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Lexus RX 350 Driving Experiences and Problems

dysdys Posts: 11
edited April 2011 in Lexus
I have a 2008 RX350. Recently I noticed that when I start the engine while ;the steering column is still extending to its full position, I could feel a momentary knock on the steering wheel. I don't recall feeling this when the car was new. If I put the key in (but not starting the engine) and just let the steering column to extend to the final position, and then start the engine, there is NO knock.

I showed the Lexus dealer service person this the other day and he insisted that it was normal. But I really don't recall having this issue in the past and one of my coworker confirmed that his RX350 did not have the problem.

Can anyone let me know if your RX does the same? My warranty period is going to expire in a month and I want to make sure this is resolved if it indeed is abnormal.

Thanks in advance.


  • bond8bond8 Posts: 33
    Hello All,
    I know a lot of people have already bought the new 2010 RX350 and wanted to start a new place to start discusing your driving experiences, new features and any issues that you might have.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    new place to start discusing your driving experiences, new features and any issues that you might have.

    Well, have at it! You can start by sharing your driving experiences, features and issues. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • joxajoxa Posts: 2
    I bought 2010 rx350 at the end of march and I have been happy with it. However, I have noticed engine/exhaust noise during acceleration around 2100-2300 rpm. Maybe like something is vibrating somewhere in the exhaust system? It bothered me enough to bring it in to the service department. They checked it out and responded by saying that it was normal and the noise is just b/c the engine is "under load". Has anyone else noticed this?
  • robalaorobalao Posts: 4
    I am going to purchase a 2010 RX 350 Lexus and in Maryland they only get AWD. Since I have been driving FWD for over 10 years, (9 of which in a 2001 RX 300) and am very happy with FWD, I do not want to pay more to get AWD and in addition lose gas mileage. Has anyone had any experience that would tell me that I am incorrect due to safety or otherwise? Please advise.

  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Unrelated to your question, but how many miles does your 2001RX have and, if you trade, please let us know what the value of the trade is worth. I own a 2001 and want to trade for a 2010, so I am wondering. Thanks
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Since FWD vehicles are so patently UNSAFE in wintertime adverse roadbed conditions even any small thing, such as F/awd, to "mediate" that problem is worthwhile.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    There you go again. Patently silly hyperbole. Let's not rehash my experience driving FWD for 20 winters in Alaska versus your forays over the Cascades heading to Montana.

    It's the tires. And the loose nut behind the wheel. :P
  • robalaorobalao Posts: 4
    To rparis:

    I have 168,000 miles on the 2001 RX 300. I went to CarMax and was offered $7500 so I think that is the value. I may give it to our daughter in law.

    Hope that answers your question.

  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Based on the number of miles $7500 seems quite good in comparison to what dealers are offering for a trade. Thank you.
  • evinrudeevinrude Posts: 12
    I test drove an RX350 2010 with ventilated/heated seats. While driving with the ventilation control set to maximum cooling on driver's side, I raised myself from the seat and put my hand on the seat feeling for air circulation. Only the front part of the seat bottom had air coming through the perforations. I couldn't feel any air coming out of the rear portion of the seat bottom. Anyone else checked this on theirs yet? My thighs were being cooled but my "booty" was not.
  • evinrudeevinrude Posts: 12
    I read that the NAV option has a HDD. Does that mean it has a hard disk drive where I can store audio files? If not, of what use is the HDD ?
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    that is normal. the cool air only comes out between your legs only, not your booty.
  • evinrudeevinrude Posts: 12
    Upon what are you basing your response that it's "normal"? Is it normal because the factory forgot to adjust the fan inside the seat to ventilate the entire seat bottom instead of just the front?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It's the COOL air flowing UNDER the seat leather/vinyl layer that cools your "booty". It must be "exhausted" somewhere or there would be no flow.
  • billdavbilldav Posts: 18
    I'm having the same problem with my 2010, very little air from either driver or pax. My 2006 GS300 had excellent seat cooling for both the back and bottom.

