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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004



  • mike734mike734 Posts: 128
    I've asked the same question on the Delphi site with no answer. There are a number of extras only available over there. I can't get Honda to answer my emails so we will have to wait and see if they will offer these items over here.
  • rvsnvrvsnv Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 TW LX with the factory cassette player. I also have a Honda CD player from my 97 Accord that I am planning to sell. Was wondering if this CD player would fit the Ody? Any tips on removing the CD player from the Accord would also be appreciated.
  • Are you the same Charlene Blake that sued Chrysler several years ago over problems you were having with the Dodge Caravan anti-lock brakes? Do you actually own an Odyssey now?

    Just curious..
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    Get a weight distributing hitch. It will keep the towing vehicle level.
  • I remember reading about that Charlene Blake several years ago! It appears that she is the same Charlene Blake. After reading your post, I did a search on her name on excite and yahoo and found that her posts are on many car sites and with the same style and intent. It appears that Charlene either has very bad luck or loves to find trouble with all vehicles.

  • billg7billg7 Posts: 342
    It seems that Charlene Blake may have found a way to make some money, by suing auto companies and threatening them with a class action law suit if they don't pay her to go away. Or she could be a lawyer who makes money filing class action law suits. That could raise the cost of Odysseys.

    I think she should tell us, as I asked her in my previous post,just what her intentions are.
  • I took my 01 LX on its first road trip. I was on Penn Turnpike to western Pa from Maryland. I got 22-25 MPG. I drove 65-70 MPH mostly. There was lots of snow in Pa and I drove on snow-packed local roads. I drove slow and had no problems with handling. TCS was on, but I don't think it kicked in as I drove pretty slow. Van was coated with salt/slush when I returned, just washed it off. I was able to get 2 kids + wife plus all Christmas goodies in the van without stowing rear seat. I was impressed. I installed a TV/VCR console from Best Buy and it worked great for kids
  • I'm so jealous. :) We'll be eating macaroni and cheese for the next month now that I picked up my GG '01 EX today. How much was the TV/VCR? Can it be seen from the third seat ok? I really don't want a flip down TV.

    Maybe I won't have to collect aluminum cans and sell blood to buy a TV now.
  • mike734mike734 Posts: 128
    You said "TCS was on." Is that because you turned it on? I wonder because it sounds like you turned it on. You should know that TCS is always on. The button turns it off. I'm sorry if you knew that but it is not obvious and I thought you may want to know.
  • Respongin to post #479, I could not access this page. It said I did not have permission. How to i get permission?!!
  • Just took my 01 EX for test snow drive. We had 17" of snow yesterday, some of it still laying on the roads.

    The car performed very well, TCS kicking in on uphills on packed snow. The ABS system was helpful in keeping the van straight during breaking. Overall, very impressive.

    I also own 99 Jeep GC Laredo 4x4. I took it out yesterday during the storm BEFORE city cleaned the roads. What a difference ! The car went thru couple of snow drifts of deeper than 2 feet each like they were not even there ! I was thinking about trading the Jeep in for a smaller vehicle (since we also have the Ody), but now it is for keeps !
  • mictjmictj Posts: 3
    Responding to #495. You are right. The website must be down or off? Try in a few days. It did work a few days ago.

    Lets hope they get back up.
  • ckonckon Posts: 22
    Hello all. Happy New Year!

    I just installed a set of the new Honda fog lights and am very satisfied with everything about them except that the harnessed provided are wired as a stock setup. In other words, the lights are usable with the low beams only.

    I've tried to figure out the best way to power them up any time the parking lights are on, but the wiring diagram that came with them doesn't identify the wiring well enough for me to figure out what wiring can be re-routed. Has anyone rewire the stock fog lights to allow operation under all "parking light on" conditions?

    Any clues here would be a big help since I don't have point-to-point diagrams.

