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2005 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    i know maybe right now it looks good and maybe you;re will hold, but i was just to a friends of mine who does heads one cars, and the last one he got he found 18 cracks in it. the problem is the dexcool antifreeze clogs everything up enough to cause all these problems, and i know mine started with heat problems first too. wish you luck....
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    I went over to a local Chevy dealership this week to see what they had on their lot, and to ask the service advisor about this model. I have to say, meeting this guy for the first time that he was NOT about to badmouth or admit that the 05' Equinox was bad, or that just certain numbers of them were bad, etc. He was rather non-committal about the subject. You'd expect this from him, of course, since he WORKS for a Chevy dealership. I guess he knows which sice his bread is buttered on! I asked if there was any TSB's on this model(Technical Service Bulletins) and he started scrolling through them, but not zeroing in on any one thing in particular. I mentioned your above comments on replacing the thermostat multiple times, or issues with Dex-Cool antifreeze and I thought he was somewhat vague in his responses. He said something like, "Well, did this person use a genuine GM replacement thermostat"? Now how would I KNOW something like that? I would ASSUME that if you bought an aftermarket one and it didn't work right, the next one would have been a genuine GM replacement. He really seemed aloof about the whole ordeal of me picking his brain for info. When I asked him if you HAD to use Dex-Cool antifreeze, he said no, you CAN use Prestone regular or 50/50 mix, but that it is imperative that you flush ALL the Dex-Cool out as it is NOT compatible(so HE says) with other mixes.

    Long story short, I may PASS on the '05 Equinox AWD, but I have a lead on an 06, 07, and an 08. And if I do buy one, I'm gonna be sure to see if I can get an extended warranty with it to protect ourselves. Thanks for all your imputs!
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    i;am glad you went ready if all the right questions, and just so you know i always used gm parts. you can also show him all the letters on commsumer affairs .com on where some states are now working on class action lawsuits so i;am glad i helped....
  • pkw3pkw3 Posts: 1

    I am also another "proud" owner of a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox with a blown head gasket requiring a new engine to fix the problem.

    At the first signs of any problems with the vehicle, I took it to the dealer and after close to $400.00 later they diagnosed it as just some clogged fuel injectors and bad spark plugs.

    I then picked it up from the dealership and on the way home (in 10 degree weather) it overheated on me.
    I then had it towed to the dealership the next day. They called me back and told me that it was a blown head gasket and would need a new (or rebuilt engine) at he cost of $2800.00-$3800.00.
    This caught me off guard since I had all of the prescribed (recommended) maintenace done on this vehicle. I the nproceeded to call GM/Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center where they rudely told me that they would not be able to asssit me with the cost of this matter.

    After 2 weeks and 2 calls back to the customer service number they told me that the only assistance that they would able to offer me would be a GM Loyalty certificate in the amount of $1500.00 towards the purchase of my next GM Vehicle.

    After being treated so horribly and by the lack of help offered by GM/ Chevrolet, I am now in the market for My first Import Vehicle.
    I have previously owned nothing but Chevrolet vehicles but due to this situation I am nol onger loyat to Chevrolet since I feel they they were not loyal to me during this horrible situation (which was not due to anything on my part but due to shotty design on GM's part.

    I would not recommend this model year vehicle to anyone (unless you want to become good friends with a mechanic and can afford to do so)!!! :( :(
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    I know what you mean, I owned a 2005 Equinox (bought it new) and the maintenance was always done religiously. Same thing...blown head gasket at 30,500 miles without talking about a long list of repair (lucky for me, mostly on warranty) but not the "Head Gasket".
    I am a GM loyal customer since 1977 and traded my Equijunk for a brand new 2010 HHR 2LT last year. What a marvelous little truck, fun to drive, economical and realiable, not comparable with the Equinox.
    My HHR has 12,000 miles and nothing wrong with it since I bought it.
    My Equinox was towed at the dealer with only 800 miles on it because of "over heating" they had to change all my hoses because my coolant had turned to a brownish color, sludgee and stinky.
    When I traded for the HHR GM gave me automatically, without asking anything a 1,000 $ rebate as a "Loyalty Rebate" because I was buying another GM vehicle.
    I'd say the HHR is the best car/truck I've ever owned in all my years of drive that totals 7 GM vehicles...Cars/Trucks/S.U.V./Vans.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 104
    My advice to everyone out there:


    It starts with the instrument gauges and knowing what's NORMAL for your vehicle so that you can detect abnormal trends when they start to occur.

