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  • I need help. I am in N. Fl but can travel to S. Fl if necessary for the car. I am interested in an Odyssey EX-L (not sure if I want RES or not)within the next few days. I have been emailing dealerships but they won't negotiate with me at all. They just say to send in a quote from someone else and they will try and beat it. Other than that, they won't budge. The best OTD price I've gotten is $28,147.21 without RES with the sale price being 26,353 (no options). What am I doing wrong or is this just the best I can expect.

    Thank you.
  • dexazdexaz Posts: 6
    The EX-L we purchased Saturday for $29.300 OTD was with XM radio installed by dealer. No Nav or RES. Also, no pin striping, paint protector package, wheel locks, cross bars etc. Dealer did leave their tint on the front side windows at no charge.

    I suspect others who post EX-L w/o mentioning NAV or RES did not buy those up-graded models.
  • $26,353 is an ok price. Maybe you can go down another 2 or 3 hundres. But it's an good price, I think.
  • At your conveneice, if possible, please send me the name of the dealer and the agent to [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  • Invoice less 2k less holdback (using 2% some say it is 3%) is around $26,200 so that should be a good price and the bottom price with most dealers but

    check out post 16112, 16132 and 16167 they are under $26,000. This would make you think the holdback is 3% or the incentative is larger.

    My current best price from chicago (i'm in ohio) is around your price of 26,353.

    I offered one dealer $25,200 including destination and they laughed. But that was in Dayton, Ohio and the dealers get more in this area. The last two I bought (2005 Odyssee and Pilot) I had to go to Cleveland.

    Anyway, I got a great deal on my Odyssee in December of 2005 (it was a hot van then)and it was the best deal on the board for months. The deals today are cheaper.
  • Thanks for the great information from this forum! Finally I got my EX-L for $27300.00 OTD.
    And Alex, good work!

    I live in the triangle area, NC. I requested quote from Maryland, Virginia, and some local dealer. And the one of the lowest price is from Bryan Honda at Fayetteville. We call the saleman to setup the appointment at afternoon, and he promise to have the car ready without asking deposit or anything. Good for him! The whole transaction was smooth. The only bad thing about Bryan Honda is....they don't have a website, which made me hesitate a little bit. But the salesman there was decent and prompt. Makes it easy to negotiate.

    To share some quote information for EX-L:
    1.) College Park Honda at MD
    25,859 + 595 destination + 15 tag + 100 process fee + 3% NC HUT tax = 27344.77
    Salesman is decent but wouldn't further lower the price. He mentioned 2000 factory incentive and $300 holdback, added wheel locks, mud guards, and door edge guards

    2.) Hendrick Honda at VA
    25,600 + 595 destination + 55 tag + 399 process + 829.74 NC Tax = 27478.74
    Add mud guard and the decoretive stripe at the side.
    From his break down I figure the tax from quote isn't 3%. The salesman got caught and refuse to talk anymore. Gee.... is it really that difficult to be honest?

    3.) Concord Honda at NC (close to Charlotte)
    Bring in email quote from any dealer and they'll beat it by $100 = 27244.77
    BUT, the saleman there wouldn't promise to have the car ready until I show up at their door. I talked to two guys there and overall they are not very easy to work with. Maybe living at Chalotte would be ideal to buy a car from there.

    4.) Bryan Honda at Fayetteville, NC
    $27300 OTD with mud guard.
    Another buyer, Alex, here from did all the negotiation with the salesman So I don't know the detail.

    Apparently the attitude of the salesman at Bryan Honda is really really good, so Alex insist we give the salesman one more chance to lower the price even the one at Concord is definitely better deal (and Fayettevile is 1 hour closer, too)

    5.) Crown Honda at Greensboro, NC
    The salesman said she doesn't know anything about the $2000 incentive and never lower the offer

    6.) Auto Park Honda, Cary, NC
    They say something like.."go for it" when I said I got better offer from other dealer. Well, that make sense. With all the rich family living in RTP, and those family don't come to, I woun't sell the car for below invoice if I was the salesman. Besides, Auto Park Honda/Leith Honda (Same company) basically has no competition within 50 miles.

