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Honda Odyssey vs Dodge/Chrysler minivans



  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Hello, everyone. Long time no chat. I have indeed been doing alot of summer cruising in the 2000 Town & Country which just passed 45k miles with no problems. We tried to get into a new 2002 Town & Country LXi the other week but we still owe too much on the current van to get the deal we wanted. Oh well, we are still enjoying the comfort and convienence of our current van.

    The Town & Country Limited AWD is in a class of its own as far as minivans go. No other van on the market offers such a blend of luxury and utility, especially considering the benefits of AWD traction. However, the AWD Limited is very expensive and also gets poor gas mileage, at least from what I've heard.

    Imo454, I hope you enjoy your Town & Country as much as we have enjoyed ours.
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    In the beginning there was the Dodge....

    (Actually it was almost In the Beginning there was the Ford, but Henry Ford II didn't believe in that strange idea that Lee Iaccoca and his designers had, that the world was ready for a smaller van.)

    When Lee went to Chrysler, he found a company ready to accept new concepts, especially if they could be spun off of the venerable K Car chassis. Thus was born the Caravan/Voyager. Suddenly those puppies were everywhere and the factory couldn't keep up with the demand. Ford and GM, sensing a good thing, leapt into action and came up with the (drum roll please)

    Aerostar and Astro

    Oops. They came out with capable vans that strangely enough drove like trucks. Unfortunately, the buyers wanted vans that drove like cars. Back to the drawing board.

    As time went on, the market shook down and the various manufacturers took their first stumbling steps into the world of minivans.

    We are fortunate now, to be presented with a group of second or third generation minivans. As the various manufacturers tested the waters, their initial offerings seemed to be "not quite right" Honda's initial Odyssey and Toyota's Previa both fell into that category. The manufacturers studied the field carefully and released their later offerings which pretty consistently hit the target.

    Today we benefit from their work. We have a series of minivans, all very capable and all offering very different features. We have a choice of sizes, performance, features and costs. Assembly quality seems to be getting better right down the road, and yes we do have Honda and Toyota to thank for that, the increased competition means that everyone has to try harder. I really do believe that DC is also trying harder. The release of the PT Cruiser proved that DC (Or at least DC Mexico) could release a solid, well assembled vehicle which is in effect it's third year of production and proving to be trouble free. Whether you call it a tall car or microvan, the entry of Toyota/Pontiac into the fray indicates that the consumer is again presented with a new level of choice.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    As I remember, your parents traded a DC minivan with 70K miles on it, on their current T&C. Now your parents are looking at trading in the T&C with 45K miles on it. Unfortunately, the T&C doesn't have a high enough trade in value. A fact of life reverenced many times here.
    I got more mileage (48K miles) than your T&C has, on the OEM Firestone tires on my Odyssey. BTW My Odyssey is worth more on trade in than I owe on it.
    One of the biggest differences between DC and Honda minivans,is retention of value. Even DC apparently knows this.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Well said, thats why we were able to TRADE our 01 in and get such I high price 24k on a EX. Too bad we won't do that good on the Avalanche but being I get a GM discount, 2500 rebate, and the money from our GM mastercard took that 38K down to about 26K. Not bad for a vehicle that has about every toy you can get on it.
  • calgcalg Posts: 53
    What was your mileage on the Ody when you traded?
  • rms41rms41 Posts: 80
    I have noticed that many (a lot?) of people write "alot" as a single word, which it's not. Then I tried Edmund's spelling checker and it fails to call "alot" an error. What dictionary are you people using?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Your entirely rite.

    We don't give demerits for "chat typo" around here, but I'll mention the spell check thing to the programmers. Also, you can add words to the spell check for your own use.

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  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    We only checked it once that I can think of and it was what the sticker said. When you drive a 38 foot motorhome that weighs 22K and gets 8 mpg on the highway who cares what the Odyssey gets.
  • odd1odd1 Posts: 227
    How'd an English major git'n here? Y'all are also assuming that people run spell check before posting.

    pluto5- You must have really done something to get deleted. I've been baiting 4aodge and Carlton for over a year and a half without getting an e-mail with a deletion.

    It is no fun trying to bait Carlton now that he has come to the Odyssey side and changed to Ody01.

    Adam-I hope you're having a good summer.
  • rms41rms41 Posts: 80
    I was a math major. My spelling is terrible and so I check it. But I knew a lot was two words.

