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2013 and earlier Buick Regal Lease Questions



  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    I would still like to know how the incentives and the lease cash translate into a lease cost on a base RL1. Recently, in the Philly area, there was an add for a 39 mo. lease with $1400 down for $199. That translates into about $177/mo with $2000 down. I assume that his includes the lease cash benefit. How much lower can you go on a $27k MSRP vehicle?
  • Car_man,

    Thanks again for the info. Dealer is saying the Conquest expires end of January, but appears most other incentives like lease cash and loyalty run to 2/28. Do you have knowledge of $1000 Conquest exp. date?

    With Turbo's being in, what seems to be, short supply is anyone having much luck in getting dealers to move their sell price down from sticker?
  • You can look to aim for 500 over invoice , also look at the TMV for your area. The Regal has a short gap from invoice to MSRP. The main thing is to make sure you are getting the base rate and add any fees to the monthly total. I prefer Ally because of no turn in fees and the 3,300 in lease cash.
  • Hi matthaney. To the best of my knowledge the conquest is scheduled to run through the end of February, like the rest of GM's programs.

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  • Question - Does the Regal qualify for BOTH the $1000 Conquest PLUS the $3300 Ally Lease Cash? Should I be figuring a total of $4300 off the MSRP at a minimum before any price negotiations?
  • quattro5,

    Good news is yes the dealer will give you both. With my deal it took me calling it to their attention asking if both were figured into the numbers. And "oops you're right we forgot to add the $1000 Conquest". Best to state up front you know about the $4300 to insure.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    I'm not a lease expert so how do those incentives translate into actual lease terms? What kind of real world monthly payments are people negotiating on Regals with these incentives.
  • Edmunds has a lease calc, just put the numbers in and it gives you a payment. I like Ally and the 3,300 lease cash, edmunds has the TMV for prices and look to pay 500 over invoice.
  • Hi Zeen, I'm searching for a lease deal on a Regal. Would you mind sharing with me the location and name of dealer where you got your car? Also, did you your deal include the conquest incentive? Thanks.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401

    My deal included the Conquest rebate.
    It was O'Neill Buick in Warminster PA
    My best advice is that you should be able to get a Regal base (RL1) with $2k down, 39 mo, 12k/yr for $200/mo with the Conquest rebate and all lease cash.
    Add to that price based on the options you want.
    If you need a contact there, let me know and I'll provide my email address.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    Thanks James. Will give that a try. Of course, for me, it's after the fact. We have a dealer here in the Philly area that advertise rock bottom prices for Buick leases. My approach has been to start off with that price at the dealer I use based on the assumption that it includes all rebates and cash.
  • Thanks Zeen.

    I've done the math and just don't see how it's possible to get a price that low. Here's what I've calculated:

    My Corporate Discount Car price=$26409
    GM Lease Cash Incentive=$3300
    Conquest Incentive=$1000
    Adjusted Car Price=$22109

    Residual Value (39 month lease @ 51%)=$11276
    Lease Rate=1.8%
    Monthly Payment ($11276 @1.8%)=$297.88

    What am I doing wrong?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    edited January 2011
    Residual percentage is multiplied by MSRP to calculate residual value, not multiplied by the adjusted (net) price.


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  • Oh, that makes a big difference. Thanks.
  • After doing a little more research here's what I come up with for a monthly payment:

    Regal MSRP=$26245
    GM incentive=$3300
    Conquest incentive=$1000
    My company discount=$586
    Adjusted Price: $26245-($3300+$1000+$586)=$21359

    Ally 39 month lease
    Residual value=51%
    Interest rate=1.8% (0.00075 money factor)

    Residual price: $26245*.51=$13385
    Depreciation: $21359-$13385=$7974
    Monthly depreciation: $7974/39=$204
    Monthly Interest: ($21359+$13385)*0.00075=$26
    Monthly payment: $204+$26=$230

    Does this look correct? Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    What option package is with this vehicle?
  • The dealer sent me the lease sheet that outlines the program with Ally. It shows a $795 administrative fee. Has anyone seen this?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    That sounds like a lease acquisition fee.... it goes to the bank.. I'm not sure what Ally's fee is.. Some banks allow the dealer to mark it up for extra profit..