    Last but not least, to all the Odyssey buyers - Be consistant on your target price, you'll get it.
  • For those interested...Just purchased Monday 8/27 from dealer in Ardmore, PA:

    $30,300 - incl destination
    $ 1,818 - 6% tax
    $ 118 - Tags, Transfer, etc
    included free accessories - all weather mats(retail would be $205), cargo net($65), cargo tray for back well($115), wheel locks($79).

    $32,236 Out the door

    We battled it out and almost left over the stupid accessories! They claim they don't have a huge margin on the accessories to work with...blah blah blah. If you can take the "risk", start walking out the door and they will probably chase you down too.

    Qualified for the 2.9% financing, but cost with financing deal was $32,300 (crazy!), so we paid $5k on credit card (got them up from $4k credit card more travel miles for us-yeah!) and used a Cap One Auto loan check for the remainder.

    Wanted the Touring model with the back power tailgate and parking sensors, but NOT the PAX tires ($300+ to replace each)and lower seat option (7 vs EXL's 8!). They wanted $35,300 approximately for the Touring and we could not justify the extra cost for not so many "extras". At that price point we'd go for AWD Sienna, that to us is a worthwhile "extra" in the north!

    OTD price was still lower that national average on and we had another local dealer on the phone who would not match, so we finally gave in. We have been doing this for 3 weeks, so exhaustion was also a factor. I also think it was a "fair" price in our area that still has high demand. Your local supply/demand is a factor that must be considered too.

    Dealer was fine, no tricks, no crazy fees on final bill, no warranty hard sell. Offered HondaCare warranty $0 deduct 7yr/80k miles $1,245 and 8yr/100k $1,630. We said no thanks. Do these quotes sound high to others?

    Now we are on the search for a decent warranty (anyone have advice on reputable companies?) and trying to sell my favorite car 1st Accord! If that Accord could fit 3 car seats I would never have upgraded to the van! :)
    Good luck to all buyers.
  • mary36mary36 Posts: 52
    Mom of 3 (I also have 3!)... anyway, sounds like a good deal. What options did you get? DVD? NAV?

    We got a quote for around $29,500 for an EX-L with DVD+NAV.

    That's before TTL.

    What is a Cap One Auto Loan??

    We're loved to be able to have this same Ody for about $30k OTD... but I don't think it's going to happen.
  • yes, our EXL has NAV with that backup camera and DVD. Your price is great! What state are you in? I guess if you add in the accessories I 'demanded' we are closer in price? I tried parking today and wished I had those parking sensors!!!

    Just go to and click auto loans. Fill out their application, they send you a blank check to use at any dealer. You lock in a rate for 45 days and you have the power of dealing with "cash". We also got a check from Road Loans, but rate was higher. We did not tell the salesman how we were going to finance until close to the end of the deal, just to feel him out.

    You kids will LOVE the "magic" doors! My toddlers really think they are opening the doors with a wave of their hand - hahaha.
  • gavanmomgavanmom Posts: 32
    We used the bernardi honda website for our ext. warranty and have loved it. They also give a $30 coupon towards any of their accesories for the van and they have great prices.
  • Two local dealers have given me slightly differently descriptions of what is in their pro pack for the Odyssey. Anyone know what should be included, or does this in fact vary by dealer?

    Dealer 1: mud guards, floor mats, cargo tray, wheel locks
    Dealer 2: mud guards, floor mats, cargo tray, wheel locks, cargo net
  • greddygreddy Posts: 5
    I am getting offer for 25970 driveout. From Texas.

    Is this a good price? This is a first asking price from email. How much lower should i negotiate?
  • greddygreddy Posts: 5
    I see posting for EX-L and EX-L w/RES.

    But don't see any quotes from people getting just the EX.
  • We recently purchased an EX. Just found no grab handles for the second row. Only four big holes are there. It is very strange to us. Called the dealer. Told us they would look for them, if they could not find them, they will order them. Is it a defected product then? Should we call the manufacture?
  • greddygreddy Posts: 5
    Im getting offer for 26K OTD
  • Mgrant, tried to send you email and it doesnt go through. email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to give you some suggestions. you should be able to get better prices in chicago area.
  • intradeintrade Posts: 11
    Finally we got our EX, no leather, no DVD, no NAV.

