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Chrysler 300M



  • lflowerslflowers Posts: 155
    My 300M had a pull to the right when I bought it (used 11000 mile 2000). My local 5* did a 4 wheel alignment (my nickel - $89.00) and that fixed it. Now it tracks straight and true on flat pavement, but it has a very slight drift or pull on crowned roads, toward the low side of the crown (usually right). Its not really enough to be objectionable, I just notice the steering wheel is slightly off center on crowned roads.
    But then, I don't consider the road noise problem much of a problem either.....perhaps I'm just more tolerant than some.

  • racefan9racefan9 Posts: 120
    i know what castigated means, i was being comical, you act as though you've made some discovery, maybe you should contact Dr. Webster and tell him the news... :~)
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    Ain't gonna' work dude! You're not gonna' goad me into a petty argument. I'm wise to your tricks. Good luck with your new venture. I hope you get lots of followers.
  • racefan9racefan9 Posts: 120
    i was sincerely trying to unite all 300m owners together in one place, i didn't see it as a competition for members, a lot of people have been complaining and the number of posts has declined sharply, i thought why not bring us all together, it had not crossed my mind that rscheller had constructed an ez board long ago. i'm not trying to compel anyone...unlike the controlling members of the i am open to any suggestions that 300m owners have, if they don't want a better alternative to posting everyday, so be it. it was my idea to resurrect the club idea in the first place and i first suggested a club message board, most all club sites do have message boards. makes one wonder what the true intent of the is??? i know i won't be joining!!!

    Racefan9's 300m
  • Here's the best way to insure you don't miss anything on the various 300M message boards.

    Just set a single bookmark to The Consummate 300M Pages

    Then you can easily access the Yahoo, Edmunds, eGroups, Epinions and Consummate 300M boards from one place.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    Just washed it and applied some Z6. Last time Z2 was used about 6 months ago.


    width="125" height="66" border="0">
  • I've only had my '01 LHS since Thanksgiving. What with garaging and all I haven't had to wash the inside windows yet when I've washed the car.

    That is a loooooonnngg reach to do the inside windshield - I know you M-guys have the same problem. Does anyone have any tips to offer?

    Thanks for your time.
  • drpixeldrpixel Posts: 256
    from drpixel in New York. Racefan!...good to 'hear' from you. Been a while since I've been to the forum here...woiking on the Gen2 website. I miss 'seeing' you in the chatroom(s) and hope that you'll think about restoring the 'electronic' connection between us, and we are NOT controlling members..shame on you! I'm surprised that you would even think that there is/was some kind of ulterior motive for anything that we are trying to do. I wish you luck with your forum/board, and hope that you'll at least re-consider your decision. I just want you to know that I'm still your friend whatever decision you're comfortable with. Hope al is well with you, too.
    As for window sticking problems, I've noticed the same sticking window thing. Waxed/polished the window edge--seems to only be on the driver side, though. I've a lso noticed that if its raining and I run the window down to clear the rain from the window--it DOESN'T clear the window. Is this an adjustment problem for the rubber 'wiper' or an undocumented feature, "..oh, they all do that..." thing from DC? You can respond here, or email
    ciao4now, bambino's and bambinettes!
  • I too have the sticky windows; will have to try lubricating them with something.

    My windows don't clear when I cycle the windows up/down either.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    Four faces were mailed to three people today, one an LHS owner.

    One face has a Dallas Cowboys logo (star & name -- I found it on the net somewhere). Turned out great! If you can find a digital picture of it, I can put it on a clock face.

  • fotofoto Posts: 2
    My 300 just turned 76000, and I don't have any complaints. It's fast enough, goes straight, doesn't vibrate, and the windows go up and down on demand.

    I do have a road trip story. For me, the greatest enjoyment of this car is to go places in it. I know at least some of you guys live in Florida, so you may find it amusing.

    From north Florida to Miami and back to deliver a friend to the Miami airport. A simple 1-day deal in a 300m.

