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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    Got the new actuators in yesterday and was pulling out of the dealership and realized that they still didnt work. I put the Envoy in reverse and the right side mirror did a sickening lurch and stayed in the same position.

    Luckily the technician who'd worked on it was there and he walked me through it. Since the triplets are so new he didn't really have any previous experience on them.

    Anyhow, he started reading the owner's manual and pointed out that the mirrors need to be programmed first. (I did not know this, I wonder how many people complaining about wandering mirrors know). After you select the curbview option (Passenger/Driver/Both) you have to set the mirrors to dip down to suit your height & driving position. This setting gets memorized when the vehicle is next put into D(rive). the mirrors work fine!
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    Any idea about the pricing for the WAAG and the custom guards from Just a range would be good.
  • mookie14mookie14 Posts: 252
    well um if someone can convince me would it be smart decision to buy a trailblazer? or a envoy? seeing that if i did i would have it 6 to 7 yrs. yes i will own a truck that long i hope? hahaha. but i really like it of course coming from a ford who would'nt so thats it
  • I don't have the Bose but I intend to use the OE head unit to maintain the stock look plus anyone looking in won't see an aftermarket setup that they may want to steal. I have used the stock head unit with aftermarket speakers on several vehicles and was always satisfied with the sound, they put out plenty of power for my tastes. I also use a sub with a separate amp to bring up the bass. I was going to look into the Infinity separates this time as long as the tweeters come with a nice looking mounting kit that matches the look of the Envoy's interior.(light oak)
  • bobed2121bobed2121 Posts: 70
    Can anyone please tell me what the fix on the fan is for the 02 TB?? It is driving me nuts. When I'm trailering my motorcycle if I attempt to pass someone well, forget it.
  • gam2gam2 Posts: 316
    Maybe a class action suit for the dangers this can cause would get GM's attention!

  • edisaacedisaac Posts: 15
    In the market for an SUV and have test drove the QX4, MDX, Explorer and the Envoy. I really like the looks and interior of the Envoy and all the gadgets. The only thing reason why I haven't pulled the trigger on one of these is the "quality" of GMC vs. the MDX/QX4. Having not bought an American vehicle in over 15 years I'm afraid of the dreaded "quality" and "recall" words that seem to come up with GM cars. One discussion group I took a look at it seemed that almost everyone had something go wrong with vehicle within the first 6 months. I would like to hear from those of you who've had the Envoy for a while and see what problems, if any, they've had to date. The funny thing about the complaints was that in spite of the problems, they liked the Envoy. Help! Thanks
  • trlblazertrlblazer Posts: 1
    Hoping someone can shine some light on this subject. I just purchased a 2002 TrailBlazer EXT, and I'm trying to figure out what the deal is with the (or without) the transmission oil cooler. Several sources (including Edmunds) list a auxiliary trans. cooler (not the one inside the radiator) as standard equipment with the Trailblazer. However, Chevrolet doesn't list this as standard equipment. Several dealerships in my area can't give me a straight answer either. Some say it has it, others say it doesn't. In looking under the hood, it appears it does not. Even more bizarre, it appears that it does have a small aux. cooler, but I traced the lines back to the power steering pump!

    If someone else has more info. on this I would sure appreciate it. Since I tow a small trailer, I will add one if it doesn't already have one.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Matt charges about $125 IIRC for the 2"x2" bar. The 2"x4" one was around $175.

    Nice thing is he made it exactly the height of the cutout in the bumper on the trooper so I can put my heel on it and toe on the bumper and have a flat surface to load the roof up!

  • elt93722elt93722 Posts: 7
    I brought my Envoy to my dealer on Saturday to a list of items to be repaired.
    1. Engine fan - with the recent heat wave in this area, I would start the engine after being out in the sun all day and I would drive along and when the engine temp reached 210 deg the fan would come on. The service rep replied that this was normal, but I told her it only started doing this recently. She said she had a reprogram available and would do it. Result - the fan still comes on but so far only at startup after cooling off in the garage overnight. I will probably leave it as is unless something else happens.
    2. Gap in the front roof rack mounting - fixed.
    3. Warped door handle - part ordered.
    4. Gasket for rear license plate holder - they could not find a part number in their microfiche (no wonder some dealers can't find certain parts). I told them I got a part number from the internet, went to the parts dept, found it on the database, and ordered one. Thanks to this board for the part number.
    5. Loose interior door panel - the insert that holds it in placed had come off - fixed.
    6. Warped housing for 3rd brake light - I hope the heat is not the cause, but a gap has developed between the housing and the brake light - part ordered.
    7. Radio - standard SLT radio would lose power, lose all presets, and some time later the presets, would come back; some cd's damaged; dial the phone without any buttons being touched - a supervisor just happened to be in the room when I was describing this problem and he thought the radio should be pulled. The radio was removed and sent out for repairs, got a call today that it had come back. I wonder what they fixed? I would rather have had a new one installed. By the way, I asked what it would cost to put in a Bose system since they had already pulled out the radio, their response: "We don't do that here." Oh, well...
    8. Seat bracket covers - could not find part number, said the Envoys on their lot did not have the inside covers also. No biggie, I can live without these.
    9. And a partridge in a pear...

