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Ford Freestyle Recalls



  • debbiew75debbiew75 Posts: 19
    i feel ya!!! mine has been replaced twice... less than a year apart.
  • rebecca33rebecca33 Posts: 5
    I would like the Invest. info....

    Our Freestyle would accelerate on its own and then not go like many others on here....but while we were on vacation in Branson Mo. driving on the winding hills, the car would not go and my husband was flooring it....very scary...once we returned home on flat land country it was better until we had a snow storm and were driving through it. Lots of snow on the road, slow driving and it started hills this time....for us it seems like if their is conditions that make the car work harder than normal..... there is problems...
  • By chance my wife had an issue just last night. Weather here in NC is 94+ and she was at a local shopping center started car, went to put it in reverse to back out of a parking space and the engine surged and cut off. She says this happened 3 times before she was finally able to get out of the parking lot and then roughly 1/4 mile later at a busy intersection when trying to accelerate she could not go more than 30 mph with the pedal pushed to the floor. According to her the "wrench" light stayed on. I got home a little while later I got home and the car had been off and sitting for 5-10 minutes...It started and ran fine? I had to run an errand so I drove it, @ 5 miles, parked in a lot, got back in, restarted no issues.? I happened to see your listing for Stephen McHenry and thought hmm I will give him a call and see if there is any further news. I was pleasantly suprised that he indeed called me back and has emailed me the Tech. Service Bulletin on this issue. We had a good conversation and he said that the NHTSA has opened a formal investigation about this issue and we both agreed to exchange info as we found out more. I am going to try cleaning the throttle body per the bulletin and if I do need to replace it I will be sending the original to Steve for further investigation.

    2006 Ford Freestyle SEL owner
  • So glad to hear of similar problems. Bought 2007 Freestyle used with limited warranty left. Now the wrench light, surging, stalling. All of it. Very unsafe and disappointing for a newer car. Hope to see a recall soon. Headed to the Ford dealership tomorrow.
  • akcallakcall Posts: 6
    Just wondering what the tech service bulletin stated. I filed my complaint on the NHTSA's website today. I am very disappointed with the problems with this car!
  • joslmajoslma Posts: 1
    We had the same traction control light problem. What finally fixed yours?
  • I just went to the NHTSA website and the throttle body for the 2005 thru 2007 Ford Freestyles is under investigation as of May 11, 2011. I also received an email from Stephen McHenry that is the investigator on this case. Maybe soon we will all have some kind of response to this issue. I spent over $700.00 dollars to have mine replaced and got lucky to get the last throttle body available at the time before they were on backorder. When I picked up my freestyle the man at the ford dealership told me that he had another freestyle coming in for the same problem but would have to wait until the part is available.
  • akcallakcall Posts: 6
    I can't remember the name it was some $1,200 part and three weeks in the shop to figure it out. I will look through my paper work and see if I can find the name of the part and get back to you.
  • I just filed my online complaint with NHTSA - hope to hear something soon!

