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Chrysler 300M



  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    to keep the bra from flapping while driving, i think.
  • yea thats what i figured but i didnt know if you lived there or in florida. have fun man and stay safe
  • I read 2 reviews on the MSN site for the 300M Special...I am being told my local dealers that they can not take orders until mid November...Does anyone know if this Special has been shipped yet.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    We have not started building the Special yet. We have been told sometime in Nov. The plant is closed next week -layoff . So sometime next month the long anticipated special will be built.As to why the dealer cant take orders yet seems strange. Though I did hear dealers with high inventory on the there lots are not able to order any vehicles till they sell what they have
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    The closest major intersection would be Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale Road. There are four zip codes that meet at this corner, the best being 85260, but 85254,85255, and 85054 would also due. 17800 North Scottsdale Road is close to the spot. Hope this helps
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I am going with the overhead type screen for the rear passangers. I think is is easer to look at, then looking down at the rear vent area, when viewing for long periods. I was thinking of a flip up screen above the clock and vents (like the Nissan's have for their vidio navigation systems. The glair off the windows is the only concern. I like the idea of the screen fliping up on the dash (easer to see, without taking your eyes off the road) and is consealed when not in use. Keep up the good designs. I should have my Panasonic CQ-DVR909(it is an AM/FM CD/DVD player) next week to replace my stock radio.
  • The exhaust. Is is Hugo style or true dual.

    If it is a Hugo are they using the same collector up front that they did in 2001? Do they go to a camero type muffler like the Hugo? Do they have another resonator between the back muffler and the tail pipe?

    If it is a true dual are then using a H tube connection between the pipes? Is there multiple mufflers in each side or just one?

    No I'm looking forward to the Phx 300M meet Nov. 10th.

    You would set the record for the one who comes the furtherest if you drive down and join us. The only good part of that is that you'd get to drive your M all the way.
  • Well I've always been frustrated by all the window cleaners I've tried. They all seemed to streak and take a lot of rubbing to really clean the window. Well on the cable I some times watch one of the car shows. They had one show dedicated to detailing a car. They suggested a simple mixture to remove the build up of "road haze" and to clean the window. I use it and I believe it really works. To really get the windows clean I still feel you need to go over the outside twice, inside once and it is certainly eaiser if you got another person working on the otherside of the glass. Well enough of the preambel.

    One part rubbing alcohol, one part white distilled vinager, and two parts distilled water. It is important to use the distilled water. I usuall use a cup measure and make a quart and put it in to rinsed out windex spray bottel. It is certainly cheaper than regular cleaner.

    Incase your wondering the overspray does not effect the Zanio shine. I was worried about that. Some times I don't have time to use the Zano wash, Z6, and I have to run NMIFR300M through the Phillips 66 brushless car wash. I then rush home and dry the car. Invetable there are a few water spots. I use the window cleaner and a good towel to get the water spots off and they I use the Z8 spray enhancer. The results always look fantastic. I just got my car this last summer and I have three coats of Z2 on it, after the Z1 coat. Haven't used anything else but the spray enhancer after the car washes, about once a week, for the last three months. (Damm can't spell tonight). The car is an Inferno Red and I didn't use a clay bar and I didn't use Z5. I now see the swirls in the bright sunlight and I have gotten the Z5. I hope to do two coats of Z5 and one more of Z2 before going to the Phx meet. Lots of work but the car really looks great. Wow its fantastic how slick the car feels after using the spray enhancer after the car washes.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    The exhaust is not like either design. It starts out the same from the engine to the first resonator ,but unlike the current exhaust design two pipes leave the resonator and go straight to the back down the center of the car. Then just before they bend to go around the gas tank they go into a Y pipe and become one pipe. Then the one pipe goes into a Camaro style muffler (one inlet ,two outlets) and then a pipe goes out to both corners ,they still have a resonator at each corner just before exiting into single chrome tip
    Yeah that would be a long drive ,also as much as I love the 300 I do not own one.Sorry,but I do drive a LH car so its close enough EH?
  • Well that is interesting. I guess keeping two 2.5 inch pipes as long as possible is good. Much more information than I've heard before about the system. Is the pipe outof the Y bigger diameter than the pipe in, for example 2.5 inch pipe in and a 3 in pipe out. I've seen some Camero mufflers that have a 3 inch pipe in and two 2.5 inch pipes out.

    yes the LH is a great car. After all the only difference is the trunk is cut off to make the M. Did the LH have a performance handeling package?
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    drpixl--Hey doc, be careful with that 2001 stuff. I used that one winter day in my garage, temp about 45 degrees, and it nearly ruined the hood of my SO's 96 Aurora [Dark Green Metallic color]. Caused the clear coat to cloud up, and my Ziebart neighbor had to buff it out twice with some special stuff he had at his shop to get it to where I could trade it without a problem. So, I don't know if it was a bad bottle or the low temp that caused the problem. Cured me of any desire to use rub-on waxes, etc.,[at least in the winter months], altho I am still on the fence about giving Zaino a try. Since I have a Platinum color, and the 3M clear rock bra on the front end, and now a 6"+1" racing stripe on the full length of the passenger side of the car, [the material of which is porous enuf to absorb the Zaino product - Sal told me those areas should be avoided by Z-whatever], it may take more patience than I have to apply the various Zaino products, as opposed to just going thru the touchless wash and applying some vinyl condition every now and then to the stripes. I still use the Formula 2001 vinyl conditioner on other parts of the car when Armor All is not available. The guys who put on the striping recommended their own Auto Trim Design vinyl conditioner which they gave me a complimentary bottle of. I will try it if the weather holds.