    My daughter is in the market for a new van. Her current one is a '96 Voyager that has been lots of trouble. I found that Dodge has a Grand Caravan model called eL. My understanding is that it is meant to compete head-on with the Ody LX. It seems to come with a fixed set of options and there is no $3,000 cash back available. Edmunds says the TMV is $23,184. A local Honda dealer will sell her an LX for MSRP -$500 ($24,210). That makes the difference only $1,026. In looking at the two vehicles I found the Honda has 240HP vs. 180HP, 5 speed instead of 4, 16" tires instead of 15", rear disc brakes instead of drums, standard side airbag, traction control, and 38 vs. 20 cubic feet of luggage space. Given Honda's excellent resale value, it seems like a no-brainer to get the Honda. Am I missing something?
  • maple49maple49 Posts: 66
    "Am I missing something?" No, get the Honda. She will be very happy with it.

    Good Luck
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Yes, the Odyssey resalve value is better than that od DC minivans. As you said, it is a fact of life. But before you go talking about how thats the reason why we cant get into a new model at 45k miles, you should probably know more about the terms of the deal first. How much did you pay to get into your Odyssey? We only payed 500 down for our 1998 Grand Caravan and 2.5k for our 2000 Town & Country on a six year lease. To get into a new van my dad only wanted to put 500 down with no more than 500 a month to trade on a car we havent even had for two years but is on a six year lease. Also, consider the model we wanted was an LXi which runs in the 35k range. It was a deal that just couldn't be done under the strict terms my dad had wanted.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    6 year lease? I have never heard of that. Are you sure it's a lease and that he really is buying it which would be a loan?
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Odyssey nice minivan most power, most space passenger and luggage, almost best mileage.
    Grand Caravan have many nice feature not on Honda LX: padded armrests, triple zone temperature, 7 year 70,000 mile warranty, automatic door lock, overhead console many nice items.
    Odyssey best minivan but more people buy Dodge and Chrysler minivan. Happy with 2001 Odyssey EX now 16,000 miles no problems.
  • whambamwhambam Posts: 37
    Triple zone AC important if have triplets. Ody EX only have 2 zone, owner have only doublets.

    Pay lot monies Odyssey, get lot monies back when sell.

    This break tie with DC.

    Like Humphrey Booger say, Ain't no lousy stinkin' ties.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Yes, there is such a thing as a six year lease which is exactly what we currently have. When we purchased the van we had not intention of keeping it that long but wanted a long lease so the monthly payments would be lower.

    Regarding the Grand Caravan EL, it does have a few features the Honda Odyssey LX does not. Such features include a split rear bench seat, trip computer, power sliding door, roof rack, and optional center removable console. Not to mention the 70k mile warranty and slightly lower price. I personal think the Odyssey LX is one of the ugliest minivans on the road with no roof rack, cheap wheel covers, and gray handles. But I don't know if looks matter to your daughter as much as they do to me.

    All this talk of odd1 being Carelton is ridiculous. I frequently speak with Carl outside of Troll Hall and he is not odd1 and doesnt even post any more here at Edmunds simply because he can't. Carl just purchased a 2002 Town & Country EL not so long ago and is really enjoying it.

    And yes, the Grand Caravan EL does have padded armrest.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    The Grand Carvan EL comes standard with the 180hp 3.3 V6 which will do a fine job of moving the van. The 3.3 is a torquey and reliable engine which has been consistently upgraded for quite some time now. Our Town & Country has the previous generation 3.3 V6 with only 158hp which I am very satisfied with. It is quick off the line and has decent power throughout most of the power band. Just don't expect to speed away from a sixteen wheeler going 80mph down the interstate with A/C on and 7 passengers. However, I think the newer 3.3 V6 is a different story.

    Also, if you really want four wheel disc brakes go with the Town & Country EL which comes standard with them. But I wouldn't worry about it since braking on any DC minivan is excellent in the first place, regardless of the brake configuration.
  • whambamwhambam Posts: 37
    ... DC armrest padded with DC stock certificate.

    Odyssey not need pad, can use small pillow.
  • gessgess Posts: 90
    My Odyssey LX doesn't have a trip computer? Oh, that's right it has TWO trip computers.
    My Odyssey doesn't have a spilt rear bench? No, it has a fold away bench. Does the GCEL have that?
    My Odyssey doesn't have a removable console? Oh, that's right, the STANDARD tray just folds down. Does the GCEL have that?

    Btw, my door handles are black, not gray. Considering how important looks are to you, I'm surprised you missed that.
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Every reader Town Hall know Chrysler minivan padded armrests/ Odyssey not padded.
    Every reader know Chrysler bad transmissions 1996/Odyssey bad transmissions 1999. Every reader know both now good transmissions.
    Every reader know Odyssey large deposit long waiting list, no discount. Chrysler minivan large discount, no waiting list.
    Why Dodge #1 selling minivan, Chrysler #2?
    Glad Honda make few Odyssey, not fill demand. Keep Odyssey resale high so can buy Sedona.
  • whambamwhambam Posts: 37
    still not buy.