    For example, my Taurus is ALWAYS at mid-scale on the temperature gauge. My Impala is ALWAYS just below mid-scale on the temperature gauge. Over the last year or so, I noticed the temperature on the Impala routinely starting to creep over mid-scale. I knew this wasn't normal, but the car wasn't in any danger of overheating so I let it ride. But then I started noticing the coolant level in the plastic tank being chronically low (and needing refill). I knew I was losing coolant. Well, I kept filling it until I found the source of the leak (turned out to be a pinhole in the radiator side tank). But if I wasn't paying attention to the gauges and didn't know what was NORMAL for my vehicle, the coolant would've run down until the gauge spiked into the HOT range and that would've likely been it for my engine!

    So at a minimum, watch the gauges and check your fluids periodically. And if your car doesn't HAVE a temperature scale and only has a light, you better make sure you know which light (or message) it is so you don't continue driving along while your coolant is draining away.

    Same goes for oil. An engine without lubrication or cooling fluids is a dead engine.
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    hi, yes i know how you feel, and like i said before if you look at consumer you we see it;s happened to alot of people and some states are working on going after them in court, see the catch is once the government took tham over in the buyout, they don;t have to do recalls, it woulg make the government look bad, and than no new cars would sale, funny who the government went after toyota, well i can tell you after 40yrs of gm, i now own a toyota.....
  • db80db80 Posts: 1
    I had NO problems with my 05 Equinox until Saturday when the check engine light came on. I was gone and thought I would tell my husband about it when I got home the next day. On the way home, I had heat then poof, it turned to cold, (was 15 degrees out) I had no power and the engine coolant light came on. My husband told my son to check the radiator and it wasn't leaking water so he said to not turn on anything and drive the 60 miles to get the car home. We went 60 mph and when we did get home, my husband went to open the coolant cap and it started fuming and bubbling. He said it was hot and needed to wait until it cooled down. I went to get gas which is a block away and only the check engine light came on at that time. We took the car to our mechanic and he called this morning to say it had a blown head gasket due to the coolant being low. My husband went to mechanic school and last month changed the oil and he checks everything including the coolant so I know it was fine then. My car only has 62,000 miles on it. It has been interesting as it was "my fault" for mishandling the car. I am so glad I came on here to look for any recalls. I can not believe there has not been a recall on the cars or the dex cool yet. I am waiting to hear from the mechanic with a price to fix the car and then the salesman who sold the car to me who is a good friend. He is going to get an earful! Thanks for posting the messages!
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Same thing here...blown head gasket happened on my 2005 Equinox 2 yrs ago @ 30,500 miles.
    The reason for a blown head gasket is not driving with a low oil level.
    I do all my maintenance religiously and check all my levels every 2 weeks and when it happened my oil level was right on the level mark.
    Could it be the 3.4 L engine? My previous vehicle was a 1999 Chevrolet Venture with a 3.4 L engine also and the head gasket blew on that one to @ 59,000 miles.
    For the cost mine was 1,275.86 $
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 100
    I owned an early Equinox (built Sep 2004) purchased as a dealer Demo in July 2005. Experience with some early Noxes was marred by defective cooling system hoses from China which, as was extensively documented in contemporary posts on this forum, were apparently unsuitable for use with GM's proprietary coolant. My 2005 Nox Demo had done 6900 miles with the dealership and I had no coolant issues.

