Truck Gas Mileage

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What gas mileage can I expect from this truck? I am looking at one with a 5 spd and 3.73 gears.


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    Here's a direct link to one of our active Silverado topics where you may get a quicker response. Use your copy/paste so you don't have to re-write your quesion. Also, try using the Board Search to find other topics (i.e. Silverado) topics throughout Town Hall. Good luck. ;-)

    Btw, perhaps since this gas topic has been started, other participants (other makes/models) may also be interested in posting their mpg gallon here. I'll leave this topic open for a while to see where this discussion leads... Thanks for your participation.

    Pocahontas, Host
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    i have a 5.3 Auto 4x4 ext cab silverado

    Highway: around 17
    City: around 13

    Winter with 4 wheel hi on and idling in the morning to wwarm engine
    all city: average 10.4

  • spectre3spectre3 Member Posts: 67
    hubs locked in for a month and always in 4x4 mode.
    ryan you have me beat, i am only getting 10.0 mpg, with 20 minute warmups in the morning.

    15-16 (calculated only once) in 2wd mode in warm weather.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Last fill up yesterday i got 11 mpg. Woohoo im moving up

  • ndared1ndared1 Member Posts: 21
    First 1K miles city 9.1, hgwy 10.9
    After 2K miles city 10.2, hgwy 14.0
    Oil consumption .7 quarts at 2K miles
    LB truck with driver, dog, 2K lbs. cargo, tailgate up
  • dmdbitdmdbit Member Posts: 23
    i've got a 2wd ext. cab with the 4.8 and 5spd.i consistently get 21-22 with mostly highway back and forth to work.

    mike b
  • fortopfortop Member Posts: 239
    I just got 21 mpg. all city for the first time - usually get 20 mpg city/26-27 highway.
    I am curious if anyone can report gas mileage on an extended cab 2WD auto 4.3L V6 - I am tempted to trade into a new one but hate to give up good gas mileage - suspect that about 300 lbs. extra weight on the extended cab will adversely affect gas mileage.
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    I have 265X16 Michelin LTX ATs on a 1500 4x4 ext cab Silverado and run the pressures 35/35 unloaded; add more in back with rocks or whatever in the bed. Rides good, handles well. "feels" like the right pressure and wear's even. Max sidewall pressure is almost always the wrong # for normal use.
    -- Don
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    Almost always 16mpg except when towing. Running 80mph on the interstate, 16mpg. Running back and forth to work, 16mpg.

    Low of 7.5mpg towing big trailer. High of 18 mpg running mostly 60mph on backroads.

    Guessing a max of 10% better for you with different rear end.

    Really happy with my truck's power and economy.....
  • gordo13gordo13 Member Posts: 20
    How do you think a HD Crew-Cab 4x4 with the 8.1/Allison and 3.73 would perform?
  • lwittorflwittorf Member Posts: 96
    I now have 1k on this truck and have been getting 14.9 to 16 mpg depends on if I am using 4/auto or not. I just got rid of my y2k [am buy back] that I had 29k on and from new to sell I ave 15.96 mpg. I have talked to some that claim to get 19-20 on but I sure can't and all the rigs I have had before I could get as good or better than most that had the same type of rig so I don't think they want to admit that it is as bad as what they are getting. Don't know what else to think.
  • lwittorflwittorf Member Posts: 96
    That was supposed to be GM buy back not [AM] I had trouble with the computer and pulling to the right and they couldn't or wouldn't fix it.
  • ndared1ndared1 Member Posts: 21
    I think your mileage will be a little better on the highway and a little less in town. 3.73 will require higher rpms to upshift in town which will burn more gas in the lower speed ranges, however on the open road your rpms will obviously be less than a 4.10. So if you do a lot of driving in town go for the 4.10 if mostly on the open road go for the 3.73. I personally would not ever go for the 3.73.
  • gordo13gordo13 Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the information. I test drove a 8.1/Allison with 3.73's today and it was real sluggish compared to the 4.10's. If I go with the the 8.1, I'm definately going with the 4.10's.
  • greg116greg116 Member Posts: 116
    From what I can tell, you can expect upwards of 18 mpg in normal driving after the engine is broken in. That's a good choice truck. Whats it going to be used for? Work or Play?
  • cspauldingcspaulding Member Posts: 159
    ndared1: How is that 8.1, we have a 2000 w/ a 454 and 373's, we can't even turn the tires...other engine problems, too, i.e. valves are knocking on one side...Chevy says it's normal (yeah, right).

