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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • redline65redline65 Posts: 693
    Can anyone who has purchased a Major Guard plan for their triplet please tell me what line on the pricing sheet was used for the quote? The finance person pointed me to the line with the "4" on the left side, but didn't really explain what the "4" meant or how they got that number. I'm assuming the higher the number, the more expensive the price of the plan.
  • gator36gator36 Posts: 294
    Going from memory.

    The number 4 is a vehicle class.

    Apparently all GM vehicle have been classified into these groups. Then they use this to locate the cost of the Ext warranty based on the years, deductable and miles you want. One chart for pricing and another chart for vehicle classification.
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138
    I purchased my '03 Bravada in mid-October and I am thrilled with this SUV. Best vehicle I have owned (out of 8 new) and one of the best SUVs I've driven or rode in. I got hooked on the Bravada at an 3/02 auto show in Denver, and test track drove it and other SUVs in 6/02. I limited consideration to mid-size SUVs as that is what I needed size, power, mileage, and fit-in-garage-wise.

    I concluded the Acura MDX was the best overall mid-size SUV. But, similarly equipped, it lists for thousands more than the Bravada and the dealers won't deal. The Pilot is just a poor man's Bravada, so it may be worth a look. But, I think a Pilot loaded equal to a Bravada would list for as much and once again the dealers won't deal.

    I drove the Highlander through a test track right after the Bravada. It is a nice SUV with competent performance, but it is noticeably smaller inside, not as responsive through a slalom course (slow steering response, lack of power, mushy brakes), and pretty boring in the looks department.

    The new 4Runner wasn't out when I looked at SUVs, but I eliminated the old one for being under-powered, cramped inside, top heavy, w/ an enormous step height. The new one will need a lot of fixes to make it competitive w/ the triplets and probably won't compete w/ purchase prices.

    Finally, I chose the Bravada over the Envoy and Trailblazer based on looks, AWD, and my perception that the luxury class triplet would probably be the quietest and smoothest of the 3. The AWD is nice unless you do serious 4-wheeling (I don't) and it really isn't exactly the same system as the FT4WD setting in an Envoy or Trailblazer. BTW, you do give up some small stuff w/ an '03 versus an '02, but you gain some peace of mind that most of the bugs have been corrected and you get re-designed piston heads and 5 more hp in the best damn engine GM has produced since the 327 CID V8.
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138
    If any '03 triplet owners pursue retro-fitting a glovebox and/or under-hood light, please post part numbers on this board. Lack of the GB light is starting to irritate me. GM should offer the retro-fits as an accessory and let the dealers service department make some extra money. I think I'd pay for it. BTW, the BCM issue is pretty lame. I've never heard of anyone running down their battery because they left the glovebox open. Too obvious!
  • scottc454scottc454 Posts: 356
    I agree with nearly all your points, except the part about the 4.2 being the best engine since the 327. That would mean it's better than the 454, and I simply cannot accept that.
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138
    A couple of weeks ago I had the air bag warning light stay on after startup in my 2 and a half month old '03 Bravada. I turned off the ignition and re-started the vehicle. Light went out as normal. As others have noted, it appears to be an issue no different than the transient bugs you encounter with your PC. A simple re-boot of the vehicle's computers or your PC usually fixes the anomoly.
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138
    I guess the 427 and 454 were pretty impressive engines, but a lot of their performance was due to their sheer volume.

    As an over-the-hill mechanical engineer, I've always been most impressed when you can get a lot out of a little machine w/o it self-destructing in the process. Thus, the high-winding, powerful, but smooth 327 really was impressive. This new I4.2 is like that. Smooth , quick wind, butt-in-the-seat power, but it doesn't rattle and shake in the process. Just a preference I guess.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    "I've never heard of anyone running down their battery because they left the glovebox open." Probably because no one would admit it. I admit it- I have. That's why I consider it a worthwhile feature. When you drive a couple of different vehicles, you might not check on that open glovebox for a few days. OOPS! But my TrailBlazer won't let me screw up like that. Also, I usually open the hood and leave it open after a really hot drive home in the summer to let the engine and all the other components under the hood cool off faster. On my older cars I had to remove the bulb under the hood. It's nice to have the engine compartment light automatically turn off. I have also left the interior-dome lights on several times on a Friday, only to come out on Sunday or Monday morning to a dead battery. Anyway, the worst thing someone can do to a car battery is to discharge it way down. Preventing near total battery discharge will certainly help extend the battery life. That's the purpose of the 20 min time-out.
  • jwinkyjwinky Posts: 59

    Keep us posted on the stalling/near stalls at traffic lights. Mine has been doing it (only when cold) and I have been noticing it has been occuring when engine temp is about 180 (first major mark on the guage).