    The selling price was $23800+TTL,

    Selling price $23800, with wheel locks
    Doc or dealer fee: $599 (rip off)
    Florida Tax : 6% : $1524.00
    New Tag : $190
    Total: : $26114

    Also got the extended warranty 7years/80k for $1380, could not bargain because of Florida law regarding warranty.

    Thanks and good luck
  • fence1fence1 Posts: 12
    Could someone please confirm that there are headset(s) that come with the car. I went through the manual and looked every where but could not find them. Thanks
  • mary36mary36 Posts: 52
    2 headsets come with the van... you have to pay extra for more.
  • jrb5jrb5 Posts: 1
    S. Florida - Braman Honda

    + 589 ([non-permissible content removed] dealer services charge)
    + 595 (destination)
    + 29 (bullsh*t batt disposal, tires, tag.. charges)
    + 1526 (sales tax)

    The price was $24584 (incl dest).. was going to the dealer to check on colors and the sales rep was pretty low pressure.. when his internet guy gave me a $23,989 + $595 price of $24584 I figured I'd go with it. Had I haggled for a few hours, I probably could have cranked out a few more beans I suppose, but then I try to keep my blood pressure low these days...

    As the buyers order was written up, they had the pre-printed $589 dealer services fee on the form.. told the sales rep he was a nice guy but not that nice, so he lowered the price to $23,400 to compensate for the $589 and keep me at $23,989... Car included the pin striping and wheel well and door protector deal which was a nice little bonus... not sure if this is normal or dealer added, but it was listed separately on one of the window stickers...

    Good luck buying...
  • fence1fence1 Posts: 12
    Could you tell me where they are hidden in the car ? I opened all of compartments that I know of and still could not find them ?
  • txdudetxdude Posts: 3
    Look in the back seat pockets (of the front row seats). That's where mine were.
  • fence1fence1 Posts: 12
    Yes just found it. They were hidden deep in the in-floor compartment. Thanks
  • I'm in northern VA. The best price we've received on an LX is $20,959. If you include freight, dealer processing, tax, tags is works out to $22,595.04 OTD. Tax is 3.17% in VA.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Someone just forgot to install them - damn poor quality control at the Lincoln plant. The dealer will put them in -end of story.
  • I got ripped off at Capitol Honda on upgraded alarm so thought a full disclosure would help many on this forum:

    Many dealers (to protect their vehicles on their lot) have Karr alarms pre-installed on them. Good thing for the dealers is that these can be easily programmed and transferred to customers. The customer gets what they call as an EX-1 upgrade which basically includes a shock sensor and a couple of warranties if vehicle is stolen. In the dealer mode it includes a starter-disable feature but not in the cutomer mode. Dealers tag this upgrade at $799 + tax ... but definitely it is not worth this amount. The Honda Ody (2007) comes with a basic alarm system which includes alarm when the door is tampered with, and, most importantly the engine immobilizer which does not allow starting the vehicle without the right key. On gooogling the internet it looks like the dealers have given this away at as low as $180 + tax (some paid $200+ tax/some $250+tax) on some Honda vehicles. Obviously I paid higher than that...

    I got ripped off as the existing Ody alarm situation was misrepresented to me by the dealer's finance guys. I am still trying to contact them but they dont pick up the phone.

    All Capitol Honda, San Jose, vehicles are armed with the best thing to do is to decline the alarm upgrade [actually the finance guys never use the word "UPGRADE" but keep referring to it as "ALARM". So it seems like if they deactivate the whole alarm would be gone]They would deactivate the shock sensor but the shock sensor and the wiring is left behind in the vehicle. Had I known this ahead of time I would have bought my vehicle elsewhere esp since I had a compteting quote. Once programmed in customer mode I dont know what it takes to get these off.
  • Good that u found it. Many dealers, like mine, keep it inside the dealership to prevent them from being stolen and sold elsewhere ...I got it after signing the papers
  • Just had a very good experience at Honda on Grand. Vince & Brian were very helpful.