    The trip was strange to the point of being surreal. Miami is a very entertaining place comprised, apparently, of people determined to drive very fast, regardless of conditions, and an equal number of people equally determined to drive very slow. The two groups appear to be totally unaware of each other.

    We saw a mentally-challenged gentleman at a busy Biscayne Blvd. intersection having a violent, but entirely verbal argument with what appeared to be a water bottle sitting atop a mailbox. A woman in Coral Gables made a U-turn accross 4 lanes of traffic from a parking space. People sitting in their cars behind a red traffic light, furiously blowing their horns while having animated conversations on their cell phones. Strangers in a strange land.

    The trip home was the most memorable. Imagine, if you will, entering I-95 from Sunrise Blvd. in Ft Lauderdale to find yourself in three to five lanes of northbound traffic, all packed Nascar-like, bumper-to-bumper and side-to-side. Numerous signs, with varying degrees of success, forbid trucks, (which outnumber cars) from using the left, (3rd) lane. So, we have the extreme right lane doing seventy or so, then the center lane, (the truck fast lane), at around eighty, and the third lane doing literally whatever the traffic would bear. The highest I saw in that lane was eighty-seven, but there were cars twenty feet behind me impatiently waiting for me to get out of the way. The posted speed limit is 60 and the county cop in the right lane seemed only to be concerned with surviving to the next exit. This, mind you, is at 2:00 in the afternoon on Thursday. I can't imagine what it's like at, say, 5:30.

    The road surface is upholstered with lurid skid marks about every hundred yards, most going diagonally accross three or more lanes of traffic, testament to the mayhem this kind of situation can produce at a moment's notice. Add to this mix, four hapless souls in a twenty year-old Nee-sonn pickup piled higher than the cab with what can only be described as dumpster food tied down with old clothes line. The rear bumper, fastened only on one side, ocasionally drags on the pavement and looks determined to fall off any minute. They're probably running flat-out at fifty, and steadfastly refuse to give up the center lane. Occasionally, the whole procession will slow suddenly to 35 for no apparent reason, then ease back up to a more suicidal pace again.

    Every five miles or so, two or more tow trucks idle on the shoulder, apparently on standby for the inevitable. Permanent signs abound ordering us to move 'accident vehicles' out of the traffic flow.

    This circus continues unabated for nearly fifty miles until we are well north of West Palm.

    I have always regarded my testicles as more or less the same size as most other guys' when it comes to driving fast, but this thrill ride suggests to me that I could easily earn a black belt in wimp-ness, with a whitest-knuckle badge.

    My 300M has convinced me that it is the ideal instrument for any activity involving a road. Alas, I have found a situation for which it is entirely unsuited. To place a 300M in this sort of peril borders on criminal neglegence. Nosiree, what you want here is a rusted-out '85 Galaxie four door with caterpillar-blade bumpers, good seat belts, and nothing to lose. 300M's need not apply.

    The rest of my trip could be called relatively uneventful if you disregard the state trooper who passed me twice as if I were standing still, once while I was doing eighty, once at seventy-five. On both occasions he suddenly jumped on the brakes, did a magnificent half-donut in the grass median, and hammered off in pursuit of someone in the opposing lanes commiting a worse misdemeanor than I.

    Those of us who frequently travel I-95 near Daytona are aware that the interstate lies directly beneath the final approach path for the Daytona airport. It is not unusual to observe large aircraft crossing the highway at three hundred feet or so. As a licenced pilot, I confess that I cannot resist such a sight, and as I drove past this point, I glanced up. There, to my astonishment, 4000 or more piston-engined horsepower gloriously bellowing, was a perfectly restored B-17, authentic Army Air Corps colors and all. No bullet holes that I could see, but perhaps it was too far away.

    Back home, pushing buttons on the overhead console, everything normal, 720 miles, 27.5 mpg. Just a simple trip from north Florida to Miami and back. Sure.
  • That was funny! I live in Fort Lauderdale. Drive to Orlando quite offen. Being from NYC, & missing every minute of it. People wonder why? I'll take NYC midtown traffic when the president is in town any day compared to FL :)

    The one thing I do love is the speeds I can go in FL. I'm one of those Get out of my way, while you'll doing 85 people. I have made it to Orlando in a record hour, & a half.

