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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jtinnjjtinnj Posts: 15
    Rt. 31. Man, I didn't even think to check with them. Well, Congrats! I grew up in Hackettstown.
  • lawvillawvil Posts: 8
    HI Msatvedi, how do you get 2.9% financing which bank did you finance with cuz I tried the cheapest is still 5.99% or 6.99%. So you are doing very good on your finance as well.
  • Just purchased Silver Metallic 07 EXL with DVD & NAV for $32.6K out the door. Puts the price of the car ~$29.3, and included the dealer add-ons (tint, paint protection).
  • dexazdexaz Posts: 6
    We bought a 2007 EX-L in Phoenix from Right Honda yesterday.

    $26,300 EX-L (desert rock/ivory interior _&_ dealer installed XM radio)
    2,091 7.95 tax
    368 doc fees
    540 plates & registration
    5 tire disposal fee
    $29,304 OTD

    Worked the deal via internet with their fleet mgr. Price OTD was well below other AZ dealers. Many did not even respond to my request for quote or sent a simple, "come in for a test drive or give me a call and we'll talk". A couple seemed down right offended when I asked if their price included the $2,000 incentive Honda is offering pretending they were unaware of it. Get real!

    No games, no BS, no tag-team through salesmen/managers/sales mgr/general mgr/director/grand poopa etc to get a price OKed & no pressure to buy dealer add-ons. Open, easy going all the way. Only delt with the fleet mgr and the finance guy. By far, the most enjoyable auto purchase we've ever made.

    My thanks to all who have posted here as your experence and advise really helped me with this purchase.

  • THe OTD price using the 2.9% financing was $31100
    I took the cash rebate and price was $29100. HOnda offered 7.99% financing for taking the cash rebate.
    They offered me 6.29% if I bought the extended warranty, which was $1995 for 7years or 70K miles.

  • jtinnjjtinnj Posts: 15
    Nice work. Great to hear of your experience. I got tag-teamed once before ultimately walking out. Just sealed internet deal with a different dealer, and nearly had to leave due to "in stock only. Color choice is beige". We put deposit on a delivery. Doesn't it feel great? I love this site.
  • Just bought our EX-L with RES and NAV from Hardin Honda in Anaheim, CA. They are extremely professional and very helpful. Did the whole deal via email. Final price I got was $29,500 + TTL. And this included Mud Guards, Cargo Tray, and Wheel Locks. This was a match for another offer from a different dealer. Total came out to $32,111 OTD.

    This forum has been such a life saver. Thank you everybody for posting your info. Hope my info above helps others! :D
  • I worked out a deal over the phone with the dealer for an EX-L (no nav or res) in Chicagoland for 26,700 plus TTL, self financed at 6% and including a $700 sport package that my wife wanted (fog lights, auto-dimming mirror, roof rack rails, and cargo liner).

    Once my wife showed up at the dealer to buy the car this past weekend, the finance guy sold her on a 7 / 100,000 bumper to bumper extended warranty for $1200. I am looking for input on two questions:

    1) Does it seem like I received a fair deal on the price of the vehicle? I know it does not matter now .. just peace of mind I guess.

    2) Does anyone have input on how wise it is to take an extended warranty on this vehicle - I am able to cancel it if I decide to do so. Note - I do not have RES or NAV to protect against.

    Thanks in advance for any comments!
  • fence1fence1 Posts: 12
    Just got mine for $30,800 + tax + doc with the following:

    - fog light
    - fenderwell trim
    - mud guard
    - door guard
    - wheel lock
    - Cargo tray

    Overpaid $800 for nimbus grey color (ouch! :cry: )
  • dykhmcdykhmc Posts: 1
    Thanks to your posting, i arrived at Ourisman with knowledge of their bait and switch tactic. i can confirm that their low out-the door-price quote is not truly OTD price because they add the appearance package (not worth that much). beware of dealer installed options and hidden fees being added to your price quote.
  • The lowest price I've received negotiating online has been $32,900 + TTL. I've yet to commit because I'm wondering if prices will continue to go down as we hit Sept with '08's due out in October (I've also heard late Sept). Inventory seems rather high at four dealerships I've been looking at - holding 53, 48, 36 and 34 vans - 15 being the model that I want.

