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Chevrolet Cruze



  • I've had my cruze LT2 now for a week, third tank of fuel...I drive a lot! I'm averaging 31 mpg with 30% city and 70% highway driving. This car is just great! I love everything about it.
  • carfreak09carfreak09 Posts: 160
    edited November 2010
    Umm...Actually, the 2012 Elantra is being released at the LA auto show very soon and will hit dealers shortly thereafter, probably by January. When will ECO models hit the showroom? So, it's not a year later, its at the same time.....
  • I hadn't seen those numbers yet but would not be surprised if they're that good. Hyundai and Kia strip a lot of weight out of their vehicles and if you don't mind road and wind noise, that's fine.

    Personally I don't like the "tin can" feel that lightness imparts. I don't want the roar of the wind and road in my ears when I drive. Some people don't care and Hyundai/Kia is perfect them. Vehicles that look good but drive like econo-boxes are not for me though.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    It's not the 2012 Elantra, it's the 2011 Elantra and it will be in showrooms before the end of the year. This is directly from the USA Hyundai Pres. press conference. Go to for more info.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    I don't think the windnoise etc. on the Hyundai/Kia cars is that bad but you're right about them being less solid feeling. Luxury cars and other cars of substance are often denigrated by car mags for their weight but that same weight means lots of heavy soundproofing materials, thicker glass etc which in turn results in a lot nicer touring experience.
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    edited November 2010
    That still blows me away; there has been no 2011 Elantra available this year and it will be December before the "new" 2011 Elantra is released. I'm digressing on that point though. The 2700lb 2011 Elantra offers the weight of a sub-compact and that helps it's mileage - a lot.

    Don't expect a 2700lb car to ride and feel like a premium mid-size sedan. You'll need to be in Cruze to get that in this class.
  • Umm...I don't hear any roar of wind or road noise in my '10 Hyundai Accent. In fact, it's quieter than my previous Acura Integra and is one of the quietest small cars around. Hyundai goes to great lengths to quiet their cars so they aren't pulling weight from this area (hell, they even stuffed styrofoam blocks of sound deadening material into the front quarter panels, something I've never seen before). You are making obvious assumptions about weight. No curb weight info has been released on the '11 Elantra, so you just decided to come up with a number as fact?

    Frankly, 3100 pounds for a compact is ridiculous and too heavy. I had no idea the Cruze was that porky and am disappointed. Can you imagine how much better the mileage would be if it weighed a more reasonable 2800? Not to mention performance and handling. A car does not need to weigh this much to feel solid.
  • I think its funny that so many people are making a big deal out of the ECO model. If you want the mileage the ECO model is available. So what that its a special model? Hyundai's mileage sounds impressive but once again we are left wondering how they are whipping the competition in mileage without any tricks. No direct injection, no DCT, no special weight saving features and yet the car gets 28/40. SOunds great, just like Sonata but in real world testing the Sonata has proved to be no more efficient than competing cars with lower ratings. C&D compared Sonata to Accord and Legacy and I believe the Sonata tied the Accord in mileage in spite of being rated 2-4mpg higher than the Honda.
  • If you dont like the Cruze, dont buy it. The Jetta is over 3000lbs and the Focus likely will be as well. The cruze ECO weighs about 2800lbs so you can stop complaining about weight. Cruze is almost as large as the Kizashi and thus it weighs over 3000lbs. Lighter cars like Corolla and Civic have less equipment, less size and less rigidity. Expect the Cruze to get top notch safety ratings- thats one reason for the weight.
  • numerous reviews have noted Sonata's noise isolation is OK, not stellar. I would expect the same of the Elantra. The extra weight has to be shaved from SOMEWHERE. There are no magic bullets.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    edited November 2010
    There are ways of shaving weight without reducing soundproofing material. The use of higher strength steel and aluminum block engines vs. cast iron are ways to save pds but like you said, they aren't magic bullets either but they are good engineering.

    I totally disagree with your mention of the Sonata real world mpg though. Using one review from C&D as your basis is shallow research. If you read many reviews by both owners and professional reviewers you will find that the vast majority have been getting the stated EPA ratings or better.
  • I was more responding to the fact that the regular Cruze models have class average gas mileage. Special ECO models in the past have been very limited in the options department, meaning it won't appeal to a broad range of people. Maybe this one will be better, but the dealer may not stock many of them either. Chevy should take Hyundai's approach and give all their models stellar mileage. I'm not totally sure yet but the Elantra's 1.8 is all new and more then likely has direct injection, thus explaining the much improved numbers. Although going from a 4 speed to a 6 speed also explains the big increase.

    I like the Cruze as far as looks go. And it's innovative for GM. It is on the expensive side though and it's heftier then it needs to be.
  • Hyundai released the 2700lb curb weight for the Elantra on Friday, Nov. 12th. I like my cars to have a premium "feel" and already know a 2700lb Elantra won't have that, no reasonably priced Hyundai has it. Heck the little Honda Civic weighs 2800lbs and is like a tin can.

