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Chevy Impala "REDUCED ENGINE POWER" message



  • I own a 2008 Implala which is nothing but trouble.I bought it after happily owning a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix which i put 288,000 miles on it ,worry free.Since i have owned my Impala i have been stranded 4 times in 5 months. First the tire went flat due to the sensor inside the wheel breaking off the valve stem,then while changing the flat the jack just broke and the car fell on the ground on the rotor.About 3 weeks ago i couldnt get it out of park and again had to get it towed due to some shifter being bent or something to that affect which cost me 500 dollars ,not to mention the 90 tow bill. Now today the battery is dead. The radio sometimes works and sometimes dosent. I travel for my job and am so tired of having this piece of crap always having issues. What happened to the qaulity Chevy products that use to be made. There is always something wrong with this car. When people ask me how i like the car i tell them i hate it! Get your crap together chevy!
  • Rhenry3751,

    I'm sorry to hear about the multiple concerns you've experienced with your vehicle. Have you worked with Customer Assistance before?

    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2006 chevy impala that gave me the engine power reduced message yesterday and my speed went from 50 to 20 on my way home from work. Do anybody know what caused that?
  • Have a look at the previous messages but I am sure you will find that it is the gas pedal and the electronics used to make the throttle work. On my 08 as soon as the pedal was replaced all symtoms dissappeared and the car is back running fine. Most new vehicles do not have a linkage to the throttle and control it by the computer. If a sensor goes bad there is a fail safe that reduces the engine rpm and gives you a message.

    That is what was wrong with my 08 but I cannot tell you if your 06 has the same system or not.

    Good luck..
  • can someone from customer service contact me
  • i replaced my pedal travel sensor three days ago. it cant be found as an after market part. i got mine through GM Parts Direct with shipping it was 1/2 the cost of the dealer quote and it took less than 10 minutes to replace
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    There's no way for them to know how to contact you. If you wish to contact gmcustsvcsarah, you can click on her blue user ID, and you'll be able to see her email address to contact her.


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  • wayniac67wayniac67 Posts: 12
    edited December 2011
    Kristie,I am having the same problems,bought my 2008 Chevy Impala because my used car kept breaking down,so bought a new car 20,000 plus,480 a month payments because it would be reliable! Yeah that's a joke,I have been broken down almost as many times,my shifter got stuck in gear ,had to have it replaced,my battery constantly goes dead ,my radio sometimes works,sometimes not,my back defroster doesn't work,it shifts really hard from park to drive,My dad was a diehard Chevy man,I always had chevy's but I tell everyone what a piece of crap it is! I hate it ,when I take it to get it fixed,they say nothing is wrong,I am just at my wits end,I drive 45 minutes to work every day and never know if I will break down or not and paying so much for the trash! :lemon:
  • I have put several posts on here about mine and You haven't sent me a message, :confuse:
  • My 2010 impala just got tracktion control failure, Engine Power Reduce. I was dring on the freeway at 65 miles, when this happened, the speed dropped down to 40 miles!! Luckily I was not hit!! It's so scary!!

    So far, there seems to be alot of problems like this and it's so lucky that no one got killed yet??? What else can we do so GM will fix this problem and send the recalls to related Impala!!

