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Chevy Silverado (C/K) & GMC Sierra (1988 - 1998)

jobey1jobey1 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I have been a Chevy owner all my life and I like them because they are
easy to fix compared to others. The only problem I have seen is that
they nickel and dime you to death. I have done nothing but replaced seals in this thing for one, Tail seal tarns, every seal in the front or the 4X4 system is leaking( still is ) heater core, front rotors again, 2 fly wheels, 2 throttle position sensors,oxygen sensor, throttle body base gasket, water pump, i. have always done the normal
maintaince, oil changes every 3000, cap,rotor,wires,rear miff. fluid
change,transfer cans change,tarns filter change, both door buttons for dome lights, all filters etc. The problem I have is I always believe in buying American, my wife bought a Subaru and it is the same year as the Chevy and she did NOTHING to this vehicle, and I mean nothing, just normal oil changes and brakes, it only has 12,000 less miles then my truck, I guess the American auto companies just keep us coming back.


  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Glad you enjoy your truck. Life would be boring if you owned two Subarus....
  • Welcome to the Pickups Conference. Here are a couple silverado topics where you could also share your experience: Chevy Silverado (part 18) and Chevy Silverado Problems. Use your copy/paste so you don't have to re-write your post.

    Also, try using the Board Search to find other active Silverado Topics throughout Town Hall. Btw, unless you, or other participants, would like me to keep this topic open for a discussion of older Silverado models, I'll be closing this topic in the next day or so.

    Thanks for your participation. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    4x4 with the 305, auto and mine's nickel & diming me, too! Just last Friday I took it in for the 60k maintenance, and the starter has been making an extra little chirp like maybe the solenoid (right spelling?) was going, but they said it was the gear that spins the flywheel, so I got a new starter, too. Total bill for maint. & starter was $800. They also tell me I need a new seal on the front axle. That'll be another $350. I totaled all my receipts for the 4 years I've owned it, I've put $2100 into it... that's not counting things like tires or oil changes, although that total does include one set of front brakes... I'm lucky my tranny went out at 26k so Chevy picked up the bill for that... I also get 14 mpg in the summer and a little less than 13 in the winter with 87 oct. and a 3.73....

    I don't jump on it from a stop or do a lot of towing or let it idle more than a couple of minutes......

    I do like my truck and would buy a new Silverado if I could stomach the $400 a month for 72 months......

    I hope this thread does take off so older GM truck owners have somewhere to go....

    Oh yea, how many miles on your truck jobey1?
  • Welcome to this new discussion. I'll leave it open, so you and other's can discuss your older Silverados/Sierras.

    Happy Motoring. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287

    love the new forum name too!

    (tho, maybe it should be 88-98 GM Trucks?)

    thanks again!
  • Good point. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    knows what's happened to the discussion he's started... I hope he doesn't blame the new software if he can't find it!
  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    Had to take the truck to the dealer for hard start problem when it is cold (under warranty). The guys that I talked with stated that the poppets in the fuel injectors were probably sticking and that they use nitrogen at 180 psi to clean them out with. Apparently there is some gizmo that allows them to manually control the fuel injectors when they clean em. They also suspected I was losing fuel pressure and were gonna check that out also. Other than that have only had to replace the ps pump and a minor tune up. Truck has 65k on it, hoping the tranny doesn't go out at 70k which others have reported...warranty is up at 72k so I have my fingers crossed...
    Truck is a 97 1500 Silverado, 4x4, 5.7l, auto, extended cab.

  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    did you buy your truck new? if that's all you've had to do to it, that sounds pretty good.
    Do you know if what they did to your injectors is what they normally do? I had the injector service done to mine @ 30k & 60k but I think it was just some detergent that they hook into the fuel rail and run the motor for 10 minutes or so...

    I've been dumb and followed the service guide to the letter and each time I get the usual big maint. bill but then they find something else wrong, so my bill gets bigger... If I can afford it, my truck's gonna go 400k ! ! !

