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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • johntrjohntr Posts: 71
    These should be covered by warranty, at least by my dealer statements. I have a 2002 TB LT with 25k miles. I am driving by the service area tonight so he can order the buttons. I only live 2 miles from the dealer.

    I only have one button showing the signs of flaking. I noticed this 6-9 months ago, but I wanted to wait to see if any of the other buttons were beginning to show this wear. I only have one button flaking, it's the one for the odometer & trip odometers. I don't think it's like I use this button more. Except for the DIC setup & configuration buttons, I generally use all the buttons equally.

    I'll keep you posted as things progress.

    I'm curious to see which buttons everyone else has the wear on. . .

  • 2002 Trailblazer EXT - I felt that I was going faster than the speedometer was telling me I was going, so I checked it with my Laptop and GPS unit (which I have found accurate with several other vehicles). At 35, 45, 55 and 65 the unit showed I was going 5 MPH fast that the speedometer was showing (speedometer 55 - actual 60). Anyone else seen anything like this? Only had a couple weeks and haven't asked dealer yet.

  • My wife and I have also noticed that the speedometer on our Envoy XL seems to be calibrated incorrectly. However, ours is the other way. The speedometer is reading faster than we are actually going.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    My TB is very accurate within 1 MPH of what my GPS reads at any speed. Almost sounds like you got the "calibration" for a different rear gear ratio being about 10% off as you describe. Example: if you have the 3.73 gears but they inadvertently loaded the 4.10 gear calibration into your computer (or have 3.42 gears with 3.73 cal) that would make the speedo read about 10% slower than you are actually going. Did you check the odometer to see if you are registering 10% fewer miles too?
  • The suggestion to look under the rear wheel well was a good one, but unfortunately they were not there. This puts me back at the mercy of the dealership, which is not a good thing.
    Can the GM/Chevy Customer assistance help with an issue like this?
  • lurker01lurker01 Posts: 103
    My rear hatch strap broke. I have heard this happened to others. Did the dealer replace under warrenty? Is the new one of better quality?

    Also, has anyone else noticed that a lot of road dust builds up under the rear hatch glass around the edges? (not in the vehicle, but under the glass when you open it up)

    BTW: approaching 15k miles and MPG is up to 18 from 15.5 when the truck was new. Same commute route the whole time.

    To those considering to buy, I had many of the standard bugs, but the dealer fixed them all so far and the truck runs great. I would wait for 2003, however, just for the bigger gas tank. It is worth it. And if you get just one option, go for the BOSE. Unless, of course, you are hearing impaired.

    Finally, can anyone suggest a good auto glass cleaner that does not leave a film? Windex just does not cut it.

  • I use the RAIN-X glass cleaner. It works great and no streaks.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I pulled that strap after my TB had been sitting out in the sun probably 120° inside and the darn thing stretched about double its length, but didn't break it. Now I just grab the area below the outside handle to pull down the hatch more centered force is applied there too. That strap is a real joke. Not one of the better marks of excellence GM used to tout.

    Only way dust could be prevented getting in-between the glass and the frame area would be to have seals right to the edges. Going down the road creats a vacuum back there and sucks up dust. Maybe a deflector might work or at least help?