    gordo13: You test drove both and said the 373s are sluggish. Tell me more. We went w/ 373s as the gas mileage (between 12 and 15) is better and the RPMs is a 300 RPM differnce. My husband has had other 454s with and w/o 373s and never seen one that won't turn the tires. This truck stinks! Trying to decide what to do, most likely Lemon Law, but with over $5,000.00 in accessories on it, it's a hard choice.


  • ndared1ndared1 Member Posts: 21
    The 8.1 I have had since November 3 and its great so far. I don't anticipate any problems with it by now have 3K miles no noise as you mentioned with the 454. I strongly recommend 4.10 gears (unsolicited advice). I have had no reason to take truck in for warranty yet. Have had it off road at my ranch and wish for bigger tires but will have to wait for more extra cash.
    My truck out the door was $35516 (sticker $36785)its a 4x4 silverado HD LS xtend cab leather seats
  • cfmendenhallcfmendenhall Member Posts: 2

    Since you have owned it since November how is the
    mileage doing by now. Do you fill it yourself so
    you know it's FULL, when you check it ? What are
    you getting on the highway empty now? With a heavy
    load? Thanks for any info.

  • cspauldingcspaulding Member Posts: 159
    Thanks for the response. Our problems started about 8,500 to 9,000 miles, we now have 14,000 on the truck. K2500 Crew Cab, everything but leather (dog gets back seats). Pulled a load of hay about 140 miles in Fall, pulled okay. Just doesn't seem to have the take off and pick up it should. Also misses at times, intake has discoloration around the seam, and, like I said, valves are knocking on one side. Just can't get service out of Chevy, and have become very disheartened because of that. Our's listed at just under $36,000, then added everything but rims and tires - couldn't get aluminum on the 2000 K2500s - (need to keep it low because parents - 73 years old - occupy back seat when dog doesn't).

    Keep me posted on your satisfaction.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    I want some more data on dry MPG's as well....for the heck of it...

    I drove an 8.1/Allison 4:10's and agree it has pep....I don't know what the 3:73's are like...but would go 4:10 for sure also...

    what kinda mileage are yawl getting with an 8.1/Allison/4:10 on dry loads?

    ex cab or crew?

    I heard some as good as 12.5 city....hell that's what I get with my 6.0 4:10's!...

    we also have to remember how ya drive is going to effect it big time as well

    - Tim
  • sparrish4217sparrish4217 Member Posts: 2
    What is the real world mpg for a Dakota ex cab 4x4 with a 5.2 V8? How about the 3.9 V6?
  • bobs5bobs5 Member Posts: 557
    "Real world" mileage will be different from person to person.
    Different gas brands will have an effect on mileage.
    2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, 4.7l, 3.55 axle, 4x4.
    I get an average of 16 mpg of mostly local driving.
    On the window sticker there is the estimated fuel economy rating. 14 city 19 highway
    In the fine print it suggests the mileage may vary +/- 3 mpg from the printed rating.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    12.5 city with the 8.1?


    Last tank was 12.6 all city on my 5.3

  • shawn106shawn106 Member Posts: 16
    Whadya think it'll get w4.10's,AT and a 6.0? I'm thinkin about 14hwy at the max my drivin is about 85% all hwy and the rest in town. I get about 18 with my wheelbarrow....ahhh i mean ranger now w/127,00 miles.Im not really buyin this truck for its economy and i dont pull anything maybe it might come in handy with those 4.10's see how much my next girl friend wieghs in at hehehehe. will upgrade to LT265 or 285's. Ryan,how's everything goin with the new meats and how's that rhino holdin up,ya say its hard to keep clean? Shawn (aka rangershawn at
  • oldharryoldharry Member Posts: 413
    Highest 17.8 highway only on a trip. I have an older truck, '94 C-1500 ext cab 3.44 final drive with p235/75R15 x load. The 3.44 give very close to the same RPM at any speed as my son's C-2500 with 3.73 final drive, and LT235/85R16 tires. He gets 11.5 to 12 all around, with a 350 automatic. My 350, is out of a Caprice police package, and has the police chip. It has less low end torque than the truck 350, but is rated at 325 HP and has more torque at all speeds than the 4.3 L six that came out.