  • jerry116jerry116 Posts: 13
    anyone has rattle problem on RX2010 ?
  • omgl777omgl777 Posts: 15
    Hi guys...I originally had problems with the manuel A/C buttons freezing up and not working (only being able to change the temp with Voice Control), well Lexus fixed the A/C by replacing the radio system, which oddly enough is connected to the climate control. Well, this is also connected to the Navi system which is now not working well. My car has been back 4 times to get these problems fixed. Right now, it's still at the dealer, has been all week, they are trying to "learn" how to fix my problems. I was told I'm being the genuine pig with the new model, that everyone is learning. Great, nice it's only 3 months old.

    Be for warned, I would have waited longer to buy this car had I not had trust in Lexus. Shame on me.

    Good luck with yours.
  • bond8bond8 Posts: 33
    where are you hearing the rattle from? I have been driving mine for about 3 months and havent had any issues.
  • bond8bond8 Posts: 33
    I had an issue with transferring my phonebook contacts from my iphone. The transfer would take extremely long time - upwards of 45 minutes and still not complete the transfer. So I then would delete and start all over again and then it would only transfer the first contact. I was never able to transfer the entire phonebook. I took it to one dealer and they told me its my phone. I didnt believe that and took it to another dealer. They told me that Lexus had some issues with software in some of the first vehicles manufactured. They have upgraded the software since then and my car might have the old software. The technician then contacted Lexus and go the new software and loaded it on my car. After that the phonebook transfer took just a minute.

    Also I was finding the steering wheel quite stiff during the first 2-3k miles but the ride now has been getting smoother. I am loving it.
  • jerry116jerry116 Posts: 13
    Rattle seems be a old problem for all Lexus RX cross 300 to 350. I just wonder who had it now on new RX 350. Since now is summer it might be hard to feel or found. lets see the winter result.

    I found one inconvient for voice command is you can't do like 'go to xxx' which in your address book. I think they should add it in voice command list because it is so useful and so easy to add it.
  • bond8bond8 Posts: 33
    I completely agree jerry. First of all you can only use voice commands for navi while driving. I would be really useful if the address books can be accessed by voice commands.
  • goblue5goblue5 Posts: 2
    I miss the trip time (engine start elapsed time) in the MID. It was there in my previous RX. I found the info very useful knowing how much time I had been on the road already and I had used it very often. I am sure the vehicle is still keeping track of it. Anybody knows why Lexus took such good info away?
  • Does any know how to set up bluetooth for RX350 2010 without Nav? I got to the point passkey and don't know how to next. Any advice or comment. My phone is Sony Ericsson with AT&T.
    Thank you,
  • jerry116jerry116 Posts: 13
    I have Sony Ericsson with AT & T too. very easy to setup . read the car manual and get the passcode, should be done in less than 10 sec.
    voice command, call xxx is real amazing after contact transfer done.
  • Thanks jerry116,
    Just following your instruction and I make it.
    Thanks again!
  • jerry116jerry116 Posts: 13
    saw some consumer review said the car rolls back on slight incline. anyone noticed? I just wonder whose car dont roll back on incline if you dont use break. at least all the car I drived will roll back.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Lots of newer cars with DBW are leaving/shifting the automatic transmissions into neutral when/while stopped and that's resulting in more propensity to "roll" than many owners are historically used too. It was NEVER wise to use "gas" (or electric) for hill-holding but the true ability to force the issue onto the driver to brake (as one does automatically with a stick shift) instead has not been really possible prior to DBW.
  • omgl777omgl777 Posts: 15
    I too had my software reinstalled on my new RX 350. You should double check the XM Nav Traffic and Weather (if you have it). After my reinstall, they weren't working properly and you need to call XM to have it reset.

    Otherwise, no problems, except that the bumper is popping off on the front right corner when driving long distances at higher speed (very annoying). Not sure if this happened with a valet service or another defect. I'm going tohave the dealer look at it once I go for service.
  • My 2010 RX350 started having intermittent problems with the radio/nav system at around 3000 miles. The radio stops playing on its own and then the display screen freezes up, and the only way to get it to work again is to turn the ignition off and back on. I am waiting for a new radio to arrive at my local Lexus dealer in about a week. Very disappointing for a vehicle costing well over 40 grand.
  • dllrxdllrx Posts: 1
    The front bumper on my 2010 RX has also popped off just below the drivers side headlight. Dealer replaced the plastic bumper fascia and a bracket. Now two weeks latter the bumper has popped off in exact same spot again. Have appointment to get car back in for service.

    Possible design problem?
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