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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I googled and found the Illinois Sales Tax Rates Reference Manual as of 07/01/2007. It lists all tax rates for all counties. A lot of counties have the vehicel sales rate for 6.25%. Where did you get 6.5% is the min? If it is the case, there much be something else to add another 0.25%.
  • xplorinxplorin Posts: 6 . I have tried to email you twice with the information at Honda Cars of Covington here in VA. Email me directly from you email account and I will send you the info. My email is [email protected]
  • This was for the EX-L with DVD (RES) only. I sent out requests to 4 more dealers and heard back from 3 that will f/u with quotes.

  • Thanks so much to everyone for all the suggestions and pricing info posted here--it really helped us in our deal!

    Here's what we paid 2 weeks ago for an EX-L:
    $24,959 base price
    $595 destination
    $199 secure etch (automatically done on all their vehicles)
    $487 document fees

    $26,240 total + $1574.40 (6 % tax) and $21 (tag, title, and lemon law)

    $27,835.40 OTD (no dealer financing)

    (The van also had a pin stripe and mud flaps included, though not listed out on the dealer sticker--may just be something like the secure etch that they do there.)

    This dealer quoted us the lowest price from the beginning and then told me about the $2000 incentive, which dropped the price accordingly.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences--it really helped us have a much better idea of what was a good price. And, lucky for us, we were still looking when the extra $2000 incentive came out. (The only thing I would have done differently was ask for the cargo tray--did not even know it was an option at the time. :-)
  • Sarah~

    What dealership was this? And was this an EX-L with RES or Nav?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Charles,

    I was also on the fence about getting the '07 vs '08. I got more information from the dealer about the differences in the '08 model which I have included below. Initially I was going to purchase the '07 EXL with Navi an RES, but ultimately decided that the power tailgate is a feature that is worth having. Thus, the Touring or the Chrysler T&C are the way to go. In regards to purchasing an '07 Touring, it is not attractive to me because of the PAX tires. Over the life-time of the car, not only are they very costly to replace, but they are also an inconvenience. The '08 Touring has a non PAX option which is what I would most be interested in. I am in a similar position to you and am not in a rush to buy. I think that we will likley see better deals on the '08 models in December as Honda closes out of Q1. I would think that the '08 Touring with non-PAX tires would run at least a couple thousand more than EX-L, but at least a thousand less than the '08 Touring with PAX. Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested in teaming up to negotiate with the same dealer later in the year.

    Odyssey (all) Exterior and interior design enhancements
    MP3/Auxiliary input jack
    MP3/Windows Media® Audio (WMA) playback capability
    Active head restraints
    Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

    Odyssey EX 2nd-Row PlusOne Seat? with storage bin
    Tri-zone automatic climate control

    Odyssey EX-L Next generation of Honda's VCM® engine technology
    Rearview mirror with monitor (and backup camera)
    XM® Satellite Radio
    Power adjustable passenger seat
    2nd-Row PlusOne Seat? with storage bin
    Tri-zone automatic climate control

    Odyssey EX-L RES Next generation of Honda's VCM® engine technology
    Rearview mirror with monitor (and backup camera)
    115-volt power outlet
    XM® Satellite Radio
    2nd-Row PlusOne Seat? with storage bin
    Tri-zone automatic climate control

    Odyssey EX-L Navi/RES Next generation of Honda's VCM® engine technology
    Rearview mirror with monitor (and backup camera)
    115-volt power outlet
    2nd-Row PlusOne Seat? with storage bin
    Tri-zone automatic climate control

    Odyssey Touring Navi/RES (08M TOURING now available in only Navi/Res trim with a PAX tire option)
    Next generation of Honda's VCM® engine technology
    2nd-Row PlusOne Seat? with storage bin
    Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
    Memory Linked Door Mirrors with Reverse Tilt
  • marketmmarketm Posts: 8
    All. this is no BS. The prices for the Odyssey have plummeted w/ the new incentives. you can get the prices below if you stick to your guns.

    EXL 26200 icluding destination + Tax Title Plates
    EXL RES 27600 icluding destination + Tax Title Plates
    EXL RES NAV 29500 icluding destination + Tax Title Plates

    Thanks for the insight CJ31

    They still tried to rip me off, but I stuck to my guns and got my price!!!!!!

    Also, if there are any dealer installed items already on the car (ie, wheel locks, pin stripe, mud flaps, …) offer the dealer 50% of the list price and they will probably give in….
  • hi Danielle,
    It was a plain EX-L. We weren't interested in the RES or Nav, so I don't know about those prices. The dealership was Curry Honda. Email me at [email protected] if you want salesperson details.
  • I'm not sure what the tax question is, but there is big dif in Illinois tax rate. But, if you are an Illinois resident, you pay tax based on where you live, not where the dealership is.
  • Yesterday, I got a quote of $27,475 for an EX-L w/ RES (DVD) which included destination. For EX-L w/ RES & NAV, the quote was $30,475, also including destination. Dealer is in west suburban Chicago.

