2010 Cadillac SRX Noises

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I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing similar problems.

I took delivery on a 2010 SRX Luxury in late June. The vehicle looks great, drives great, but there are a couple of noise issues that are not consistant with a luxury vehicle. Through August, my vehicle spent a total of twelve days at the dealership trying to resolve the source of two noises.

The first issue is a thumping sound toward the rear that was diagnosed as a fuel tank problem. I was given a copy of a GM Bulletin describing the problem, and apparently there is no repair. The Bulletin is dated April 5, so I'm not optimistic about a solution.

The second noise issue occurs on the initial startup, and a loud ping occurs between first and second gear. This was diagnosed as the ABS Module doing a self test and supposedly, it is a normal occurrence on the SRX. I was invited to test drive another SRX, and naturally, we couldn't duplicate the problem.

The dealership has been cooperative, but they are unable to assist me further. I wrote to GM last month, and I received a voice mail thanking me for my letter. I realize that these noise problems are merely a nuisance, but I expected more from a Cadillac.


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    Unfortunately I returned mines, I couldnt take the noises any longer, plus other issues. Paid too much for that vehicle and you expect cadillac quality. I had a 2010, they were going to upgrade me to 2011 srx, but I was so paranoid from all the trouble with the 2010. I took a 2011 cts.. and I love it, ride great, sounds great and love the rear view camera that comes up in the rear view mirror.
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    I am also experience the rear thumping sound as well as an intermitent spring actuator type noise coming from the passenger side footwell. The problem through it doesn't do it all the time....so how do you trouble shoot that one?

    This is my second Cadillac after having to trade in my 2009 CTS for the 2010 SRX due to transmission (replaced 1) and torque converter (repalced 4) problems that end up being a software programming issue with the timing of converter sylinoids. very frustrating...the dealer Preston GM in Langley, BC was awesome throughout the 22 month ordeal!
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    I'm curious. How were you able to return your SRX? My wife has a 2009 CTS and I would love to dump my SRX for a CTS.
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    I am experiencing similar problems being noises. Purchased in Aug & day 6 of having the vehicle it was back at the dealer. The noise happens when turning the steering wheel at low speed, it's a rubbing noise. Also at low speed when applying the breaks, it sounds like the rub/grind. I've had my front strut mounts replaced twice and now the engineering dept. is trying to come up with a fix. My car has been in the shop 3 times now for the same problem and I only have less than 3500 miles.

    I don't feel as a consumer, I should have to put up with the quality I've rec'd in my new Cadillac!! I've paid good money for my vehicle and expect nothing but 100% satisfaction. No fix is not acceptable in my opinion.

    The dealership GM of Sales told me "We don't make the vehicles, we sell them".... wow, way to stand behind your product.

    I've taken my issue to Cadillac 1-800-458-8006 where they opened a claim for me. I've requested either my vehicle be repaired, put me in a new SRX at no additional charge (Initially the dealership told me I could pay $5K more and they will put me in a new SRX! Don't think so!!). Or I want my money back and walk away from it.

    Grrrrr.....this has been a very unpleasant experience which unfortunately has left me with a sour taste for this dealership.

