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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    I think you are worrying about nothing.

    Still, if you are THAT concerned you probably shouldn't buy one.
  • maheshmmaheshm Posts: 2
    Highway miles on 89 octane gas could be part of reason for good milage.. Would like to watch it over a period of time though..
  • huslahusla Posts: 1
    Just took delivery of an 06 LRES today from Meyer Honda in O'Fallon,IL. I started out looking for an 05. I found other St. Louis area Honda dealers very difficult to deal with via internet and quite arrogant about the limited remaining stock of 05's. So-called Internet sales reps (with the exception of the rep from Mungenstat Honda sp.) refused to give quotes unless I came into the dealer. Had a horrible experience with Frank Leta. The dealer insisted I come in to the showroom promising me that they had the vehicle and model I was looking for, but when I arrived they claimed the vehicle had been sold and then offered me MSRP on a different model, balked when we counter-offered with a price closer to invoice and terminated our negotiations. Contacted the fleet manager at Meyer who offered $1500 over invoice on an 06, comparable to the TMV on an 05. We quickly settled the deal over the phone in a matter of minutes, and I was promised a 2-3 week delivery date. As promised, the vehicle arrived, I received a phone call that it was in, and scheduled our first ever trip to the dealership. Finance manager called me and offered to beat my credit union's interest rate, which he did. Upon arrival at the dealership, we signed the paperwork in a matter of 15 minutes, no pressure sales regarding accessories or extended warranties. Very straight forward, and I got my LRES for $31,100, about $1000 less than Edmund's current TMV. Thanks Meyer Honda; anyone shopping in St. Louis area should check them out!
  • Just leased an '05 Odyssey at Courtesy Honda in Florida @price of 31,500. Put $4000 dn including !st mth pymt totalling $1,500 which includes mthly pymt of $485 + tag+tx. Does that pymt seem too high? I also have crossbars, mudguard & alloy wheels.
  • tawneycattawneycat Posts: 114
    I thought this would be good place to ask. Deals look pretty good on new Odyssey. I am selling my 05 Slate Green with 9 k miles. 10 months old, mint condition (ie no hail, paint, dings or damage of any kind), added front side tint, leather steering wheel and shift knob, bose rear speakers and touring front tweeters. 3.5 k oil changes castrol syntec 5w20.
    You all know MSRP around $35,000 with the adds.
    What is fair private party sale price for OK?
    I was thinking $29,500 but not listing for sale until all the 05's are gone--do not want to compete with heavily discounted 05's. At least 06 have had a price increase. :confuse:
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    WOW!!! $4,000 down on a lease? That is allot of money that will only lower your monthly payment. That payment sounds VERY HIGH for such a large amount of $ down. Did you have negative equity form another car rolled in?
  • tawneycattawneycat Posts: 114
    Was that a 05 or -06?
    I got ripped last November, good deal either way. $3,100 off!!
  • aku_05aku_05 Posts: 7

    I am looking for EXL RES for 3 months now and can't find a deal that I keep hearing about on these forums in Indiana. Have you bought yours? If so , do you mind sharing the info and ur experience.

    Appreicate your reply

  • ayoo73ayoo73 Posts: 1
    i purchased my 05 EX-L for 28,300 (+ Tax and minor charges) in Long Island, NY.
    it really depends on the inventory and luck. when i was picking up my car, i met a nice couple and told them the price that i got. they went to the salesman and offered 28,300 and got rejected and agreed to pay 28,450. I hope this helps.
  • Purchase Date: Aug 7

    EX 2005 (cloth)
    Silver Ext: Grey interior.
    No acc., no add-ons. No Trade In

    Huggins Honda in North Richland Hills, TX (DFW)

    Price: $26,200
    Doc Fee: $50
    Dealer inv. tax: $61

    Total OTD: $28,000

    We started looking for a 04 used Honda, but after shopping around, found that the used honda prices were also pretty high. Given the extra features in 05, decided to buy a new one instead. Used the method of blasting 10-15 dealers within 3 hrs driving distance in DFW area. Some dealers gave clear quote immediately. Some dealers wanted to talk and have us come in to dealership. After pressing them more, got them to give a internet quote.

    None had the color we wanted in stock, but several said that they had few come in within 1-2 weeks. Inventories were very low in DFW area, so most of the dealers weren't willing to negotiate. Had quotes from $500 - $2000 over invoice. Weeded out the outrageous quotes immediately and started negotiating over the phone with 3 dealers.

    Finally decided to go with Huggins (best price). Placed a deposit of $500 for one coming in within 2 weeks. But the dealer called within 5 days saying they got the shipment earlier than expected. Picked up from the dealer on Aug 7th.

    This dealership is great. No pressure, no extra acc. offered. No extra charges. Paperwork done in 15 minutes. Very clean and pleasant experience. I would highly recommend them if you are in DFW area.

    The other dealers we found to be good were:

    1) Huggins Honda, North Richland Hills
    2) Quintana honda, Paris TX
    3) Lawrence Marshall Honda , Denison TX

    Absolutely avoid :
    - Honda Cars of MKinney,
    - Vandergriff Honda, Arlington
    - Lute Riley , Richardson
    - Rusty Wallis, Dallas

    Hope this information helps others.
  • akhanakhan Posts: 23
    I would like to add to the Absolutely Avoid list:

    First Texas Honda in Austin (Even though its irrelevant for DFW)

    I bought my accord from Lute Riley and I will also never do business with them, very dishonest people.
  • Just got a quote:
    2005 EXL is $28450.0 + tax + title fees

    Is this a good price now?