    I didn't know there was a chance we could be reimbursed by manufacturer so I will look for receipts since we have already replaced the throttle body before. This time around the problem seems to be worse. Read on another post that brakes seem to be an issue too..I thought it was just me but they have had to be replaced on my vehicle more than normal.
  • kdibkdib Posts: 5
    OK after 44K miles and 17 trips to the Ford Dealer for lunging they now want to replace the Throttle Body and of course Charge me. I guess I will file with NHTSA tonight.
  • ktex1ktex1 Posts: 1
    Same problem, today, my wife with mother-in-law and kids in the car. Very frustrating. I contacted Ford and am awaiting their response. Should not have to wait for NHTSA to force their hand. Not, if quality is job one (and if caring for the well being of others matters too). Outrageous situation.
    I noticed the problem seems to intensify if the AC's been on for a while or if idyling or operating at less than 5 mph.
  • mcmillan1mcmillan1 Posts: 1
    Have my 2007 Freestle for service right now, car has ben lurching when foot is on the brake pedal. Had appointment to take it in Monday, but last night it starting lurching and sputtering and the check engine light came on while driving. Luckily I was able to safely pull over in a parking lot
    I turned off vehicle and restarted it and drove a mile to the dealership. This is the 3rd time in 47 days that I had his vehicle in for the same symptom. They replaced the EGR Valve, did a fuel sytem service, and replaced the Mass air sensor coming up to over $1000.00 in repairs and it still isn't fixed. I am waiting on the phone call to see what the problem is this time. I did buy the extended warranty and am hoping the repair will be covered this time.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    The 80,000 standard emissions warranty may cover your repairs...check your warranty book.
  • dstegdsteg Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Freesytle that has also been lurching. It happens usually when I run the air for the front and the back. Did you find anything out after taking it to the dealer?.
  • douger1douger1 Posts: 1
    Hey new to the site, I just looked up Freestyle recalls and found that there is a lot people having the same problem. I was undeterminded if I was having a problem out of the TPS or the throttle body from the codes I retrieved from the car. You guys have answered my question. I have found that the throttlebody is on back order due to the manufacture of the part has went belly up. (wonder why) The original part was heated by the engine coolant and the new replacement part is not. I do not understand why this part has not been recalled. I keep waiting to hit another car or person. Maybe we should contact local news stations to see if we can get the same response they got from the "lunging Toyotas".
  • tickedtctickedtc Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Ford Freestyle Limited...with extra bells and whistles...that's why we got it!...Up until now... 89,000 miles I have LOVED it. I felt VERY UNSAFE in my car the other day...100+degrees out...A/C going....although actin lil funny...and then the Wrench light came surged while in Reverse....then turned off while in Bank...came out...turned on...wrench went away...went along...then onto Bypass/Hwy....and THAT WHEN I FREAKED OUT CRYING!!!....My husband, little sister, and our 9yo Son were in the Vehicle. I had gas pedal to the FLOOR...and NO MORE Than I let off gas SURGED up to 55MPH!...I was slamming on break...NOT sure WHAT going on!...I have the Ford Certified Vehicle of 5yr/100,000 mile warranty...I took it to a CERTIFIED FORD DEALER...b/c in order to be covered warranty I had to....They told me it was the Throttle Body....going to cost almost $900 to replace and that it was not Considered Warrantied under Powertrain...and that I needed a new fuel filter...and to flush my fuel Cost almost $1200...NOW the wrench Does NOT stay on my Control Panel all the time...It has actually only shown up 2x! I blew off the previous "surges" as "all in my head"...when In fact I have a legitimate fear for SAFETY when driving....SO...with that said...I have noticed that this SURGING increases when red light etc...and when in car actually shut down.."died"...and when I put it into Park when pulling in lunges a bit. But going from 55...after taking foot of accelerator!...WOW....pretty FREAKY...I very WELL could have SLAMMED into a car or someone in front of me!...NOT TO MENTION...the "stalling"...I was so scared driving it to the dealer that I avoided the hwy alltogether B/C I didn't want to Pull out...have it NOT accelorate appropriately....and get T-boned!....I purchased my Pre-Owned...Certified vehicle in 2008 with something like 30+K miles...So we DRIVE A LOT...we take a lot of short VACA's...and I travel a LOT for my work! YES...I am DEATHLY AFRAID TO DRIVE IT AT ALL....except to the next DEALER to trade the **** thing in ! about ONE NOT HAPPY MOMMY!....this is OUr FAMILY vehicle....I thought Ford was suppose to be Built Tough...and SAFE...HUH? I too would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE TO SEE THIS VEHICLE RE-CALLED....AND ALL OWNERS TO BE REIMBURSED!...I DON'T HAVE $900 TO REPLACE THIS AT THIS option is for a "buddy" to do the repair on the cheap...and HOPE It fixes it LONG enough for me to TRADE it OFF!!!!! I sure hope this matter is resolved....and SOON!!
  • nomoreford4nomoreford4 Posts: 4
    edited August 2011
    I am as angry as you are after experiencing similar problems! Thank goodness we didn't hit another car, or worse, a person! Or be hit as we stalled! We have a 2007 Freestyle with 56k on it. Still have 8 months to pay. Replaced the ac for $1200 in early June and then the surging and stalling really hit constantly! It did not happen while the ac was broken.

