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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fumesfumes Posts: 11

    07 EX-L RES (Splash Guards and Destinatin Inc)

    We responded to the email with a few questions about the $2k incentive.
  • Fumes,

    is that price with the 2.9% financing?
  • fumesfumes Posts: 11
    Don't think so - We haven't mentioned anything about financing yet. They also didn't mention the $2k incentive so we're waiting to hear if that was included.
  • Thanks for all the info we got from the forum. Finally, we bought the EX-L from Crown Honda at southpoint w/ $27,462 OTD. Sanford Honda has same price, but they have only one EX-L (oceanmist) while Crown has more available. The lowest price I found at autopark is $27,561 OTD when I use Krish's price for price match, and you can find the original post here

    w4vku, "Honda Odyssey: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #15900, 13 Aug 2007 6:29 pm
  • vkuttyvkutty Posts: 25
  • mchang1mchang1 Posts: 1
    can you email me the dealer/sales person you dealt with.
    They tell me that your price is ridiculous.
    I have bought 3 cars already in the past from hersons honda.
    email me at [email protected]
  • Could please provide sales person contact details?
    Also did they give any add-ons?

  • Hello - I received a quote for $28072 OTD for an EX-L with mud-flaps being the only add-on (6.5% sales tax). This is with self-financing. I was told that if I want the 4.9% for 48-60 months, I have to add on $2000.

    Does this sound like a good price? Do you think we'll see better deals in September when the 2008 models are out?
  • smathursmathur Posts: 2
    This seems to be a very good deal. What is the tax rate in your county ?
    I'm getting an OTD of 28,000 for EXL without RES in Atlanta area
  • avicalcavicalc Posts: 1
    Dealer in Houston,TX area is offering $27,844 for an EX-L w/RES. Out the door price is $29,831 (6.5% sales tax + title + fees). Is this a good price or should I keep shopping?
  • danl08danl08 Posts: 2
    We had a few possibilities last weekend, but none ended up panning out. Does anyone have a lead around DC? We are paying cash so it should be fairly straight forward.
  • Hi,

    Can you tell me which dealership you used?

    Thank you.
  • Can you tell me which dealership you purchased from?

    Thank you.
  • My initial holdback calculation was correct at $1,172.85 for the Touring model. $1,061.64 is 3% of dealer invoice.
  • MSRP.......................... 34895

    Dealer Invoice............ 31,592
    Destination Charge.... +595
    Total Dealer Cost....... 32,187
    Holdback 3% (from DI) -1046.85
    Cashback................... -2000

    Total......................... 29,140.15

    If you are getting an EXL with RES/Nav start at this number.
  • I did it again. I meant to write (from MSRP). Anyway, the number is correct.
  • MSRP.......................... 31,095

    Dealer Invoice............ 28,159
    Destination Charge.... +595
    Total Dealer Cost....... 28,754
    Holdback 3% (from MSRP) -932.85
    Cashback................... -2000

    Total......................... $25,821.15

    Of course this is without tax, title, and fees. Subtract this number from the number the dealer gave you to find their profit.
  • xplorinxplorin Posts: 6
    buypilot1......... You can email me @ [email protected] Va sales tax I think is 3%. My tax was $ 872.62. I email you back with the salesperson name and phone number.
  • Not sure that you'll see better in Sept. Might, but less color options. I think you should be able to get that price you've got quoted INCLUDING the financing. Where's the deal from? I'd suggest you get internet quotes from Ohare honda (des plaines), Honda On Grand (McGrath in city)& Carr Honda in Skokie. Back in June July I know several folks that purchased around 26,750 + tax WITH the financing. Dealers did have an extra kick from Honda then, but still worth checking if you haven't.
  • Vaniscool,

    I am getting similar quotes for the EXL with Nav and RES in the bay area (~30K not including TTL). I visited Capitol Honda in San Jose this weekend and found that the inventory was excessive (mostly on the Touring model). When were you thinking about purchasing? If timing works out perhaps we could negotiate with one dealer together... sure to bring the price down for both of us. Win win. I'm not in a hurry to buy right now, but will likely purchase something in the next 1.5 months.

    Just e-mail me your thoughts. [email protected]
  • I am fixing up to buy 1 from Bryan Honda for about the same price. Not sure if they can go any lower than 27,460 on exl.
  • ewl930ewl930 Posts: 21
    Just emailed you the info. The key is to work with their internet salespeople. The price is for real!
  • ewl930ewl930 Posts: 21
    It included wheel locks and door edge guards. Happy to send you the contact info, but not allowed to post it here so tell me where to send it!
  • ewl930ewl930 Posts: 21
    Highly recommend Herson's Honda in Rockville.
  • ewl930ewl930 Posts: 21
    My info is that Honda lowered its holdback to 2%. Only goes to 3% if vehicles been on the lot for > 2 months.
  • ewl930ewl930 Posts: 21
    Believe holdback here would be $621.90 (2%, not 3%), changing the total to $26,132.10 plus T/T, close to what we just bought for in MD.
  • nixonnixon Posts: 11
    When posting purchase prices, please include the base purchase price before Tax Title and License.

    Out the Door pricing varies greatly from state to state.

    For instance, Texas, has a sales tax of 6.25% compared to the lucky citizens of Oregon who don't have a sales tax.
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    I also am in NY. EX-L with mud flaps and trunk tray. Price was approximately $28,100 OTD. I had a trade so had to add the tax back in for price equalization to give you a fair comparison price.
  • vkuttyvkutty Posts: 25
    so what is the OTD price include tax and all fee.
  • I found the same about inventory. Do you think $29K or $29.5K + TTL is dooable on this one? I got an on the spot price of $30.5K + TTL with small negotiation....I want to buy within a week ...actually close to labor day will be a good time to buy (end of the month plus desperate to move inventory).

    Although I like some features on Touring (esp power tailgate) I have ruled it out as they have the PAX run-flat tires which are expensive/hard to replace (if required). Will email you end of the day.

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