    Good Luck!
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    I could not agree with you more about the quality and Cadillac's attitude. We have a problem with our 2011 when we picked it up there was a problem with the radio they took a file report it turned out that the radio was not programed at the factory and there was a problem noted before the car was shipped out to the dealer.
    The Cadillac rep was nasty and standoffish about compensation or replacement. If there was the 30 day return policy they would be getting it back. We now only have 300 miles on it and this happened when we had 2 miles on it brand new.
    I wish you luck and we are counting the days to give it back when the lease is up or there is a pull ahead. The quality is not good at all and hopefully we do not bail them out again so they can make bad vehichles that lack quality control.
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    Can you please e-mail me with your claim number? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    I apologize this has been an unpleasant experience. Can you please e-mail me your complete contact information including a good number to reach your, VIN, current mileage, and involved dealer? I would like to look into this for you.
    GM Customer Service
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    This is my first time on here and I've been reading about problems with certain noises and thought I would add a bit of my experience as well. The noise I am hearing started when the weather got colder. I bought my SRX in April, and never had a problem with noises until the weather started getting cooler, especially in the morning or at night. (I live in the mid-west, so this started about 3 weeks ago). Whenever I turned the wheels left or right, pulling into or backing out of a parking space, that's when it happened. It turns out that it's upper struts mounts and the parts are on back-order; I'm not exactly sure what the service guy meant, but it sounded like something had to be re-coded (?) or what I'm not real clear what they meant. I just hope the parts come in real soon and that will be the end of it. I've been really happy with this vehicle ever since I've owned it. It has a little over 8,000 miles on it . In the mean time, the area was lubricated but it hasn't helped much with the noise.
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    If you are unclear what the dealer is talking about, please ask them to further explain it. Please keep me updated with your progress.
    GM Customer Service
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    I share others' frustration with noises in my 2010 SRX. I purchased the car in March and have almost 7,000 miles. The noises just keep getting worse. There is a rattling type noise coming from the tail gate area. I have even sat in the cargo area while someone else drove the car and I can't seem to pinpoint it and it doesn't happen all the time. I haven't been to the dealer because it's not always there. The noise associated with turning the steering wheel did not appear until the weather got cold (<40degrees) , a couple of weeks ago, and it is very disturbing but seems to go away some when the engine compartment warms up. The thumping noise is kinda new for me but is very irritating and seems to come from the back gas tank area.

    At this point I am very, very disappointed with this vehicle. I have a 2007 Buick Lucerne that is totally quiet and comfortable after 40,000 and is much more luxurious from the ride to the electonics.

    What should I do at this point......HELP!
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    I called the service dept. today to get a more clear understanding. (sometimes I feel a little embarrassed when I don't quite understand everything they are saying, or the terms they are using, and at the same time the person has people waiting in the office, the place is super busy etc. so I just get the gist of it.)...anyway, what I found out is that the parts I need have been replaced with the parts used in the 2011 models
    and it's hard to know just when they might get them in. Thankfully it isn't a serious
    problem.">link title
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    Have you taken your vehicle in to your GM dealer of choice? If not I would recommend doing so!
    GM Customer Service
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    I have the exact same problem. I first brought it to the dealer in November and they couldn't find anything wrong of course. Since the problem continued to get worse, I brought it back today and, after informing me of yet another recall (power steering and unrelated to this noise issue) they told me they've had a "rash" of similar issues and know what the problem is. They called a while ago confirming it's the "strut mount bearing assembly" which was designed incorrectly. No part yet exists but supposedly they are developing one, it's availability is unknown
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    2010 SRX purchased in August 2010. 2500 miles.

    I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if there is a setting I need to change or what. I am having an issue with the radio in my SRX. I nearly always listen to XM, yet everytime I shut off my vehicle and come back to it, it always starts up with FM radio, after last playing XM. Any thoughts?

    Another item...I recently tried to download a CD to the hard drive and early on in the recording process (track 1 or 2) the recording stops and reverts back to FM radio. Anyone else?
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    I would recommend going to the dealer. They will be able to assist you in changing any settings as well as downloading a CD tot the hard drive.
    GM Customer Service
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    I had the same problem with my radio. I took it to the dealership and they took care of it. Turned out they needed to download a new update to my system.
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    I am also having this same problem. The noise started a few weeks ago when the weather got cold. I also agree that the noise coming from the car is way too much. I love the way the car looks, but its performance has been disappointing...
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    My post from last week disappeared. Last Friday there were 20 posts on this topic, and today there are only 18. Hope I didn't offend anyone but all my post stated was that I've purchased GM products all my life, I'm disappointed with GM's attitude toward noise issues on the SRX, and I'll be glad when my lease is up.
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    We lost some posts last week when the forums were reindexing for 48 hours during the site update. Apologies for the glitch!
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    Did you know there was a recall on engine/engine cooling that talks about a pinging noise. The recall date was april 2010. Check it out.
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    The recall I was able to find referenced a spark knock. The ping type noise I am experiencing occurs only on the initial startup, and between ten and fifteen miles per hour. The noise returns only if I shut the engine off and restart it. I was told that this is the ABS module doing a self check, but I've never experienced this on any other GM products. I was hoping they would replace the ABS module, but apparently this is not an option.
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    Okay... we have read about the rear thumping sound associated with the gas tank when there is 3/4 to 1/2 tank full. We have two more noises that are driving us crazy.

