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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carskumcarskum Posts: 12
    They charges me 6.75 as well even though in my county it is 6.5%. I doubt if they can mess around with the ST though. there must be a reason why it is higher for them. But I don't know where you are located. In Illinois 6.5% is the min.
  • The car I am to pick has 40+ miles on it. Is this normal or a little high? :confuse:
  • New to forum,
    can you please let me know what is RES??

  • fumesfumes Posts: 11
    Rear Entertainment System (DVD Player)
  • My wife would like to purchase an Odyssey EX this week, we live in Houston, TX and I have requested offers from most of the local dealerships.

    So far, the best one has come in at $24,495 (includes destination fee) before TTL, OTD is $26,261.68. Includes "including window tint, wheel locks, splash guards and trunk tray" , according to sales rep.

    This looks to me like invoice minus the full 2k. . . is that true, or am I leaving anything on the table?

    Thanks so much, these boards are great and have helped me with numerous car purchases.
  • price in Northwest Arkansas is $28,800 out the door with the 2.9% financing for EXL with RES. Im still trying to get some of the other dealers to beat this price. The lowest price I got OTD without the 2.9% apr was $28,299
  • Does anyone know when the $2K incentive will end? I'm trying to decide if our purchase should wait until next month but don't want to miss out on the incentive. Most dealers around here still have around 100 Odysseys on the lot so I'm thinking that early Sept. would be a good time to buy. If it matters, we're looking at the EX in the Atlanta metro area.

    Any advice?
  • rdzrdz Posts: 5
    Current incentive is set to expire 8/31. The 2008 Odyssey is due to arrive in dealerships in mid Sept. Van sales for all manufacturers are slow - hence the excess inventory. Obviously Honda was hoping the $2K would help dealers reduce inventory. Your bargaining power is strong if you still see large amounts of inventory at dealerships near you. With each passing day they should be getting more desperate to move them.
  • Your price on a 2007 Odyssey Touring R/N with a MSRP of $39,095 is $32,803.

    $32,803.00 Selling Price
    $ 595.00 Destination Charge
    $ 1,001.94 NC Tax
    $ 68.00 NC New Tag
    $ 399.70 Doc Fee
    $34,867.64 Out the door price

    Also they are offering me the 4.9% financing on 60 months. I just wanna say I can't believe this deal. I think it sounds great. I can't get used off carmax for much cheaper if at all than this.
  • In the market for a 07 odyssey EX in chicago western burbs, around naperville/aurora/joilet etc.

    Below is internet offer from honda of joilet.

    THIS IS WITH $2000 rebate
    2007 Honda Odyssey EX
    Sale price- $24,198.78
    Doc Fee- $58.00
    CVR Fee- $25.00
    Joliet vehicle tax- $7.50
    New Plates- $143.00
    6.5% sales tax- $1,578.32
    $26,010.60 - Total out the door price

    August Pricing with special finance rates.
    2007 Honda Odyssey EX
    Sale price- $26,198.78
    Doc Fee- $58.00
    CVR Fee- $25.00
    Joliet vehicle tax- $7.50
    New Plates- $143.00
    6.5% sales tax- $1,708.32
    $28,140.60- Total out the door price

    Is this a good deal?? PLease let me know your thoughts.
    Valley Honda is giving $26211 for the financing. I called a couple of dealers and none is giving both the financing and the rebate??? Has anyone got that in chicagoland area??

  • pack76pack76 Posts: 10

    what trim level are you looking for. We might be able to get better deal if they are able to get 2 cars off the lot on the same day. Are you working with anyone in Zimbrick
  • Is the 27776 OTD?? if not what was the OTD??
  • fumesfumes Posts: 11

    EX-L RES

    Not working with anyone yet. We were still feeling out the internet quotes before we went in.
  • i am looking to purchase a new 07 odyssey ex in the next week or so. location is western burbs of chicago around naperville/aurora/downers grove/lisle and surrounding burbs. if you are interested in joining and hopfully getting a good deal with more buying power, please contact me at
    [email protected]
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    New cars tend to either have less than 10 transport miles on them or a few (either due to test drives or a dealer trade.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    With a true selling price of $33,797.70 your proposed deal sounds only OK given the current $2000 incentive to dealers.

    Bear in mind that used Odysseys took an immediate hit with this incentive that may not yet be reflected in pricing you've seen. Hopefully, they'll rebound in the fall.
  • rk2urk2u Posts: 1
    I am looking out to buy a honda odyssey -EXL with Nav/DVD in LA,the best internet price I have is 29500$ excluding the tax and license,what do u think?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Don't wait. It appears that all Honda did was match the $2000 being offered on Siennas. Great deals may still be available in September but they won't be any better than now and choices will be fewer.
  • pack76pack76 Posts: 10
    I can check with the sales guy i am talking to , if he can give us a better price together. we can both benefit from it.
  • dandylion,

    can you tell me where in NC you go this deal?

  • Crown Honda in Charlotte, NC. I am also getting decent pricing from Hendrick Honda in Charlotte.
  • fumesfumes Posts: 11
    Sounds good however the price I have through Zimbrick is initially cheaper than the one I received from Wilde. I have my lowest quote from Valley Honda in Illinois.
  • I am also interested in buying a similar car. Can you please tell me where you got this quote from and the sales person's name and number. Thank you.
  • naveenknaveenk Posts: 2
    Hi rk2u, could you please identify the honda dealer and the point of contact that you got the deal from? I am also looking to buy a similar car without the NAV and wasn't getting such a good deal in San Diego.

  • Thanks! I am going to try and work the same magic!
  • I am getting a quote of ~30K + TTL (CASH PRICE) in the San Francisco/San Jose Bay area. Is that a good deal or prices could go lower ?

    Inventory in Bay area seems high...which means that Honda will have to come in with 0% financing
  • can you please email me with salesperson name at grand honda

    [email protected]

    did you get the cross bars and other options? and price if you did?

  • pack76pack76 Posts: 10
    what is the price you have from zimbrick.
  • Xplorin: Can you email me your salesman contact? I live in NC and would love to get this deal. What's the sale tax in VA? I believe I only have to pay NC's TTL.
  • vkuttyvkutty Posts: 25
    Hi All,
    I have price quote for 2007 EXL OTD $29,300 (this price include NY tax 8.375%, destination charge, all fees, wheel looks, mud flaps and trunk tray). Is this is a good price or I can get better than this price???????
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