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  • racefan9racefan9 Member Posts: 120
    just my pompous, highfalutin, in your face attitude, taking over the first spot...yes and i'm successful and i have great style!!!

    Racefan9's 300m
  • stumpy11stumpy11 Member Posts: 6
    Hey there all M'ers,

    Can anyone recommend a good Five-Star Service Dept. in the Northern New Jersey area? My dealer is about 50 miles from home, and I wasn't thrilled with the service there at any rate.
    Thanks in advance.

  • lflowerslflowers Member Posts: 155
    I can tell from your post......that you're modest too!!!

  • racefan9racefan9 Member Posts: 120
    Texas modest!!! hee hee hee, what color is your m??? so where is everyone are they completely lost now that we went to XX??
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Member Posts: 242
    Does that mean we're soft core? Do we have to get to XXX to be fully hard core??? ;-)
    Colors-What about slate? Do we combine the attributes of both gray and black? I wonder why green isn't mentioned?
  • racefan9racefan9 Member Posts: 120
    looks like we'll never see XXX, i think the malibu topic is getting more action than we are!!
  • lflowerslflowers Member Posts: 155
    My M is silver, with roof hole, spoiler, chrome Razorstars, big stereo. I LOVE IT!!
    I even like my 5* (so far)!!!!

  • tj300mtj300m Member Posts: 31
    Post 3273 by Beach15 stated, and I quote: "Matter of fact, the handling is very much like our previous 97' Grand Voyager" WHAT!!!!! I have had a couple of Voyagers in the last ten years, and that has to be one of the most incredible statements I have read on any posting board. Were you kidding, It didn't seem like you were, but since no one else has responded they either didn't read it, chose to ignore it, or thought it was to ridiculous to respond to.
  • jedi_knightjedi_knight Member Posts: 89
    Where the heck is everyone at, since they moved the board over to XX, the posts have fallen way off.
    Oh well, had the borla installed Saturday, there is a resonating humm at 2000 rpm, I don't mind it too much but my wife sure noticed it. Oh well like she said, its your car.

  • mmcccmmmcccm Member Posts: 19
    Somebody on the board (racefan?) has a Borla system and mentioned on their web page that there are some resonator inserts that are supposed to take care of the 2000 RPM resonance you mentioned. Sorry, I don't have a URL for you, but maybe someone else has it bookmarked.

  • racefan9racefan9 Member Posts: 120
    i don't have borla Ray(mugwump) does, he hasn't been around for a long time, but i have his website bookmarked, his wife is happy, here is what he did:

    Ray was getting a low hum from the Borla exhaust at cruising speed.
    Here is how it was fixed:
    I installed the resonance venturi's supplied by Borla & they made a difference. No more low hum at cruise. Same noise is there but when accelerating. Behaves like it should, sounds pleasant and Wife is happy, the main issue. Anyone ordering one should get them installed at Borla.
    They are a 3" long tube, the dia of the inside of the pipe. They are rolled into a smooth annular venturi about 1/4" in smaller in dia in the middle. They slip inside the pipe and do need to be tack welded in or they will/could migrate. One is installed after the first muffler at the outlet end and the other between the second and third muffler. Both at the joint. Borla claims no flow degradation and from my somewhat limited knowledge of acoustic physics I tend to agree. My installer commented that the system was too open for the size of the engine.
  • redsmithyredsmithy Member Posts: 8
    Which 5* dealer is this?
  • mmcccmmmcccm Member Posts: 19
    Thanks, race, that was the reference I was thinking of for the Borla hum issue.


    I'll bet the dealer lflowers was talking about was El Dorado CPJ in McKinney, TX. That's where I bought mine, too, but I haven't used their service dept. yet. Nothing has needed fixing!

  • lflowerslflowers Member Posts: 155
    mmcccm is correct. The 5* I've been using is El Dorado Chrysler in McKinney, Texas.
    My M seems to have been repaired (alignment, bad window motor, and loose wiper arm) correctly by them and, so far, they have been friendly and courteous every time I've had any dealings with their service department.
    They even throw in a free car wash when they service your car.