    #1 As someone is seated in the front passenger seat, buckled up, with every stop and start of the car there is a most annoying creaking sound. At close inspection we have found that the seat belt attached to the middle console is making the sound. Of course, it creaks only when someone is buckled up nice and tight.

    #2 This is a newer sound and was mentioned by a member here on this thread. We are hearing a rattle coming from either the driver's side back hatch or roof or side panel. Like something is loose though at close inspection we cant figure out what it is.

    Does anyone have these problems?
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    In addition to the noisy struts, I now notice a sound when first taking off. The noise reminds me of our local tornado sirens. It is a whinning sound that seems to get louder when speed is increased. I notice it while driving in town when accelerating. I don't seem to notice it once I get past 35 mph. Any one else? Any ideas?
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    So I bought a used 2010 SRX Luxury Edition from a dealer in Brookfield, WI. I have had so many issues with my SRX since purchasing it about a month and half ago. The SRX I bought was a corporate vehicle before I bought it. The first day I purchased it the xenon headlight burned out. I brought the vehicle back the same day I purchased it to get what I thought would be an easy fix. I waited in an hour and ten minutes for the service advisor to come back and tell me that they had in fact confirmed my headlight had malfunctioned. I was told that the headlights are expensive and they don't carry the part in-stock and I would have to leave it over the weekend so the part can be ordered. This was completely unacceptable. I traded in a BMW 3 Series and was used to the service quality with BMW which the Cadillac dealership does not offer. I initially offered a Chevy Malibu as my loaner car from Enterprise. I gave them a $40,000 car and they wanted to put me in a car that was not even comparable. They finally found a DTS that disgusting and smelled like smoke.

    After having the headlight replaced the same issue occurred two days after getting it back. To which the service advisor told me that they replaced the bulb and now got permission from GM to change the actually unit that controls the xenon headlight. This appears to have fixed the problem.

    The driver side door has always had an issue where it sounds like it doesn't seal up and there is a high pitched noise that comes from it at highways speeds. This issue has yet to be resolved. I have also experienced the front strut issue and have been waiting for the part to come in as it is on back order. This is week number three. The service advisor is bringing in a wind specialist to look at the driver side door at the same time they address the strut issue.

    I also have been experiencing the same creaking noise from the driver side hatch and can't figure out where its coming from. The last issue I have noticed lately is a draft that appears to be coming from under the driver seat. It is so bad that my legs actually get cold and I am forced to have the heat directed to my feet so they stay warm. If you put your hand by the underside of the seat you can feel breeze coming from under it. Its very weird and getting really annoying. I have not talked with the dealership about this issue yet, but will bring it up on my next visit. Has anyone else experienced the draft issue under their seat?

    I have been very disappointed in my decision to move from BMW to Cadillac. I had heard good things about them and GM has been doing a great job of talking about them being such a great luxury brand. I guess I expected more from Cadillac and they did not deliver. I'm very disappointed in GM. Maybe its just the SRX.