    Maintenance history during my 5 year ownership was limited to:-
    Oil and filter changes at approximately 10 month intervals.
    Front strut plate replaced under warranty at 10,128 Miles.
    Front brake rotors machined twice - last time at 19,700 miles at which time the engine was tuned and fuel system and carburetter flushed.
    The coolant system was drained, flushed and refilled after 5 years as recommended by GM.
    Lastly, the electric power steering failed to activate one time. The dealership technician checked fuses but found nothing wrong and the system self corrected when the vehicle was restarted. If you find yourself with this problem, turning off the ignition then restarting the engine may solve it.

    Overall I had no complaints with my 2005 Equinox which for my relatively light usage after 24,000 miles had given good service. It averaged 17.44 mpg (13.49L/100k) overall but Winter fuel consumption was considerably higher.

    I did test drive a 2010 Equinox but felt that GM's new engine technology, especially the 4 cylinder, might need more time in service to be proved reliable. So, in July 2010 when my extended warranty was about to expire I traded the Nox for a Mitsubishi Outlander ES. Production of the Outlander's 2.4L MIVEC engine began in 2005 and comes with a 10 year, 100,000 mile drive train warranty.
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    hi, sorry to hear your car died before you got to read about the dex-cool, i;am glad for you that you know it wasn;t your fault. trust me the cost to bebuild will not be below a few thousand, if the head is sent out to be tested, they will find alot of cracks in it, and you will need a new one. and they will not recall because the government owns gm since the buyout, and they don;t want them to look bad....
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    no, it;d the dex-cool, all you have to do is checkout consumer and type in your car and yr. and you will see all the info on it. it;s a costly fix and they will not say it has anything to do with them....good luck
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your experience. Please keep us updated.
    GM Customer Service
  • hi, thanks for the note, but somewhat late, this should have been a recall fix, 1 i fixed mine cost alot, than after being a gm man for more than 45yrs, i traded it in and bought a toyota. i;am sorry to say but i know alot of friends who have done the same thing, now should have been the time for gm to standup and show the world it was changing. 2 you should also look into alot of your dealers, and service dept. they also need to be more honest. truely this make me feel bad, i always love my gm cars and trucks. i still have my truck, because i fixed just about everything on it, and my hotrod 70 chevelle, because my friend and i built it, so i know everything is right. i hope things change or this will just endup in the pile with the rest of your letters. but thanks for being the first on to write me, ...
  • sambonesambone Posts: 1
    Crazy to hear this is a common issue. I have had my Equijunk for 5 years now and currently paying for my 2nd blown head gasket. First one happened within having the car lesss than 6 months. There is obviously some design flaw with this vehicle and GM refuses to acknowledge this. Looking at taking action further.
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    hi, yes this is a common problem, and since the government, helped out gm, they don;t have to do recalls, so like alot of us, you got the bill. it;s not a design problem it;s a coolant problem, the dexcool eat through the head. my car guys who have built custom cars and alot of race cars have seen this problem in alot of heads brought to them, and they have said like alot of others it;s the coolant. wish you luck, i gave up trying to make them pay, i know from cunsummer other states are looking in court action, as for me a gm guy for almost 45 yrs, i now own a toyota...
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    It could be the coolant but I owned 3 vehicules in the past (2005 Equinox included) with the 3.4 L engine and all of them got a "blown head gasket" problem. Lots of my friends and people I encounter say the same thing...that 3.4 L eats Head Gaskets.
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    hi, i agree there are other ones with the same problem, gm with the same motor, yes but alot with the same coolant. i just love the way they all gang up on toyota, but not the rest of them...
  • clebo1clebo1 Posts: 78
    Do not do it, too many problems with this vehicle which gm can't solve or refuses to od so.they have lost many sales,just by me showing other customers the repair order which are too numerous to list, pulleys, tensioners,head gaskets,real seal gasket, rotors 5 sets,and show struts with only 60,000 miles, What apiece of junkonox!!!Do yourself a favor steer clear of this vehicle!!!
  • clebo1clebo1 Posts: 78
    Mine started out as overheating problem,but in the end got screwed by gm as the cooland originally used in this vehicle dexcool, as not thus ate away most of the head gaskey,mine was replaced with only 62,000 miles.i bough it when it had 32,000 ,i will neaver do that again!!!what a lemon and chevy-gm refuses to acknowledge it!!!
  • clebo1clebo1 Posts: 78
    Pass on it!! take advise from someone who is extremely sorry he ever puchased a piece of crap like this,send mwe your fax number and I will fax you all the problem I have your blood pressure a favor..stay away from this junkonox!!!
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    The scariest thing on earth, don't even think about it, life is to short.
    If I'd send you all the issues and repairs I had to do on my 05 Equinox (bought new) you would have to read my post for a entire day.
    One year after the warranty was over, I traded it in for a 2010 HHR 2LT
    Funny...some folks calls them "Junkonox" I called mine "The Equijunk".
    Take our word for it, unless you like the smell of GM dealers cause you'll be there most of the time rather than on the road.