  • racefan9racefan9 Member Posts: 120
    anybody home??? did i run everyone off with my pompous introduction to XX??? hmmm
  • jalbert2jalbert2 Member Posts: 4
    I have a '99 300M with 17k. My problem is a slight vibration at low speeds (30/45 mph). I've had the tires balanced three times under warranty and still have the problem. Service Manager at my dealership referred me to the manufacturer for resolution of this problem. Claims that Good year 17" tires have been troublesome. Has anybody else had this problem?
  • grunschevgrunschev Member Posts: 106
    Monday afternoon both front window motors failed on my 99. I tried to get an appointment with my 5*, but they told me it would take two days! I will take the car in next week when it's not my turn to drive the carpool. But this morning it was a bit chilly here so I used the butt warmer. Later I tried my window and it worked.

    When I left the office I got the bright idea to have my passenger try the window (it didn't work) then turn on the butt warmer and try the window again. It worked. So can anybody tell me how the window is connected to the seats?

  • massivslinkymassivslinky Member Posts: 13
    I guess I'm the only one with Good Years that behave. I've had the tires rotated, and still haven't had any problems yet. Of course I hardly drive at 35/40. I make it a point to drive as fast as I can (yea right). Actually, I haven't noticed any problems at any speed. This car definitely requires more effort to keep in a straight line though. It's not alignment because if I'm in the left lane it drifts left. In the right lane it drifts right. Maybe it's a side effect of the extra wide stance of this car.
  • hayneldanhayneldan Member Posts: 657
    Grunschev, You might try lubing the inside rubber mouldingthat presses against the top inside if the window. I had the same problem with my Intrepid in the summer and thought I had the dreded window motor disease. It turned out that the motor has kind of a built in circuit breaker? that will trip if the motor has too much resistance. I gave the window a light rap near the top, turned the ignition off for a few minutes and voila! the window worked! the lube could be as simple as talc or silicone spray, that rubber moulding seems to hold soapy water after a wash and leave a mark on the top of the glass. Thats what caused the problem on mine, since I lubed the rubber it has not happened again. If you live in a warm place and get frequent washes, try Lowering the windows a tad after the wash.
  • 300michael300michael Member Posts: 1,815
    No you are not the only one. My Goodyears have not had the dreaded vibration problem. I rotated the tires myself and still no vibration. Life is good.

    Grunschev, I do have to work on Saturday so my chances of meeting you are very slim. Still trying. I use my butt warmers almost every night, but will have to check the window thing. There is a thought, maybe the car thinks if it is cold enough to use the seat heaters you should not be having the windows open so it will not let you freeze yourself. Expecting a freeze tonight (what ever that is :) )

    racefan, ever since the XX was added it is a little harder to get on.
  • racefan9racefan9 Member Posts: 120
    ok my fellow 300m owners i have heard your cry, and i have took action and developed a plan to get us all out of this edmunds confusion...
    want an easy way to post with organized topics, no more repeating ourselves day in and day out, and no logging on and off??? simply bookmark the page and wow it appears, there are no hi-tech graphics or flashy ads (yet) but this my friends is hassel free...and you can post pics and links with little effort, hell you don't even have to sign up to post!!! It's too good to be true, come on over...

    Chrysler 300m Owners Board

    A New Way A Better Way!!!
  • tictac3tictac3 Member Posts: 78
    I have had my year old 2000 I to two dealers on several occasions because the car drifts slightly to the right. They have re-aligned the car and rotated the tire and it still happens. Their diagnosis -- road crowning! Has anyone else had this problem? What was the fix?
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Member Posts: 958
    Do this test yourself. It requires a second jack. Jack up the front right, & the front left sides. Remove the right tire. Remove the left tire. Swap them. If the car now pulls left, it's the tire. Move that tire to the back right side. If the car still pulls right, it's something in the car. If that's the case, put the wheels back to where they were, & check the tire pressure in all 4 wheels, try adjusting them to 35psi. If car stills pulls right, then return to the dealer. Tell them what you did, & demand another set of tires from another 300M on the lot be swapped on to see if the pull is still there. If it's gone, It's the tires for sure. Have the dealer replace them. If the pull is still there, then it's the damm car, & that dealer has to fix it.
  • rogor2krogor2k Member Posts: 385
    Your ez board forum will complement the already existing ez board forum at But thanks for coming to our rescue.

    I wonder if Edmunds would let us start another 300M forum? Whaddya think?

