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How many miles are on your Hyundai?

I have a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD (orginal owner) Just turned 231,000 miles

I was just wondering if there are any more high mileage Hyundais out there


  • krenkren Posts: 1
    Got ya beat -- we have a 2004 GLS with 281,000 miles!!!

    Love our Santa Fe! Our Chevy's engine blew at 150,000, and the Santa Fe just keeps chugging along.
  • i have 116,286 miles on our 2003 santa fe V-6 AWD,my wife love the little red santa fe and doesn't want to trade it so we will have it a long time.i have done all the maintenance work on it since day one.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    I have the '07 awd Limited - 81,941 miles - love it - I do most of the maintenance - only let the dealer do the alignments - they seem to be the only ones to get it right... has a svc eng light on now due to fuel gauge problem - may have to replace fuel float if it doesn't correct itself - other than that pretty smooth driving - no problems. Gonna try to get it to over 200k miles!
  • I have 220,000 miles on a 2004 Sante Fe and it runs like I just drove it off the lot. Will only buy Hyundai. American cars don't go past 100,000 miles without issues.
  • 2001 Santa Fe, V6 AWD-269,072 miles, original owner. So far, I've replaced all the 02 sensors, alternator, and dropped in a new motor 4 years ago. The front subframe was corroded, replaced by Hyundai, now I've a power steering leak that we can't find where its coming from. May be time for a new one.......but I think I win as far a mileage goes!
  • Just hit 200,000 on 2001 Santa Fe...., everything original... only one non-scheduled service call and that became a recall item... thrilled with vehicle

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