    Hopefully all the ordered parts will come in. The service rep. was pleasant throughout the ordeal, although she didn't look that way after about the third item on the list.

    Recently there was some discussion about warranties, and I remembered that my insurance company offered to insure against major breakdowns for about $10-12 a month. I turned it down, just like I did when they offered it for our Accord. I'm wondering, has anyone tried this kind of insurance?
    Also, I thought about doing some modifications to my Envoy. I asked the sevice rep how it would affect the warranties, and the impression that I got was that there would be a lot of hassle trying to prove that the modifications did not cause any damage. If you guys are doing any modifications to your triplets, what kind of precautions are you taking to ensure your warranties aren't voided? I will probably wait another 20K miles before I add or change anything.
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Posts: 620
    Actually, if you look in the front of the TB right behind the air dam, there is a small 4-5" high transmission cooler that is about 18-24" long. There is also a Cooling line that goes into the radiator that is for the oil. At least this is what the local Transmission shops have told me, I too was concerned, but by the combined advice of 3 transmission shops, the one in the air dam is for the transmission fluid, and the engine oil has a line going into the radiator. I could be wrong, though, but this is what I have been told when I was looking to install one after my buddy's 97 blazer with the 4l60e tranny's transmission went wacko on him.. =o) Hope this helps some and I dont think its going to the power steering pump, maybe under it, and to the transmission... rnd
  • envoyownerenvoyowner Posts: 42
    Thanks for the response. I thought all you had to do was position the mirror, then set to memory (pressing either button 1 or 2) {??}
  • lurker01lurker01 Posts: 103
    First, to those of you upgrading the speakers, please be sure to post the results (what size/brand fits/sounds best). I have the BOSE and would really like to know what my options are in replacing the speakers but keeping the head unit. Than said, I am quite satisfied with the current sound but am always willing to go for improvements.

    As for quality questions, I have had all the usual glitches but went to the dealer with my stack of TSBs and got everything fixed to my satisfaction. Yes the engine fan comes on from time to time, but I accept the technical explanation posted here recently and can live with it. It has only come on in the morning for a few minutes or once when climbing the pass on I-90.

    Positives notes: This is a very quite vehicle. Recently took a ~900 mile round trip to Idaho and the comfort level was appreciated by all, even my 6' tall friend who rode in the smaller back seat (the other side was down to make room for camping gear). The DIC read 19.3 mpg for the trip. That included 4 major and 3 minor mountain passes, mostly on I-90 at ~78mph. I have the 4.10 gears.
    My first tank after the trip is getting 18.5mpg, a 1mpg improvement over my average around town/commute mileage before the trip. MPG just keeps getting better. The first 5 tanks were only about 15.5mpg last year.

    Other positives: The ride is smooooth. I like it. Yes, it is not an off road beast, but it handled the logging roads just fine. And the seats are very comfortable. I road in a 2002 Eddie Bauer Explorer recently, and while the interior was nearly as nice as my Envoy, after about 2 hours in the front passenger seat, I was in pain.

    Only issues:
    The rain sense wipers (which I love, living in the PNW) sometimes will activate in bright sun when the light hits them just right.
    That damm strap for the rear hatch finally broke. Does anyone have a good solution for that? Do you think the dealer will fix it under warrantee? Might they have a better version they can put on?

    Finally, I am interested in that WAAG front guard (the low profile one) so I have some place to strap down the canoe. But their web site does not have a part number or price for the Envoy unit. Any thoughts?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You came to Idaho with your canoe and you didn't call me? I have to pass on a Main Salmon trip next week since previous plans are taking me elsewhere :(

    Thanks for the trip report - hope you enjoyed your visit!

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  • mgrcmmgrcm Posts: 53
    Lurker01,I e-mailed WAAG last week and got a part #18346 for the front runner on the Envoy.It is currently available in black and S.S. will be available in the fall.See tim lauro's post #6778 in regards to getting a good price.