    Mine has not stalled yet but yesterday morning I wiached the RPM's drop all the way down to 100 (not a typo) before the engine recovered. It has be a progressive problem, with the revs getting lower and lower each time, which leads me to believe that it is a calibration/software or mechanical issue, and not a control module issue.

    I am dropping it off at the dealer tonight and the low is supposed to be around 30, so conditions should be right, plus I am going to leave specific instructions for them to go through in the morning.

    I will keep you posted and wish me luck.

  • daytripdaytrip Posts: 10
    I had my "02 Envoy to the dealer yesterday to get several items fixed along with oil, filter, rotate and fuel filter. My dealer couldn't find any information on the fix for the "cool upshift delay" or the rear power plug cover. Any help with specifics to direct the dealer to the proper place would be appreciated. This place has been a wonderful source of information.
    My dealer is recommending that the fuel filter be replaced twice as often as GM says at every 15,000 miles. They say they are seeing early fuel pump failures with large GM vehicles that use more fuel. Yes, I know they are selling more filters that way.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    "Calibration to correct cold start idle surge and hesitation" Part# 12579251

    "New Calibration to improve feel of 1-2 upshift" Part# 12579255

    TSB 02-08-49-009: "Interference with Center Console Auxillary Power Outlet Cover and Rear Seat Cushion"

    Let us know how the new calibrations work out!
  • Has anyone successfully completed a HID retrofit in a TB? I was considering it, but with the DRL's and the low beams going off when high beams are on, concerns me a little with the operation of the HID's. If anyone has any tips please let me know.
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    Coming soon to a TV near you.

    "LOS ANGELES - A group hoping to lessen U.S. reliance on foreign oil on Wednesday debuted two television ads that link gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles to terrorist funding.

    The ads mimic spots that link drug money to terrorism.

    One commercial features a child's voiceover and shows a man filling his gas tank and footage of terrorist training. The closing statement: "Oil money supports some terrible things. What kind of mileage does your SUV get?"

    The other ad shows people talking about their SUVs. One says, "My kids think it's cool." Another says, "I helped blow up a nightclub.""

    What is this country coming to?
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    Alright, who gave the "I don't like SUV's" people air time? =) It kills me how zealots attack SUV's for political, environmental, and safety issues... All things relative folks. A person who drives a compact that gets twice as many mpg as a full size SUV, but chooses to drive twice as many miles does as much damage as the full size SUV. For that reason, should we put a legal cap on the number of miles we can drive each year... or better yet ration how many gallons of gas we can use? Other's protest SUV's because they are "incompatible" with smaller vehicles during crashes. Hmmm... wonder how compatible school buses, Mack trucks, even Minivans and other light trucks are with smaller vehicles upon impact? Awareness for the sake of helping consumers make educated choices is one thing, but this sort of propaganda is ridiculous!
  • I had just read the same article and was coming here to post, but I see I've been beaten to the punch.

    I know i'm preaching to the choir here, but if you don't like SUV's, DON'T BUY ONE!!!!!!

    And don't show your mug on my TV and tell ME not to buy one either!
  • I agree. I actually saw this commercial before all of the hoopla and I had to do a double take. It's offensive and rediculous even though in the end it may in fact be somewhat true. God I hate admitting that.
    So what should I do, sell my boat and truck and fish from shore because some jack%&@ driving a hyundia thinks I should? Go scratch! There was a report the other night and it showed this woman who is spearheading the whole campaign (I think). Anyway, she's a soccer mom who had no use for driving an SUV but she was. The light bulb went off in her dimly lit skull that she should buy a smaller car and I guess she feels the rest of us should live like her.
    To her and everyone behind that ad: come bring your hyundia to my house and tow my boat for me and while you're at it fit my family of four in there with skis and gear and let's go up the mountains for a ski weekend.... oh that's right that would be impossible wouldn't it!
    Until we discover an alternative fuel source get out of my way cause I need to fill up.
  • scw111scw111 Posts: 2
    Where do you find the TSBs? Is there a web site? Thanks in advance.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    For the "Detroit Project":

    I don't like SUVs, why do you?