    I use Sprayway brand glass cleaner, an alcohol-based cleaner as opposed to most like Windex that are ammonia-based. Works great. Smells good too. The Sprayway product is what they use at a local Lexus dealer service department too where a friend is a technician. (They keep him real busy down there fixing broken Lexus cars and SUVs - they have their problems too) 1st found this product many years ago when I worked in a 4-color lithography shop.
  • Did ya notice how the emblems were shaved off the back and side panel (LTZ). It also looks like there are no tow hooks in front. I think the tow hooks are now an option on the 2003's that you must pay for (LS). I would also like to take off the roof racks if there were any plugs for the holes on the roof. I already have shaved off the emblems and taken the cross bars off the roof rack. Has anyone looked to see if the tow hooks in front can be taken off? May be a nice place for extra fog lights. Has anyone actually used the tow hooks in front and if so, for what?
  • xntrickxntrick Posts: 27
    New Envoy with 05/02 build date. Very fragile paint in my opinion and I am wondering if this is par for the course?? My wife opened up her Blazer door into the side of the Envoy and upon lifting out a watermelon, her door rubbed off an inch scratch (down to the metal). Similarly, I brushed the plastic handle of the lawnmower onto the fender and now there's a scratch there as well. It's getting the paint touched up this weekend before I zaino brothers wax it, but I was wondering if this was something others have noticed?? Regards.
  • I also have the exact same paint issues but the mower guys at work hit my bumper becuase the grass is against the parking lot. The way I am getting the deep gouge fixed on the bumper is by getting the entire bumper replaced on my TB. The bumper is warping just under the grill so the dealer is replacing it under warranty. Since it is an LS, I am having fog lights installed before they paint the new bumper. I found the factory fog lights on-line from a salvaged TB. I also have the door ding in the back passenger side but I don't know if they can use the same paint for the bumper to also touch-up the door. I read earlier on here that the bumper paint is made more flexible. Now I park away from the grass at work.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I would like to find some plugs for the roof rack mounting holes as well. I will never use it, if I could have deleted it I would have. Would have gladly paid money for the factory fog lights, and have no want or need for the roof rack. Also how did you remove the emblems - heat gun to soften up the adhesive or?? I am afraid I might screw up the paint tryiing to peel those rear emblems off. I can just see peeling off the layer of clearcote the sticky tape is stuck to. Did removal leave any marks in the paint? The paint certainly must still be a little soft when those are applied at the factory.
  • I followed the instructions from tlauro's web site to shave off the emblems. I just used my girlfriend's hairdryer to loosen the glue and a rubber/plastic spatula to pry off the emblems. The remaining glue comes off easily with WD-40 and a clean and soft cloth. I didn't believe the WD-40 would work either but it works great. Not a single mark left after the emblem removal. Just take your time. Trust me, GM is cheap when it comes to glue. I would not advise a heat gun. Check out Tim's website for better instructions.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I do remember seeing something about new pistons with a graphite coating on the skirts to reduce or eliminate the piston slap noise on cold start that was supposedly to be implemented on 4.2's built sometime after April '02. Seems like that was a couple hundred posts back.

    Reminds me... anyone remember Arco Graphite motor oil in the mid-70's? Wonder what happened to that idea?
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Posts: 620
    previousamigo, did you have a hard time getting your dealer to change the bumper under warranty? just curious, the only reason I'm afraid of trying is because I have some damage from 4x4ing, but right under the driver headlight to the grill section, my bumper is warping. Is that the same place yours is? funny thing is that there are four clips on the trailblazer bumper, right under the grill that go in from the airdam. If the clips are not in, it looks fine(they fell off during my 4x4 fun) but after you put them back, the warped area shows up again.... just some thoughts.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Reminds me... anyone remember Arco Graphite motor oil in the mid-70's? Wonder what happened to that idea?

    Apparently graphite suspended in motor oil did no more for your engine than did teflon. $10-15 a quart for something that demonstrated no real performance cannot be a market winner in the long run.

    SUVs; Aftermarket & Accessories
  • i have an Envoy XL build date 5/02 don't let them tell you, u don't get head phones with that package they are full of it. You need to call the Zone office today and report that dealer. You tell GM customer service they had better send out those head phones today. or u will take legal action against the dealer. when u get the Dvd head phones and a wireless remote comes with it also the batteries are included. keep us posted
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Pine Barrens Trail Ride Sept 21st All SUVs welcome.

    Info at


  • Thanks, tjcisphere1 for your advice. As it turns out, the sales rep who sold me the vehicle was on vacation the week after I picked up my LTZ, and was personally unable to correct the situation.

