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Chrysler 300M



  • There is a Sun Strength Sensor on the front side of the little security light pod. It is used for the lights and for the Auto Temp Control system. It's basically an analog photocell, output varies based on amount of light.
  • sugar300msugar300m Posts: 61
    99_300m_ric_va - what wood kit did you use?
  • jgoodsonjgoodson Posts: 30
    Does anyone know how to restore the color on the center console lid? I have the tan leather and the lid is discolored on the edges from arm wear. I've tried cleaning it but hasn't helped. I was wondering if there is a product that would restore the color. I though about tan shoe paste but my wife doesn't like that idea.
  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    did not realize you were in Hawaii, does make it kind of tough, I tried to swim from Hawaii to California 1 night. I made about 10 ft before someone dragged me back to the bar lol.
    We are quite the way from Whitehorse, the closest i came to there was when my wife and I did the cruise from Vancouver to Alaska and saw the buses with Whitehorse on them at Skagway.
    It would be nice if something could be arranged for Washington or British Columbia sometime. I think that is the reason I have not signed up for the 300 Club, as there is no one around here.
  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    My e-mail is
  • spyboyspyboy Posts: 22
    Okay you 300M gurus out I missing something here
    regarding tire pressure? Doesn't the manual state 30psi?
    I just checked mine at 32psi and figured I would leave it
    there. So why so high? Advice!
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    My reason was to see if I could improve gas mileage without performance suffering. I'm going back to 32
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Zaino is THAT good! You will NOT be disappointed. One word of advice- tell your dealer NOT to touch the car- NO WASH, NO WAX, NO NOTHING! That's where ALL the initial scratches come from. I know you want to pick up the car all shiny and clean, but it's NOT worth it in the long run. I didn't do that when I got my 300M in 99 because I never heard of Zaino until about a month later. I DID do this with the new Acura this past March. NO scratches/swirls. I didn't even let them take the white plastic off! I did that myself because I had to drive the car from RI to CT and thought that maybe the white plastic might melt on the hood if driven a long distance. Although, it was so cold, I don't think it would have melted.

    Click on my name above and you'll find the links to see what a Zaino shine looks like on the 300M and the Acura CL-S.

  • timbotimbotimbotimbo Posts: 15
    I'm seriously considering buying the best looking car on the road; (the 300M) however, I have some concerns about Chrysler reliability. Would all of you 300M owners do it all over again?????

    Tim in Pa.
  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    Tim, I'm just a rookie at having a 300 M but am a vet with Dodge Chrysler products and the new 01 M is the best car I have ever driven, and if you want to get looks then buy or lease an M, you will not be sorry.
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    The 34 to 35 psi defacto "standard" was established mostly for us poor goobs with the factory Badyear tires. At 30 psi, you could almost watch the rubber scrub off the edges of the tires, so we mostly all went to 34 psi and got much better tire wear and no apparent degradation in ride.

    You lucky Michelin tire guys probably have a different take on the situation. Pay attention to your tire edge wear, ride, handling, and mpg and see what's the best psi range for you.
  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    I DID it again!
    After 69,000 happy miles in a '99 300M, I got an '01 in January.
    So far, 13,500 miles, I'm still smiling.
    Go for it!
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    In a heartbeat, I'd buy another 300M. The Chrysler quality issues come largely from other product lines, mostly Jeeps and minivans. As with any car, you can get a lemon, but with very few exceptions, we are very pleased with the fit, finish, and quality. I just turned over 17K on my Y2K 300M and not a single problem to report.