    Are SUVers Unpatriotic?

    For TSBs:

    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide

    Steve, Host

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    The part numbers I posted came from the GM Vehicle Calibration Info web site

    by entering in my TrailBlazer VIN after I read in the Dec '02 Techlink

    that they had released a revised engine/transmission service calibration on July 28, 2002 "Cold Upshift Delay". A little detective work that dealer didn't want to bother with apparently.

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I think the groups who are lambasting SUV owners as unpatriotic ought to go back to the last question being asked of us - What Would Jesus Drive, or better yet what would he DO? I don't think JC would be trying to start a class war between SUV drivers and the other 50% of the drivers out there!
  • scottc454scottc454 Posts: 356
    I think it's unpatriotic to get all worked up over this type of stuff. That's a drawback to our freedom - you sometimes have to put up with opinions that irritate the hell out of you. Those commercials are way less annoying than those of Old Navy or Subway. I'm so sick of Jared and Clay Henry.

    Anyway, how come pickup trucks have managed to avoid all this flack? They're just as inneffecient and misused.
  • redline65redline65 Posts: 693
    "Anyway, how come pickup trucks have managed to avoid all this flack? They're just as inneffecient and misused."

    I agree. Don't forget about full-sized vans also.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You can join the "patriotism" discussion here: Are SUVers Unpatriotic?

    tidester, host

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I certainly notice the bad "rap" SUVs always seem to get from the news media when there's an accident. With an SUV it's always reported as though the SUV was responsible regardless what the driver was doing. I can't think of too many other vehicle "types" that are characterized like that. Maybe 18-wheelers.
    I did the patriotic thing last year and bought an American-Made TrailBlazer to help support the economy and "Keep America Rolling" ... or something like that...
  • Took my 2002 to the dealer yesterday.

    1. Lost heat to driver's side twice. (Could not duplicate)

    2. Passenger seat belt tightens. (New belt ordered)

    3. Vibration at hi way speeds. (They actually felt that one this time, and recommended tire balancing; which was on the paper I gave them. Their cost to balance was $35. My husband told them that we would take it to our regular place. Turns out they had already done it without approval, so we got it free.) Have not had a chance to test it due to our weather.

    Noticed when cleaning off the road salt when I got it home that we have the paint scraped due to the plate housing. Took it in today and they would order the gasket. Got a call later to set up the time and was told it would take an hour. Do they not fix the paint, or just cover it with the gasket? Would like to know others experiences before taking it in.


  • redline65redline65 Posts: 693
    I found a web site that lists the categories for the Major Guard plan:

    Looks like my finance person may have been trying to screw me, she told me mine was a "4" even though I bought an Envoy XL 2WD, which should be a "3". Good thing I didn't buy it.

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Then again it could be related to this: TSB 02-03-09-002 Intermittent Boom, Rumbling Noise and/or Disturbance Heard in Passenger Compartment While Driving at Highway Speeds (Replace Rear Coil Springs); 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy with Rear Coil Springs.

    How many miles on your TrailBlazer?
  • paulpropaulpro Posts: 56
    Does anyone have a copy of TSB 02-08-49-009: "Interference with Center Console Auxillary Power Outlet Cover and Rear Seat Cushion"

    I would like to learn just exactly what it says before I counter my dealer

  • twinrottstwinrotts Posts: 161
    I have never seen one of these on any TB I've looked at. Anyone have a picture and a part number?
  • pauleulpauleul Posts: 116
    There is no point in painting unless the primer has also been worn through. Your dealer probably will paint it if you demand, but will just delay the whole process since they will have to wait for the paint to dry. The gasket will totally cover the chipped paint. Installing the gasket takes about 30 minutes.

    See this link for more info:

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