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    Good mpg figures, how much weight are you going to tow? How do think the 6.0 will do as a tow vehicle? I was going to go with the 8.1 with 3.73 gears because it sounded like the mileage reports between the 6.0 and 8.1 were pretty close but lately it's starting to sound like there's a significient difference.
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    Third tank, 13.3 mpg running 77mph on interstate, with three dirtbikes in bed, three guys in truck. Dropped down from 7000' to 3000' and then back up.

    Will pull a 7000lb GVW travel trailer with above stuff in the bed in a couple of weeks to TX and back.
    Will report on performance when I get back

    Should be no problems pulling up to around 10,000 lbs like Chevy recommends..... I just don't see the need for a 496 ci motor as a daily driver.
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    My 94 Dodge with a 5.2 5 speed and 321 gears got 20-22 all the time. what a great, truck never spent a cent on it in 80K. My 99 dodge 5.2 with auto and 3.55 gears gets 12. should have kept the 94. I always drive like a bat out of hell.
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    Has anyone heard anything about the Dodge V10 mileage with 355 gears?
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    If you even have to ask what the mileage on a one-ton V10 pickup is it's a good sign it's too low for you.
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    Just came back from a 339 mile trip in my new 3.4 litre, 4x4 Toyota Tacoma double cab. I got 22 MPG!
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    I wish I got 22 out of the 3.4
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    4.7L Dakota Quad Cab 4x4. 2nd tank of gas avg 14mpg. 50/50 city highway. Only 380 miles on truck. 1st tank avg was 12.5mpg. That's a 12% improvement from tank #1 to tank #2. Hopefully it continues that trend. 1st tank truck was babied for break-in purposes, have been putting my foot in it a little more this tank. The 4.7 is VERY SMOOTH. Zero vibration.
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    My Dakota Quad 4x4 truck got 16.5 mpg on last tank of gas. Worst was 14 mpg. Mostly local driving.
    2800 miles on truck now.
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    For Wundas at #54 by 10spot

    I have the 2001 Dodge Ram V10 Quad Cab, 5 spd. with 355 gears. I bought it in Nov. and it now has a little over 4000 miles on it. I consistantly average 12 mpg, give or take .2-.3 mpg. I live in Jacksonville, FL., which is flat, so that helps. Hope this helps.

  • mnicemnice Member Posts: 9
    all 2 lane highway driving, hilly and curves.
    1st tank, 15.5
    2nd 16.4
    3rd, 17.2

    Truck had about 1200 miles, no topper or cover yet, undecided on which to buy. Very happy with purchace.
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    oops,please see message 63
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    bought a 2000 GMC Sonoma last year,nothing but grief,and am currently suing GM for buyback(arbitration is rigged). I am trying to decide on a replacement vehicle - Full size this time,and have narrowed it down to ford or gmc 250/2500 s/d h/d respectively. I am considering the powerstroke or the duramax this time as opposed to the 5.8?,5.4? or the 6.0. Trouble is,I have a long commute,so accurate mileage info real important. I am getting lots of different stories from owners regarding gas mileage and satisfaction, reliability,etc. I wont tow or haul very frequently , but when I do,I need a real truck(thus the full size). Really dont want another lemon either. Suggestions/ Info appreciated. Thank You,
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    Milage depends on driving style. I only get 12mpg city with my 5.3 ext cab Z71 and 15-17 highway.
    Many people are getting much better. Reason being i dont baby the truck i drive fast.

    Alot of people are gettting 12mpg with the 8.1 im sure if i drove an 8.1 i would get less than 10mpg.

    So this is a major reason your getting conflicting mpg info. Drivers habits and driving styles
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    Appreciate the response,I am aware how you drive affects mileage per gallon. I should have asked for best mileage,assuming the truck is empty and one isnt mashing on it(I drive em like I stole em sometimes too). I have'nt spoken to anyone who owns the duramax,was hoping someone out there might have one. A friend of mine has a 99 1/2
    powerstroke in a f-250 and says he gets 18 mpg in town.
    Anyway appreciate the info.
  • ethuressonethuresson Member Posts: 55
    01 Dakota QC 4.7 auto 4x4 now averaging 15mpg (give or take a little) on 3rd tank of fuel, approx 700mi on truck. Pleased with the rapid improvement in mileage as engine breaks in. I drive pretty sedately in town, about 70 on the highway and have no problems mashing the go pedal when circumstances require.