    (of course every nut & bolt will have been replaced at least a dozen times by then)

    4x4man, what kind of mileage are you getting?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    All 3 of my Silverado's were great vehicles. They were all extended cab 4X4s. The 1993 I kept until a big buck in Sun Valley put it in the body shop. It had 72k miles and no troubles. They all were driven at least once over the Alcan Highway to Alaska. They are the best vehicles on ice I have ever driven. I currently have a 99' Suburban, it's great also. I guess Ford's are OK, just so ugly. I will buy a new Suburban when they offer the Duramax/Allison in them.
  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    I bought my truck used in Feb 2000. It had about 48,500 miles when I bought it. Just recently, my truck would, when cold, crank anywhere between 10-15 seconds when cold until it fired up and then sometimes it would run rough and the service engine soon light would come on. I suspected I was losing fuel pressure and when I talked with the mechanic yesterday he agreed. I can't remember who it was, but someone posted the TSB's for my year truck on another topic for someone else. One of the TSB's was a hard start, SES light and it stated the poppets where sticking in the fuel injectors. That is when the mechanic told me about this nitrogen setup that cleans them out. I am not sure if this is what they would do for normal cleanings, but when I get my truck back, hopefully today, I will find out and post.
    I do my own service, and repairs, except when the cost of the repair part is more than my deductable. I like working on cars, so my time is never included in my choice whether to repair myself or let my dealer have at it.
    My truck right now is getting about 14 mpg in town and 17-18 mpg on the highway. The highest I ever got on the highway, going to Minnesota from Colorado was 21 mpg. Towing by boat (3,000 lbs) in the mountains I get about 12-15 depending on how much my foot is into it!!!
    Sorry for the long winded post, just wanted to make sure I answered your questions.

  • but I had a 95 GMC Reg Cab with V6/Manual Shift. Other than regular service the truck was never in for service. I sold it last month with 46,000 miles on it because it started to use oil and I wanted an extended cab. I went with the 2000 GMC Z71.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    gagrice: I get the feeling the first 5 (?) years GM's trucks were screwed together a little better... my dad had an '89 K1500 ext. cab w/5.7 that he bought used in '92 with 92k. At 140k & 180k he had to put new motors in. Mostly because all he ever does is the oil change. At 185k he had the tranny rebuilt for $750 by some guy my uncle knows in Fargo. 11/99 my dad sold it to a friend of his for $5k. But the day he sold it, it ran better and shifted better than my truck! I got a factory rebuilt tranny.

    4x4man: I got 20 once; I drove to Fargo and back to Duluth before filling up, 520 miles on the tank. I drove for 60 miles with the gas gauge below E and with very sweaty hands... mine had symptoms like yours, but it turned out to be a frayed coil wire. When it was running, you could see an arc from the distributor to the air cleaner. I always park in the garage, but one nite I was tired so I left it out. The next morning was when it started doing that. So, I make sure I park in the garage all the time...

    jmincher: it was using oil that soon? burning or leaking from a gasket? I've started looking at S-10s with the 4.3. I've always heard that they were very good. Well, my brother has a '91 S-10 with 163k on it and no probs, and my dad bought a '92 S-10 with 161k on it and it runs great too... how are you liking your new truck?
  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    Got my truck back Friday night..
    As it turns out the computer set a code 1406, bad EGR. Also fuel pressure was low. They replaced EGR and Fuel pump. It starts much, much better now with the new fuel pump!! They stated because of the low fuel pressure there was no cause to do the injector service..It was late when I picked the truck up, so I wasn't able to get any details about the injecter cleaning...
  • I am wondering if anyone can let me know how the 6.5L Turbo Diesel preforms? I pull a very large horse trailer all over the country. Specifically how well does it pull up Mtn Passes and on the Freeways. I live in Colorado and have to pull up a mountain just about any direction I go.

    Thanks for any feedback ya'll can give me.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    up hill both ways, eh? I wish I could say I've driven one. The last diesel I drove was an '82 C20 with the 6.2. It had a lot of torque, but was not fast accelerating... that might've been how it was geared. Anyway, I'm guessing the 6.5L would do better than the 6.2L, and since you live in the mountains, if you get some tall gears it should do all right.

    the diesel exhaust won't tick off your horses, will it? j/k
  • I am considering a 1998 K3500 Crew Cab with the Diesel engine. It's the same engine they put in the Hummer, or HMMWV. I have researched this power plant and have not found anybody ready to "sing its praises". Many say the 1998 K3500 is a fine truck, but nobody raves about this engine like they do about the new Duramax, or the Power Stroke or Cummins.

    Any kind words, or words of warning would be appreciated. I have read many references to the injector pumps failing, and some valve/compression issues. I understand that it has a lot of torque, but only 190 horsepower. I am concerned that while it may get up and pull my trailer (high torque) it may not get there very quickly (low horsepower).