    $29,500 + TTL for EX-L w/ DVD & Nav. Dealership was VERY busy, so I think the bargain hunters are out.
  • bohrarbohrar Posts: 6
    28000 OTD. Almost no negotiation. Requested Quote via email / FAX after contacting all the dealerships. My wife is 8 months pregnant and we did not want to go to dealerships and waste a lot of time.

    Dealership ratings and feedback:

    Hall of Fame: Autosport Honda, Bridgewater

    Hall of Shame: Garden State Honda, Clifton

    0 Star
    Garden State Honda,Clifton,NJ
    Lacking values. Lie. Bait & Switch.
    Did not offer a price but said would beat a written offer. Only went there because my wife wanted to go to someone close if possible as she is 8 months pregnant. She told them about her condition and got full assurance that the dealership had the van and would beat the written offer. Once we were there they did an about-face. According to them written offer means buyer's aggreement and not a fax from the dealership that gave the breakdown and a OTD price with a guarantee of the delivery.
    They offered a price $1000 above our price.(we didn't get to other fees & breakdown). Even when my wife told the manager (not sales person) about the guarantee, confirmation on the phone and the promise the manager refused to honor it.
    I told him that their treatment to us will be on the internet today. This then resulted in us getting a visit from the internet department sales person (who had promised us the price & delivery) in the parking lot. He wanted us back in to listen to their offer. He apologised but the damage was done. We had decided not to buy from the dealership and drove out after wasting an hour at the dealership.(Of course they made us wait even though there were no customers around. Wondering what happens when they are busy!)
    If this dealership (under new management/owner) treats pregnant women this way, we can't imagine how they will treat others.
    We would advise you to stay clear of them.

    Note: We did get two apology calls from the salesrep.It was nice of him. The treatment we received at the dealership from the management and their tactics means they get their chance of fame (for wrong reasons) in our book.

    2 star:
    Willis Honda 28837.21
    Positive: Gave us a competitive quote. Included the dealer cash.
    Negative: Bad communication. Probable Bait & Switch.
    Said would beat the lowest price and had the color we wanted. Before travelling great distance to buy the Van we called to confirm the availability and the price. Wasted three hours (9am - 12PM) before telling us they don't have the color. The reason we were given -- 9-11 - busy with customers. 11 - 11:40 Checking Inventory. We loved the excuse for the lie: "unfortunately we do not have the nimbus gray in stock, that was an incoming
    unit that is not due here untill the end of september"- yeah! if Honda is still making them. We were tempted to put them down to 1 Star but the fact that they gave a competitive quote saved them.
    Metro Honda -- Bad communication. Probable Bait & Switch.
    Said they had the color but reverted once we said we will walk out if they don't. Said would beat the lowest price but wanted us to visit. Did not give us a price quote. Wasted time.

    Dealerships that said will send the quotes but never did:
    VIP Honda
    Mahwah Honda
    Planet Honda
    Sussex Honda -- Said is sending the quote when we asked if they received the fax.
    Open Road Honda -- Gave a wrong email address. Emails on their website for different sales managers bounced. Did not respond when we pointed it out on the general sales email.

    Following dealerships provided us the quotes. They were also honest in telling us that they cannot beat the price and that we should take it. We did not negotiate but did offer them an opportunity to bid lower. We would recommend them all as they respond and are not out there to take you for a ride. They though were not willing to pass on the dealer cash in the first quote we gave them even though we mentioned we know about it. Thus we have reduced a star for an uncompetitive price quote.
    DCH Kay Honda 29022.5
    Staten Island Honda 29156.47
    Princeton Honda 29485.21
    DCH Paramus Honda 29600
    Potamkin Honda 29672
    Route 22 Honda 29694.78

    5 - Star
    Autosport Honda
    Final OTD price -- 28000
    Price - 25676.82 Tax(7%)- 1797.38 Fees - 167.3
    DMV - 351 Tire Tax 7.5
    Bought from them. Great experience overall. Salesperson was very nice. No pressure tactics and no LIES!! An extra star for quoting the lowest price (including dealer cash ) as the first quote and sticking to it .They still have couple of Vans. Give them a try.

    There were other dealerships that did not return the messages. I have not included their names here as they did not mislead and showed that they were not interested by not responding.

    Hope I was fair and objective in my ratings and that they are helpful in your purchase decision.
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