    Interestingly, having the overhead trip computer constantly display mpg is affecting my driving habits. On the highway I will hunt for the speed that is most economical (for kicks, mostly) and when I accelerate and the display reads 3 or 4 mpg I ease up a little. I never cared before. Weird...
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    The engine hasn't even broken in yet at 1500 miles and I am getting 19.8 in the city. And last weekend we took it out of town and got 21. Highway speeds are 70-80 mph. City driving varies from 5-70 mph depending on how many accidents I face on the Dallas highways. The window sticker mileage is rated at 17 city and 20 highway.

    I don't use a tonneau cover or any type of modifications. I drive fast on the freeway. But I do not race from stop light to stop light as fast as I can either.

    I used to won a F150 x-cab 4.6L 4x4. That truck got 16 in all city driving applications. It would get about 15 on the highway.

    The 4x4 Chevy Silverado x-cab with Vortec V6 would get 17 all around.

    I enjoyed my full size trucks but mileage always sucked.
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    I'm looking for a new pickup and have been stunned by the gas mileage. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the standard for light trucks is 20.3 mpg through 2002. So why am I only seeing 8-14? Did EPA go to sleep? Have they been paid off? Or do the auto makers just not care (as if that were new)?
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    Our new leader has demolished mileage regulations, and destroyed incentives for technological development. Big oil wins, we lose.
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    We've just been through 8 LONG years of a Democratic president, all the previous posts of bad mileage were about trucks that were designed, built, sold and driven under President Clinton, yet you're blaming President Bush. How about a reality check?
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    The EPA tests all vehicles in a climate
    controlled building in MD. or VA. on a dyno and
    runs them thru a SIMULATED drive so to speak.
    Thats why the higher MPG...They are not
    actually tested on open roads..Crazy HUH ????
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    One of the things I have not seen mentioned in this excellent forum is the benefit of taller axle ratios. Most of the pickups and SUV's have 3.7 or 4.1 axles, which are okay for towing or hauling heavy loads, but for those of us who travel empty, the motor is spinning way faster than necessary. My 95 Caprice with 4.3 V8 (265 cu in) 200HP has a 2.93 axle and consistently gets an honest 16 mpg in town, and 27+ on an interstate trip. This from a giant car. How come? Because even though it weighs over 4000 pounds (it's the ugly upside down aerodynamic bath tub shape), the roller cammed, fuel injected motor "loafs" along. If you have a 2WD truck, you could spend $1,000 or less to have the ring and pinion gears changed in the rear axle to a taller 3.1 or 2.9 ratio, and you'd see a vast improvement in fuel economy. With the prices of gasoline what they are now, you would probably save the expense of this conversion in short order. The drawbacks are a little slower acceleration and less towing capacity. If you mostly use your 2WD truck as a car to haul people and a couple of sheets of plywood, changing the rear axle gears is something worth investigating. I cannot understand why the factories no longer offer this option -- they used to. My $.02.
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    I have a 94 Chevy Z71 with a 5.7 Liter (350) with 154,000 Kms. Suddenly has become a gas guzzler, gas milage have suddenly decreased to half of normal. We were getting approx. 20 mpg highway. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem and what to check out. Any help would be appreciated.

    Swoosh Man
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    Final drive ratios are chosen for tire size as well as load. My son's 3/4 ton with 235/85r16's and my half ton with 235/75r15's turn the same engine rpms at the same speeds. He has a 3.73 ratio (41 tooth ring gear) and I hav a 3.44 ratio (31 tooth ring gear). (Newer trucks mostly all use 16 inch tires and 41 tooth ring gears so the ratio closest to mine is now a 3.42.)