    Oh yes, and the rainsensing windshield wipers didn't work, which the dealership diagnosed as a faulty module... Not to add one more thing to the list.... Sad that I am just wondering what will be next.
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    Hi there. I am having the exact same problem with my 2010 SRX. I also live in the Midwest, Illinois to be exact. I've taken my car in now 3 times to the dealership and they heard the noise one morning, but since treat me like I'm crazy and questioned me, and said they have no idea. I'm so furious about this! I consider this to be completely unacceptable for a Cadillac. I'm relieved to hear I'm not alone, but hate it that you're having the same problem. However, now I have a place to start when I take it to another Cadillac dealership this week. Thought I'd try a different one this time. Thanks.
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    Yes, i have the same problem. on trace 1 or 2, it just stops. It almost seems like it gets possessed. it stops, the whole infotainment shuts down, the screen goes up and down, and starts up again. Oh well, big wow. i could live with that. however, yesterday, the system went crazy! It screen just started going up and down up and down up and down. i couldn't stop it. turned off the car, and when i turn it back on, it does it again, up and down up and down. it's so distracting i can barely drive the car. this car is biggest piece of crap, ever! can't believe we paid $40k+ for this piece of crap. excuse the language, but i am so frustrated with cadillac. I have a gas tank issue. I get the squeaks and creaks that others are talking about. my glove compartment wouldn't close. my door handles squeak. it just a big piece of crap. I wish there was something that innocent customers can do. I seriously want to return this car. it is such a headache.
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    Yeah, I hear you. I never would have expected this from a $ 47,000 Cadillac. I did have the infotainment issue corrected. The dealer did a "software update." The dealer also removed the protective plastic on the screen and put a scratch in the screen. I am very disappointed with the vehicle. I too am distracted with all the noises. My latest issue is with the strut mounts. The issue is really noticable with the colder weather. I have been to my local dealer 4 times and have gotten no satisfaction. The dealer whom I bought the new vehicle from is 530 miles away, but is aware of the issue and willing to fix it. I don't have time to drive there though. I guess I should have listened to one of the salesman when he said the SRX was a Saturn Vue rebadged as a Cadillac. See my video below regarding the noisy strut mounts and annoying whining sound.

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    We have an early 2010 SRX with about 4500 miles on it. In the last few months I started to notice a purring noise from the transmission. It sort of sounds like a loud hard drive from a laptop. Since the SRX is otherwise quiet, this is super annoying. If you step on the gas, the rpms go up and so do the revs and the noise. It's like hitting the hardrive faster, the pitch goes up. For a luxury vehicle this is very annoying. A Honda or similar car is more quiet.
    I am sure that this noise was not present when we bought the car.
    It happens ad idle and only if you go over maybe 35 will the other noises from the road, wind and engine finally outdo the tranny noise.
    Otherwise we really like the car. But this noise makes me almost hate the car. I have had visitors that I showed the car to wondering what that noise is.

    I hope the tranny goes kaput and we get a new one.

    In the meanwhile, how many have this noise?
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    I posted earlier saying it maybe coming from the tranny, but I just opened the hood and it seems to be coming from the side of the engine.
    The noise sounds like a hard drive, really annoying and the pitch goes up when the engine revs up. Someone said it could be due to a engine belt that's too tight. I can't tell.
    We have had guests in the car and they usually say: "we really like your car, but that noise is very annoying".
    When we bought the car, it was very quiet. After a couple thousand of miles or so, it started.

    I called the dealer and the service guy said that if it's not a broken part then they can't do anything and we would have to pay for the inspection. GM has to officially come up with an answer and a recall or a fixit before the dealer will take care of it, or even look at it at no charge.

    Anyway, that's what they said.

    I am going to contact GM next.

    Dear, gmcustsvc/GM socialmedia person,

    what do you recommend? Can you check with HQ if they've heard about this and if there is such a thing as a belt too tight?
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    So the suspension pretty much sucks on the SRX, I am convinced that this vehicle has the same suspension as a 20 year old buick! The Cadillac should just glide across the road, you should float when driving it. This 2010 we have rides rougher than the Superduty that I drive!

    The gas tank? god where to begin on that one, sounds like I am hauling a load of water in a tank in the rear seat! Horrible, horrible design ! Yet GM is suppose to be working on a redesign to fix this by end of 2011, talk about being on the ball!

    I have contacted gm cust. service, opened a BBB case and a case with the attorney general. Maybe someone wants to buy a used POS 2010 SRX? looks sharp, just makes ungodly noises for spending close to $50k!
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    Does your gas tank make the thumping noise too? And does it happen just at certain gas levels in the tank?