  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Member Posts: 242
    Ok now, everyone sing along with me..." The butt warmer's con-nec-ted to tha win-dow, the win-dow's connected to tha..." :-) Sorry. Someone had to sing it!
  • racefan9racefan9 Member Posts: 120
    thank you for bringing that to my attention. i had not realized that rscheller had already came to our rescue back when edmunds was working fine. oh well, it took me all of two minutes to construct the ez board. btw, i have asked the controlling members of the newly formed to add some type of message board to the site, so that their members can leave messages, but they simply don't want any other type of message board conflicting with edmunds, which is ironic seeing that they themselves post on multiple boards, if they are so committed to edmunds why do they have to stray???

    Racefan9's 300m
  • grunschevgrunschev Member Posts: 106
    Nice try, but I don't think my window failures match what you're saying.

    1. I haven't washed the car in at least 2 months.
    2. I use the windows almost every day.
    3. The windows worked on Friday, didn't work on Monday and Tuesday.
    4. Wednesday morning I used the butt warmer and when I tried the window again it worked.
    5. Wednesday afternoon I had my passenger try the window (fail), turn on the seat heater, try the window again (success). No tapping on the glass. No secret incantation.

    Before I get castigated for abusing my M by not washing it, let me say this: It almost never rains here and my car is garaged at home and at work. I promise I'll wash it this weekend (it rained this week).

  • racefan9racefan9 Member Posts: 120
    you mean castrated for abusing your m!!!

    don't mess with Igor, he'll come after you, he reprimanded me on yahoo today, and it was painful!!!
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Member Posts: 958
    That's ok. I have water restrictions in my area, & can not wash my 300M at all. I will not pay someone $15 for a hand wash, & would never get a machine wash(bad experiences) The last time I have washed my 300M was the begining of December! My 300M is dirty, but doesn't look it from afar. Stand next to it, & the dirt just gleams at you :)Thanks God for Zaino.
  • grunschevgrunschev Member Posts: 106
    You may mean "castrated", but I mean "castigated". If you want to castrate me you'll have to catch me first, and I won't be so easy as that broken down Grand Am you beat. ;-)

    Main Entry: cas·ti·gate
    Pronunciation: 'kas-t&-"gAt
    Function: transitive verb
    Inflected Form(s): -gat·ed; -gat·ing
    Etymology: Latin castigatus, past participle of castigare -- more at CHASTEN
    Date: 1607
    : to subject to severe punishment, reproof, or criticism
    synonym see PUNISH
    - cas·ti·ga·tion /"kas-t&-'gA-sh&n/ noun
    - cas·ti·ga·tor /'kas-t&-"gA-t&r/ noun

  • lflowerslflowers Member Posts: 155
    My 300M had a pull to the right when I bought it (used 11000 mile 2000). My local 5* did a 4 wheel alignment (my nickel - $89.00) and that fixed it. Now it tracks straight and true on flat pavement, but it has a very slight drift or pull on crowned roads, toward the low side of the crown (usually right). Its not really enough to be objectionable, I just notice the steering wheel is slightly off center on crowned roads.
    But then, I don't consider the road noise problem much of a problem either.....perhaps I'm just more tolerant than some.

  • racefan9racefan9 Member Posts: 120
    i know what castigated means, i was being comical, you act as though you've made some discovery, maybe you should contact Dr. Webster and tell him the news... :~)
  • rogor2krogor2k Member Posts: 385
    Ain't gonna' work dude! You're not gonna' goad me into a petty argument. I'm wise to your tricks. Good luck with your new venture. I hope you get lots of followers.
  • racefan9racefan9 Member Posts: 120
    i was sincerely trying to unite all 300m owners together in one place, i didn't see it as a competition for members, a lot of people have been complaining and the number of posts has declined sharply, i thought why not bring us all together, it had not crossed my mind that rscheller had constructed an ez board long ago. i'm not trying to compel anyone...unlike the controlling members of the i am open to any suggestions that 300m owners have, if they don't want a better alternative to posting everyday, so be it. it was my idea to resurrect the club idea in the first place and i first suggested a club message board, most all club sites do have message boards. makes one wonder what the true intent of the is??? i know i won't be joining!!!

    Racefan9's 300m
  • rschellerrscheller Member Posts: 42
    Here's the best way to insure you don't miss anything on the various 300M message boards.

    Just set a single bookmark to The Consummate 300M Pages

    Then you can easily access the Yahoo, Edmunds, eGroups, Epinions and Consummate 300M boards from one place.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    Just washed it and applied some Z6. Last time Z2 was used about 6 months ago.


    width="125" height="66" border="0">
  • tksatksatksatksa Member Posts: 30
    I've only had my '01 LHS since Thanksgiving. What with garaging and all I haven't had to wash the inside windows yet when I've washed the car.