  • uncommonmanuncommonman Member Posts: 65
    I understand your points about tire sizes, aspect ratios, RPM, etc. What I think is important here is what rpm is necessary to optimize fuel economy for each individual application, and those options are just not available to the consumer like they used to be. I have a friend with an older Ford 4WD pickup with 3.08 axle and 15 inch tires. That truck does not make nearly as much torque as modern engines, which could benefit, economy wise, from taller axle (lower numerically) ratios, if you use the vehicle as a grocery getter. A 3.1 or 2.9 ratio could improve fuel economy in modern trucks by maybe 2 or 3 MPG. Multiply that by the millions of trucks we own, and the smirk currently on Exxon/Mobil's face would vanish, and all of us drivers would be smiling more. My heavy Caprice with that dinky little motor and tall axle gathers so much speed so fast, it still amazes me. Our new 4WD Yukon with tall tires, 5.3 V8 and 3.7 axle has way more power than you need, if you travel empty like we usually do. I'd just like to have the option to order taller gearing from the factory, for my own application. If you have a 2WD truck, an axle conversion is easy. 4WD is another story.
  • yurian44yurian44 Member Posts: 25 turned out to be the timing chain. I also had rough idle and the exhaust had a definite odor. I don't mean to alarm you, but that's what it was in my case swooshman.
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    talk about our new president who failed at being an oilman, failed at being a baseball owner, and whos brother scammed millions upon millions of dollars away from investors... Not me by the way.....
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    Thanks yurian44.. I have to put the truck in the garage to get an oil change soon anyhow so I will investigate the timing of the engine further...

    Swoosh Man
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    Jumped time from a bad chain will give even but low compression readings if you take a compression test. I worked for a Pontiac dealer in '64, and that's how we diagnosed the 4 cylinder Tempest engines for bad chains.

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    My best guess is the manufacturer sends them the pick-up with the best mileage set-up from gear ratio's to tires. Second the test scenario is conducted obeying the traffic laws rather than exceeding them by 10-15 MPH would be my guess. I also might note most of the 8-14 MPG posts I see are full size trucks or non-stock modified compact trucks.

    I bought a Mazda B3000 DS and I am pegging the EPA mileage ratings would be exceeding them if I obeyed the speed limits etc... I imagine a B3000 without the additional drag of my vehicle would easily meet the EPA ratings, yet there is only one fuel economy rating for all models of the B3000.
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    Hey everyone. I have a 1994 Z71 with a 350 cubic inch engine. The engine has the circular air filter housing on the top of the engine. I've noticed some people turn their air brether cover upside down so that you can see the filter and that more air can get through then what the inlet to the left lets in. Does this affect performance/gas milage?? I can see how more air can improve horses and gas milage but will this setup help? Thanks for any help.


    1994 K1500 Z71 extended cab short box with 5.7 liter 350 engine, LT265/75R16 michelins, 155,000 Kms.
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    2001 2500 HD 3000 miles. 6.0 eng. 4.10 axles LT 24575R16 tires 4x4 ext cab long bed 4 spd auto.No load, just wife and self. Trip from Phoenix, Az. to Prescott Az.using route I17(101 miles)got 14.8 MPG (Phx elevation 1100' Prescott 5000')Came back to Phx the round about scenic route 89 and then route 60 and included a few in town miles total of 165 mi.,got 13.9 MPGfor a grand tot of 14.39.I adv. 10 around town.
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    I have a tire question.. I know the more pressure in your tires the less resistance and the better fuel economy. I have a new set of Michelin's LTX M/S LT265/75R16's (this is the size recommended for the truck) on the truck now and the sidewalls say a max of 50psi cold. This is what I have in the tires now but the truck is a little jumpy on ruff roads. On the side of the dirvers door it says that the recommended tire pressure is 40 front and 35 rear. Which should I follow?? My dad had a set of Goodyear Wrangler TD's which came on the truck (these had to be the best tires we've every had but they are discontinued unfortunately) and on one trip to Nova Scotia the belts busted in a tire (I believe he had too much pressure in them). Should I stick with the 50psi or lower it down and how much can I lower it without burning more gas? Thanks for any help anyone can give me. :)

  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    I inflated the BFG TAs on my old 3/4 ton beater to handle a heavy load up to about 55 lbs. (sidewall max was 60#, I think) After a few loads hauled at about 1 ton each load (too much, I know, but I've done it hundreds of times with other tires) the belt separated on one of the tires. I had a big bulge in the sidewall - junked the tires even though the tread was still good. Moral of this story - stick with the car manufacturer's recommended tire inflation, and never inflate the tires to the max inflation listed on the tires. I have done the maximum inflation many times before with other tires to haul a heavy load, but I won't do it again. The most I will overinflate is 10 lbs above the manufacturers rating. Gas mileage does improve with overinflation, but the tires wear faster and you could get belt separation and you will get a harder ride. I have no clue why the tire manufacturers state those max inflation ratings - a real bad idea, unless they are trying to tell us how much air can go into the tire before it blows off the rim. :):) Also, in the great white north where you are, you get better traction in snow/ice if your tires aren't overinflated. My $.02.
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    the new 4 bangers for ford/mazda are epa rated 24/28 stick, 21/25 auto...isn't anyone else fired up about this? You can have a truck and still get decent mileage...