    By the HHR is the best vehicule I owned in 36 yrs. Always have been a loyal GM car owner.
    My three favorites vehicule that I owned...1994 Blazer S-10, my 1999 Venture (Van) and the 2010 HHR 2LT
  • clebo1clebo1 Posts: 78
    This is the worst Vehicle GM Chevy has made.Worst than the Yugo I think .I have tried to work with chevy,i even spent$4000 of my own money and Chevy-gm-chevy equinox customer service has donated nothing. The Government put out bad press on Toyotas,so we bought this piece of rap,The Lemonox.Chevy-GMC Customer Service will and won't address issues with the multiple concerning this vehcile.Stay Clear of any Chevy equinoxes. It want drive your blood pressure up and you will be actual dribving!!!
  • skieven1skieven1 Posts: 1
    After 5 years of paying as much in car repairs as my car payments I finally got a dealership in St. George, Utah explain what is happening. Water leaks in from the roof area somehow and leaks in over the wiring under the stearing wheel area. Funny how it only leaks in right where the wiring is so it will short out everything you can think of that will prevent you from using what you pay for, reliable transportation. Had to spend my down payment on a house for my family to fix my car every week to 2 weeks. Dealership CERTIFIED MECHANICS for GM are an outright joke. Took it to Riverton Motors in Salt Lake City, Utah over and over again for years for problem after problem and unfortuanately their extended warranty they talked me into does not cover anything like they showed me.

    Ex-GM mechanic quote: I can't believe the treatment to you, they use to care. This is an obvious flaw in the design and should be a recall issue.

    I feel good about being able to talk others out of supporting a company that does not back up their product and is only interested in the amount they can make on repairs of their vehicles. I guess in an economy like this they had no choice but to intentionally build vehicles that they can make enough money on repairs and parts to make up the difference they are losing in the sell of new vehicles.

    My '93' Ford Explorer with almost 200,000 miles I bought for using in the desert and for four wheel drive terrain is my most reliable transportation.

    If you dislike someone suggest a CHEVY. You will have a good laugh out of it.

    Look for my pictures of us on the back of a tow truck going to California for Spring Break. That is the only way you will get to your destination in a CHEVY.

    Make sure you have AAA if you own a CHEVY because you will definitely need it. AAA was the only right decision I made for that Driveway statue of a car.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustration. Can you please send me your case number? I would like to look at your case.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please email me your VIN, contact information including address and good number to reach you, involved dealer and current mileage? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • Happened to me, too... at 56,000 miles. Ouch!
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    i wasn;t going to write back but now what ever. as i started awhile ago. i fixed the problem, very costly, and than drive it to toyota and traded it in on a new toyota. that will be the last gm car i buy, after 45+ yrs of buying gm, this way something that could have been and easy recall, and not costly if done early, so i don't know what else i can tell you....
  • glodatoglodato Posts: 20
    hi sorry you had this happen to your car, but as you know by now you're alone. as i have said from some time ago, go to comsumer put in your car and year and you will see all the info on this problem, good luck
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