    Thanks for any help you can provide,

    Eric B,
    Anchorage, Alaska
  • wtdwtd Posts: 96
    I have a 98 ext-cab Z-71 with only 24,650 miles on it. I've had the following problems. Leaking master cylinder, leaking power steering gear, leaking gas tank, lower steering column shaft, leaking intake manifold gasket, leaking water pump, leaking oil cooler lines, bad passenger side seat belt and maybe a few others I can't think of right now. I love the truck but am beginning to wonder about the quality.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    '99 than a '98.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    maybe you should have listed what isn't leaking. ;)

    just out of curiousity, was it built in the U.S., or in Canada?
  • lumplump Posts: 11

    My neighbor has a 98 K3500 Chevy with a 6.5L diesel 4x4 and I have a GMC K2500 with a 454 gas 4x4. We both pull a 11,000 lb. 5th wheel camper.
    On the flats we are equal. On the hills I can pass him like he is standing still. At the beginning of the hills we are equal, but on long hills his RPM's flatten out. He is governed at 3200 rpm's. I can down shift and go up to almost twice that. My tourque peak ramps up and flattens out. His ramps up and drops down. You can get this info on the internet. The gas milage is about the same. When I want my 454 to pull it pulls. The tourque on the diesel is a little higher, but I make up for the difference on HP. Hope this helps.
  • I have heard the max weight of the trailer cannot be over 8,000 lbs for a C/K 3500 with a 6.5. My 5th wheel loaded is 11,000. Anyone know of any different ratings I am unaware of?
  • keith24keith24 Posts: 93
    the turn signals go into "hyperblink"? I recently bought a 1997 K1500 regular cab Silverado, & over the course of 2 weeks, have replaced BOTH rear tailight bulbs that act as the tailight/blinker. Is there something I need to be made aware of?

    I though at first that I blew them with an old boat trailer I'd pulled. Thought I might've shorted-out the turn signal somehow. It blew the right one the day after I pulled it home. Then, yesterday, the other side went out. And I hadn't pulled the trailer since.


  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    the front turn signal lights are ok?

    I guess I've been lucky, I've pulled trailers with my truck and all the lights work the way they're supposed to. Then I've pulled the same trailer with a Ford, and they'll blink super fast, or not at all. Then on our boat trailer, when you step on the brakes, all of the dash lights get extra bright. But the Ford is unaffected...
  • keith24keith24 Posts: 93
    That was what was wierd about the whole thing. It was both the rear turn signals that went out. Once I replaced the bulbs, the blinkers were fine. I've never had one do that before. I thought that when a bulb went out, the turn signal wouldn't work at all. Oh well.............

    One of the strangest things I've ever seen.

  • wtdwtd Posts: 96
    My truck was built in canada. I really love the look of this truck but I just don't think the quality is there. The front brake pads are ready to be replaced with only 25,330 miles on it and my tranny has been acting kind of strange lately. I seem to have some kind of vibration in it somewhere. Probably the torque converter.

    Because of my current financial situation, I won't be able to buy this expensive of a truck in the forseeable future so this one has got to last. I'm strongly thinking of getting an extended warrenty for this truck because I'll probably need it.
  • I was wondering if anyone has heard of adding the temperature/compass unit from an S-10 blazer to the overhead console? The panel snaps right in, but I was wondering about the wiring part, and locating the temperature sensor... Any ideas? Where does the factory version wire to if you have the isochromatic rear-view mirror?
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    that's too bad about your brake pads, I changed mine at 50k. of course I bought my truck when it was a year old and had 24k so they might have been done already? tranny shudder hmmm... would flushing it & the torque converter solve it? I know from over in the Crown Vic forum there are guys who've had a vibration that went away when they did that... I'm not a lot of help when it comes to this sort of thing... when my tranny went it didn't give me any warning. I just couldn't back into the garage. But it drove back to town just fine... this 2nd one is beginning to shift slow between 1st & 2nd gear... is that a sign of things to come? oh well... 11 payments and its all mine!
  • I purchased the above vehicle used 2 months ago and it has been very good so far. I read alot of reviews the c/k is a love/hate vehicle. I believe alot of the tranny problems are attributed to abuse. Mine works very well and plan on keeping it that way. This truck has alot of power and low end torque. I plan to add a k&n filter later. Maybe some noisy exhaust attachment. I definitely like the 3rd door on this model. The silverado package is very nice. I still see GM opts for the 2000 controls on the turn signal( my only complaint). My dads 16 year old GM suburban has the same thing (300,000 and still going). I have always been a Chevy fan. I originally intended on getting a 01 Silverado, but this had all the same features and was considerably cheaper. Has 38k now. 36k new. More to come later.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    its good to hear from people like you who are proud of their truck. I'm not proud of my truck, but I wouldn't trade it for any other brand. Not even a brand new one, but thats because I can't justify the cost of a new one.

    p.s. my tranny went out because the surface where a seal was seated wasn't machined right. so it got chewed up and I lost reverse. but it was under warranty so it could've been worse...
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