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Chrysler 300M



  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I came in to see what was going on with SSEi recently. Then I saw someone posting about the recent commercial on TV where SSEi sits and lets a few cars fly by, then accelerates, catches up and then blows them all away. I just felt like pointing out that the commercial was BS.

    Well, maybe SSEi can beat Lincoln LS and Lexus GS300, but watch out when you go against a 300M.

    Now a Grand Prix GTP vs 300M... 300M would get killed.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    are you sure that yours is a Bonneville?

    Maybe someone sold you a GTP with Bonneville SSEi badges on it? :)
  • drpixeldrpixel Posts: 256
    For those of you who DON'T know yet, the World Trade Center was struck by a 737 which deliberately flew into one of the Towers. Early this morning, while having a cup of coffee with some friends outside, I heard the first explosion. About 15 minutes later, the pane, or a second plane hit the other tower.....
    bodies falling, flames, smoke....what a world we live in....
    The air was filled with acrid smoke, paper, insualltion toy name was falling from the sky....
    I am 3 blocks from this, I can see the towers burning.....
    So sad....
    the extemely upset drpixel....
  • it also looks like a plane crashed into / near the pentagon. looks like a coordinated terrorist attack ( as news claims ). FAA has grounded all flights today as well. what a world we live in today.
  • My thoughts and prays go out to all the American people
  • IT SUCKS!!!!!

    My Aunt works in tower 1.

    :( :( :(
  • i just topped the cake for the worst 300m MAJOR and minor and eveyrthing in between problem ever....

    i took it to the dealer today at 7am, to get a new output sensor...then i went to class..get a call at 11 to come down.. the tech is asking if i did anything to the transmission...and i'm like nope. i haven't done anything yet with the tranny so....but he found 5 codes in there...FIVE!! and there horrible. i have no 3rd gear. the clutch is burned out completely, car is shaking like a bad motha. the ecu went to hell and back with a vengeance. something is up...its gonna take a week to fix. pull the whole transmission out, replace everything. new ecu, new speed sensors, new transmission, new clutch, new gears, and some other stuff i cant remember what he said. this is bad....and i just got my 20s on too dammit. its all good tho, cars can be fixed, i hope :(
  • i feel like an [non-permissible content removed] for talking about my car at a time like this. my sister is in up near there, i just got off the phone with her. she's crying more than i've ever heard her cry before. she is in new jersey now there not letting ppl in new york. i'm leaving now to go get her.
  • well im sure all of you konw whats going on in the world right now, well im in DRF1 so if anyone goes anywhere we'll be the first to go. my sgt just send us home to grab all our gear, i have a weird feelin here, wish me luck guys, just in case they dont let me come home tonight

  • Prayers out to you and your Aunt - I hope all work sout for you and your family in this..

    Avalnche - be careful, and you will be in my family's thoughts and prayers as well..
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    by this cowardly display of terrorism. I hope we as a nation will finally have the resolve to do what we must to bring these cowards to justice.

    Phases - Godspeed if you have to go.

    Doc - get home safe and take care of Linda.

    Avalanche - be careful as you drive into the area. The traffic is sure to be awful.

    Fuzzywuzzy - prayers for your Aunt.

    God Bless America
  • PLEASE GO KICK SOME A$$!! I'm in NY & its horrible. I'm not that close so I'm just getting out of here now. SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY FOR THIS!! Grrrrr!
  • drpixeldrpixel Posts: 256
    drpixel. This is way, WAY off topic, but I'm back at my desk now. Let me give you a feel for whats going on downtown here in New York....
    After the Tower collapsed--which I watched through a window on my floor, the air was filled with thick, black smoke and debris. All trains in and out of the city are halted. The tower that collapsed landed in an area where they have lunchtime music shows. Reports from here indicate its like a butcher shop--dismembered bodies and blood everywhere.

    The soot/dirt/debris OUTSIDE the Bank is about 2 inches thick, and the deafening. Looking up towards where the Trade center used to be--well, you CAN'T SEE smoke hangs over the downtown area. The Bank has its protection force out in force. At this point, I'm sitting here with one of those hokey masks you wear when there's a lot of dust in the air. The air INSIDE my area is thick with the smell of smoke, even though the windows were all closed. The shear force of the collapsse of the Tower forced the smoke, air, etc, through the small spaces around the window.

    I have been here at the Bank for almost 28 years, and I've never, EVER seen anything like this. Normally, I come through the Trade Center around 6:55am and thank God this morning was no exception. I was outside when the first plane hit the BACK tower of the Trade Center, but certainly heard the explosion. I also heard the second plane hit the other tower, and saw the flames. I was shooting som pix of the second tower burning, when thecollapsed--it looked like the scene in "The Mummy" when the sand storm is flying towards the camera.....surreal doesn't even begin to describe this.

    Wanted to let you all know that I'm okay...the Fed is about 3-4 blocks from the Trade center. The buildings themselves are built are like dominoes stacked up, as the Trade Center sways about 1-2 feet each direction during high wind situations. As the floors burned, the structural integrity of the buildings weakened, and so the collapse......

    Take care, and say a prayer for those people both in the planes and in the buildings...

  • To all of you with friends or family in the areas attacked this morning. May they all be alive and well.

    Being retired USAF, the fateful words of Admiral Yamamoto come to my mind: "I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant." I can only hope the world's nations will be compassionate when we work to stop this threat. Off topic, I know. My apologies.

    Again, best wishes to you all. Doc--hang in there.

    From Oklahoma City....
  • God Bless you and your families. I went to my place of worship at lunch to pray for all the victims and their families.

    Phases, remember the famous line from "All's Quiet on the Western Front". When asked the most important thing he had learned as a soldier, the old sergeant replied, "To keep my head down, Sir".