    Thanks a lot
  • mudbug2mudbug2 Posts: 2
    Received a casual quote of $28,500 walking on a lot in SE La. Depends on the market mostly and it seems people pay for this van here. Hope this helps.
  • mudbug2mudbug2 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any recent purchasing experience they can share regarding pricing on 2005 EX models in southeast Louisiana. Have received several quotes of $26,900 + TTL and a lower quote. Does not seem great compared to nearby states. Maybe worth traveling. Any comments, particularly from La. buyers, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • rayrussrayruss Posts: 4
    Just picked up my 2005 Odyssey EXL Slate Green last Friday paid $28,050 + tax + title @ Bay Ridge Honda.
  • amytnamytn Posts: 1
    Hi, thanks for any input. I purchased a red 2005 Odyssey EX-tan cloth in late May and want to sell now. Paid $27,300. It is in perfect condition with 6,000 miles. Odysseys are in great demand around here (Franklin, TN) so I am hoping that will help me in selling. What do you think I could get from a private party or from somewhere like carmax? I was hoping for $26,000. Thanks for your input!
  • hesty21hesty21 Posts: 6
    Bought a EX model two days ago for 26,600 + TTL -- 28,400 OTD.

    I wouldn't worry about a couple of hundred $$$. If you wait too much longer you'll be out of luck on the '05's.
  • aku_05aku_05 Posts: 7
    Did you buy your Ody? I am going to lease EXL with RES today and got the price

    $486/month for 36 Months with Risidual $18,917

    Not sure if this is a good deal?

    Help appreciated.
  • just curious what was the kind (light transmission value, color, brand) of tint you had installed on the front two windows to match the sides...looks like everyone in the modifications discussion got dealer installed tint. I'm aware that different states have different tint regulations.
  • Akau,
    I bought my EX-L RES & NAV on 8/11/05. Posted my info around the same time. I paid $31,363 including destination ($100 bellow invoice), plus mud flaps and all season weather mats. When I first started looking, I was quoted $100 over invoice for an EX-L RES from Ed Martin Honda. I bought mine from Indy Honda from Penske and had a special from them because I finalized my deal in late July. Good luck, and reply if you are still looking to buy one.
  • I just replied to your earlier post. I am not an expert on leasing, and personally don't think leasing is a very good choice when and if you want to keep the vehicle for a longer term OR if you are leasing a vehicle that has a very good resale value - like Honda or Toyota. But, I might be wrong. Besides, I think this is a very high price for an EX-L RES (if it include only the vehicle and destination).
  • inkyofokinkyofok Posts: 62
    Funny I have no idea on the tint specs but the match is flawless in color but slightly less dark to meet OK spec. It was added by the dealer but I have had many tints in my day and this was one of the best from the small town of Bartlesville, OK. Anyhow, any tint guy should do it for $70 with life time guarantee.
  • noise2noise2 Posts: 2
    Just completed a purchase of a 2005 Odyssey Touring at Berlin City in New Hampshire. $31,656 including all-weather mats, crossbars, destination, and doc fees ($129); not including tax. Then traded in my Subaru for KBB value. Quite pleased all around.. the dealer was very good.

    Thanks everyone on the forums, they were a great help in finding a good deal.
  • inkyofokinkyofok Posts: 62
    My local dealers are out of 05's. Are there still lots with 05's in quantity? or just bad colors like BLACK which I have never seen in OK

    Anyhow, I am selling my 05 and want to make sure the only competition is the 06's since I am going to take a hit anyway.

    Is 06 pricing officially out?
  • Bad colors like Black?! That's the color I'm interested in, with black leather interior- NO brown (or variations of brown) minivan for me! We play the game - who can see the most BROWN minivans when we're on the road.

    We're trying to figure out what the first year hit will be on the 05 Touring - you can't use the 04 figure, with the style change. Thinking about getting a low mileage used in in December or so.
  • noise2noise2 Posts: 2
    The one I just got was the last 05 on the lot at the dealer in NH; midnight blue. Some other dealers here in Maine have 06's on the lot already, and the details are all up on the honda website now.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    On what planet do you drive? I haven't seen a new brown vehicle since the late 1970's. You must mean gold/champagne? My Sienna is a 2004, and there was no brown on the color chart I was shown....
  • driekdriek Posts: 12
    Well, I am pleased to report that our silver 2006 EX-L RES arrived and we just picked it up. Delivery was only after a week from the initial purchase. This was faster than expected.

    We paid 29,532. Taxes, title, etc. brought the OTD price of $32k. We are very happy with the deal and how we were treated. :)
  • pminnhpminnh Posts: 3
    Just paid $28,700 including destination for a Midnight Blue 2006 EX-L at Peters Honda in NH. We were fought for the same price from Clair in West Roxbury and Grappone, however of the 3, Peters was the most friendly, so we went with them. We encountered pretty significant resistance at this level (about $300 above invoice) - we might have been able to get $100 less, but we had a couple dealers balk even at this price. All in all we called about 10-13 dealers in the area. They had it in stock so we drove it off the lot the day of purchase. :)
  • Hi,

    Just bought ours EXL NAv n RES for 31,800+tax+mv

    34KOTD price.
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