    I would have preferred the Cruze to come in at 2900lbs AND offer premium levels of refinement but that didn't happen, so 3100lbs it is for a quiet, smooth, comfortable "premium" ride.
  • I guess coming from owning a very large sedan like the Buick Lucerne, you expect a certain "heft" so to speak. Your perspective is very different. The heaviest car I ever owned was a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante, which was light for a luxury car. All my other cars have ranged from 2100-3000 pounds, so I'm used to a different weight class. From my perspective, this weight class does not feel like a tin can, especially when the doors close with a nice solid thunk. I still don't understand how you can surmise that the new Elantra won't have a premium "feel" just because it's lighter. You are making up your mind sight unseen and that doesn't make sense.
  • I've seen numerous reviews/comparisons of the Sonata- its hasnt surpassed its competition in real world mileage in those tests. IL did a test as well and the Sonata's mileage didnt stand out.

    If you have a comparo test in which the Sonata actually distanced itself from the competiton in efficiency let me know.

    I am baffled as to why so many Sonata fans are obsessed with putting down other cars. The Sonata is a nice car, its not a world beater. At the end of the day its most distinctive trait is the styling- which I am not totally impressed by. The value is nice, but lets be honest- with incentives you can get competing cars for the same money. I like the Sonata's powertrain better than the Cruze's but aside from that I'm not convinced the Sonata is a much better car as so many contend. Did you see the test data on the Cruze? It outcorners, out brakes and out slaloms the Sonata.
  • GM expects the ECO model to be volume model. ECO is available with Auto, bluetooth, power seat, parking sensors, USB port and a few other options. Its not available with sunroof. The ECO isnt designed to be some ultra low volume model that no one buys. The Cobalt XFE was like that- it was a base car with no automatic and no options.

    I would like to know how the Elantra is getting such great mileage. Hopefully the press event will give some details because beating the competiton by 5mpg without direct injection or special ECO tweaks seems too good to be true.
  • MT tested Cruze for COTY and got 8.6 to 60, 122ft braking, .82g skidpad and a faster figure 8 time than the sporty CR-Z. Those are pretty good numbers for a compact.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    I don't own a Sonata and it really isn't on my short list but I don't know what reviews you've read but reports on real world mileage are as good or better than EPA. In fact, I'm sure you're well aware that most people can meet or beat the new (post 2008) EPA numbers if they drive even somewhat conservatively with just about any car manufactured since 2008 . I'm not questioning the overall quality of the Cruze versus Sonata and, in fact, believe that it does have a more quality feel and a tighter, more buttoned down drive. I was just talking about your comment that Sonata doesn't meet their EPA numbers while others do and that is just crazy.

    I've have noticed Sonata owners that seem to have a chip on their shoulder and have to declare to the world that they made a great choice in automobile. I think this is somewhat common and expected when a brand has been beaten down by poor product and has made a turnaround but is still chastised for product that was offered 15 years ago.

    GM is in that same catergory and I see the same sort of putting down other cars by some rabid fans of theirs. Very defensive and a refusal to look at things objectively.

    You can go to and see real world reports by owners. If you look at recent year Sonatas they are surpassing the EPA combined numbers as well as other models of Hyundai. If you look at the Chev models they don't seem to do as well. While the number of reports are admittedly not huge, the number of reports from owners from both manufacturers are similar. You can also go to the individual forums on Edmunds here and look at the "real world mpg" threads or the owners reviews and see pretty much the same thing.
  • dave8697dave8697 Posts: 1,498
    I'm getting just above what I expected
    Set aside my 3.8 SC 3650 lb Buick that got 27.5 overall average on regular and over 30 on trips fully loaded and started driving a new Chevy Malibu 4 cyl 6AT. My expectations were that the 23/26/34 chev would get me 27 overall considering it was 3450 lbs empty and that my commute was half city and half heavily congested interstate under construction with reduced lanes. I'm getting 29 overall. Based on the DIC, I expect to get 32-34 on 800 mile trips similar to the one that got me 30.5 in the Riv. The local driving is above expectations in mileage for the Chev. I take it pretty easy and could also probably beat EPA numbers in a Hundai. My Malibu will score the same as any 4 cyl 6AT Malibu. I don't see adding leather seats as reducing mileage. The LTZ model is rated the same mpgs as my LT1. While one model is advertised as getting top mileage, they all do about the same. Driving style and city% mean more than weight of options. Even the V6 may get a little less in city but probably gets near 32 on a trip. Of course, I could go do some heavy canyon thrashing with it and get 19 mpg from it. I could also do that with a Honda or Hundai. I would expect a Cruze to get 2 mpg more than my 29 in mixed driving and who ever gets hwy mileage except on a trip. All this 40 mpg talk is just that.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    All this 40 mpg talk is just that.