    So correct about the skid marks, & the 35 slowdowns.... I avoid 95 if I can. I take the Turnpike. Straight, & no traffic.

    AT 5:30pm, Don't even think about leaving work, in the Miami area. You will be in trafic for hours! I work In the other direction, Boca Raton. Thanks god for that.
  • Just picked up my new 01 300M yesterday so I'm new to this! Anyway, got it for 42 bucks under I guess it was a good deal. This may sound weird but.....what is Zaino? A type of wax? I see it mentioned a lot. Thanks!
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    Welcome to the extended family and congratulations on your purchase. I personally consider anything under invoice to be a good deal, so I think you did well. We want details, details, colors, options, etc.

    Zaino is indeed a type of wax, the personal choice of almost everyone here. You can find details at It is a little more.expensive, but it goes a long way and does a GREAT job. They make a full line of polish and paint care products, tire and leather dressings. As one of our group once said, "If you try it once you'll want everything they make" (maybe slightly paraphrased).
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I commute from north-west Miami up to Ft Lauderdale area. Turnpike. 7pm is a better time to leave work.

    My Grand Prix GTP with its instant torque and a smarter tranny was better suited for this kind of commute.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    the other day I had to get behind a dump truck before taking an exit. All of a sudden fist size rocks started falling out of the truck. I managed to swerve around most of them but a couple clipped me.

    I miss NY parkways where trucks are not allowed to go.
  • I though you worked in west palm? No wonder I havn't seen you on the turnpike. A truck kicked something off the road & busted my windshield once. Also had to avoid a lawn trucks falling palm tree branches one day. And at Glades there's construction, & this truck carrying cones dropped them all over the exit ramp. Gota love the 300M ability to get out of the way :)
  • Hey Foto, good to see your post. I had the pleasure of meeting Foto in the parking outside a small strip mall in Cincinnati several weeks ago. I came out of the dry cleaners and there was another 300M parked next to my Platinum 99. Foto was sitting in it and we had a good talk. It was amazing to find out that we both frequent the Edmunds Town Hall site. We shared stories about how fast we can take the curves on I-40 between Knoxville and Ashville. Hope you had a good return trip to FL.
  • Thanks for the welcome and the info on the 300m is Sapphire Blue with all options except the side air bags and the performance group. Great car.......40 miles on it so far! Everything works, no visible problems, no rattles, etc.......knock on wood! I looked at a lot of cars including the MB C class and the BMW 3 and the 300M was literally the best car for the money on the market if you are looking for a "sport" sedan. I was pushing for $100 under list but had to settle for $42! Great time to be buying.....!
  • Tictac,

    I had my I in for pulling to the left. Same procedures done on my car, alleviated problem slightly. I was also told there is a TSB for this, though. The number is 021699 and the part numbers involved are engine mount shims, part number 5016903AA. Let your service department know this info and they should fix it under warranty. I am having it done when I bring her in for her first oil change.

  • That should have been "M" not "I". Those zany spellcheck programs! :-)
  • I put up with this pulling to the right for 11 months, 16000miles, and 2 alighnments. My friendly DODGE Dealer (I couldn't take the incompetance at the local Doylestown PA, 5 star Shyshler ) put the new motor mounts in and she is as straight and true as possible. Truly a night and day difference.
  • Just got back from a trip to Florida. Stayed in Delay Beach for 4 days then went on a 4 day cruise on the Sovereign of the Seas. Then to Orlando for 2 days.

    Love the Florida roads. Much better than roads here in Boston. If you have a compass , you cant get lost in Florida. Those elderly drivers in Delay can drive you nuts though. They think they are the only ones on the road. Love the way they attempt to back up without turning their heads around.

    Had a great trip and am now returning to reality. It will take a few days for my equilibrium to return after the cruise.