    The business managers at the Potamkin dealership in Manhattan were totally inept at handling the matter - I got a different status every time I called about it, including that they were optional accessories! Either they were completely ignorant of how the truck was supposed to come equipped, or they figured I was.

    On the the sales rep's first day back, he got the parts manager to UPS them to me. I got both headphones and the remote yesterday. Very impressive sound quality. I expect to hear very little from the back seat occupants on long trips!

    So....when I get that survey from GM, the sales rep gets 'completely satisfied' in all areas.
    As for the Potamkin dealer management/Prep Dept....somewhere well south of that!

    I'm still in the "honeymoon" phase with my LTZ.
    I hope that the reliability holds up over the 3yr lease life.
    Considering the experience at Potamkin thus far, I definitely DON'T plan on using them for service.
  • Funny story. My plastic bumper is warping under the grill on the horizontal flat part and just above the license plate holder. There are three clips and the middle one was missing when I purchased it. If you push on it you can hear the sticky glue that didn't stick. It warped into one big bump and they replace the middle clip so then there were two other smaller bumps on each side of the middle clip.

    I then took it to a different dealer for other numerous problems and they failed to fix many things that I specifically typed out for them. I think they are replacing the bumper because they are trying to suck up for all their mistakes and get a "completely satified" on the survey. It is nice to see them trying to get all my issues addressed. Since they are replacing the bumper, I am adding salvaged factory fog lights (I have the LS) before they paint the new bumper. I have seen new TBs on the dealers lot with the same warping plastic bumpers.
  • todd02todd02 Posts: 1
    (Search function isn't working)

    Has anyone had their headliner sag/droop? My headliner is sagging just aft of the sunroof. If I push it up the adhesive sticks for a second but then you can hear the adhesive break and it sags again (about 1-2").

    Not a huge problem yet but something I would consider taking to the dealer if I need other work done or during an oil change.
  • gator36gator36 Posts: 294
    There is a TSB for this one.

    02-08-67-004 Headliner Sag At Rear of Sunroof Opening (replace velcro patches)
  • I also had the saging headliner and it was making noise over small bumps. The sticky noise is actually not enough Velcro. They fixed mine under warrany (along with the broken door locks) and no more sagging or noise so far.
  • I agree the paint on these vehicles is sub-par. the lower part of the doors and especially just before the rear wheels have several chips. Not to mention a few on the hood.

    My 97 Pontiac Grand Prix's paint is in better shape, and its got 110K on it. Thats CRAP!!
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    My paint still looks flawless after 6,000 miles and 6 months. However, I don't follow gravel trucks, or drive on many roads that aren't paved.
  • scottc454scottc454 Posts: 356
    My paint is chipped in a few places. All paint chips. They use sand here on the roads during the winter. I occasionally go offroad to get to hiking trailheads.
    I don't get all worked up about it. It's an SUV, it's supposed to look rugged.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    This is not a Chevy only problem. Since the EPA started requiring more enviromentally sound paints all manufacturer's paints have suffered. Subaru and Isuzu owners have complained about this as well.

  • Does anyone know where I can get smoked tail lights for my '02 Envoy ? I have seen them on one truck and can't seem to find them anywhere on the internet.
  • Yesterday, i test drove an 2002 Envoy SLT and I must say that it drove pretty nice. It had heated leather seats, sunroof, a sub-par radio, as well as other amenities. I was wondering to all of the Envoy owners out there if: 1) they have been having any major problems with this SUV, like the TB; 2) the price was listed at $36,000, what should I negotiate down to or what is a good price?. 3) Should one take the $2500 rebate or go with the 0% financing? 4) Should I wait for the 2003 Envoys without the rebate?

    I took it home for my wife and kids to see as well see if it could fit in my garage. My 2 year old daughter told me that she wanted it. Is this a sign?

    I would like to wait for the Kia Sorento (all the extras at a low price) and Toyota 4-runner (quality and reliability), but I do not think I can wait that long.
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