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2005 Chevy Equinox Problems

This is the second time I've had problems with my MP3/CD Player in my 2005 Equinox. I got it replaced the first time while the vehicle was under warranty but now I am having the same problems where it will accept CDs but not play them. It will not play any of my CDs even my regular audio ones. It just says "Reading Disc" and then "Check Disc" and will not play.

Also, recently I have heard a very loud squealing noise while I am driving. It is relatively constant while driving whether I'm braking or accelerating. It only will stop while at a complete stop. Any help on what this could be?

If anyone could give me some advice I'd really appreciate it. The car is no longer under warranty. I don't have a lot of money to replace CD players. Thanks for any help!


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Chevy Equinox Stereo, iPod, CD, Bluetooth, Sat, AUX, USB, DVD would be a good place to pose your CD question.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Wendy_w,
    I apologize you are experiencing a concern on your vehicle. You may want to check with your dealership on the warranty you may have with the stereo that was originally replaced. I am not sure how long it has been but, you may be still under warranty and be able to get it fixed. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • wendy_wwendy_w Posts: 5
    Yes I already did that. They said 12 months warranty and it is definitely past that. How is it that the CD player can't last longer than 3 years? That seems pretty ridiculous to me. GM should guarantee it's stereo systems for longer than that!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Wendy_w,
    Again, I apologize that you are experiencing a concern with your CD player. Have you had anyone look at the CD player recently to check the concern?
    Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    I owned a 2005 Equinox and in my first 2 yrs they had to change my Radio/C.D..... 5 times.
    That's 6 units if you include the original.
    Good Luck!
  • wendy_wwendy_w Posts: 5
    Oh my God! That is horrible!! Did you ever find out why you had so many problems? They should do a recall on the cd players if they are going to be so problematic.
  • wendy_wwendy_w Posts: 5
    I called the dealership who replaced it the first time and explained the issues and was told I would have to replace the entire unit. It is the same problem I had before where the CD/MP3 player will simply not read any discs.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Wendy_w,
    What I can do is have an agent look into your concern further. However, the agent may require you to have the CD player diagnosed by the dealership. If you want me to proceed with this I will need you to email me your contact info, VIN, current mileage, dealership and best time to contact you. You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Your right Wendy, they have to change the entire unit and to make things worse, they replace it with a "rebuilt".
    The radio was o.k. but the problem was every time the C.D.
    Unit # 1 (The original) I couldn't insert a C.D.
    Unit # 2 Same thing.
    Unit # 3 The unit couldn't read the C.D.
    Unit # 4 The C.D. got stucked inside the unit ( lost my C.D.)
    Unit # 5 I couldn't insert a C.D.
    Unit # 6 Was still working after 4 months but I traded the Equinox.

    Good luck to the new owner.

    P.S. We are not alone with the 2005's Radio/C.D. units.
  • i see people here with equinox cd problems, but i see none with the dex/cool problem, if you look on consumeraffairs under dex/cool. you will see a bigger problem. i am one with this problem, and the government is giving gm a pass, so they don;t have to do a recall and make them look bad. i see there are things in the works in many state for a class action, so anyone with not just chevy but gm should look into it. i am they say we have till oct to file, i just have to findout, file with who...good luck
  • I am another one with a stereo problem. Mine goes in and out cd and radio,, I also have a problem that my door buzzers do not work either I have had fuses checked and nothing wrong ther. Any suggestions what to do now. I know I am out of warranty, OF Course
  • I know how you fell, had my share of problems with my 2005 Equinox (see my last post) The CD/Radio is bad.
    What I rid of the entire pile of scrap.
    I used to call my truck "My Equinox" but suddenly I noticed I was calling it "My Equijunk".
    Traded it for a 2010 HHR 2LT....The HHR is the real thing. No problems at all, a real dream car (it is a car). Comfortable, fun to drive, economical, 110% better than that Equinox (especially the 2005 model).
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Bhollander,
    How long have you experienced the stereo concern? When you had the fuses checked, did the dealership check the radio to see if something else was wrong with it? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • :confuse: Took into shop and they say its the amplifier. What causes this?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Bhollander,
    Unfortunately, I am not a service technician and cannot tell you why the amplifier is causing the problem. I would ask the service technician that diagnosed the concern for you for the answer. Did they fix the concern? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Dear (bhollander), they had to change my entire unit and to make things worse, they always replace it with a "rebuilt".
    My radio was playing o.k. but the problem was the C.D.
    Unit # 1 (The original) I couldn't insert a C.D.
    Unit # 2 Same thing.
    Unit # 3 The unit couldn't read the C.D.
    Unit # 4 The C.D. got stucked inside the unit ( lost my C.D.)
    Unit # 5 I couldn't insert a C.D.
    Unit # 6 Was still working after 4 months but I traded the Equinox for a 2010 HHR.
    The HHR 2LT and it"s a jewel and fun to drive.

