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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • basketbbasketb Posts: 19
    Based on what numbers do you think you can get the price of the EX-L down to $25000? (I've seen prices just below $26000 a few times but not significantly below that)
  • basketbbasketb Posts: 19
    Haven't bought the EX-L yet but got several quotes for around $26000+ttl (or around $28600 incl. 8.25% tax out the door) in the SF Bay area.
  • bdc2020bdc2020 Posts: 58
    North Carolina
    Just purchased yesterday a 2007 EX for $24,400 + DOC + TTL

    I think it was an OK price, but my wife thinks we could have gotten about $600 less?? :sick:
  • carskumcarskum Posts: 12
    I picked up an ex-l from Honda on Grand yesterday for $27,500 OTD ($25,570 + 59 doc + TTL (6.75% ST + 143)). Thanks to another forum member, I dealt with one of their better sales people. They seem to have another 50 on the lot with alomst all permutaions of color and interiors. If I had seen your posting earlier I might have gone to Valley myself since it is much closer to me as well but I am not disappointed with the purchase.

    Picking up at Grand Honda still wasn't the best experience (over 3 hrs and they couldn't find the second key for which I need to go back). They tried to sell me an RES for $1800 more (for $29,300 OTD) since the exact combination of interior and exterior colors I wanted had DVD in it but I refused and they produced another in the same color without the DVD. So looks like for people around Chicago their are lots of good prices and colors to choose from. Anyone needs to more details from my purchase, email me at [email protected]
  • Hi Carskum,

    How did Grand Honda calculate the tax, based on your residence county or its county? I am interested in a LX. I found the vehicle tax in our county is 6.25%, but they told me it was 6.75%. Don't want to be trapped. Thanks!
  • mcmanmcman Posts: 8
    Hello everyone, we live in South Florida and just purchased from a local Honda dealer the 07 Odyssey EXL-RES-NAV with leather interior for the following price:

    $29,300.00 Including dest.
    499.00 Dealer fee
    7.00 batt fee
    1,788.00 6% sales tax
    2.00 lemon law warr
    77.00 transfer of my old tag to new van
    40.00 agency fee

    $31,713.68 OTD

    We left the dealer Friday night at 9:45pm and will going by and picking van after they do the detailing work at around 10:30 Saturday morning. I tried to get them to also give me the 2.9% financing but they would not go for it, anyway we wound up due to our high credit rating getting 5.94% 36 month rate from honda. Now the salesman was very good to deal with and showed us where the financing from honda would be 6.34% but due to financing of van was for over $30K he was able to lower it to 5.94% (but must finance more than $30K) I want you to know that this edmund site has helped me a lot since i started following it since Feb/07. It was a very good tool.

    We needed a van before school starts for kids this coming Monday and also wanted to take advantage of the $2K incentive just so that you have an idea below please find firm quotes from the southeast USA that i received INCLUDING DESTINATION!!!!

    Honda dealer #1 $29,495.00 Miami also at this dealer Touring with RES but not Nav $31,433 Touring with RES-NAV $33,334.00

    Honda dealer #2 $29,592.00 Miami also thrown in would be 5 day 4 night cruise to bahamas (but too far to go buy and wanted dealer closer to home)

    Honda dealer #3 $29,787.31 (Tampa) about four hour drive from home

    Honda dealer #4 (Georgia) $29,767.00 out of state

    Honda dealer #5 $31,899 (these guys were CRAZY!!!!)

    Honda dealer #6 $30,687

    Honda dealer #7 $29,548.00 (Georgia out of state)

    And last even go to Ebay, search for “2007 Honda Odyssey” and will get pricing!!!

    Since i mentioned, we had been looking to purchase van since Feb/07 , reading every SINGLE posting, I felt like this search was becoming more and more of an obsession to the point that i was hooked on Edmunds and had to finally purchase the van or I would have gone CRAZY!! When I telephoned the internet department where i purchased the van the salesman asked me at what price would the dealer need to be to earn by business I replied $29,300.
    The salesman said he would check with sales manager and called me back, and after a while we received the call that they had agreed to the price and when could we come in to close the deal. At that time I felt I owed it to the other internet manager that I was dealing with at the other dealer (was a very nice person and I would recommend) the opportunity to match the $29.3K, but he told me that he had given me the lowest possible price (he seemed a little upset) but could not match it.