    Than in advance.
  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    Just got back from plowing some snow for my brother, and got snow in the van. Anyway, the way the floor at the driver's position dips towards the door sill causes all of the melted snow on the weathertechs to trap water between the mat and the door sill. The channeled section of the mats is too far back to be of any use, who drives with their feet that far back. If you're going to get utility out of the channels on the mat, MacNeil needs to be move them further forward. I think I'm going to stick something underneath the mat to cause the water to flow back in instead of into the door sill edge. I actually carried a snow-blower in the back with the magic seat folded down. Got 2 2x8s from Home Depot this morning to serve as ramps to roll the sucker into the back. (They'll be handy for moving anything heavy in the future.) Had to vacuum out all of the water when I got home.
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    Just what we need. Another bozo with fog lamps and high beams at the same time; and the fog lamps are probably already mis-aimed. Sorry, but those blinders are a pet peave if mine.

    Fog lamps are intended to be used in fog. In fog, high beams will glare back at you and cut your visibility. Ergo, fog lamps are set to work on low beam only.

    If you want driving lights, you should order same. However, if you do, please aim them low enough to reach out, but not high enough to cause a safety hazard!
  • 2001ody2001ody Posts: 17
    Just got my 2001 Ody LX and was wondering if the the old rule of thumb of changing the oil at 1000 miles still applies. The manual says not to. I did this for my Tauri and both are going great at 150 and 110k miles.
  • rictomrictom Posts: 89
    I have a 2000 lx. Kept the factory cassette and wanted to add a cd changer. 2 local car stereo guys said the only cd changer that would work with the factory cassette was an alpine 6 cd changer. Dont' think he was bs-ing me. I've got the alpine installed about 5 weeks ago and except for once/twice when I had to turn the van off/on to get cd working (took it back and they replaced the adapter cable they had to install with the cd changer) it's been great-able to control the cd from the radio.
  • rictomrictom Posts: 89
    I have a 2000 lx. Thought the same thing. But the dealer/service was quite firm and waiting till 3750-4000 because the intial oil Honda uses is specially made for the break in period. Others have also gotten the same firm answer from Honda Dealers. I'd also check manual, I think it's in there about this 'special' breakin oil.
  • actually, i saw with my own eyes info from the honda website through a link in forum that the first oil change should not be done until 7500 miles because of the break-in oil. i tried searching through the archives and can't find it...damn these new boards!
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    I believe the manual (for 2001) and website state that an oil change should not be done until the first recommended maintenance interval, which could be 3750 or 7500 miles. That depends on whether you fall into the normal or severe service as defined in the owners manual based on your driving conditions.

    Also note that Honda now recommends 5W-20 for the Odyssey. This certainly applies to the 2001 MY vehicles, and may be retroactive to earlier years. The manual states 5W-30 is an alternative if you can't find 5W-20, and that synthetics may be used as long as they are changed according to the service interval specified in the manual.
  • mojo66mojo66 Posts: 83
    We’ve spend almost four months with our 2001 EX. Happy to report no problems with the van since delivery and gas mileage is picking up slightly as we put more miles on it. Took our first out-of-town trip last week and was very impressed with the Odyssey on the highway. The seats are very comfortable, the ride is fairly quiet and smooth on the highway and the handling is pretty good for a minivan. Seems to have plenty of power--we had one occasion where 5 adults were in back and the van handled it very well, except for the suspension bottoming out once when I went over a dip in the road (a nasty sound, indeed.) It also has an excellent turning radius, far better than the Camry wagon it replaced. It looks like it will be a good vacation vehicle (the main reason we bought it, along with the need for more space). Anxious to take it on a longer trip, but that will wait for spring, giving us time to look into some kind of video system for it. Averaged 22 mpg on the trip with 87 octane. Grade logic worked very well on hills, downshifting and holding that gear when necessary. The amount of cargo room with the 2nd row seats out and the 3rd row flat in the floor is incredible. The Ody will go to the dealer this week for its initial oil change (3,750 mi.) $19.95 w/ free car wash.