    P.S. you are not alone with the 2005's Radio/C.D. units problem.
  • 2005 Equinox AWD, built 45km from my home (at Cami in Ingersoll ON), out of warranty, approx. 80,000kms, well maintained.

    recently noticed fuel economy dropped significantly (last 3 weeks or so), about the same time as I noticed a vibration (almost like a drag), feels like it's coming from the back end. Does this sound like a seized caliper/bad rotor?

    what's the consensus on aftermarket/OEM parts?
  • The car runs fine but putting the car in gear is useless, nothing happens. The transmission has no access to check or add fluid so I have to take it in to the dealer.
    What do you know about this transmission?
  • I owned a 2005 Equinox (bought it new) until spring 2010. Traded it with 63,000 kms for a 2010 HHR (new), what a difference in every way...LOVE my HHR.
    All my vehicles are always maintained religiously.
    My Equinox had closely the same problem that yours has and it was all caused by the left rear wheel hub bearing that was but this didn't bother with the fuel economy.
    For the decrease of fuel economy remember that in or cold Canada weather it is normal that the cold air has an effect on this.
    I see you live somewhere between Toronto/London, I live near Ottawa and every time winter season arrives it has an effect on the fuel economy all my cars did the same since 1975.
    This is probably not related to your vibration problem but on the cold air.
    As I recall, your problem can't be cause by a bad caliper/rotor because the rear wheels of the 2005 Equinox had shoes/drums.
  • These things could be the answer to your problem.

    1- Check your shift linkage.
    2- Old fluid, time to change your fluid.
    3- Low fluid level.
    4- Over filled fluid level.
    5- Your transmission might be shot.

    There is no "dipstick" to check your transmission oil level but underneath the transmission there is a "plug" that you unscrew and insert your little finger in the hole to check the level.
    If you can't touch the oil, the level is low, if it spills out = to much oil, if you can touch the oil with the tip of your finger the oil level is o.k.

    My transmission seal on my Equinox had to be changed on warranty because my transmission was losing oil about 1 once a day (even more when hot).
    Did you check if you see if you have red oil spots under your Equinox?
  • holdn5holdn5 Posts: 10
    We have an 05' equinox that has had nothing but problems in regards to the heating system. The thermostat was recently replaced for the 3rd time in 4 years and on our 3 hour drive home over the weekend, the heat went out again!

    Anyone know what could be causing the issue? The mechanic is at a loss. Each time following the replacment of the thermostat the heat will work great, slowly it's starts getting worse. Often, when I slow or come to a start it start blowing cooler or cold air, but then heats up again when I start moving. If I turn the blower on more than the 2nd switch it will start blowing cooler air as well.