    My suggestion on a fair price should be about $29,500.00 -$30,000.00 (but remember i paid $29.3k and you can always low ball a dealer and can go up in price not come down)!!

    Now my next quest is looking for an extended warranty, I found out that if you live in Florida, one can not purchase a Honda extended warranty from an out of state dealer!!!! So I can assure you that it will not be an easy job!!

    Good luck to all, and May the force be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • grizfangrizfan Posts: 7
    I'm in the Boise, ID area and have been looking for a few weeks. We wanted the EX-L w/ RES & NAV, but my wife was set on getting in in midnight blue pearl. No one had this combo locally, so, based on the advice from this forum, I sent out a series of emails to Honda dealerships in Idaho, the Salt Lake area and the Portland area. Within an hour, I'd received a few auto-replies, and one personal reply from Jay Lee's Gladstone Honda in Gladstone, OR. They had what we wanted, and their price was significantly better than anything locally. One other dealership matched their price, but didn't have the right color, the other offers were quite a bit higher.

    So, we agreed upon the price below, all by email:
    2007 Honda Odyssey EXL w/RES/Nav $30,187
    +Splash Guards $155
    +Cargo Tray $115
    +Cross Bars $255

    Total Price of the Vehicle $30,712

    Plus Doc. Fee $50 and Temp Fee $20

    Out the Door Price $30,782

    Oregon doesn't have sales tax, so I'll need to tack on 6% when I register it here in Idaho next week. With the recent deals available from Honda, this is a great time to by. I saw in an earlier post someone from WI got a similar van for about $800 less, but here in the Northwest, that was the best deal I could find, and we were able to get the van exactly the way we wanted.

    I also need to comment on the shopping experience. The person I dealt with at Gladstone Honda was great. Her answers to my questions were prompt and thorough. I flew over to Portland yesterday morning with a cashier's check in my pocket, they had my van cleaned and ready, the paperwork process was fast, and while they did show me the various extended warranty/paint protection/etc options, there was zero pressure to buy these add-ons. A few hours later, the new van was in our drive way, and I couldn't be happier. Everyone should be able to enjoy a car shopping experience like that!
  • preethpreeth Posts: 3
    Thanks for sharing your new van price. Could you please e-mail me the sales person name in Grand Honda with the price. I am planning to buy in this week.
    My email id is: [email protected]
    Thank you so much for the help!
    - Harsha
  • preethpreeth Posts: 3
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I got quote of 27900 for Odyssey EX-L from Grand Honda. Looks like your price is a very good deal.
    Could you please provide me the sales person name and more details on price.
    Here is my email: [email protected]
    Thanks for the help!
    - Harsha
  • pack76pack76 Posts: 10
    Currently the price i am getting is 25865 for the EX-L , However both dealers are ready to make better when i get there to deal the car finally.
    In addition.
    Also if you have a trade-in , it can make the deal sweeter as they can also make a profit on the Retail of the trade added to the profit of the new car. So even if the profit on the new car is a little less , they are able to make it up in the retail of the trade-in.

    I am trying to get close to those numbers as possible.
  • kingsalukingsalu Posts: 20
    I have not recvd any email. This is my carspace email.
    [email protected]
  • cakzecakze Posts: 9
    Will you please email me the name of the salesman to [email protected] Just curious if you also had a trade in thanks!
  • kingsalukingsalu Posts: 20
    This is BS officially they cannot do that if your credit score is better than 730.
  • kingsalukingsalu Posts: 20
    I envy you guys as I purchased the same at 33600 oTD few days ago in NJ. I just came to know about this website. So this ignorance costed me 2k.
  • kingsalukingsalu Posts: 20
    Also pls let me know the Toruing with RES+NAV price that you quoted 33,334.00 is that OTD?
  • kingsalukingsalu Posts: 20
    I think this is high. pls shop around on internet. What I learned is that you need to make these dealers firght for your business and the way to do is to send one email to your local area dealer if he gives you the internet price than you atleast minus 700 to 500 from that price and go to another dealer. Internet pricing are the lowest pricing that the dealers offers so now once you get the internet price from one dealer you pretty much knwo the ballpar figure. You then take this number and ask the other dealer to beat and continue to do that once you get the car of your choice. Alos donot believe the delaer if he says that you cannot combibne the special financing with the rebate offer. This is BS. If your credit score is better than 730 that you donot need to worrry abotu it. They have to give both the incentive to you. Good luck!!!
  • mcmanmcman Posts: 8
    No, it is not it is price with only destination! Thanks!
  • mcmanmcman Posts: 8
    Well i hope that you are right so that i can go back to them and argue for the 2.9% my credit rating was 770!
  • mcmanmcman Posts: 8
    Would like to know information on choosing an extended Warranty in Florida for my 07 Ody EXL-RES-NAV?, can anyone help me? Thanks!
  • Does your price include TTL? is it an OTD price?

