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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004



  • acsmithacsmith Posts: 63
    The extended warranty is simply an insurance policy. No car/van/truck is perfect, and mechanical (and electrical) stuff breaks. You have to decide if you are willing to underwrite the costs of repairs between 36,000 and 100,000 miles. If you are, then don't spend the $900 for the 7/100/0 warranty. If, however, you decide that there is a possibility of a sliding door motor going around the bend to the tune of $1000 for the motor and labor, then maybe you want to buy the insurance policy.

    If you've ever replaced the rear quarter window motor that opens that little window, you know they are about $180 each, plus labor of about $125. Hummm.

    If you think that maybe the tranny goes west at 80,000 miles while you are towing that boat over the Rockies, and the replacement costs $2500 parts and labor, then maybe you want the insurance.

    It's not a matter of how reliable any particular brand is, I think. While I believe that Honda's reliability is very good, stuff happens. So it was worth it to me to pay $925 to buy the comfort of the extended warranty.
  • mojo66mojo66 Posts: 83
    It's not a disingenuous statement at all--minivans as a group experience transmission problems at a much greater rate than the cars they are based on, even Toyotas. Did you buy an extended warranty on your Sienna?
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    I think it would also be fair to say that the most reliable cars are more reliable than the most reliable minivans, in some cases by a large margin. Anyone get the April Consumer Reports yet? Should arrive any day I suspect.

    As for extended warranties-

    Consider that as insurance, they are priced to make the manufacturer money, even after commissions are paid. For that reason, the perceived reliability of a vehicle probably isn't the most important factor in a decision to purchase or decline an extended warranty. Instead, consider the price you pay. At suggested retail prices, almost every extended warranty on anything I've seen is pretty much a rip-off. Prices posted on Hondacare warranties are quite inexpensive relative to prices I've seen online for OEM warranties on other makes, plus Hondacare includes roadside assistance not in the basic Honda warranty (AAA charges $40-$50 a year for this). Also consider whether or not you have the discipline to save that money for repairs later if you don't buy the warranty. Finally, it also may offer peace of mind for some people, and for others the ability to pay for it by financing with the new vehicle.
  • mojo66mojo66 Posts: 83
    I took a look through some of the posts in ‘Sienna Problems II’. Let’s see---engine sludge, power door problems, tranny failures as early as 10K and 15K, whistling noises, clunking noises, pulling to the left or right, torque converter problems, etc. I don't see much reason Sienna owners should take comfort in knowing that their minivan is "more reliable than most cars."
  • sbjj6sbjj6 Posts: 3
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    I use a hitch mounted multi bike carrier from Yakima. Works well, and folds down to allow the rear hatch to be opened.
  • grplavloffgrplavloff Posts: 138
    "Did you buy an extended warranty on your Sienna? "

    Yes, but I also bought one for the last car I owned. It turned out to be a very "wise investment" in that case.
  • grplavloffgrplavloff Posts: 138
    "I think it would also be fair to say that the most reliable cars are more reliable than the most reliable minivans, in some cases by a large margin. "

    It's also fair to say that there are many more car models than there are minivan models, so the probability is higher that there will be cars that are more reliable than the most reliable minivans.
  • grplavloffgrplavloff Posts: 138
    "I don't see much reason Sienna owners should take comfort in knowing that their minivan is "more reliable than most cars."

    It has nothing to do with "comfort", it's just plain and simple reality. How much it is worth to someone, and how much it is worth relative to other considerations, is something else altogether. Don't get defensive: these are just hunks of machinery we're talking about.
  • bnjonesbnjones Posts: 15
    First, PLEASE do not post anything back to the board regarding this message. I have a 2001 GG EX with 8500 miles that I regretfully have to sell. If you are interested please email me at Once again please do not tie up the board with post regarding this. Thanks.
  • billg7billg7 Posts: 342
    Just out. Saw it in the grocery store, today. Says "Used Cars To Avoid" Odyssey 99, because reliability "Below Average". Odyssey 2000 listed as "Average Reliability". In order to be listed as "Reliable Used Cars". requires an "Above Average" reliability rating. These ratings for used cars are all done based on the reliability ratings in this CR. 2001 = not enough data to rate
  • erickamerickam Posts: 7
    I wrote a note to the folks at the Consumer Reports website asking if the Odyssey was showing problems. This was the response I got. For some reason my browser won't let me paste it as a quote.


    Dear Mr. Kam:

    Thanks for your e-mail asking us about the Honda Odyssey. We appreciate
    your looking to us for information and guidance.

    According to our technical staff, as can be found on our site, the Odyssey
    has maintained "Average" reliability for 2000. Generally, our reliability
    data found online, and in the April issue are the same. The only real
    difference is that the website gets the information first, around January.