    After much internet research, had the throttle body fuel induction service (as someone on this site suggested) for $125. I'm scared that I will jinx myself but we haven't had a problem in the month and a half since. Now that it is "working" along with my ac, I'm seriously considering a trade in while I know I have no current problems. Good luck!
  • Well,....I am pretty sure my AC was going OUT!.....but I had more than just a few months to pay on it!.......I am is gone!...I got a NEW car yesterday!........I told my HUSBAND......NO way am I putting our child in that Car again!....I told him it had to go.....and it did...!........I wish luck to you....but after all the research I did...and people are replacing them 3-6 months later!.......NO THANK YOU!...
  • I too am having problems with my Freestyle lunging. Please send me info on who to file a complaint with.
  • Yesterday I was traveling on the interstate. My 2007 Freestyle had been running great. Turned off interstate to head to destination. Stopped at stoplight, car would no longer move forward, backward, sideways, etc. We have had the car less than three weeks and it has 80,000 miles on it. Please advise on what might cause this issue.
  • jehbulljehbull Posts: 1
    Can you tell me the number for the investigation? I would like to look at it and also make a complaint. My Freestyle began "lurching" last September when the a/c was on and stopped over the winter. Once spring began and the a/c was being used, it started up again, resulting in the wrench light coming on. When I took it in last September, the mechanic couldn't figure out the problem, nor could he re-create it. So, I thought that it was just a hiccup and that we could ride it out. That is, until the engine light came on last Tuesday, stayed on the next morning, and the a/c quit working. The new mechanic that I've been using telephoned Friday to say he believes that it needs a new throttle body. Surprise! Anyway, I'd like to post. It's especially problematic and, additionally, I'm frightened that we will have an accident.
  • Until/if a recall is issued, in the meantime you need to try to have them clean your throttle body. Do fuel induction service. about $125-150. From what I have read and understand, the part is expensive ($800-900) and may not be available. It gets clogged and causes the lurching. Without a part redesign, cleaning probably should have been part of the regular maintenance on it. Our car is not lurching now that we had this done. I don't remember where I saw this on the site, but there was a suggestion for a less expensive repair on the ac that might work, too. I saw it, of course, after we had already replaced it.
  • mewmanmewman Posts: 2
    I was having the same surging problems that many of you are having. After reading the post that I may have to replace the throttle body, I became really concerned about the cost. However, I found a mechanic that would takeoff the throttle body and clean the part. He did just that and we have not had any more problems. My car would even surge and shutdown. He did tell me that there was carbon build up and that the cleaning took care of the problem. I hope this works for you because $100 cleaning is better than spending $1000 to replace.
  • I am ha this same problem now wot y 2006 ford freetyle. Do you know if i relace the throttle when it be okay? It cuts off now and we have to start it agian while driving. Can you explain this to me? What should I do?
  • Hello
    I am having this same problem. How do I get in contact with to make a complaint. This is ridiculous and they need to do somehting about it. i can not drive my car now becasue of this problem and we can not fix it becasue my husband got laid off. Please let me know who I can call.
  • mewmanmewman Posts: 2
    I had my throttle body cleaned by a local mechanic. It was less that $100 and my car no longer surges. I would definetly give it a try before I replaced another one. My mechanic said there was carbon build-up in my throttle body.
    Hope this helps,
  • Are you still having problems with the TCL? Mine is on and been on for a year... it was intermittant at first and now is on all the time. Did a scan for a code but it is not registering anything. In the winter the AWD did not seem to be working well in the snow? Has anyone had this problem and what was the fix?
  • I just filed a complaint today with the NHTSA. I wasn't able to find the investigation that was mentioned. I'm having the throttle issues and water puddles in my car. I don't have a sun or moon roof.
  • Here is the website:

    Here is the info I just got from the NHTSA website. I opened a claim and then added this action number to the investigation: PE11018

    NHTSA Action Number: NHTSA Recall Campaign Number:
    PE11018 N/A
    Make: FORD Model: FREESTYLE
    Manufacturer : FORD MOTOR COMPANY
    Model Year : 2005
    Component(s) :
    Date Investigation Opened : May 11, 2011
    Date Investigation Closed : Open
    ODI has received 238 complaints alleging incidents of unexpected vehicle movement when the driver's foot is not on the accelerator in model year 2005 through 2007 Ford Freestyle vehicles. Complainants allege that the vehicle brakes are effective in either preventing or stopping the movement, but in some cases the vehicle has moved as much as 10 feet if the brake was not applied, lightly applied or applied late. The movement resulting from the unexpected idle speed increase, often described as a "lunge," is alleged to have resulted in 18 minor crashes. Reports allege that the lunging occurs when the driver's foot is not on the accelerator and either firmly on the brake pedal, lightly on the brake pedal, or hovering above the pedals (such as may occur when coasting under idle speed). Incidents occurring during firm brake application note increased engine rpm, but no vehicle movement. In incidents occurring when the brake is not applied or lightly applied, vehicle movement may result. Incidents have been reported in both forward and reverse gears. Complaints allege that the lunge is sudden and unexpected, and generally of brief duration. There is some indication that the condition may be made worse with during air-conditioning operation or when the steering wheel is turned a significant amount, as may occur during low-speed parking lot type maneuvers - conditions which are part of normal idle control strategy to compensate for increased engine load from cycling of the air-conditioning compressor or power steering pump. ODI has identified 18 minor crashes that may be related to the subject condition, none of which resulted in an airbag deployment. One crash involved a minor impact with a pedestrian in a residential driveway, resulting in a minor injury (bruised knee not requiring medical attention). A list of the specific ODI complaint identification numbers related to the Failure Report will be submitted as a separate memo to the investigation file. A Preliminary Evaluation
  • Here is the link for this investigation. You can also sign in and leave a complaint. I think the more they get the more inclined they will be to have Ford do a recall. ng
    You may have to copy and paste to your browser.
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