what else we can bore you in to buying' diatribe went on for 45+'s either be rude, or listen...
  • dtmaxdtmax Posts: 2
    I just bought a Redrock Pearl EX-L RES from Hagerstown Honda in Maryland - most negotiation done over email. I had a great experience with the salesman and a brief visit with the finance/business manager to finalize paperwork.

    I contacted 21 dealerships including a few in Pennsylvania and Ohio to get prices. I ended up with the following deal:

    Final Price - $29,714 including destination

    Added Honda Tow Package for $899 installed - total price ended up at $31,600 with financing @ 4.25%.

    Other offers I received for the EX-L RES in the DC area:

    Pohanka Honda (Marlow Heights, MD) - $29,487 including destination (didn't have Redrock Pearl)

    Landmark Honda (Alexandria, VA) - $29,872 plus $515 destination

    Ourisman Honda (Bethesda, MD) - $29,900 plus $515 destination

    FYI - installed tow packages ranged from $800 to $1400.

    Thanks to everyone for the information on prices!
  • brucegt1brucegt1 Posts: 7
    We picked up our 05 EXL with mud guards, wheel locks for 29,748, + 8.2% sales tax, license $175, and $35 documents fee. The dealer is Sims Honda in Burlington, WA. Best price quote from Puget Sound Seattle area. The internet sales manager was pleasant to work with and easy paperwork process.

    Thank you everyone for contributing in this forum and it has been a great experience for shopping a valued Odyssey. Dealers that gave outrageous quotes, i did not waste my time on.

    We really like our EXL and the kids are crazy about the lazy suzy.

  • epacasumepacasum Posts: 1
    i just purchaced my white '05 ODYSSEY EXL at honda west las vegas with add ons like mud guard, cargo tray, door guard, fender trim and wheel locks for $29,054. the guy who who gave that price was very nice. let me know if anyone from vegas is on market for '05 ODESSEY. the buying xperience was great.
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