    As for specific problems with the Odyssey, our technical staff has informed
    me that most of the problems stem from the power sliding doors.
    Unfortunately, I have no other information to offer you.

    Thanks again for your e-mail.


    John McCowen
    Customer Relations Representative
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    Take the April 2000 Consumer Reports (p32-33). 2 of 16 minivans rate above average in reliability. Those two were Odyssey and Sienna, both around 30% above average. 8 models were around 40% worse than average, and 3 were 80% worse or below.

    Now look at the Family Sedan category. 14 of 21 are above average. The top 4 (G20, Camry, Accord) are all 40% or more above average. Only 3 models were around 40% below average.

    Other categories like "Small Cars", "Upscale Cars" and "Luxury Sedans" also appear much better than the minivan category. "Sports cars", "Coupes", "Large Sedans" and "SUVs" appear only slightly better. "Pickup Trucks" is the only category that appears about as bad as minivans top to bottom.

    Top to bottom, I'd say minvans are less reliable than family sedans and most other categories, according to Consumer Reports. It will be interesting to see if this changes for 2001.
  • swebsurfswebsurf Posts: 3

    I've just purchased the Audiovox CDM9000 cell phone and the HF4000T hands free car kit. The installation of the car kit (in a 1999 Honda Odyssey) is scheduled for Monday so I thought I'd ask if anyone had a kit installed (not necessarily the HF4000T) and where they mounted it.

    Thanks for any advice!

  • erickamerickam Posts: 7
    I just had a Motorola hands free kit installed in my 2001 EX. Posted about it in the After Market Add-On's forum at #126 of 132.

    My technician showed me a kit called ProFit which eliminates the need for a pedestal on a jointed arm.

    ProFit does not appear to make a kit for the Ody but my guy modified one for me.

    It sticks out in the crease between the panel that holds the radio and the next panel to the right of that in the dash.

    It's not perfect because the metal bracket is a little too thick to modify easily with the tools he has. The dash panels don't fit back together nicely.

    He is going to look around for another version of the same kit that might be a little easier to bend.

    With the standard pedestal mount I couldn't come up with a good place to mount it. The center console has cup holders and drawers all the way down the front of it.

    Mounting a jointed arm with a pedestal on either side of the console would interfere with leg room for my very tall spouse.

    I really wanted to have it mounted up inside the space occupied by the sunglasses holder in the roof console but I couldn't talk my tech into doing that much wiring.

    If someone has another solution I would like to hear about it.

  • bnjonesbnjones Posts: 15
    Just a thought on the ProFit. It has been my experience that when installing the bracket many places tend to scratch up the front of the consol. Also, once you take the bracket back out it leaves a gap between the side wall and radio that is really ugly. I would search around for alternative ways to mount but definitly don't use the ProFit. No offense to ericka. Thanks.
  • lumanskilumanski Posts: 39
    I don't own an Odyssey yet, but I currently don't use a cradle, etc. I use the ear-piece and mic combo. You could just lay the phone on the center console. Most new phones can be hooked to one of these devises. I wouldn't ever mount something onto the dash, etc. Another option is I've seen some mounts that clip to the air vent. Don't know if that works well, but I like to feel the air coming out myself.
  • cnybrocnybro Posts: 29
    I installed an aftermarket floor console between the front seats - the same that Shagnasty posted pics of not too long ago. The flip down tray stays in place folded down. The console has a 12 VDC plug inside for a cell phone charger. So, I just keep my phone inside of this and it's out of the way. If you still want to mount the phone, I would attach the cradle to the console. Better to mark that up than the dash. I added some adhesive foam on either side of the console so it won't squeek from rubbing against the plastic on the side of the drivers seat and the OEM flip down tray. Also, since there is a small hump in the floor between the front seats, I just cut some 1x4 lumber to put underneath the front and rear of the console to stabilize it. Works well.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    For my Motorola Startac. I have mounted the cradle to the front of the pullout cupholder/change tray. It is actually mounted using the stick-on mount (1" round base) and is on the far left side of the pullout cupholder panel. This location provides excellent visiblity for the phone and it doesn't interfere with the operation of the pullout cupholder, lower storage bin, center console tray, gear shift, radio/heater controls, etc. It adheres very well, but I know I can remove it w/o damage if need be.
  • 3senough3senough Posts: 17
    I just purchased a used 2000 Odyssey ex w/ Navi. It was a factory demo. I love the van and have not experienced any of the problems I've read about in this great forum. The van came with lots of extras, cargo mat, towing package, leather steering wheel cover, etc. I was unclear if the alarm system, which can only be deactivated by pushing the valet button or using the remote unlock button, is an add-on or standard with this model? It is not talked about in the owners manual. There is a separate manual for it which made me think it is an add-on.
  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    I have an Ody on order. I have been reading the boards closely for the past couple of months with much interest. Today, on another site, there was a posting regarding the third seat that caught my attention. It stated that that seat is very uncomfortable to sit in for long trip. We travel up north (I live in Michigan and that is a real Michigan thing to do) often and I hate the thought of my kids (soon to be teenagers) riding that far in an uncomfortable seat. My goal is to make these trips easy. Sibling squabbling is hard enough. Uncomfortable seats would make it worse.