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  • Hello. I'm looking for February numbers on a T06, 12k per year, 39 months. Also, do you need written documentation for the Conquest rebate or is a verbal mention good enough? Also had a salesman tell me he "sees" $1,000 in dealer cash on his sheet as of today for the Regal, would that be in addition to the $3,300 Ally money and Conquest cash if those are still applicable? I'm in Minneapolis if that weighs into any of this. The one sales manager I'm dealing with is playing the shell game with specific numbers and feeding me monthly payments which is driving me crazy. Thanks for any information you can share.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    edited February 2011
    Ad for Regal RL1 at S. NJ dealer:
    $99/mo 36 months 12k mi/yr
    $995 due at start
    Rebates listed: (all $1,000) GM Loyalty, GM in-Market, GM Conquest
    Also includes $750 USAA rebate.
    You can do the math if you don't qualify for the rebates. Approx $30 per thousand of rebate.
    Assuming you only qualify for GM Conquest, Lease would be approx $181/mo
    This dealer advertises rock bottom price so it includes all dealer cash
    Am I analyzing this right?
  • I leases mine about a week and a half ago. Got $3300 in lease cash and $1000 conquest. Plus got credit union member pricing. I rolled in a last payment on Accord which was at mileage limit plus my state has a usage tax i rolled in and the Ally lease fee of $795. I still got done for sub-$300 per month. Very happy with this car so far.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    Quattro: What option packaged did you get?
    I am enjoying mine as well. Still adjusting the the lack of power compared to the Acura TL I had but it's not a real problem. Drove 200 miles yesterday on the highway and I had plenty of power and cruised comfortably between 75-80.
  • Just the base RL1. Non-turbo

    Way more features than my old LX-P Accord. Just a much classier vehicle overall than that car. I agree the lack of power isn't that big of a deal. Much smoother and quieter than the Accord.
  • tmoneyr007tmoneyr007 Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    Base RL1 (coming from a loaded 07 Accord V6)
    US Bank Incentive (Still have to pay a $395 end of lease fee) But incentive/rates combined were better than Ally in my case.
    $2000 GM Points
    $1000 Conquest
    $600 off MSRP
    $500 Trade-In Equity

    First month at signing plus tax on rebates (~$640)
    $238/month (including taxes) 15K/yr 48 month lease (went longer than a 39 for $2 more a month, because I'm happy paying $238 to drive this car)

    Car could use a little more power and the transmission seems like it needs a software upgrade (not 10000% happy with the shifting) but for the price and the quality of materials, especially the interior, I'm very happy!
  • $33,385 MSRP (19" rims/roof/bi-xenons/black on black), $3300 Ally rebate, $1000 Dealer Cash, $1000 Conquest, Credit Union rebate and we ended up at $31,241 as the starting point of the vehicle. 49% residual, 1.8 (.00075 money factor) 39 months, 12k a year. $2,000 total out of pocket which included sales tax so only about $250 was actual down payment, I was out the door at $320/month, and I think they still ended up sneaking some fees in on me, but I'm still happy.

    Nothing else I drove came close to this car in terms bang for your buck, and I currently have both a BMW and a Mercedes.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    That Regal is smoking hot. Good luck with it. Seems like you got an excellent deal. My dealer told me a Regal GS is due late this year. I wonder if it will have a six.
  • Hello ursvp2. Ally's February base lease rate and residual value for a 39 month lease of a 2011 Buick Regal T06 with 12,000 miles per year are 1.8% and 49%, respectively.

    You need to actually own or be currently leasing a competitive vehicle to qualify for the conquest cash. I don't know how strict GM is, but I suspect that you can't just say "Oh I own an XYZ mobile and leave it at that."

    General Motors is indeed now providing $1,000 dealer cash on the 2011 Regal. I'm not 100% positive that it is compatible with GM's special lease program...but I suspect that it is.

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  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    Latest deal from same dealer:
    24 month lease 12,000 mi/yr. $129/month
    $325 due at start
    Incentives needed: $2750 lease cash (everyone qualifies), $1000 GM Rebate, $1000 GM loyalty rebate, $1000 GM In-market rebate, $750 USAA rebate $1000 Conquest rebate.
    Question: how does one qualify for conquest and loyalty?
  • Local dealer advertised $209/mo. 27 mo. lease and $0 due at signing for RL1. Went in and found out that there was over $1,000 in upfronts to get the deal. Apparently the rebates for $1,000 GM conquest and $3,300 Ally lease are taxed PLUS Ally charges almost $800 lease origination fee. Not exactly $0 due at signing!
  • From what i gather here there are some nice rebates $1000 plus $3300 on the 2011 Regal for a lease. I usually buy my car but there does not seem to be much off MSRP the best I see is through ZAG at around $2000 off MSRP

    I am interested in a non turbo RL2 MSRP 27,995 Invoice 27,370 Amex Zag is 25,950 using the lease logic i could buy the car for 24,695 but that does not seem able to happen.

    I am not in a rush to buy the car I can wait a few months I believe the cash rebate or dealer incentive has to be increased any thoughts on this.

    Thanks in advance this is a great forum hope you guys and gals can help me get a great deal on a Regal
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