  • rbaker377rbaker377 Posts: 7
    Does anyone know whether the standard radio "head unit" be replaced with the Bose unit? Is the standard wiring harness compatible? I realize I will have to put in some more speakers.

    Where can I find the GM part number for the Bose unit so I can look for it on gmpartsdirect, or elsewhere? Thanks,

  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    What type of mods are you referring to? It's true that if you were to change out say the heads on the motor or even the case of my GTP, swap out the pulley, you will put your warranty at risk if caught. However, there are not that many mods that you can do currently that will void the warranty. They just aren't available.

    Really, the burden is on them to prove that the mod caused the problem. Like an exhaust for example. They can't claim an issue unless the exhaust causes a major change in how the engine performs and thus results in say computer code issues. Say cutting out the cat. converter or what not...that's bad. But replacing cat to tailpipe...shouldn't be an issue as the added performance will be compensated and "learned" by the PCM through adjustments. Within reason though. Running a 3" downpipe and 3" exhuast would probably cause the I6 to run too cool for which there is no adjustment to be made.

    All in all, temper changes with risks and modify within reasonable tollerances.

    "I asked the sevice rep how it would affect the warranties, and the impression that I got was that there would be a lot of hassle trying to prove that the modifications did not cause any damage. If you guys are doing any modifications to your triplets, what kind of precautions are you taking to ensure your warranties aren't voided? I will probably wait another 20K miles before I add or change anything. "
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    Well, I bring my LTZ in on Monday to get the rear bumper replaced and should have it back by Wednesday. However, since the one tail-lamp that has a crack in it is also being replaced, I am going to replace both with the International Export Version just for grins and to be a bit normal :)

    They are actually about $20 cheaper than the standards too! Pics and more info soon to come.

    Page three of "Your Triplet Pics" contains a pic of P-Suke's Japanese Red LTZ with international lamps for your viewing pleasure. Link below.


  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Was looking at the tail lights on my TB wondering when the middle lamp low filiments ever come on. The top ones are the normal running lamps on low, brake on hi, the middle are emergency flash and turn signals on hi but I never see the middle lows come on. Was observing all this with a mirror behind the TB. Anybody else noticed this?
  • iexplore2000iexplore2000 Posts: 237
    Wow.. This is one active board! I've been gone for a couple of days and VIOLA.. Lots of Postings!

    rj123456: Wandering Mirrors
    Well, I might be able to shed some light on teh Wandering Mirror issue. I was kind of in the same boat as you were with the reverse tilt mirror. The local dealer didn't know that much about it at the time and we went through THREE mirrors until another guy decided to whip out the owners manual and miraculously weeded through the poorly written BS to find a blurb in there stating that "you can save your personal reverse tilt mirror position by simply activating the feature in the DIC, placing the vehicle in reverse and positioning the mirror(s) to where you want them to be once the vehicle is placed into reverse." WE did this and it worked like a charm! There is no need to hold down the memory 1 or 2 button to program the REVERSE position.

    Since the mirror actuators have been installed, luckily my mirrors have been staying put. However, lately it seems as if the passenger side reverse tilt mirror seems to forget to reposition itself once the vehicle has been placed into DRIVE? Anyone else experiencing this since the new actuators have been installed? In order to rectify this problem, I usually have to shift back into reverse to let the mirrors position themselves again, then shift back into DRIVE for the mirrors to return to the regular driving preset position. This happens at least 3x a week for me, but in my honest attempt to stay out of the service department, I may live with it for a little while longer.

    edisaac: GM Quality Issues vs. Competitors
    Edisaac... if you've been the owner of very reliable and trouble-free (service dept. free) vehicles, then you may want to definitely do some thinking before deciding to purchase a triplet. Now I am not trying to open a can of worms here.. don't get me wrong, the triplets are DEFINITELY FINE AUTOMOBILES, but they have been plagued by the first year perpetual woes that most new models experience.. and lately it seems to me that GM service depts are visited quite frequently than most.

    In my own effort to keep up with the competition, I keep myself plugged into the loop of what other vehicle manufactures are doing in the SUV world and I must say, there are some REALLY NICE offerings headed towards consumers for 2003. For instance, since I live near the motor city capital of the world (Detroit, MI), I've had the privilege of seeing the 2003 Lincoln Aviator and Navigator up close and personal.. the Aviator still has the manufacturer plates on them but WOW.. what a dish! I think that GM was first out of the gate with the triplets which was good, but I think that they are going to face some STIFF competition for 2003. The interior quality of the Aviator was verrryy nice.. such little touches as carpet trim on the lower door panels makes a $30 - $40K vehicle seem so elegant. I can remember the first time I showed my father my Envoy, he remarked, "This is the best use of plastic on a GM vehicle that I have EVER SEEN!" Lexus has their new offering coming out soon and it also looks very nice as well, same applies for Toyota, Volkswagon, etc. I could go on and on about what's coming down the pike for 2003, but I think that you may want to investigate 2003 offerings for yourself. Although those vehicles may experience first year woes as well, in some cases, it may be less severe than what we have experienced.