    Is this a problem or just a person who bought a Town and Country taking a shot at Hondas?
  • hi, we have a 2001 ex...i've ridden in the back seats of both but not on really long trips. generally speaking, the third seat in ANY van is not super comfortable. the third seat in the DC vans are more contoured and have better bolstering but with the split seat configuration, forget about sitting in the middle, especially since it does not have a headrest or 3-point belt in that position. the odyssey rear suspension is fully independent and offers better damping...the *new* DC vans still use the ages-old solid axle and leaf springs in the back (i.e., from the horse-drawn carriage days) so i think sitting over that axle for long periods of time would make you more prone to carsickness than in the ody. rear seat occupants in the D-C vans have to share maplights too. one more thing, on the ody, you can actually fit some long items lengthwise under the third seat...forget about doing THAT in the D-C vans...the split seat anchors take up most of the space under the seat. don't get me wrong, i think honda can definitely take a page out of D-C's book in terms of interior design...i feel our interior looks spartan comparatively but the oyssey's four 5-star crash rating (, excellent offset crash performance (, lowest rollover probability among minivans (, the lowest low-speed crash damage repair costs ( and the lowest injury index of *any* vehicle the insurance institute for highway safety keeps track of (, the lowest insurance relative loss payment of all vehicles tracked by the insurance loss institute ( make up for it!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Like any seat, comfort is subjective. Unfortunately, you can't take one on a 6 hour test drive.

    I've ridden in the third seat in our Ody for just a short ride. It seemed OK, but it is nowehere near the comfort of the captain's chairs. Personally, I don't care how comfortable that 3rd seat is. I'm never going to ride back there!!! And my kid's (just baby's now) can whine just like as teenagers my brother and I did. Each 6' and combined weight of over 300 lbs. had to sit in the back of a 79 Pontiac Sunbird coupe for 60 mile drives. I still wonder how that thing survived.
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    It's not nice to advertise commercially on Edmunds' forums.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I thought local car dealer ads on TV just looked and sounded sleezy, I guess they read just as bad. Could you possibly write shlock worse than ol' billbegam's post?? Would you buy a car from someone that sounds like that???
  • billg7billg7 Posts: 342
    Consumer Reports in their Jan 2001 issue rates the Odyssey Rear-Seat comfort as VG with the ratings ruining

    For other vans they list: Toyota Sienna F; The new Dodge Grand Caravan G; Chevrolet Venture G; Ford Windstar G.

    So it looks like the Odyssey is about as good as you are going to get.

    I know I have been told advertising is not allowed but I would think it would be a service to the members if the price was no more then MSRP and hopefully MSRP with extras added for no extra cost, as a few dealers do. This is because of the current demand for the vehicles.

    I suspect that the above advertising is for above MSRP and perhaps for a made in Canada model, which has some problems, however. I know when I was looking for the Odyssey I would have wellcomed and valued an ad which listed an Odyssey at MSRP with extras added for no extra cost. Canada models come without a manufacturers model if they were made to be sold in Canada.
  • We bought ours in December 1998 and love it. The rear seat is quite comfy - even sitting in the middle bewteen 2 booster seats. With the 2nd row Capt's Chairs, I can stretch my legs out with no problem.

    As to reliability, I have seen some negtive posts that reference articles read. Where are these articles? What magazine?

    Gimme a break. The Odyssey is the best minivan out there. In the 2 years we have had it, the only problem was a recall on the sliding door latches - bolts torqued down too much or something to that effect.

    As for price, sticker is about the best you are going to do. Many dealers are bringing down Canadian models, retroing the speedometers and tagging on a new warranty. Keep in mind, these vehicles are technically "Used" when you buy them but with the replacement warranty, its not a big issue. Also, the thermostat for the Heat and A/C is in Celsius and cannot be changed.

    On the good side, the Canadian models have day time running lamps and heated side view mirrors.

    Hope this helps.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Apparently he doesn't read his email about his violations of the Terms of Use for soliciting either. Please feel free to email Drew or me if you see more of him--Thanks!

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • jimblockjimblock Posts: 61
    Yes, on the 2000 EX, the alarm is an add-on. It is standard on the 2001.
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    My wife has been complaining about insufficient light when reversing. Anyone else having that problem? If yes, has anyone tried any remedies like higher wattage bulbs, auxillary lights, etc? If it matters, it's a '00 EX. TIA, Terry
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