    The RES quote seems pretty decent. The RES & Nav quote seems about $800 to $1000 too high, but I'm not sure it is worth $2k to $3k more for the nav.
  • it shouldn't be any higher than the invoice difference. Which i believe is 1988.

    Also, that is alot for nav. You can get a garmin for $500 or so.
  • My guess is you can get it around $29,400 OTD.
  • ewl930ewl930 Posts: 21
    Informed consensus is that holdback on Odysseys was reduced from 3% to 2% in January.
  • I am looking for the best prices founf in So. Calif. travel is not an issue for the right price.. Current #;s would be helpful. also trying to understand why MSRP appears to be very close throughout the country with a few exceptions but paid prices vary so much?? Thanks in advance..

    ps looking for two vans together one for another friend..
  • rj2007rj2007 Posts: 3
    We got the "07 Honda Odyssey EX-L RES+Navi" in Maroone Honda of Hollywood.

    Original price OTD price was 31,450.00. But we had some issues on the day we were suppose to pick up the van. They gave me a discount $200.00 for what we went through.

    So probably U will get it for 31,450.00. This is Out The Door price. Every thing is included.

    I wish U good luck.
    rj2007 .
  • It is a supply-demand issue. Best (over)supply of EXL w/DVD and hence that will get you the best deal
  • mcmanmcman Posts: 8
    Hey congrat on your new Ody!! that was one heck of a price we bought one last week (please see posting #16016) You will love the van it rides awsome. Did you buy the extended warranty? I am still shopping around as Florida has a strict policy on the purchase of it. Once again GREAT PRICE!!!

  • EWL,

    Go ahead and use 2% and pay more if you want to, it's your money. I've got two really good offers on the table and both dealers negotiated deeply into my presented 3% holdback. They are making even less money if holdback is actually 2%.

    Best of luck.

  • ewl930ewl930 Posts: 21
    Edmunds is incorrect on this point. Doesn't really make a huge difference since holdback is only one of many undisclosed incentives that the dealer may have access to but that you won't necessarily know about. By all means, if they'll go low, ride the wave!
  • jtinnjjtinnj Posts: 15
    If anyone would like to know specifics, please post. This forum is awesome. :)
  • bought 07 EXL with RES in NJ. OTD is 29900. Is this price ok, bad?
  • ekskjkekskjk Posts: 2
    I bought an EXL with RES for $27,100, plus about $88.00 in misc fees, plus tax and license two weeks ago from Diamond Bar Honda. I dealt with the internet sales person and didn't have to do much haggling to get the price. The 27,100.00 included the 595.00 destination charge.
  • Got exactly the same car, 27800 plus TTL in NJ
  • jtinnjjtinnj Posts: 15
    That is great! I got 32,5 for RES+Nav. I would say you did better than me relatively speaking. Anything thrown in? I got cross bars, all season mat/tray, locks & mudguards. Which dealership in NJ; North or South region?
  • zone5zone5 Posts: 1
  • Rear Entertainment System, aka DVD
  • Only tray. Clinton Honda, Central Jersey
  • Just got home with an 07 EX-L w/RES. Purchased from Honda on Grand in Elmhurst. Below are the numbers.
    OTD with $2000 cash rebate was $29100 (If you take this, make sure to get your own financing before you go in, else they offer 7.99%, and will try to get you to take extended warranty with 6.29%.)
    OTD with 2.9% financing was $31100
    If you want the breakdown I can post, don't have numbers with me now.
    Be patient with the salespersons and stick your ground, don't budge on your numbers. Also make sure to include mudguards, and whatever else you can get. Lots of stock, Grand has about 70 odysseys, and so do other dealers. If color doesn't matter, wait till after 08 come out.

    Thanks to all who have posted on this forum, was a very great help.

    [email protected]
  • Wow, great price, 800 less mine. mine is 27730 plus TTL -> 29900 OTD.
  • sd_dadsd_dad Posts: 34
    Backed out of plan to buy 07 Touring in favor of waiting on '08 Touring. The option to pass on PAX system, the addition of the Plus One seat to Touring (funny, you could only get that on the EX-L or lower trims), and the addition of memory mirrors and AUX input on stereo head all make it seem worth it. Plus, it gives me a few weeks to sell my '02 X5 instead of taking $18k on the trade-in (I'm in San Diego if anyone's interested :)
    I look forward to all the pricing insight as the '08s show up. This forum has been amazingly helpful.
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