    Usually it's a slosh, and manufacturers put baffles in the tank to mask that sound. I don't know what GM is going to do about a thump.
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    I purchased a 2010 SRX from Central Chevrolet in Jonesboro, AR. I have had the SRX back to the dealership over 4 times now. The dealership will not address the problem. Have contacted Cadillac Customer Service. They will not resolve the rear noise issue. Cadillac states they do not have a fix ... but are working on it. Have requested for Cadillac to give me a realistic time they will have the vehicle repaired or puchase the car back. They will not give me a fix date. Very disappointed with Cadillac and the Central Chevrolet in Jonesboro, AR. Not acceptable quality.

    Have filled a lemon law claim with the Arkanasas Better Business Bureau. Now waiting for arbitration on this issue with Cadillac. Cadillac's approach is to give you the run around and not address its poor quality. I recommend for anyone reading this to not purchase any Cadillac...especially a 2010 SRX. I have changed dealerships to Glen Sain in Paragould Arkansas. Initial service call has been polite and responsive.

    Will advise soon on outcome of Lemon Law Application. Recommend for other owners to take the same action.
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    Good luck on the Lemon Law claim because you're not going to get any satisfaction from Cadillac or GM. I started this topic several months ago and my gas tank is still sloshing and thumping. Try turning the volume up on the radio.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252

    Since you have spoken with Cadillac Customer Assistance, could you please send me the case number? I would like to look into the case.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
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    Caron of GM Customer Service,
    Is there a fix yet for eliminating the sloshing noise in the gas tank? Did GM forget to include the baffles in the tank?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252

    Could you please email me your VIN? I would like to look further into your situation.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
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    With help from GM I got the dealer to take a look. The annoying noise turned out to be the alternator. It was replaced and now I am a happy camper again. I can't believe it was the alternator. Such an annoying noise that was.

    Thanks GM social media representative. :)
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    I have the same whinning sound on my 2011 SRX. It seems to sound higher and lower as I go faster and slower. I'll mention it to service when I get my 1st oil change. Thanks for the info.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    I am glad to hear that your concerns have addressed and taken care of. If you have any other questions comments or concerns please feel free to email me directly.
    GM Customer Service
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    So, I too have the "noises," but that is the least of my problems! The car has a mere 25,000 miles and I have already had to have the radiator replaced! As it leaked due to a lack of proper seal. As of today, my car has been sitting in the dealership service shop for the past 14days!!! Why? Because the ENTIRE shifter assembly must be replaced!! However, to date, GM has been unable to produce the necessary part!! Cadillac customer service cannot even provide an ETA for the part!! Furthermore, GM is refusing to pay the $10.00 fee for insurance on the rental car provided. They claim its TOO early not enough time has passed -- 14 days-- isn't LONG enough for them to assume responsibility for their failure to produce the part?? I requested replacement or buy back of the car as I CANNOT consider it to be a reliable vehicle when it has had TWO major problems with only 25,000 miles. This is suppose to a luxury car-- not even close!! There is NOTHING luxurious about a car that is mechanically unsound!! I have an SRX for a rental and I have every intention of writing on the window "DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE CARS!" And, driving all over the Los Angeles Area. The car, GM, and customer service huge disappointment. I knew I should have purchased and Infiniti FX
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    I have a 2010 SRX that has more stupid problems than I wish to think about...the current problem is a noise that sound like a mouse running through the dash board....anyone else have this...makes me think the hard drive is about ready to crash, and like all the other noises....most irritating
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    I don't know what I should do....I bought a. SRX about 2 months ago. I LOVED it. My boys loved it too. The sunroof in particular for them. It's nice on the outside, perfect. Silver toned, more like platinum. My last car was a brand new Toyota Yaris, 2 door. I got it while I was in college. I'd never had to bring it to the shop in 4 years. ALthought I had to manually role my windows down and I'd gotten it filthy. I now apprecite that car I had even more because.........

