Truck Gas Mileage



  • cspauldingcspaulding Member Posts: 159
    There are 2 kinds of diesel for trucks (not off-road fuel), for winter in most cold climates they switch to winterized blend - it doesn't gel up. Some stations change their signs & some don't. I noticed last week, here in Wisconsin, one of my fuel stops did change their sign to say "winterized diesel".
  • oldharryoldharry Member Posts: 413
    Typically I get 15 to 16 most driving. Best was 19.2 on a trip where construction elimated passing and I ran a steady 60 to 62 mph empty. Worst was 11.6, loaded very heavy running 80 +. My car, however, on long trips does better at 70 than 55.

    Live in the boondocks, about 100 miles west of Chicago, and do very little city driving.

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