    All in all, I do enjoy my Envoy, but there are some minor details that become rather annoying at times that will probably get revised soon through TSB's and such. For instance, I do not think that the auto climate control works as efficiently or intuitively as it should. It seems to work against me during the summer.. It's cools the interior adequately, but insists on delivering the air to your FACE, even after the vehicle has cooled down considerably. I cannot speak for everyone else on this board, but the history of this forum demonstrates some of the major issues/complaints that we've been dealing with for quite some time. Although, I do think that GM has taken some great strides to assist us, I do think that there is quite a bit more room for improvement, especially for the 2003 model year; which according to GM sources goes virtually unchanged for 2003.

    Hope that helps! Just my .02 cents!

    PS: And my vote for the MOST RIDICULOUS SUV for 2003 Goes to the Hummer H2! I don't know if anyone else have seen these, but they are really floating around Michigan with Manufacturer plates on them and regular plates too! THIS THING IS RIDICULOUS! The interior looks like a cross between the Envoy and the Pontiac Aztec and even though this is a scaled down version of the original, THIS THING IS HUGEEE! I would honestly hate to see a smaller vehicle get into a collision with this thing! The first thought that came to my mind when I first saw this vehicle on the road, "SUV Insurance Rates Will Sky-Rocket for SURE!"

  • lurker01lurker01 Posts: 103
    Actually I didn't take the canoe on this trip. Spent my time exercising trout on the St. Joe. always a good time...

    And, I was able to fit all my camping gear plus and extra person in the Envoy. The Jimmy would only hold 2 people with all the gear. still was a bit full. I guess I should have waited for the XL, but the standard one barely fits in my garage!
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    For those that are interested in seeing what other folks are doing and doing it with...check out the few new modifications and 3 sharp new triplets featured below.

    John and Tim have both worked on their intake systems and John even dressed up his tailpipe a bit. Click on "Your Mods" to see what's new.

    Page 3 under "Your Triplet Pics" has three new Triplets to enjoy.
  • ewood801ewood801 Posts: 1
    Hello all
    I have a 2 week old Envoy SLT with 1289 miles the radio sounds muffled and muddy. What are the specs on the AM/FM CD Cass. radio watts per channel etc. How difficult is to install new speakers?
  • elt93722elt93722 Posts: 7

    I thought about a new exhaust system and adding a throttle body spacer. I don't need the extra power right now, so I'm willing to wait. The better gas mileage would be beneficial, hhmmm...
  • johntrjohntr Posts: 71
    I had the pleasure of changing a tire on my TB this week. Luckily, it was in a driveway & level. I highly recommend that everyone practice changing the tire at least once! Also, let me know your experience in trying to remove the jack from under the seat. ;-)

    While my spare was removed, I took a looked under the carriage to make sure things looked "normal". I noticed a medium diameter hose with a capped end. This came over the differential and was terminated. Is this to support supplemental brake systems for trailering?

    Does anyone have any recommendation or recommend a device that would allow to easily check the spare tire pressure for periodic maintenance? Is there anything like a pressure hose extension? Since the spare is mounted underneath, why doesn't GM develop a small panel door, sealed, of course, which can be opened to allow easy access to the tire valve to pressure check/top off the spare? I wouldn't want to be in need of the spare & not be able to use it because of low pressure.

    FYI, my spare is an black painted alloy rim which was not completely painted on the backside as well - I have an LT with 16" wheels.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    most like it's the rear diffy vent? That would be my guess.

  • Check out the "Flies on the wall" article on the Autoweek website. They discuss how car manufactures DO check these sites to hear views of owners instead of a focus group that has not shelled out the bucks yet. Keep the posts coming.
  • icojonesicojones Posts: 61

    How much did the rear bumper cost you. I need a replacement myself, and I can't believe the $750 price tag. 4 hours of painting labor?? Is that reasonable?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Is about right if you want it done correctly. Bumpers need special paint/process or else they will peal easily. Basically since the bumper is a rubbery material they have to put on something that will flex, unlike painting metal which doesn't flex much.

  • gcleftongclefton Posts: 8

    I got my 42" spare tire extension hose from for less than $10. It works fine; I kept it external, but accessable.
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