    On the triangles on the black hood bra, I was led to believe that those triangles were located in a manner to deflect rocks headed for the most critical vision areas of the windshield and where the rocks would be likely to do the most damage via a dead-on strike. But the wind explanation makes some sense too. By the way, for those who get these bras, I found that the plastic strips that are inserted into the triangles to make them stiff go in much easier if you take some shears/scissors and round the square corners off on the end that is inserted. I have had my bra for 3 years and use Armor-All or the 2001 stuff on it whenever I put it on. It still looks good, but it has the slight wrinkles [and has had them since day 1] that others have mentioned. I have seen no vibrations or the results of same on the finish. I take it off when rain is predicted unless I am on a long trip and it will dry while on the road. I never leave it on the car sitting for any length of time while wet. Some say leaving it on in all conditions and while wet will dull the paint underneath. I don't know, but its easy on and off.
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    It is probably the BeneVento - they sell them at That's prolly where he got it since they (wooddash) sold several of the deflectors on ebay a while back for about $50 ea. I was tempted at the time.

    Roger - do you notice less wind coming into the cabin with that deflector? The noise is sometimes a bit much, but not too bad normally. I just don't want to block all the wind ;)

    Silverbullet - can't wait to get skiing. I lived in Boulder for 2 seasons and it was great! Wish I could ski the rockies every day ;) Killington isn't too bad though. The longdouble you were talking about is the killington double - now it's a gondola. Still slow, but warmer...

    OK - Plugs question (again ;) With the bosch - how do you actually gap the things? It seems with 4 prongs coming out the end it could be more tough than a standard plug with a gap tool...
  • I have a brand new, never used car cover for the 300M I would like to sell. It's a CoverKing StormTech Material with Storage Bag. I paid close to $250 for it, but will sell it for $175 including shipping. Please email me at if interested.
  • You don't gap the plugs. They are pre gapped.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    I have only one thing to say YOU THE MAN ,love that M!!!!!!!
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    that always bothered me... ;) I like to double check them myself to make sure they were gapped correctly. Not that I didn't trust the manufacturer, but...

    I had figured that...
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Yes the pipe is much larger once it goes out of the Y-pipe into the rear muffler.Not sure if the pipe coming out of the Camaro style muffler is the same size as the one that goes in. All I know is that if I bought a Special , the first mod would be to remove those resonators that are inline just after coming out of the Camaro style muffler.

    The LH is not a model of car, it is the code name for a platform of the car we build. The LH cars are the Intrepid,Concorde,LHS and 300M.You probably thought I was referring to the LHS. I own an Intrepid . Yes the Intrepid has a handling package (the same one the 300M uses when you order PHG) you get this package when you order an R/T
  • I know this has been asked at least 100 times but what is the part number for the K&N filter for the 2001 300M? I am in the Chicago area and was wondering who carries K&N?
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    The direct replacement is 33-2136. You should also get a cleaning kit. They have a sqeeze bottle and aerosol. They both come with oil and cleaner, but the aerosol oil is easier to use - imo ;) I got mine from They were fairly cheap - $39, and had flat $6.50 shipping.

    Pep boys carries them, but the one near me didn't regularly carry this one. It was about $10 more.
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    The wind noise is reduced considerably, but not totally eliminated. There is no buffeting at any speed. The most impressive thing about the BeneVento is the quality. The plastic is about 1/4 inch and the stainless mounting hardware holds the unit very securely. It also has a rubber gasket that finishes the front edge very nicely.

    If I didn't already have one, I'd be jumping on this one. I bought mine from Wooddash on EBay for $40 something, somewhat below their list price of $70. . I may have to bid on this one just because it's such a good deal.
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    You'd better not be overbidding me! :-D
  • tucsongiltucsongil Posts: 116
    Great looking ride! Sweet as sweet gets!
  • Hey, when I was in the Air Force we used to take girls from CWC dancing at a place called Tulagi's in Boulder. I understand it was still there, at least 5-10 years ago. Do you know the place?

  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    Not well. The name sounds familiar, but it's been over a decade since I lived there (left begining of '88 ;) I do remember the Mall Crawl... They got rid of that I understand. Was a great Halloween tradition (good timing). Everyone got blasted walking around on the Pearl Street Mall. Is an outdoor mall. The street is pedestrians only. My last year the local gov't came up with a great idea - let's ban all forms of alcohol, etc.. on the mall on Halloween. So everyone got drunk then drove there. How smart... Now I think it's banned - oh well...
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 358
    Tulagi is still in the phone book, 303-938-8090, but it's been decades since I've been up there. Boulder has pretty much shut down the Halloween thing on the mall the past couple years, after it got real out of hand for a few years. Boulder has also banned smoking in (I think) all bars and restaurants, and is currently considering a ban on upholstered couches on house porches (sounds stupid, but lots of 'em have been pulled out in the street and set on fire during parties/riots). An interesting town!
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    That may be true with the couches and such, but how many towns would overturn cars and have riots when they win a major sports game? Or, how many stadiums actually have prisons in them with judges presiding during football games?

    Ain't Philly grand! :-D
  • I was wondering if anyone has used the art brakes,as I am in need of my third set of pads and a set of rotors with only 41000 miles. Any help or info is appreciated much
  • hey,funny you mention it,but i actually sent in form last week.
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