  • ragman2ragman2 Posts: 2
    Can you tell me what dealer in Va you used? Also who you dealt with?

    Thanks, I am in the market for an Odyssey now and live in Northern Va.
  • I am interested in buying. This price looks good. Can you give me the dealer info and salesperson's name/phone #?
  • xplorinxplorin Posts: 6
    Breakdown of my EXL w/ RES
    Sale price $ 28,150
    VA sales tax $ 872.62
    Processing fee $ 99.00
    Title and filing fees $ 22.00

    Total OTD price $ 29,142.62

    I couldn't finance through Honda because I used the incentive, so I used a local bank 6.19%/60 months.

    Also I don't know if because I live locally but I checked prices within about 100 miles so( 5 other dealerships) and Honda Cars of Covington said they would match any legit price I found.

    [email protected]
  • jdt1721jdt1721 Posts: 3
    Wow..same here.. I am going to be closing on an EX-L with RES and Nav next week (29600)before TTL and the dealer is telling me I cannot combine this with the 2.9 financing.
    Will have to fight back for that.. Let us know if anyone else got the incentive and the low APR
  • I'm in the Atlanta area looking for a good deal on an EX. Would you please send me the dealer info? Thanks!

    [email protected] dot com
  • fence1fence1 Posts: 12
    Think I paid a little too much for mine:

    31K including

    - Fog lights
    - Cargo tray
    - mud guard
    - door etching guard
    - wheel lock

    They charge me $720 in total for doc processing fee. I got hit hard with this fee.
  • I'm shopping in NY, NJ, CT, and PA via the Internet. It's great to negotiate with 10 dealerships from the comfort of my couch. The lowest offer I've received is $33,700, but I'm holding out for a better offer as we approach the release of the '08's. Most dealers are coming in at $33,985 - that includes destination, but does not include tax & fees. My guess is that they will work with their prices as we get closer to the end of the current promotion (ends 8/31) and they still have Touring models on the lot.

    Regardless of if you live in Arkansas, California, NY or NJ the breakdown for a Touring model is as follows:

    Dealer Invoice: $35,388
    Destination: +$595
    Sub-Total: $35,983
    Cashback: -$2,000
    Sub-Total: $33,983
    3% Holdback: -$1,172.85
    Total: $32,810.15 (Subtract this number from the offer you were given to see how much profit the dealer is getting)

    They are trying to maximize profits, so don't feel bad trying to minimize your costs.

    I'll let everyone know how my negotiations turn out.

  • The holdback calculation was incorrect - mistyped the numbers on my Excel spreadsheet. Here are the numbers again:

    Dealer Invoice: $35,388
    Destination: +$595
    Sub-Total: $35,983
    Cashback: -$2,000
    Sub-Total: $33,983
    3% Holdback: -$1,061.64
    Total: $32,921.36
  • rdzrdz Posts: 5
    I received an offer of $33,983 from a NY dealership. Subtract $32,921.36 from the offer to get $1,061.64 - which coincidentally equals the 3% holdback they currently get. Clearly dealers aren't going into holdback yet - which they seemed to be willing to do as a supplement to the marketing incentive of $750 that was available in June. If they are struggling to move Touring models they'll start dipping into holdback. The Wall Street Journal recently had an article that reported sluggish van sales due to interest in crossover vehicles, and that even Honda and Toyota, which historically haven't offered incentives, are doing so to move excess inventory. It is a great time to buy a van.

    Note: Dealers pad profits with dealer installed options. Be wary of how much you are paying
  • I'd like to talk to you more about your dealings with Sherwood as they are on my list as well. Was this an out the door price or was that before taxes?

    Thank you,
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