    Now is a good time to buy with good rebates and low rate financing options in place. Check out the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club web site at, click on "Other 300M Sites" and check out some of the reviews under "300M Reviews and Awards" The 300M has very impressive credentials.
  • sirharpersirharper Posts: 112
    I'm on my 5th Chrysler car now (4 new, 1 used rental car of all things!) and have never needed anything more than scheuled maintance/consumables on any of them! My 300M is over a year old now but while it has only 4000 miles on it there isn't a hint of problems.
  • pa32tl1pa32tl1 Posts: 13
    Does anyone know Zaino's web site address? I am planning on purchasing some. Thanks for the info.
  • pa32tl1pa32tl1 Posts: 13
    One more thing? Has anyone purchased from the web site? What can I expect? Turnaround time. Was it good? Thanks again.
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    I run mine at 34 pounds and find the tires wear much slower on the edges---just a slightly harder ride, but it should help improve mileage. The factory recommends 30 pounds probably because it gives a slighly more comfortable softer ride--be sure to check pressure when car has not been driven too far--and be sure to keep an eye on pressure and adjust for seasonal temperature differences---

    I love the M and would buy again---I had several small problems--nothing major and most have been corrected by dealer--a couple other probs are in process of being corrected--the only thing I find somewhat unsatisfactory is the road noise--much louder than my Lincoln Mark VIII-- I have the Y2K with 20K on the dial--I will get the Michelins when by Badyears wear out. The M is the best value especially with all the incentives out there now.
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    Web site is Their turnaround time is usually one day from receipt of order. Unfortunately, they still don't have an online order form or credit card payment options. You have to print out the order form and snail mail it with a check. They're in NJ.

    It's worth the wait.
  • pa32tl1pa32tl1 Posts: 13
    How much should you buy? To let you know I was ready to buy a 300M, however price led me to the TL. I am going to buy the 2002 300M when it comes out this year. That being said, how much? I was looking at Consumer Reports and there is no mention of Zaino, probably because it is a smaller company. How much do you spend? I am going to try and pitch this to my wife and have to have some numbers to give her. I appreciate all of you help Rogor.
  • mykemmykem Posts: 203
    I went the same route russklass went...

    bought one of the first produced 300M's in 1998 (made May 1998) then traded it in for a 2001 in March 2001.

    Not because of reliability problems, but I just wanted the accourtements I couldn't get or which came out between the years...

  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    $100...a small investment to make your $30,000 car nice and shiny. :) Make sure to get the Z1 (base prep), Z2 (polish), and Z6 (touch up spray) at a minimum. You might also want the Z5 (like Z2 but helps get rid of micro-scratches), and I highly recommend the tire treatment and the leather treatment (also good on the dash).
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    Didnt you have an engine smoking problem a while back. Just wondering what was the cause and cure for that prob.

    PS already wore all 3 shirts and got lots of compliments on them. Hope we can get some caps before the summer is over. Low profile black would be nice with badge emblem.
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    I'll go to our supplier this week and see what caps they have available. You guys work on what logo you want. If we use the club logo we won't have a set-up fee. A new logo will add some cost to the hats.

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Check with the dealer first for coloring information. If no luck the shoe polish shouldn't hurt the armrest any.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I also run 35psi., and check it once a month. The tires wear much more evenly now. For a while I did run them at 38 to bring the wear patterns in line.
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    I lowered my tires back down to 32 cold and I'm much happier with the ride. Maybe having PHG made the impact of the pressure increase more evident.
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    I think a simpler emblem may look better due to smaller area on a cap--I suggest maybe the 300M badge emblem with or without checkerboard pattern--I prefer the low profile soft type cap in black with white logo but am open to others suggestions--black would compliment all three shirt colors and a simple cap logo would compliment the full club logo on the shirts very nicely--the setup fee shouldnt be too expensive spread out over 50 or more caps---another possibiliy--the club logo of the car and 300M without the club name around the edges---what do you guys think?---any others care to input?--- mats would be great eventually too-- :-)
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    anyone know when Zaino is doing away with the Z1--I heard they are going to a new formulation that is one step instead of two--anyone speak to Mr Zaino about this yet?
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    ok guys im back from the field. just got home.. even with the mere four hours of sleep in the past 50 hours, driving the half hour home was outstanding! you guys should go drive a humvee thru the woods for a couple days, then come check out what your M feels like after that! heaven i tell you, heaven...

    someone asking about opinions on the M? Best car I've owned yet, the only car that even came close was the 2001 chrysler concord lxi.. if ya know whats good for ya, you'd buy it. where else can u get the luxury/performance/scarcity(at least here)/safety/appearence (list goes on..) for this price?

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