    I don't know what you're talking about when you say that. I have no doubts that the Cruze will result in 40mpg+ when taken on a straight road trip. I have three cars/trucks and each one gets 2-4 mpg better hwy than the EPA says it should do. I usually set the speedo on 5 over the limit unless I'm in a state where the xpressway limit is 70 or 75 and then I usually set it at the speed limit. So I'm not babying it or hypermiling by any stretch of the imagination. I have a truck, SUV and a 4cyl car and the car gets the best mpg in relation to the EPA number I think mainly due to wind resistance hits the truck and SUV more at freeway speeds then the car. Hwy mpg is the easiest thing to compare because there are few differences. Set the cruise and go.

    When you mention about canyon thrashing, well that is about how the auto mags drive these cars so MPG for them is always way off the mark. Their doing 0-60 runs and stuff like that. They aren't driving normally. So to hang your hat on what they get is not realistic.

    I think Consumer Reports does a pretty realistic test of real world driving so I think their mpg numbers are probably pretty close to most peoples real world numbers.
  • I understand your point. My current Buick is the largest car I've ever owned. Over the years my stable has included a Honda Civic, Mazda Protege, Audi A4, and (yikes!) a Mercury Lynx. I thought I'd try a large car this time and like many of the "benefits" that driving a full-size automobile imparts.

    I'm looking to down-size next year to a C/D segment vehicle, but don't want to give up the smooth, quiet, comfortable ride. I will try out an Elantra. Except for the dash layout, the car looks good and the mileage is excellent.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    The Cruze will absolutely get 40 mpg. My 2007 I4 MT Accord is rated at 31 mpg highway and my lifetime average (96,000 miles) is 34.8 mpg. I get 40 mpg all the time on the highway.

    The Cruze will certainly do better. The new EPA numbers are a joke - hard not to beat them. Even the old numbers were cut down 28% from the actual measured mpg to account for "operator error"

    I do agree about the weight though. It is 100 lbs more than my much larger Accord (106 vs 94 cubic ft of interior space).
  • Maybe you have that one special Accord that gets awesome mileage but 40 mpg is pretty hard to believe. 34, yes as Hondas tend to beat their epa numbers by a few. What speed do you drive to attain that and what are your tires inflated at? I used to hear people claiming their Integras were doing 38 mpg and I had to laugh. There was no physical way possible that the GSR model could do that, not with the engine screaming at 4000 rpms on the highway. I never got more then 31 mpg in that car on the highway, and 27-28 in the city, right in between its 25/31 rating.

    The reality is, most people can match or beat the epa numbers by a few mpg. Those claiming to beat the numbers by 5 or more are either using the inaccurate mileage computer on their car or using flawed mathematics due to different gas pumps filling to a different level. Or their tires are inflated to the max listed on the sidewall and they drive a steady 60 mph.
  • I do agree about the weight though. It is 100 lbs more than my much larger Accord (106 vs 94 cubic ft of interior space).

    dudleyr where is your data coming from? 100lbs heavier than your Accord? Your Accord weighs under 3000lbs? 106 cubic feet of interior volume? The 2007 Accord was rated at 103 cubic feet of passenger volume and 117 cubic feet overall.

    Comparing apples to apples shows the 2007 Accord I4 LX with auto at 3197lbs vs an 1LT Cruze at 3102lbs. The Cruze is almost 100lbs lighter. Even the 2007 LX sedan with a manual weighs 3133lbs.

    Total interior volume of the Cruze vs. your 2007 Accord puts them both in the EPA mid-size class with the Accord at 117 total cu.ft. vs. 110 for the Cruze.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    At 65 mph the Accord easily gets 40 mpg. 40 psi in my tires 0w-20 synthetic oil. I have gone over 650 miles on a tank of gas and had many tanks near 45 mpg. Just need a stick shift and some driving knowledge. BTW I also have a '90 Integra RS and while it cannot match the Accord for efficiency it does get 38 on the highway - sometimes more.

    Semantics - even at the same weight the Accord is still a much larger vehicle than the Cruze. 10 inches longer and much more interior space. The point being the the Cruze is heavy for its size. Yes there are other heavy small cars - Jetta etc.

    Not pushing the Accord - just comparing the Cruze to what I drive now.

    Looks like they have the Eco on the web site. No leather as I feared. Also no nav, no heated seats and no premium stereo. I suppose I will have to see what the stick shift 1LT or 2LT get for mpg.