    Way OT...My boss was in Iowa today and I was thinking how lucky she was to be out of Manhattan. When I called her cell phone, the recorded message said "Due to the tornado in the area, all phone service is disabled". What a day...U.S. Intelligence failed, airline security failed to protect the innocent. May a loving God comfort our nation. Amen.

  • But US gov. (BUSH administration) should at least be partial responsible for this attack. His hardline/right wing foriegn policy can not bring peace to the world and US, only to make more enemies.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    My thoughts and prayers to all here who have been affected by this tragedy today.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We all feel horrible about what has happened today.

    I work at a major naval installation on the East Coast, and I have never seen the mobilization of security that I saw today, it was stunning and frightening.

    I'm sure that these dreadful occurrences will touch us all in one way or another, some clearly far more severely than others.

    However, let's not get into criticizing or supporting any country's policy issues here. There are places all over the web suitable for that kind of debate. Town Hall isn't one of them.

    Thanks, I appreciate your understanding.

    Let's just keep in our thoughts those who's lives have been horribly changed today and leave it at that.

    Sedans Message Board
  • my heart goes out to everyone who lost someone in this terror. i fortunately am far enough away to not be involved. all day at work i was devastated. hopefully everything goes well for everyone.

  • valhsvalhs Posts: 63
    As a coastal resident of Virginia I am within minutes of the highest concentration of our nation's military forces. I can count 10 major military installments within a 40 mile radius. Today our schools closed early, malls closed all together and most if not all major events were cancelled including sporting events and concerts. The bases in our area are at Defense Condition D, which from what I am told is the highest state of alert. To say that everyone here is effected by today's events is an understatement. I work in a service industry where I can see as many as 2-3 thousand people in a day. Every man, woman and child that I came in contact with today was in a state of disbelief. I can only imagine what the families of those missing, injured or killed are going through. My prayers are with them.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Agreed on all counts - that would be Threatcon Delta, a state which these bases have never observed before. Sounds like we are pretty close to being neighbors. I'm still pretty shook up by all the guns and activity I saw - not to mention the events themselves - sounds like you probably are as well. Thanks.

    My thoughts remain focused on those whose lives have been totally shattered today through no actions, political beliefs or military affiliations of their own.

    To me there is no clearer definition of cowardice.
  • My prayers go out to everyone touched by the horrific events of this day 911 2001. I bet that's no coincidence.

    I'm glad you're ok Doc. I thought of you this morning know you were close to ground zero.

    In a way I can't believe a thing like this could happen, but I think we've had every warning sign possible that an attack was an eventuality. However, no one could have predicted one such as we have witnessed today. :(

    I'm so mad right now, if I could go get some of them bast%$%$%, then I would, but I'll leave that to those in charge. I know, in the end, justice will be served and the world will be at our side.

    I'm gonna go donate some blood tomorrow. Everyone here please do so if you can.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Even those of us that are far away from it, can do things to help. Donate Blood, give to the Redcross and other agancys that will be there helping out. It is the one thing about this country that we can help each other through these kind of events. Lets also pray for our leaders that they make the right decisions, and the hard choices that are sure to come ahead.
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    My heart goes out to those affected directly or indirectly by this terrible tragedy. Our lives have changed forever. Doc, I thought of you several times today. I'm glad you're physically, if not emotionally, in tact.
  • loss for words to describe what I've seen today. Drpixel, I thought about you and where you work... and I'm so glad you're OK. My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.
    I'm just speechless...
    God bless America and her leaders.
  • God bless America. I'm giving some serious thought about thanking my lucky stars I live in Texas. As a frequent visitor to NYC I have come to know the people there, which makes it personal, Bubba.

    Once more, Glen. Glad you came out OK.

  • i'm in New jersey now they are not letting anyone come into NY. i will be go in tommorow via the bridge. my sister is running a deploy team for building 1 and 7. i'll be there doc where are you located...she has a studio in nj where you can see the trade centers from, its horrific. only lights running are those on a generator. gas and electricity lines are all closed around here to prevent more explosions. ppl the disaster is much more than you see on tv. there was an elementary school wiped out from debris. restaurants are just gone. please donate blood, if you have type O blood, we especially need you at this time. i have a fear friend is working special ops and theres something we were looking at....

    The flights that were Highjacked were from United and AA, they were numbered as follows:

    11, 93, 175, and 77

    11 = Today's Date
    9+3 = 12 = Tomorrow
    1+7+5 = 13 = Thursday
    7+7 = 14 = Friday

    pray for everyone and please be safe wherever you are.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    For those of us who are limited in what we can do physically to help those affected by yesterday's tragedy, maybe this will be a way to show our support and solidarity. I received this sometime last night in my e-mail, but didn't get it until this morning.

    Today is US pride day. Everyone should wear US colors. Try to wear as much red, white and blue as you can. Let's get the whole country into it.

  • AV is right! It's just gone! There's rubble, dust, twisted building parts, damaged cars! It's unreal.
    I drove yesterday afternoon all night, & got into NJ at 5am. My Aunt is OK. My other aunt works for the DEA, & I went to NY with her & a few of her workers. She was summond up there. That's how I got into NJ, & the city. I worked in Tower 2 a few years ago. Got the trains there all the time, Ate lunch in the court yard, Bought music in the Sam goody music store in the mall area. Just can't imagine that's it's all gone. I have some pictures I took, I'll try to upload them later. It's crazy man......Words just can't describe how things look down here. The building i'm in now, has broken windows, & pieces of the trade center on the roof. Running on generator power, police, fire fighters, rescue trucks, all over the place. One of my companys offices was in the trade center. One of our Data centers was there too. My job is shut down untill Friday & maybe Monday. There's this grey soot all over the place, & there's this taste of building dust in my mouth. It's just unreal!!!!!
    I'll check in later.
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