    That is a loooooonnngg reach to do the inside windshield - I know you M-guys have the same problem. Does anyone have any tips to offer?

    Thanks for your time.
  • drpixeldrpixel Member Posts: 256
    from drpixel in New York. Racefan!...good to 'hear' from you. Been a while since I've been to the forum here...woiking on the Gen2 website. I miss 'seeing' you in the chatroom(s) and hope that you'll think about restoring the 'electronic' connection between us, and we are NOT controlling members..shame on you! I'm surprised that you would even think that there is/was some kind of ulterior motive for anything that we are trying to do. I wish you luck with your forum/board, and hope that you'll at least re-consider your decision. I just want you to know that I'm still your friend whatever decision you're comfortable with. Hope al is well with you, too.
    As for window sticking problems, I've noticed the same sticking window thing. Waxed/polished the window edge--seems to only be on the driver side, though. I've a lso noticed that if its raining and I run the window down to clear the rain from the window--it DOESN'T clear the window. Is this an adjustment problem for the rubber 'wiper' or an undocumented feature, "..oh, they all do that..." thing from DC? You can respond here, or email [email protected]
    ciao4now, bambino's and bambinettes!
  • gary_berggary_berg Member Posts: 28
    I too have the sticky windows; will have to try lubricating them with something.

    My windows don't clear when I cycle the windows up/down either.
  • scotianscotian Member Posts: 1,064
    Four faces were mailed to three people today, one an LHS owner.

    One face has a Dallas Cowboys logo (star & name -- I found it on the net somewhere). Turned out great! If you can find a digital picture of it, I can put it on a clock face.

  • fotofoto Member Posts: 2
    My 300 just turned 76000, and I don't have any complaints. It's fast enough, goes straight, doesn't vibrate, and the windows go up and down on demand.

    I do have a road trip story. For me, the greatest enjoyment of this car is to go places in it. I know at least some of you guys live in Florida, so you may find it amusing.

    From north Florida to Miami and back to deliver a friend to the Miami airport. A simple 1-day deal in a 300m.

    The trip was strange to the point of being surreal. Miami is a very entertaining place comprised, apparently, of people determined to drive very fast, regardless of conditions, and an equal number of people equally determined to drive very slow. The two groups appear to be totally unaware of each other.

    We saw a mentally-challenged gentleman at a busy Biscayne Blvd. intersection having a violent, but entirely verbal argument with what appeared to be a water bottle sitting atop a mailbox. A woman in Coral Gables made a U-turn accross 4 lanes of traffic from a parking space. People sitting in their cars behind a red traffic light, furiously blowing their horns while having animated conversations on their cell phones. Strangers in a strange land.

    The trip home was the most memorable. Imagine, if you will, entering I-95 from Sunrise Blvd. in Ft Lauderdale to find yourself in three to five lanes of northbound traffic, all packed Nascar-like, bumper-to-bumper and side-to-side. Numerous signs, with varying degrees of success, forbid trucks, (which outnumber cars) from using the left, (3rd) lane. So, we have the extreme right lane doing seventy or so, then the center lane, (the truck fast lane), at around eighty, and the third lane doing literally whatever the traffic would bear. The highest I saw in that lane was eighty-seven, but there were cars twenty feet behind me impatiently waiting for me to get out of the way. The posted speed limit is 60 and the county cop in the right lane seemed only to be concerned with surviving to the next exit. This, mind you, is at 2:00 in the afternoon on Thursday. I can't imagine what it's like at, say, 5:30.

    The road surface is upholstered with lurid skid marks about every hundred yards, most going diagonally accross three or more lanes of traffic, testament to the mayhem this kind of situation can produce at a moment's notice. Add to this mix, four hapless souls in a twenty year-old Nee-sonn pickup piled higher than the cab with what can only be described as dumpster food tied down with old clothes line. The rear bumper, fastened only on one side, ocasionally drags on the pavement and looks determined to fall off any minute. They're probably running flat-out at fifty, and steadfastly refuse to give up the center lane. Occasionally, the whole procession will slow suddenly to 35 for no apparent reason, then ease back up to a more suicidal pace again.

    Every five miles or so, two or more tow trucks idle on the shoulder, apparently on standby for the inevitable. Permanent signs abound ordering us to move 'accident vehicles' out of the traffic flow.