    The current incentive is over Sept. 4 and dealers have to get rid of these vehicles. Will they offer an even deeper incentive?

    Anyone have any thoughts?
  • ewl930ewl930 Posts: 21
    Check out this post: MD deals

    Maybe worth a trip?
  • Can you please give me the dealership name in chicagoland???
  • mihinkmihink Posts: 31
    Please provide your email address. I'll give you the info.
  • esteezeesteeze Posts: 102
    Hey, thanks for writing up those 08 model year features.

    We're looking to get a new Odyssey later this year, and having the info will help us.
  • sd_dadsd_dad Posts: 34
    Anyone seen or heard anything on '08 pricing? I know it won't be as good as the '07s, but any experience on new models from Honda would be appreciated. Also, any estimate on how much the non-PAX touring will save over the PAX version? It's nice to have the option (plus the addition of the Plus One seat for the Touring).
  • quill67quill67 Posts: 2
    Hi all. Just let you know that our closing went very smoothly--no hassle for our EX (no extras) for 24,385 (only had to pay sales tax and PA tag fee of $122) from
    Ray Price Honda in Stroudsburg PA. Negotiated completely over internet or phone. Only wish it wasn't raining the day we picked it up, could have done some sight-seeing!
  • jtinnjjtinnj Posts: 15
    Stroudsburg is a beautiful area. Glad to hear of your Ray Price experience. I worked with Samantha to get as low as she could...which ended up being 33K OTD on an EXL with RES/NAV. I got lower locally, but would have traveled if she came down to 32,5. Great job, you got a deal.
  • jayk77jayk77 Posts: 1
    I am looking at getting an LX. Anyone with recent experience in buying one or getting quotes? I am in upstate new york and have never negotiated for a car before. So any advice and help would be much appreciated. The only quote I got for it so far is 22,000 from Holtz Honda plus fees and tax, title and registration making it a little more than 24043 OTD. Thanks.
  • jdt1721jdt1721 Posts: 3
    They do have some specials on the outgoing 2007 models now..

    Look through the Prices Paid section.. Lot of folks are getting the EXL with DVD for 30K or below..

    Good time to buy now should you choose to..
  • Since the current incentive ends Sept. 4and there appears to still be many odysseys on the lot and more to arrive shortly her in california is there any feel on this forum what Hondas next step will be increase $ or extend current incentive.. thanks Scott
  • mary36mary36 Posts: 52
    I'm getting confused with some of the EX L prices listed here since some folks aren't mentioning if they got NAV or RES with it.

    I'm trying to work on a 07 EX-L deal right now with Nav/RES... is it possible to get one for $29 (or less)OTD? (TN sales tax inc)
  • I think if you read back in the forum you will find you can better the 29 you mentioned with add'l reaserch you will find as I did that there is a smal difference in MSRP throught the states..
  • $29K otd for EX-L+RES+NAV - don't think that is possible unless your state has no taxes ...
  • Please post/let me know what what to expect and how low price can get. Don't need financing and can buy anytime now or can wait if that might help get better price.
  • mary36mary36 Posts: 52
    We DO have sales tax - about 6% on cars.
  • I believe it's going to be tough to get even the $29K for just the sale price. OTD would be almost impossible unless Honda comes out with a much better incensitive that the current one.
  • hieraxhierax Posts: 9
    right now in MA/RI EX-L w/RES&NAV is running anywhere from 29687-30187 in direct quotes I've received.

    That's with the 2k incentive - but does NOT include TTL.
  • fence1fence1 Posts: 12
    I just passed up a deal on EX-L NAV + RES for 29K (only including destination charge) simply because I didnt like the color. Ended up paying $29800 for a nimbus grey.
  • 29K for EXL RES/NAV is a great price. I think some people got $29.5 or $29.6. But that's not OTD. OTD will include TTL. I just got nimbus grey over the past weekend. But it's EXL with RES only for $29.9K OTD. I am in NJ so the sales tax is 7%.
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