    Of course the 1st two times that the thermostat was replaced GM covered it because it was under warranty. The 3rd time I fought with them to get it covered eventhough it was out of warranty because it's the same issue each time. THey're obviously not fixing the actual problem, just covering it up!~ I've always been a GM fan, but after this REFUSE to purchase another GM Vehicle, especially after being brushed under the rug!
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    hey well i got rid of my 05, the problem is the decool that gm used as a coolant, it causes alot of problems one also being a blown head , with will cost you thousands to fix, since the government owned gm for the bailout, they donot have to do recalls.. check comsumer and type in your car and year and you can read more....
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Call GM's service at the 1-800 number and a explain your problem and disappointment.
    Let me tell you what happened to me with my 2005 Equinox... and everything went on warranty even though they told me that the brake system is never on warranty because of the fact that it’s “wear and tear” usage.
    My rotors were always warped causing a vibration in my steering when applying the brakes. They had to turn/shave the rotors at 4,400 K again at 9,000 K and then change both rotors at 14,800 K because they couldn't turn them anymore (to thin) and then again at 20,300 K again at 25,800 K and again had to change both rotors again at 32,000 k
    Finally I traded the Equijunk for a 2010 HHR 2LT…what a difference in every way.

    P.S. Like “glodato” (post # 23) They had to change a “blown head gasket” at 30,000 K
    Cost me 3,800.00 $ and the mechanic told me that blown head gaskets are very common on the 2005 Equinox.
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    I was thinking about looking at an 05'Equinox if it is still available in a few weeks(as of NOW it still is) but after reading some of your posts I'm wondering if I should just pass on it. It has approximately 104K on it and is the AWD model. That sound system issue really doesn't make any sense and is further made worse by repeated replacements that don't work for whatever reason. But the potential head gasket problem is what really gets me. I don't have piles of money laying around to fork out to KEEP the thing going. The asking price for this Equinox is 8 grand and it comes with a 90 day/4500 mile warranty. It's at a small used car lot about an hour from me. I see that you, glodato, seem to feel that the coolant issue is one of, or perhaps the main cause for the head gasket failure. I have worked on a lot of cars, never professionally in my day and years ago we didn't even HAVE pre-mixed anti freeze. YOU did the mixing yourself. Now I think you're talking about Dexcool antifreeze, yes? I was under the assumption that this was an extended life mixture and just about all the manufacturers use something like this in their vehicles. Do you mean to suggest if your Equinox had regular antifreeze, like say Prestone or any Auto part store brand and NOT this brand of extended life coolant, the head gasket would NOT have blown? And I'm wondering if Holdn5's problem with having to frequently change thermostats is related to this Dexcool coolant. I've personally never heard of such things, but then again, not being employed by a Chevy dealership is probably why.

    You would think GM would do all necessary to stop this madness. What have they done, if anything, to stop this radio and blown head gasket and thermostat issue from happening in later models? They are still making the Equinox so now I wonder seeing how you have no faith in the 2005 model how did the 06', 07', etc model years do and was anything specific done to eliminate these problems that would have made me want to drive the thing through the Dealership window! So I guess what you all are saying is, "Run, don't WALK away from any 2005 Chevy Equinox, or as you say, "EquiJunk"? I thank you all for your candor.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    It's up to you...but I would change my mind if I where you and think of buying something else.
    In all my years of driving (36 yrs) and always a loyal GM customer (my 2005 Equinox being the 7th GM vehicle) the Equinox was the worse. It was really unbelievable to say that it was a Chevrolet.
    I traded it for a 2010 HHR and this is a fun to drive, reliable, economic vehicle to drive...I adore it.
    It's a good thing that I got rid of it or else I'd be ruined today.
    P.S. All my cars where bought new and I'm a conservative driver and always follow the maintenance schedule religiously at a GM dealer.
  • holdn5holdn5 Posts: 10

    Took the car back to a mechanic (NOT A Dealership) I'd much rather give my hard earned $$ to someone local. He hooked it up to something (sorry, I'm going to be a girl here) for 24 hours and found no leak in the head gasket!! The lines were flushed again and wouldn't you know it, we have heat, but the question is for how long? He said the lines did not appear to be blocked though? What's causing this problem, the mechanic is at a loss!! It seems to fix the problem for a few weeks but then we're back with no heat. Mechanics suggestion was to trade it in before 100K - currently 93K.

    FYI- I did go round with GM and their 1800 customer service. Spoke to 3 district specialists and was told that it's out of warranty. We're at a loss, we were hoping to keep this car for another 5 years!!