    Not easy for bankrupt company honor warranty.

    Longer standard warranty, more flaw have to cover up to make sale.

    Next year DC have 10 year, 100,000 mi. warranty?
  • tuck16tuck16 Posts: 2
    Well where do I start,I have a '99 D/C, at 60,000 miles the trany went, 2,000 miles later the power steering pump went and so did the rack and pinion steering, well enough said, I'm glad I bought the ext warranty or I would be out at least $4000.00, well me and the wife went car shopping and bought the odyssey, got a great deal even though it's an lx model, cant wait for it to come in. Friends asked me why I didn't buy another D/C, why? I already have a dodge and I'm not happy with it, why would I spend my hard earned dollar on it again, I'd rather spend a couple of grand more and get my monies worth. Hi to all.
  • rgmpgrgmpg Posts: 3
    I am in the market to replace my aging and single sliding-door Windstar, probably with Odyssey or Grand Caravan. Recently I saw what I thought was a Grand Caravan, but this had a raised roof like a conversion van. Does anyone know if Dodge/Chrysler or Honda sell versions of their minivans with modified roofs that provide extra headroom for things like entertainment centers? Any owners have experience with these modified minivans?
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Honda and Dodge do not sell conversions of their vans, Honda and Dodge sell what appears here on Edmunds. QAftermarket companies can rip the roof off you van and super glue just about anything you want up there. I have seen a few Chrysler minvans with a high top, but never a Honda. But then again I don't see many Hondas period around here. Someday they will finish that road and the trucks with the Honda's will pull in. Until then the only thing that can get over the old mountain passes are the AWD minivans and goats. I think while those high tops do add some nice features inside, it really ruins the look of the outside, and will add next to nothing to resale (but it will cost a bunch to have done!) Great, that's just what us Chrysler fans need, a WAY overpriced conversion Town and Country that is worth 1/2 what the owner paid for it after 2 years! LOL! I hope this post doesn't get deleted. I am actually trying to be helpful. I actually got a pst deleted the other day! I felt so "dirty", I stayed away for two days and look what's here when I get back... 45 posts and only one guy complaining about those crappy armrests on the Hondas!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Ripping the roof off and putting a fiberglass top or whatever up there can also make the van less safe, not that rolling a MV with the factory roof is all that safe to begin with. But if you are wheelchair bound, for example, it's a good option if you don't want to drive around in a full size van.

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  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    I just checked with my dad about the kind of lease we have with our current van. He said it is a 60 month, 5 year lease instead of the 6 year lease I had previously stated it was. Sorry, it was my bad.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Do your two trip computers tell average and instant MPG, temperature and compass, elapsed time, and miles driven all in one display? I don't think so.

    Can your Odyssey still carry 5 people and have even more room for luggage with half the rear split bench taken out? No.

    And does your "cheap" and "flimsy" center tray power your cell phone, hold a DVD player, and act as a large storage bin or ice chest? No.

    Also, can passengers in your Odyssey LX select their A/C temperatures in three individual zones? Of course not.

    Did your Odyssey come with a power sliding door w/ obstacle detection? Nope.

    Lastly, does your Odyssey with no roof rack, cheap wheel covers and black door handles look as good as a Grand Caravan with body color handles? We all know the answer to that question.
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    Odyssey looks just fine to the Odyssey owners, the DC products look just fine to the DC owners. Frankly, a car that doesn't have running boards, free standing fenders, chromed door handles with push buttons and of course a cue ball gearshift lever, just isn't a car. (Fuzzy Dice Optional)
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    "don't expect to speed away from a sixteen wheeler going down hill at 80mph with 7 passengers and AC on.
    I have seen 18 wheelers going down hill at 80 mph with 2 passengers and AC on. Depending on whether the 80 mph 18 wheeler is about to get out and pass another 18 wheeler going 75 mph and an up hill part of the road is coming up (so both 18 wheelers will remain passing each other at 25 and 24 mph respectively) I will pass the 80 mph 18 wheeler. I have had my 99 odyssey over 100 fully loaded with the AC on.
    I owned a 96 Grand caravan with the 3.3 V6. The big difference between that and the Odyssey is that the Odyssey has independent suspension and holds the road much better at high speed. The odyssey has plenty of acceleration at 80 mph, too. The 3.3 did not.
    BTW the Odyssey sliding doors do stop when the encounter an obstacle.
  • gessgess Posts: 90
    You win. I'm trading in the Odyssey. God knows I need the best looking vehicle ever made. Maybe the tow truck driver will like it so much he'll offer to buy it off me.

    Hope you don't ever pee in a pool.
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