    One question: Why should motor mounts affect the straightness of travel. My car seems to drift slightly but I attribute it to the crown in the road. On certain roads it travels straight for a very long distance with my hands off the wheel.

    Whats going on with the new club. I haven had time to read all the missed posts. Someone please fill me in on the happenings for the last 10 days.

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    After going to the Barrett-Jackson show I have noticed only half the 300 (B-H) for sale this year. There sure were a lot of Caddys though (1954-64). The price doubled to get in ($20) it seems that everything is going up.
    I did get to talk to some DC reps out of Alburn that came for the show. Some of the topics we discussed:
    1. 300HemiC There feeling is that it will not be built. The higher ups in DC feel that it would "scare off" European drivers because of it's size and gas consumption. Like I told him, any one buying this car doesn't worry about gas prices. All one would have to do is look at the crouds around it.
    2. Finance problems, It seems that DC plays with the books. All the money Chrysler has put into Mitsubushi and others is not counted on Chryslers assets but on Damiler's. All of Chryslers investment capital just disapeared.
    3. A lot of workers are still leaving do to DC's new work ethic. Before designers working after hours could dress casual, but not now, they must wear suits and ties at all hours. Most of the people leaving are going to GM, he mentioned.
    4. After market for the PT is really taking off. There were 3 companies at the show alone. HE mentioned that DC feels that the 300M is a conservitive car and there is not much call for after market parts do to the drivers demographics. I did try to set them stright on this.
    I did mention the web site and the boards, and one even came to give my 300M the once over, so I showed him all the mods I made. He did recomend that I have the Chip reburned, so that the shift points and MAFS could better use the changes I have made to the exhaust and intake.
    He did mention that with all the restrictions the platform offered that it (300M) was very restrictive, and that any transmission change in the near future (meaning the "M") would not happen do to DC not being unable to to produce transmission in sufficient numbers.
    All in all it was a great day.
  • skernerskerner Posts: 18
    Hi - folks - my '99m w/ 37k miles has a terrible musty type smell in the cabin - almost all the time - (I keep it clean and fresh) but seems to be blowing in from the ac/heating system. Told my dealer about it a few months ago and they sprayed some "stuff" - but of course it was useless. I think I read something about this months ago here. Anyone have a fix? Thanks - Steve
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    With the AC on spray some (be generous)Product like Lysol down the Air intake vent On the outside Passenger side of the car. The problem is caused (in all cars) by running on recycle mode most of the time. Mold and mildew start growing in the system and it must be kill off (Lysol). Bringing in fresh out side air instead of recirculation mode will keep the problem from returning. when spraying change the fan speeds some (ie, low, med, and high) so that the spray will get into different areas of the system.
  • Hi, everybody. As I was pounding through and around all the new potholes in our Dallas streets this week, I suddenly developed an appreciation for adjustable shocks, ie those with a cabin switch with 2-3 positions. I would like to see DC make that an option on future PHP models. Any other takers?
    If your team is in the S-bowl, good luck! My SO and I attended the Superbowl in Tampa where Buffalo missed the last minute field goal, losing to the Giants. I was sitting in that end zone--couldn't believe that chip shot FG attempt went wide.
    Happy Motoring, Silver
  • fotofoto Posts: 2
    I commited the cardinal sin. Wrote your name down on a piece of paper, then lost it. Thanks for raising your voice.

    Hear from my cousin you've got four fresh inches of the white stuff. Better you than me. It's been in the eighties here in north Florida for two days straight. New front in town today. Won't make it past fifty. I really hate winter.

    That trip to Miami came up suddenly only two days after my return from Cincy. I've had the M for less than three months and put a little over 8000 miles on it. My twenty-three year-old Camaro just sits there in the yard staring at me reproachfully. I've hardly driven it since the 300 arrived. I guess I'm going to offend the poor thing further by putting a FOR SALE sign on it. Never thought I'd do that.

    Take care of that silver bullet of yours in all that crappy weather.

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