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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    I changed my oil last night and noticed the GM Battery has a black eye? Should be green as dark usually means a battery is low on water. Anyone else have issues with their triplet battery?

    I've left it outside in some pretty cold temps the past few weeks as my garage has my basement furniture in there while it was being refinished. A couple more weeks until the carpet arrives and then back into the heat, but my concern is the vehicle only has 18k on the clock after about 1.5yrs and it's dark already.
  • hillflahillfla Posts: 90
    I don't know the details of this TSB but there is one out there regarding the battery.

    02-06-03-010 OCT 02 Battery - Parasitic Drain Information

    If you have access to the TSBs or can ask your dealer you might want to find out what this TSB is in regards to.

    Good luck
  • tjcishere1 wrote:

    I have a 5/02 build Envoy XL SLT with no dead pedal, i never saw an SLT XL that had one. The truck in the car show didn't even have one. So don't feel bad. Maybe they put it in just the regular Envoy for 2002?

    I have a 2002 Envoy XL SLT 4X4, build date 2/02, and it has the plastic dead pedal you are referring to. Guess I got lucky.
  • redline65redline65 Posts: 693
    Speaking of Theft Lock, in my Intrigue I can set a 4 digit code that I have to enter whenever the battery has been disconnected. I could not find anything in my Envoy's manual about entering a code for the radio. How do you do this? I have the Bose single-CD radio, by the way. I would hate to have to pay the dealer to unlock it if I lost power.
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    buy out someones lease?? Just wondering if anyone knew if there was such a place . I would love to sell out my lease. Or does anyone one want the Truck . According to one dealership I got a steal of a deal. i am paying $431.00 a month he says for the TB EXT 4AWD With DVD and running boards he is starting at close to$500.00 a month. Does anyone else buy this . I live in the NY /NJ metro area.
  • luxrideluxride Posts: 14
    you can try Never tried it myself so not sure of, if any, costs...
  • Does anyone elese have the hesitating volt meter gauge. When it is started in cold weather, the needle goes 1/4 of the way up and stops for about 10 seconds and then it goes up to normal reading.
    This must be designed this way for some reason, maybe surge protection ?
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    I have to admit I made a big mistake getting this truck but I don't really think anyone else is going to want it either.I jsut might have to wait out the 2.3 years and pray GM gets their act together.
  • luxrideluxride Posts: 14
    Well best of luck in whatever you decide to do...Maybe you should start to look into the lemon law or try a different dealer, I know it's a bit of a hike but you might want to try a dealer in the NJ area, I've dealt with Miller GMC in Woodbridge and they have been very helpful.
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    The "green" eye in the battery floats in the electrolite solution. When the battery goes bad, it doesn't float up into the window. Try tapping the battery to see if the green eye returns. Sometimes it just gets knocked out of place.

    As a side benefit of having the Vehicle Data Recorder attached to my '02 Envoy (to help diagnose my still-unresolved stalling problem), the VDR completely drained the battery after keeping all the computers awake overnight. I had it jumpstarted so I could drive down to the dealer, and everything still worked. The clock reset to 12:00, but no memory settings were lost, and the Bose worked fine.

    I feel lucky I don't have the vibrating pedal issue (2WD 4.10 axle 16K miles), wandering mirrors, sluggish alternators, or stuck starters. My dealer attempted 6 times to fix the stalling issue, so now I'm pursuing a lemon law buyback. Otherwise it's been a great truck. When it doesn't die.</rant off>
  • dshepherd3dshepherd3 Posts: 194
    On the tripletts, the Radio is linked to the BCM and looks for a programmed data signal that matches the VIN, so the radio will only work in a vehicle with matching VIN's from the BCM. If the radio is removed or the battery goes dead the radio communicates withe BCM if all matches, no lockout.
  • fladadfladad Posts: 1
    My 2002 Bravada with 22,800 miles stalled on the highway at 65mph. It restarted and then wouldn't go above 1800 rpm and shifted late with grreat strain. The dealer work order said they did a "Reflash PCM, TAS states re-flash will fix line A&B Cam Phaser Performance Pcm had code 0116. I have no idea what this means and it seems to shift ok now..anyone out there with a similiar prob???
  • calucykcalucyk Posts: 35
    Not sure whether my first post was read or not, but I really need help on this...

    calucyk Mar 10, 2003 6:40pm
  • st1100v4st1100v4 Posts: 96
    I doubt that this had anything to do with your transmission. If the engine could only manage to get to 1800 rpm then your shifts would be delayed.