    I've had so many issues with my Cadillac 2004 SRX. The mileage was high but we took it anyway. High like 130K miles. Now it's kinda shaking while on the highway. Last night it said that I was going 120 miles but everyone was passing me and I was in the slow lane. WTH. To make matters worse, I have 4 boys. I thought this car would be perfect for us. I had been taking my 3 year old to daycare via a troop downtown and then on the city bus. He cried one day at how cold he was. So getting a car was such a blessing. Now I'm worried that I could be on the highway and this car could come to a dangerous halt and hopefully my children are not in the car with me.SMH. What am I suppoed to do?! I know I signed papers that probably said "AS IS" as part of the agreement but I didn't know the car was in this condition.
    There have been all sorts of messages displayed about the tires, gas cap,stability system, etc....
    TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE....when I bought the car it said it had 127K miles and after an oil change the odometer went to 207K MILES, Couldn't believe it. How is that possible or did I drive almost 80,000 miles in 2 months?!!!!!
    I must get my children to school. That's Y I need a car. So they won't suffer. The dealer told me to bring it in and he'll FIX IT. How do you fix what the odometer says? That's Illegal.
    I must admit I feel a little DUMB. I've never bought a used car for fear of exactly this. I have no more money and spent $10,000 on this car. WTF am I supposed to do?!!!! :(

    I have to go to the dealer tomorrow, any advice on what I should say or questions I should ask?
  • dcwisdcwis Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2010 SRX with 26000 miles in NE Wisconsin covered by Cadillac CPO...
    Was back to the dealer in less than a week with a groan in the steering at slow speeds...
    It seems that the comments about this issue date back to 2010 so, has Cadillac found
    a solution to this ???
    Oh, the dealer had never heard of this problem in the SRX....
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hi dcwis,

    Sorry to hear that the dealer was not able to figure out what has been causing the groaning sound in your vehicle. If you'd like, I can check for any recalls or bulletins highlighting this issue. If you are interested I'd just need you to provide me with the last 8 digits of your VIN. You can also email me personally at [email protected] [ATTN Amber].


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
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    A few months ago, I purchased a used 2010 srx with 41K miles. Prettiest car I've ever owned and drives like a dream. After driving it for about 1500 miles, the "service stabilitrak' message appeared on my DIC and the orange engine light began flashing. I pulled into a nearby gas station and the car was shuddering, bluish black smoke was coming from the exhaust pipes and I could smell a strong odor of gasoline.

    I had it towed to the dealer and after several days I got it back and now it's running great. The engine was misfiring and the fuel pump and an injector were replaced. Fortunately it's still under warranty and I was provided a loaner at no charge. Still, I was very upset that I'd experience this type of failure so soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Also, I still notice that that after I fill the tank, I hear a bumping noise under the car for a while and sometimes it shudders for a second when I turn the engine off. Then the issue goes away.

    Still, I loving driving this car! I get tons of compliments on it and zipping around town or on the highway is a pleasure.

    I just hope the aforementioned issue was a fluke and I can get used to the post-fillup thump.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252

    Wow, you've definitely been through quite a bit with your vehicle. I am relieved that the dealer helped you with this and your SRX is operating properly. Have you spoken to any other GM Customer Service representatives just to document this problem? If not, I'd definitely like to document this for you, just so we can have it on file for future reference. If you'd like for me to do this please email me your full name, VIN, mileage and contact information. I believe I've provided the email in the previous post ([email protected]). I hope you continue to enjoy your SRX! Please let me know if there is anything we can assist you with in the future.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
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    my recently purchased 2010 thumps after fill ups. It sounds like there is something loose. when i turn the engine off, i hear one or two 'knocks'.

    The next day or after, it disappears.

    I suppose I could keep the tank at a certain level, but hey, this is a Caddie.

    My old fords never did that.

    I've read that others were told it's a gas tank problem.

    yeah, i guess I can live with it. I don't want to tie it up at the dealer.

    despite the great looks, stuff like this bothers me and takes away from my overall owner experience that I expected (and paid for handsomely!)

    my first caddie.

    Anyone else have a similar issue?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hi redcad,

    If you change your mind about taking it into a dealer. Let me know and I can assist with making the appointment and remain involved. My email is [email protected] "Attn Crystal" in the subject header.

    Best Regards,
    Crystal L
    GM Customer Care
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    I have a similar sound but its more between 25 and 35 mph (42 and 55 Kmh). Its only when its quite cold out. I've had it back to the dealer three times and they say they can't hear it yet it happens every time we drive it. Most frustrating. Sounds like a bearing in the alternator or power steering pump. Any thoughts?
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