  • What is the part # ? For pedal travel sensor (foot feed) for 06 impala 3.5L
  • I just bought this vehicle from the auction and had for 28 days. Today I found something which almost shocked me.It was when i started to start my car and all of the sudden the vehicle started shaking to an extent I thought there was an earth quake. I did try to turn the ignition on and off, still it continued doing.Messages appeared on the dash board and one of them was " reduced engine power" and "stabilitrack or traction something.This is a manufacturing problem and i urge Gm to recall this model and fix the problem. It seems a lot of people are getting this probelm as I read from this forum. This is a true experience i have had with this impala and please lf someone has any idea of fixing let me know. Thanks
  • I also am having issues with my 2009 Chevy Impala with only 38500 miles on it. I got a light saying something like Service Traction Control and then I got a reduced engine power light. The car did lose some engine power. It seemed to miss also. I am planning on taking it to the dealership as soon as I can get an appointment. Unfortunatley this all happened to me on Christmas eve and no one is open until Tuesday. I am totally dependant on this car for my job, so this is a real problem. From what I am reading on this problem it seems like A RECALL may be needed on this issue. I had a 3 year or 36000 mile warranty on this car as I bought it new. The warranty expired 2000 miles ago. Just my luck? I don't know. I hope GM is listening.
  • 20impala0620impala06 Posts: 3
    edited January 2012
    I have sent you an email per your request on my 2006 Impala that has joined the ranks of those experiencing this erratic "Engine Power is reduced". It is my wife's car and she will not drive it until she is certain it is repaired. Brought it to my local mechanic, and by that time the check engine light had turned off and it was running fine. They were familiar with a "Throttle Position Sensor" issue.
  • Go to and give them your vin and they will give you the part number for your car. They dont accept returns unless the part is defective or if THEY give you the wrong part. They are usually pretty quick and I buy all parts that have to be bought from GM from them. Much more reasonable prices
  • I changed the accelerator / throttle position sensor with a new unit, and the issue became worse, barely getting a mile down the road before it "Engine Power is Reduced. Changed back to the original timebomb situation. Does the car need to relearn or something with a new component?
  • Same problem. Brought a 2008 Chevy Impala for a more reliable car. After 50,00 miles. Service Traction problems. I have to shut the car off for 1 minute. Then it drives fine. But whenever the street is wet . Forget about it. Also something with the suspension eats up tires quick. Just brought tires a year ago and may need new ones. I have always been a chevy guy. But after owning a 2004 impala and a 08 impala with a ton of issues. may switch to ford or buick.
  • I have a 2009 Chevy Impala with a 3500 engine and this problem came up tonight sitting at a Drive Thru . I have read quite a few of your complaints and am wondering if any of you have Diagnosed any of the problems . I definetly cannot afford to take this to the Dealership . Thanks for any of your help . [email protected]
  • bowanabowana Posts: 9
    I see that various people are having problems with the power reduction and issues regarding the Traction Control. I reported on this condition last October and indicated that replacing the gas pedal cleared the problem. I have not had any issues since the pedal was replaced and the only thing I would ask is that perhaps used pedals from a wrecker may cure the problem cheaper than taking it to a dealer or other repair shop. There is a cure so just follow up and look to the gas pedal. GM is not the only company with this type of problem. Just search under Google and you will see it effects almost every make and model with gas pedals that DO NOT HAVE cable or anything else connected to the throttle but work by sending information to the computers.
    Good Luck everyone!
  • Same exact problem. Even to being 2K out of warranty. My car was a certified used car with 32K. 14K later this reduced power/traction control issue. My dealer is 39 miles away so I'm having it towed. but I am extremely unhappy. What if this had happened when I was doing 65 on the highway?? Car slowed to a crawl and could not climb a slight hill to a parking lot for me to get off road.
  • Good afternoon Henry,
    I am sorry that I did not see your post sooner - sometimes the search tool we use doesn't catch everything, and I was going to the forums manually today.

    I realize that your post was a month ago - have you visited your dealership to have this looked into? What is the status of your vehicle at the moment?

    GM Customer Service
  • Wyniac67,
    As I mentioned to another poster, sometimes our search tool doesn't pick up on posts for whatever reason. Today I had some time to go through manually and look for any respondable posts and found yours. I'm sorry that you were overlooked - how is your vehicle running?

    GM Customer Service
  • If you would like to work with Customer Service, we could get a Service Request established for you. Please send us an email with more information, including your name/Edmunds user name, your contact information (phone and address, please), the last 8 digits of your VIN and your current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership.

    GM Customer Service
  • All,
    As so many have posted their experience with the "Reduced Engine Power" concern on your Impalas, I will be documenting this thread for GM. Thank you for your contributions, and if you would like for us to look into your situation further please be sure to get in touch with us via email.

    GM Customer Service
  • My 2009 Impala SS just gave me the same message and now won't remote remote start and drives no more than 5 miles per hour. I see this is a common and bad problem. I will be checking with my local GM dealership and see their response. I'm currently working with my local Governors office on a project and will certainly bring this issue to light as it happened to me on the interstate and seems its happened to many.
    Thank you
  • I ended up having the throttle body replaced to resolve the "Engine Power is Reduced" Hope GM will do a recall as it seems to be a notorious problem.

    What do I need to address next, the head gasket as I see some issues floating around concerning "no heat at idle" Any recalls on that?
  • We would be happy to check your VIN in our systems to see if there is an open recall on it. Send us the last 8 digits in an email and we'll let you know what we find out.
    GM Customer Service
  • This sounds like a frequent issue, as I have the same problem. 2009 Impala LTZ, and problem started around 75k miles. Very intermittant. Traction control will also kick in (intermittantly) when accelerating from a stopped position, usually making a (somewhat sharp) turn.

    Has anyone found a 100% solution to this problem? Replace the pedal sensor? If so, is that covered under the Powertrain 100k warranty?
  • Sensors are excluded from powertrain warranty coverage. If you would like more information on your powertrain warranty coverage, please let me know! Or, for parameters (exact date and mileage of expiration) you can email us the last 8 digits of your VIN (along with your name and Edmunds username) and we'd be happy to provide that.
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi, wanted to ask you managed to get any resolution to your problem,with car shaking?

    Thanx, Alex.
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