    The engine has variable valve timing (on the exhaust side only) which is what the cam phaser is related to. If you had a problem in that area and the valves weren't operating correctly then you could see a dramatic loss of power. That's just a guess; I would think the "fail-safe" mode of the cam would be some nominal setting and you would just lose the variable timing aspect. You never know, it could have been any of the various control modules losing their mind. This stalling at speed issue is being investigated by the NHTSA (sp?). I'm still suspicious that these shutdowns are "programmed", or at the least the software is extremely non-robust.
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    The reason I am dealing with the dealership on Staten Island is because Lucas on rt.1 in Linden where I got the trailblazer had a fire . The service dept. there was really helpful when I went there but this guy over here H&L Chevy is a real jerk. I think they see a woman, think I am just some idiot that knows nothing and won't question them. This is the same dealer I got my 2000 venture from and it had a list a mile long with things that went bad on it ,too bad they never went bad all in one year. Thanks for the info though I will see where Miller is and maybe that is a better answer.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    fladad, did they even address the stalling problem, or did they just gloss over it. Yours is not the first to stall at hiway speeds. The fact that the tranny needed a software reload tells you something big happened. Stalling was just one of the symptoms. Don't let them off the hook without looking into the STALLING. Mention the experiences of those who have posted here prior to you, regarding stalling at hiway speeds. It sounds like they replaced a cars headlights when it slammed into a brick wall, without figuring out why it slammed into the wall.

  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    I'm glad they now include a DRL off option.
    I have the head lamp washers in my '03. I wouldn't of ordered them but they came with the vehicle the dealer found for me. I've yet to use them.
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    The DRL off option has always been there. The only difference is you don't have to push the dome light switch 4 times within 5 seconds to deactivate them. Does the DRL switch on the '03 also turn off the automatic headlights, or is there another option?
  • archie34archie34 Posts: 8
    I have an 02 TB LTZ and have been having the same situation anytime the vehicle sets for at least 6-8 hours at ~20 F or below. No apparent side effects so far.
  • Having just purchased a new Trailblazer I'm trying to determine the best setup to carry 2 recreational (14-15') kayaks on the roof (which is pretty tall). Does anyone have any experience or recommendations on this? Thanks.

  • seifordseiford Posts: 68
    Anyone else notice their engine 'miss' when stopped at a red light? I've only noticed it at idle; after stopped for about 30-60 seconds. Then every minute after that. You can feel the engine shutter, see the RPMs drop.

    I have the Envoy at the dealer today and since it doesn't set any code they gave me the standard "we can't find anything wrong".

    2003 Envoy SLT, 4.2 I6, 1800 miles, 2 months old
  • kevitrakevitra Posts: 20
    Our 2003 XL SLT is now 1.5 months old with 1500 miles. The only problem we have encountered is the vibration in the gas pedal. My wife drives the Envoy most of the time, and she has never noticed it. I won't tell her about it, because if I do she will probably notice it and it will annoy her.

    Besides that it has been great (although it is still young).

    To the people reading about all of the problems and getting worried: That is what these message boards are for. A year ago I was looking at rear projection TVs. was FULL of people complaining about problems they were having. I purchased one and have had no problems. Most people don't say anything unless something bad is happening.

    Our 99 Grand Prix (74K) and 99 Olds Intrigue (74K) both have been in the shop 0 times. The message boards always had problems with both cars. We have had none. I think it is a matter of luck if you get a good vehicle or not. It shouldn't be that way, but there isn't much you can do (you can buy a Toyota, but they have problems also).
  • I have an '02 Bravada so I'll volunteer to check it out next time I go out, which I'll warn you may be a few days. I haven't had any problem with mine though whereas you have, so I may be missing any special service dept. tinkering around features :')
  • Thanks for clarifying that, I was concerned about figuring out how to set the 4 digit code prior to your post.
  • uktruckeruktrucker Posts: 14
    and I think I paid the price. After 18 months my Envoy SLT 4x4 proved to be a great design let down by poor quality control and incomplete testing. So I've decided to cut my losses and traded it for a new 4runner. I think if GM has managed to iron out the kinks on the new Envoys I would recommend it - for the price it has a lot going for it. The inline 6 is smooth and powerful and gets reasonable mileage, the ride is cushy and quiet, the Bose Hi-fi is great, nice heated power seats with memory, Onstar and lots of other nice features. To approach these features in a 4runner I've had to pay close to 40K, albeit with a V8. And I still lose things the seat memory, rear seat power socket and Onstar. But for me it was worth it for peace of mind - I think I'm unlikely to get as many problems.