    The power sliders are great, but everybody that sees them says the same thing--”that’s really nice but you better hope they don’t break.....” (I still haven’t decided whether to buy the HondaCare warranty.) As it turns out, I think the doors might be the only good reason to opt for the EX. The roof rails are worthless without aftermarket x-bars, the stereo is terrible (even with the two extra speakers), the power drivers’ seat is nice but without a memory feature I have to manually switch the seat position every time I get a turn behind the wheel. The suede fabric on the EX feels better than the LX fabric but it can give a nasty static shock when sliding out of the seat.

    I still can’t believe Honda considers the Odyssey EX in its current trim a top-of-the-line model. There just aren’t enough interior features compared with the top-end models from Toyota and Chrysler, but the price difference makes the EX a bargain. Honda really needs to add a base model DX to the Odyssey lineup and give the EX stuff like heated pwr seats w/memory, a premium sound system, trip computer, leather, video, etc. I’m sure they have taken a close look at the new Chrysler vans and hopefully some improvements are on the way. Overall though, we are very happy with the 2001 Space Odyssey.
  • I just got back from a 2400 mile round trip in my 2000 Odyssey and confirmed that the seats are awful. My '99 Accord has great (comfortable) drivers seats. It doesn't seem like the Odysssey seats were built to the usual Honda level of quality. Does anyone have an idea on replacing or modifying them? For starters, it seems like they need a better lumbar support.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    There is a "I hate fog Lamps" topic in "news and views." You are not alone. Some poeple have an ax to grind over day time running lights.
  • ehetehet Posts: 2
    I have owned a GG '01 EX since the end of October. The only problem was that it was pulling to the right. Took it back to the dealer and they shifted the sub-frame per a service bulletin that was put out. I didn't purchase the extended warranty - have never been a big fan of those things. However, in reading about problems that some owners have had with the sliding doors, I am re-considering the extended warranty. Can I purchase the Honda Care Warranty even after though I have owned the vehicle for two months? If so, does anyone know where I can purchase it from. Does it have to be through my dealer? Thanks
  • mike734mike734 Posts: 128
    Yes you can buy a HCW up to 3 yr/36k miles. Maybe even beyond (but at what price). I will probably do so in a few years. The best price for a 7yr/100mi/0 deduct warr seems to be about $895. My local dealer fell off his chair laughing when I suggested that price. He said he would not sell me one for less than $1600. However, you can buy this warr. from any Honda dealer! I have found one back East who said he would sell me one for $895. One thing to keep in mind is that the price goes up (a little) as you get closer to the end of the factory warr. The name of the dealer is D. Winnie at (518) 587-9300.
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    I have no problem with lights of any kind. . . . . . . . . . just as long as. . . . . . . . . . they're aimed and USED properly.

    I use 100/80watt bulbs in my 99EX. Since they're aimed and used properly, I never get a flashing complaint from other drivers; and, when I throw them on high beam, they literally flame throw the road.
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    Recaro makes some nice after market seats with full everything, including heating and ventilation. Plan on spending upwards of $700 each.
  • minimanminiman Posts: 85
    My guess is that once the Atlanta factory is on-line, the loaded Odyssey will be available as an Acura product for more $$.

    Why should Honda improve anything on Odyssey? There is a waiting list for the current van, w/ many willing to spend over MSRP to get one. The answer is of course, that as dot.coms go out of busniess left and right, stock markets fall, energy prices remain high (and then prices climb on the food and goods that come to market via truck or other means that pay higher energy prices), there will be a dip in the demand for new goods, fewer workers will be producing those goods, we will slip into a recession and the demand for new vehicles will drop significantly. Then, only the best will survive. See, GM recently slashed Olds division and layed off thousands of workers (with surely more to come). These fat times are the most important time for automakers to make their customers smile - so they will come back as loyal customers in lean times.
    We'll see how my Honda does long-term. So far, I am less than pleased after 12 months (both power sliders messed up and cannot be fixed X 3 tries, and how many recalls are we up to now...?).
  • Am looking into buying a EX within the next few months. Am curious about the NAVI system. Is it worth it? (I live in Southern California and we would use this for vacations in southwest). Have people been happy with the NAVI? Any big problems? Thanks for the help.
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