  • gordo13gordo13 Member Posts: 20
    To me the 8.1 with the 4.10's was exceptionally responsive, while the 3.73 truck was okay but not like the 4.10's. Today, a friend of mine test drove a Suburban with the 3.73's (previously test drove a truck with 4.10's) and he thought it was fine and plans on buying it for the better gas mileage, he tows a 4000lb. boat/trailor combination. I think the choice comes down to how you're going to use your truck, a lot of heavy towing through hills or light duty use because 12-15 MPG is very good. I also feel that the 8.1's have a lot more power than the recent factory 454's.
  • ben221ben221 Member Posts: 8
    I have a 2000 Dakota 3.9L and all I'm able to get for mileage is 13.3mpg highway in cold weather (below 10degrees)and in warmer weather I get as high as 15mpg highway. Im running about 25% below the EPA sticker. My dealer says everything is running just the way it is suppose to. I wanted to see how bad the mpg could get so I drove like road a warrior with the pedal to the medal,foot to the floor leaving toll booths, up hill, entering highways, etc. running it up to over 4000 rpm. and guess what! I got 16.4mpg. How does this figure? Would love to hear your answers. At this point I'm thinking this truck is SCRAP IRON.
  • h_bosih_bosi Member Posts: 9

    I thought I am the only one with lousy gas mileage with a Dakota....

    I got 16 mpg, driving nicely. Much less than I expect for a V6. Other than the lousy gas mileage, everything about the truck is so far perfect.

    The truck only has 1000 miles on it, so we'll see how it is after the break-in period.

  • cspauldingcspaulding Member Posts: 159
    was a '88 Dakota, in the early '90s in college. I purchased the truck with the belief that because it was smaller, and a V6, I would get decent gas mileage. At that time, I was getting between 15 and 18 with the Dakota, and could get 18-20 with my Dad's full-size V8 Chevy. I guess times haven't changed much with mileages, hey?
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    2000 Silverado with A/C, cruise, auto, gets 20 city/27 highway - but I drive carefully. Worst city mileage has been 18, and strictly highway would be better than 27.
  • cs18cs18 Member Posts: 10
    you guys are right about the gas mileage in the dodge v6..It is a nice truck but it just dont run right....It has excessive spark knock and it has a serious tick in the gets about 15 mpg at best....i have wrote dodge a three page letter,and i intend to hound the hell out of them until i get some satisfaction...Read the dodge quad cab owners club site and listen to all the excuses that people make for these trucks and the problems they are having.It's about hilarious..I owned a toyota and put 267000 miles on it without very little problems....Owned a nice little ranger with a 3.0 v6 that ran about as good as any import that i have owned..there was no spark knock and it got good mileage, and had so much power for the size motor.....the dodge 3.9 has 4,000 miles on it and it sounds like it is ready for the junk heap.
  • czarnaczarna Member Posts: 2
    need an ex cab truck (full size or small 4 door). husband will only drive a 5 spd. occasional tow of pop up (2000lbs). drive back and forth to work and mulch which manufacturer, engine size etc for best gas mileage. imports too expensive.
  • andyinflaandyinfla Member Posts: 2
    Mileage is 13.5 city and 18 highway. Only 500 miles on the truck so it may improve a little after it "settles in".
  • wight1wight1 Member Posts: 218
    2000 model 2500 LS, ext. cab, 2wd, 6.0l, 3.73 axle. now have a total of 16,000 miles on it. generally average about 13.8 to 14.2 mpg, about 50/50 city-highway driving. Gotten as high as 17.0 mpg all highway. Did notice an increase of about .75 mpg after i switched to Mobil1 synthetic oil at 10k miles.
  • shawn106shawn106 Member Posts: 16
    i just ordered a 01 silverado ext cab sb LS 4x4 4.8 3.73.I was wondering what the mileage is with this setup. Thanks
  • ole3ole3 Member Posts: 14
    Dodge Dakota Quad Cab - 4.7L ohc V8, "ONLY" 5Speed V8 available.
    Fast, comfortable, smooth . . . 2wd typically gets 14-18 MPG . . .
    Most 4x4 drivers (including myself) get typical 13-17 MPG (17.5 Best so far)
    I haven't done any towing yet, but I have read of many people towing
    Look at the owners group - Dodge Dakota, or do a search on "Dakota
    Mailing List" . . . you will find a HUGE amount of information !