    Just for the record, I had the following issues with my early build Envoy, so if any of you are maybe looking to pick one up used check these out:

    The dash speakers picked up interference from the dashboard lighting.
    The FM radio seemed prone to "whistling".
    The tranny could be jerky going 1 - 2 when cold. I had the latest software update applied and it seemed worse...
    The engine could be very noisy when cold with a tapping noise evident on part throttle, but it was fine when warm.
    The engine fan still ran on cold startup sometimes despite several software updates.
    The rubber trim above the windscreen fell off.
    The light trim above the rear window warped.
    The driver's seat control module failed.
    The passenger seat belt would pinch.
    The door mirrors would still sometimes fail to return to their proper position despite being replaced in a TSB.
    The passenger door need re-alignment to cure a wind noise issue.
    The wipers would sometimes jerk at lower speed settings.
    The centre console squeaked until an attack of WD-40.
    The heater would sometimes refuse to blow hot air to the feet.
    The A/C sometimes just failed to work at all without restarting the engine.
    A rear door catch broke.
    Rustling noises eminate from the tachometer as the engine slows to idle.
    Rattle areas cured with bits of foam included the glove box catch, the trim on the bottom of the front doors and the top of the plastic trim between the doors.

    I don't regard this list as terrible, but it is irritating on a 30+k vehicle and GM can certainly do better. I can accept that first year vehicles are going to have problems, but the fact is I have previously owned a then brand new design Honda CR-V and I never had any problems at all. I chose a 4runner based on generally good experiences in tough environments around the world with Toyotas.

    I'll finish by just noting a few design issues I think they still need to address on the Envoy:

    The mirrors are too small. The ones on the 4runner give a much wider vertical view.
    The truck rolls a lot in corners, and skid control should be offered.
    The front seats could do with more lateral support.
    The dashboard shape intrudes unnecessarily into the passenger knee space.
    The front cupholders are poorly designed.
    The front seat belt design is poor for tall people.
    Why does the control on the steering wheel change CD's rather than tracks with the Bose Hi-Fi?

    With that I guess I'll migrate to the 4runner forum. Enjoy your Envoys, but hang on to that warranty...
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    That is EXACTLY my problem. I have an '02 Envoy 2WD SLT, 16K miles, and it's been doing it since last August. Sometimes the idle drops too low, the engine shudders, then recovers. Sometimes it completely dies and the DIC says "Low oil pressure, stop engine", sometimes I get the SES light, and sometimes no indication whatsoever of a stall except seeing 0 rpm.

    On my truck, there is a specific point halfway between warmed up and normal on the temp gauge, where the engine will die if I'm stopped at a light (or rolling from a stop). It seems to happen most often when the engine is cold, but it has also died when fully warmed up. Seems like a software problem since that is fairly consistent, but I have all the updates. Once fully warmed up and stopped, the idle dips about 100 rpm then goes back up, then dips a while later, then goes back up, etc.

    It's been at the dealer 6 times for this problem. The throttle body, PCM, ignition, and lift gate modules were all replaced. The Vehicle Data Recorder couldn't capture any info because it drained the battery overnight (it kept waking up all the computers), so be careful if they want to install that in your truck.

    My lemon law attorney is now handling this case. I'm hoping to have it resolved soon before I get rear-ended. It was an awesome truck for the first year, and it sounds like there are still quite a few happy triplet owners out there.

    Let me know what your dealer says. I only know of one other person on a different board that has this problem.
  • kevitrakevitra Posts: 20
    I was curious about the 4runner so I stopped by their forum. I noticed the following threads:

    "I have a 2002 SR5 V8 4x4 that that has the same vibration in two wheel drive mode that ricsch reported in discussion #1583!! "

    "I have noticed in the morning when the engine is very cold right after starting it seems like their is a slight clanking noise coming from the engine."

    Familiar? :)
  • seifordseiford Posts: 68
    Thanks for your posting macman246. I hope my truck's issue doesn't turn into a stalling nightmare like yours. Yikes.

    I told the dealer to keep the truck the rest of the day and take it out for some more drives. It would falter for me ALL the time. I can't believe it isn't doing it for them. I think I'll take the service advisor for a drive when I pick it up tomorrow.

    Thanks for your info - this message board provides some good information exchange.

    And I think there may be more postings about Envoy issues here because Envoy owners are more intelligent than other SUV owners and know how to use a PC... :-)
  • rgrossmanrgrossman Posts: 37
    Hi Woodchuckvt. I use a Yakima setup with hully rollers on the rear and cradles in the front. With the hully rollers its pretty easy to get the boats on the roof single handed. With the hully rollers you just lean one end of the boat between the rollers, pick up the other side and slide it onto the front cradle. I would stay away from regular cradles on both front and back however. You would need two people to get the kayak on the roof in that case. These cars are pretty tall so if your paddling partner is an average height female, then she might have difficulty lifting it onto the cradle which will be several inches higher than the roof.

    They're not cheap however. They'll probably cost you roughly $300 for all the various pieces to carry two kayaks. A good investment though to avoid scratches and other accidents. You can see what they look like at:
  • scottc454scottc454 Posts: 356
    And I think there may be more postings about Envoy issues here because Envoy owners are more intelligent than other SUV owners and know how to use a PC... :-)

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