    Not bashing the Cruze as most manuf's (including Honda) are loathe to offer a high mpg stick shift model with premium features. Just always hopeful when a new car comes out. Maybe the Elantra will be different - maybe not.
  • First of all MOST auto reviews dont offer detailed mileage information. Some reviews tell you what they observed on the car's trip computer but most do not calculate mileage. I dont know where you are getting all of this data on the Sonata but the comparison tests I've seen in C&D, MT and IL don't show any notable mileage adtvantage in the real world. Again, if you've seen a test in which the Sonata handily beats the competition in observed mileage let me know. Owner stories cannot be directly compared since we dont know how each person drives. At least in a magazine test all the car are driven in the same manner for the same distance you so you can make a realistic comparison.

    There is no logical reason for GM products to do better or worse on the EPA test vs Hyundai products. And I disagree that EPA numbers can be easily beaten. The new EPA numbers are very optimistic for city driving and mostly realistic for highway driving. My old car got 26 on the highway under ideal conditions (that was EPA rating) but hills or speeding would drop that figure. In the city 17 wasnt even close to accurate.
  • if the ECo offered everything the LTZ offered it would make the LTZ pointless. Remember, the extra mileage isnt free. You lose sound deadening, get low resitance tires and tall gearing. The ECO isnt for people looking for a small luxury car, it has common options people expect in a compact and most will probably be priced under $21k or so. The LTZ has a sportier suspension, more features, larger wheels and a quieter ride in exchange for decent, but not class leading, mileage.
  • First of all EPA ratings were not changed to account for driver error, they were changed to incorporate more real world conditions like AC use and rapid acceleration/deceleration and other things. The consensus is that the new ratings are MUCH more accurate. This view is shared by auto publications and most owners. My last two cars were rated at 20 in the city and I got between 14-16mpg on those cars. The old ratings werent even close to correct.

    You cannot compare the weights of cars from two different generations. The Cruze is safer, quieter, has a more advanced tranny, more airbags, larger wheels and a stiffer stucture than your accord. Hondas tend to be light but hondas also tend to be criticized for road noise- no coincidence. Newer cars are stiffer than old cars and all that steel and reinforcement adds up. Then you factor in larger wheels and tires, more sound deadening and more features and weight goes up. Lots of people like to pick on the Cruze (and other GM vehicles) for increased weight but its a trend across the board. The new 5 series is about 250lbs more than the old one.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    "Just need a stick shift and some driving knowledge. "

    I couldn't agree more. But what I don't like is that mfgrs (probably to keep wty claims at bay for lugging) use a lower final drive output ratio in the top cog. So most autos now claim better mpg on the hwy. Many (more all the time) claim better in city also, but again your statement above covers that.

    The manual drivers just need the same ratios as the autos and we could do better still.

    I also agree on the wanting some luxury (give me quiet, excellent seats, leather too or not as long as the seat is great, excellent stereo, but NO sunroof) but DON'T make me buy an automatic to get those goodies. Cuz I won't, i will do without. I am really not liking the trend with all new vehicles in NA. In Europe they have all the good stuff. Std trannys and turbo diesels in anything you want.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    edited November 2010
    You stated that the Sonata didn't return it's EPA numbers by referencing a C/D comparo. All I was saying is that from what articles I've read(I read the same mag articles you read probably) and owner reviews it does. That's all. You said during the C/D test the Sonata didn't meet the EPA numbers but were comparable to the Accords numbers which are lower. That's fine but it doesn't mean anything as you say.
    From Consumer Reports test of the Sonata

    "The new four-cylinder engine racked up impressive fuel economy of 27 mpg overall"

    And from Consumer Reports highest mpg charts the Sonata GLS returned 39mpg hwy and the Accord LX-P returned 35 hwy.

    Below is a quote from review:

    "This engine makes its debut in the Sonata, and with an EPA-estimated 35 miles per gallon on the highway (22 in the city), Hyundai has topped the Ford Fusion for the title of most fuel-efficient non-hybrid mid-size sedan. That's a great line for a press release, yes, but it's also a huge selling point for consumers who demand frugality in new car purchases. These aren't fluffed-up numbers, either, as we easily managed an average of 33 mpg during our week-long test through metro Detroit."

    Autoweeks Cruze tester is returning 24.2 combined mpg but the EPA says it should get 28 combined mpg. I don't put a lot of stock in these mag tests but if you're going to reference them don't cherrypick.

    You say you can't trust any of the owners reports here on Edmunds of the mileage they are getting. OK, that's you're perogative. I'm sure there are some fanboy exaggerations within them. But, if everyone goes on that assumption than everthing you say is also suspect.

    Oh, and just so you don't think I'm some kind of GM hater. I've had about 35 different cars over the years, about half of them were GM and I liked the vast majority of those. GM just hasn't had what I want for the past few years. My last LaSabre Ltd. was a great car but it nickled and dimed me a lot of money over 10 years of ownership. Loved the ride/drive/mpg but it just had to be in the shop too much.
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