    This circus continues unabated for nearly fifty miles until we are well north of West Palm.

    I have always regarded my testicles as more or less the same size as most other guys' when it comes to driving fast, but this thrill ride suggests to me that I could easily earn a black belt in wimp-ness, with a whitest-knuckle badge.

    My 300M has convinced me that it is the ideal instrument for any activity involving a road. Alas, I have found a situation for which it is entirely unsuited. To place a 300M in this sort of peril borders on criminal neglegence. Nosiree, what you want here is a rusted-out '85 Galaxie four door with caterpillar-blade bumpers, good seat belts, and nothing to lose. 300M's need not apply.

    The rest of my trip could be called relatively uneventful if you disregard the state trooper who passed me twice as if I were standing still, once while I was doing eighty, once at seventy-five. On both occasions he suddenly jumped on the brakes, did a magnificent half-donut in the grass median, and hammered off in pursuit of someone in the opposing lanes commiting a worse misdemeanor than I.

    Those of us who frequently travel I-95 near Daytona are aware that the interstate lies directly beneath the final approach path for the Daytona airport. It is not unusual to observe large aircraft crossing the highway at three hundred feet or so. As a licenced pilot, I confess that I cannot resist such a sight, and as I drove past this point, I glanced up. There, to my astonishment, 4000 or more piston-engined horsepower gloriously bellowing, was a perfectly restored B-17, authentic Army Air Corps colors and all. No bullet holes that I could see, but perhaps it was too far away.

    Back home, pushing buttons on the overhead console, everything normal, 720 miles, 27.5 mpg. Just a simple trip from north Florida to Miami and back. Sure.
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Member Posts: 958
    That was funny! I live in Fort Lauderdale. Drive to Orlando quite offen. Being from NYC, & missing every minute of it. People wonder why? I'll take NYC midtown traffic when the president is in town any day compared to FL :)

    The one thing I do love is the speeds I can go in FL. I'm one of those Get out of my way, while you'll doing 85 people. I have made it to Orlando in a record hour, & a half.

    So correct about the skid marks, & the 35 slowdowns.... I avoid 95 if I can. I take the Turnpike. Straight, & no traffic.

    AT 5:30pm, Don't even think about leaving work, in the Miami area. You will be in trafic for hours! I work In the other direction, Boca Raton. Thanks god for that.
  • bradfordl1bradfordl1 Member Posts: 18
    Just picked up my new 01 300M yesterday so I'm new to this! Anyway, got it for 42 bucks under I guess it was a good deal. This may sound weird but.....what is Zaino? A type of wax? I see it mentioned a lot. Thanks!
  • rogor2krogor2k Member Posts: 385
    Welcome to the extended family and congratulations on your purchase. I personally consider anything under invoice to be a good deal, so I think you did well. We want details, details, colors, options, etc.

    Zaino is indeed a type of wax, the personal choice of almost everyone here. You can find details at It is a little more.expensive, but it goes a long way and does a GREAT job. They make a full line of polish and paint care products, tire and leather dressings. As one of our group once said, "If you try it once you'll want everything they make" (maybe slightly paraphrased).
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    I commute from north-west Miami up to Ft Lauderdale area. Turnpike. 7pm is a better time to leave work.

    My Grand Prix GTP with its instant torque and a smarter tranny was better suited for this kind of commute.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    the other day I had to get behind a dump truck before taking an exit. All of a sudden fist size rocks started falling out of the truck. I managed to swerve around most of them but a couple clipped me.

    I miss NY parkways where trucks are not allowed to go.
  • oreokeoreoke Member Posts: 14

  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Member Posts: 958
    I though you worked in west palm? No wonder I havn't seen you on the turnpike. A truck kicked something off the road & busted my windshield once. Also had to avoid a lawn trucks falling palm tree branches one day. And at Glades there's construction, & this truck carrying cones dropped them all over the exit ramp. Gota love the 300M ability to get out of the way :)
  • jmcmanusjmcmanus Member Posts: 11
    Hey Foto, good to see your post. I had the pleasure of meeting Foto in the parking outside a small strip mall in Cincinnati several weeks ago. I came out of the dry cleaners and there was another 300M parked next to my Platinum 99. Foto was sitting in it and we had a good talk. It was amazing to find out that we both frequent the Edmunds Town Hall site. We shared stories about how fast we can take the curves on I-40 between Knoxville and Ashville. Hope you had a good return trip to FL.
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