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    I was thinking of buy a 2000-2001 gmc reg cab long box 4x4 and want to know what I can honestly expect for gas milage. I live in canada so our gallon is larger so it may be harder to figure out.The engine I would prefer would be the 4.8 although the 5.3 could be an option. I own a 92 gmc now with a 5 litre and get good gas milage now but I am just curious what the difference will be.
  • markg92markg92 NCMember Posts: 21
    2000 v8 4x4 Ext cab, currently at 4500 miles:

    14 city/18 hwy
  • mledtjemledtje Member Posts: 1,123
    I have a Silverado Reg Cab Longbed 4x4 with 4.8L engine. I have gotten a high of 21 mpg. Most of my miles have been with a popup camper and running right at GVWR (6400#) and I have averaged 15.4mpg for 27,000 miles.

    Empty I get about 15 in town and 20+ on the highway. Mileage is down to around 12-14 with heavy 4wd usage.

    All mileage is US Gallons. Your results may vary. Professional driver on a closed course. Do not try this at home.

    Mike L
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    Ext cab 4x4 shortbed w/5.3L, 3.73 gears and 265/75 tires gets me about 18mpg overall in normal driving except during the winter when winter gas (Denver) and cold starts drag it down to 16.5 - 17. Best I've ever done was 20 mpg at a steady 72 mph east across Illinois and Indiana a couple of weeks ago. Worst was about 14mpg, westbound across Kansas at 77 mph with a moderate load and front quartering crosswind of steady 30 mph + gusts. Add, what, about 0.5 mpg max converting to Imperial gallons or 4 litres? From what I've seen, the 4.8's are noticeably better on gas mileage; if you're ok with the lower power.
    -- Don
  • dmoulddmould Member Posts: 76
    Mileage with 2001 Ranger XLT Supercab 4x4 5-speed manual, 4.10LS axle.
    Tank 1 15.5 mpUSg (18.7 mpIMPg)
    Tank 2 17.0 mpUSg (20.5 mpIMPg)
    Hopefully the gas mileage will improve as the truck gets more broken in. Truck now has 750 miles on it (1200 KM).
    1 US gallon = 3.78 litres.
    1 Imperial gallon = 4.54 litres.
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    is the average for my rado w/5.3 and 3.73 rear.
  • swooshmanswooshman Member Posts: 56
    I was wondering if anyone out there has a truck with a 350 chev V8 (not the vortec).. Was wondering what kinda gas milage they are getting?? I have an 94 Z71 extended cab with 3.73 gears.. Thanks..

  • minikinminikin Member Posts: 389
    average is about what I get also; summertime that is. Set up like Red's.
    -- Don
  • txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    Reg cab SWB 2wd, 350 5 spd. with 3.42 gears. Avg. about 14.5 in everyday driving driving and around 18 on a 70-75 mph trip. And I didn't baby the 5 spd.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    18.5 avg? Wow thats amazing i have never seen over 17.5
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    it works for me. :-)
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    time i have about 310 miles on the truck and a little over a quarter of a tank

    Might see high 16's low 17's hehe
  • minikinminikin Member Posts: 389
    Let's see -- we've already had part of this discussion; couple of months back. You're a lead foot and I'm old and can't find the gas pedal. Actually, I run mostly in light traffic at 70 mph looping up around the East side of Denver metro area. Spend little time driving in slow traffic, light to light. Best mileage ever was 20+ mpg last month, mid June, cruising east across Illinois and Indiana locked in at 72-73 mph. Ext Cab, 4X4, 5.3L, 3.73, 265 tires, and a dead on speedo/odo courtesy of Hypertech (programmed for their performance curve on 87 octane). It's even blue w/black flares so you can't use that excuse(except that I've peeled off all those power robbing, non-aerodynamic Z-71 decals and Silverado, Chevy, and trim level logos).
    -- Don
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    72 mph through indiana?

    What roads?
  • minikinminikin Member Posts: 389
    to Indianapolis on a Friday. Then picked up my girlfriend at the Indianapolis airport that night and drove down to Louisville on I-65 the next day. Burned more gas on that part; traffic wouldn't let me run under 80. Find it interesting that weekend road speeds in Indiana (65 mph state) and Colorado (75 mph state) are about the same.
    -- Don
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