    Good Luck !
  • bdashbdash Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me what kind of gas mileage to expect with a F250 V10, automatic transmission? I plan to pull a 5000 lb trailer, anyone think the V8 would be adequate?
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    you can get any full size pickup except the Tundra with a smaller V8 and a 5-speed... i's a rare setup, but possible.

  • bigred17bigred17 Member Posts: 12
    I have read quite a few mileage I mails on the ID 8.1L with 4.10 but what about the mileage on the 8.1L with a 3.73 with 2 wheel drive 3/4 ton and extended cab?
  • kyarcherkyarcher Member Posts: 12
    Just wondering what kind of mileage to expect out of the 6.0 w/4.10 gears. Dealer tells me about 15 average. Is that about right?
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    I'd bet 12 to 14 if you drive conservatively.

    I have one on order.

    I currently have a 4.8L 5speed 4.10. Get about 16mpg outta it, running empty, driving fairly aggressively.

    Maybe 15 mpg driving 60mph on level surface.
  • dewindtdewindt Member Posts: 3
    Any owners of V-6 F150. Would like to know what MPG you are getting. Also would like to hear from V-8 F150 owners. How doggy are the V-6's?
    For general use are they adequate?
  • saarisaari Member Posts: 11
    What can I expect fom my ranger 4x4 4.o sohc. auto 5 speed 4:10 axel, 16 1nch tires for gas mileage after it breaks in?
  • kyarcherkyarcher Member Posts: 12
    From what I gather on this thread it looks like the 8.1 w/3.73 gears and Allison tranny gets about the same gas mileage as the 4 speed auto 6.0 w/4.10 (only option with 6.0).
    Anybody know what mileage the Duramax diesel is getting?
  • stalknacestalknace Member Posts: 7
    It is extended cab w/ a 350cid. I have 33" tires and a 3" lift. I dont drive it hard, but i do pull a trailer a lot during the summmer. Year round i get 10mpg. Is this normal??
  • saarisaari Member Posts: 11
    Just did some highway driving at 65-70 mph and got 18.77 mpg. That was true miles (260) at hwy speeds. My ranger has 4:10 axel, 5 spd. auto and 4.0 sohc,4x4,extended cab, 16 inch tires. I also am useing a tonneau cover. Around town local driving under 50mph 15.5, to 16 mpg. I am going to change to [email protected] air filter after I get over 2000 miles. I want to see if there is any improvement. I really don`t expect too much, but I have a good record of what I am getting now to compare it to.
  • gsiefkengsiefken Member Posts: 14
    Duramax Diesel owners -- Several questions -- What kind of fuel mileage are you getting with your diesel empty and pulling a fifth wheel trailer? Next question -- When pulling a trailer do you have to use the tow mode or can you pull in the regular overdrive with an Allison transmission?
  • klewklew Member Posts: 10
    I have a new Toyota Tacoma Double-Cab and on my first tank, I got 18.8 mpg, second tank got 17.6 mpg. Both tanks had a mix of highway and city driving.
  • klewklew Member Posts: 10
    Oh, guess it would be good to know that I have a 3.4L V6 4x4.

  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    Averaging 14.3 mpg. 2500HD 4x4 CC LB 5-speed stock. Taking it pretty easy for break-in. Still guessing 12-14 for dayin/dayout use.

    Got a buddy with the Allison/8.1 same basic rig. He is getting a new gas tank (bigger) installed. Says he's doing good to get 10mpg. He's probably a leadfoot though.

    Towing dirtbikes and travel trailer to TX in two weeks. Will run 75mph most of the way. Will report on performance. Averaged 7-9 mpg last year over same trip using 1500 4.8L 5speed truck. Guessing I'll get about the same mpg for the 2500HD as I may be able to tow in 5th gear.
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