    If we do end up trading it, I can guarantee it will NOT be for another GM. So sad, we've always driven one but to get swept under the rug after having it in for the same problem 3 times under warranty, I'm done, I don't care what my husband says!
  • holdn5holdn5 Posts: 10
    I would pass also we have an 05'! I LOVED my equinox up until GM started to screw us. We don't have any problems with ours besides the heating system, but that's enough for me to say NO NO NO and is $$ to fix.

    I love the size, cargo room, gas mileage is decent, but I can't get past the way that GM is screwing us. I wouldn't risk it if I were you, there have been too many problems documented with this vehicle for me to waste my money on!
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Hey! Woa Nelly.
    I am a loyal GM customer since 1977 and "YES" I traded my 2005 Equinox after 5 years of owning it...I was fed up (not of GM, but of my Equijunk).
    I traded it for a 2010 Chevrolet HHR 2 LT. I didn't like the body of the HHR until I test drove one and I got slowly in love with it.
    What a marvelous machine, fun to drive, reliable, economic, spacious (as much as the Equinox), well equipped and after 9 months and 10,000 K TROUBLE FREE. (my Equinox was in the garage @ 800 miles with radiator hoses problems). Go figure!
    The 2010 HHR has been my 8th GM vehicle that I own (bought everyone of them new) and by far...the best one.
    Do what I did....don't throw the whole apple basket out because of 1 bad apple.
  • holdn5holdn5 Posts: 10
    edited January 2011
    To each their own ;) I've had enough problems with most of my GM vehicles in my short life of car buying (I'm 30, so I've been purchasing cars for 14 years) and this one broke the camel's back! I'll be glad to list:

    1994 Camero Z28, bought brand new in 1994
    -Clutch went after 2 years, I realize it's a HP sports car, but still.
    -Leaky water pump after 3 years.
    -A/C quit after 4 years
    -CD player quite working when I traded it in 1999

    1997 Chevy Silverado purchased in 2001 USED
    -The tranny went after 1.5 months, of course we had a 1 month warranty on it. so it had to be rebuilt.
    -Fuel Pump went in 2002
    -water pump went soon there after.
    but had a heating system like no other :)

    2001 Oldsmobile Aurora
    Bought brand new by my parents and we purchased from them in 2006, soon there after we started having all kinds of problems with it. At the time it only had 35K on it because my dad always had a company car.
    -sun roof doesn't open and if it does, it sounds like it's going to shatter
    -Transmission hits hard every so often, diagnosed as a MAJOR electrical system problem that we refuse to pay to fix. Happens every few months and then stops when the car shuts off.
    - A/C quit a year ago, we went the whole summer without it cause I'm not dumping any more money into the car.
    -Service engine light soon light stays on has something to do with the electrical system.

    2005 chevy equinox-Major heating system problem which GM refuses to fix.
    -paint on dash rubbed off after a year
    -stereo overheats and on occasion quits working (not often though)
    -has a constant smell of running hot

    Enough said, all of these vehicles when purchased were in excess of $20K and while I realize some of the issues are from normal wear an tear, most are major issues!

    I'm done handing over $20-30K to GM for shotty products. My parents just purchased a new ford edge and I'm in love!!

    The only vehicle we've ever purchased from GM was a S10 that was just a small truck we purchased for yard work, etc..a back up vehicle and it was a great little truck!
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Well...I'm 54 and driving since I was 18 so that gives me 36 yrs experience with cars/trucks and vans.
    My first car was a used 1973 Dodge Swinger (will never buy another Dodge).
    Then all the rest we're bought new...
    1977 Chevelle Malibu Classic (very good, no problems)
    1983 Blazer S-10 (very good but a bit lazy on take off)
    1990 GMC Safari LS (very good, but slippery in winter)
    1994 Blazer S-10 LT (Very good, no problems, one of my best)
    1999 Venture ST (very good, no problems, loved it alot but demolished by a hurricane in florida)
    2005 Equinox LT (worse pile of s*** ever owned)
    2010 HHR 2LT (very good, no problems, best so far, economical, fun to drive, handy.

    Ford isn't bad, lots of my friend own or drives Fords and they like it.
    No offense my friend.
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