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Lexus RX 350 Driving Experiences and Problems



  • bv2000bv2000 Posts: 15
    I have had my 2010 rx since mid july and have not had any problems with the tire sensors. I am amazed that no one else has complained about the low volume level of the Nav system In case any one is interested, they did have Alpine design a new amplifier that significantly raises the volume.
  • Does anyone know how to insert a pause in bluetooth dialing. It does it from my phone but not from the voice command. It makes it hard to deal with calling a business that has extensions.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I had had some problems with the tire pressure monitor on my '07 RX350 the first six months that I had it, and they ended up lowering the "threshold" for the sensitivity of the monitor, and I've had no problems ever since, except for a tire that actually had a nail in it that was causing the air to leak and one time when it turned pretty cold outside(this is in Florida).

    So you might want to inquire if there is a way to lower the threshold for the sensitivity of the tire pressure monitor.
  • bond8bond8 Posts: 33
    go orange,
    I have had my RX since March 09. I havent had any of the problems you mentioned. So it seems like your problem is typical to your car and not a systemic problem. I am just saying this so you can go to the dealer and let him know that this is not a typical problem. Another thing you can do is complain to the lexus customer service. I had some questions and they got back to me within 2 days. May be they can persuade the dealer to change your seats and you wont have to wait for the lexus person to show up at the dealership.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Has anyone experience problems while on the phone with call waiting not disconnecting?

    Also, has anyone used voice commands with navigation trying to verbal input a POI when the type of POI is not listed on the screen, but another POI. I cannot verbally add a POI when it is not one of the suggested type of POI, but can do it with the mouse when stopped. I hope I made this issue clear.
  • I am considering an after market navigation device to fit in the center dash cut out. Does anyone recommend one? and is the cord long enough to reach the outlet in the floor console?
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    I just bought (at a garmin 755T with a base that is portable . I payed $206.00 plus about $20.00 for the base. This seems to be a very good GPS with a lot of bells and whistles. If you go to you can research exactly what you need.
    The cord is long enough and when I am not using the GPS there is a space on the floor under the gear shift that i use to keep it out of sight. I hope this helps.
  • jelkd2jelkd2 Posts: 6
    bought 2010 RX 350 Oct...has less than 5000 miles but have experienced the exact same noise at the 2100--2400rpm said 2010 are actually quieter this year than last..I'm not buying Toyoto 4 runner cost half as much and is twice as quiet..plan to take it back in for another check and this time,I will drive another RX to see if they all have this noise...have you found any solution from your post?thanks
  • Thanks, I will check it out. Are you putting it on top of the dash or in the cutout that slants dowm toward th radio display?
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    In the cutout
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    Most portable GPS units has either 3.5' or 4.3" screen, and they are all about the same size under each screen size category. Either screen size will fit into the center dash cut out, but obviously those 3.5-inchers will block less information on the radio/clock monitor. You can shop around and pick whichever GPS you like most.
  • Due to all the electronic features like blue tooth, IPOD hook up etc. already on the car, I guess it would make sense to get one without those features.
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    I bought the garmin 755t because it did not have blue tooth. It does have free traffic reports for life which is nice.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Has anyone noticed if the words "temp" and" passenger temp" on the dashboard area light up at night or just the up and down arrows light up?
  • jogan1jogan1 Posts: 11
    2010 RX350 does not come with electronic card key. However it can be purchased for something over $300 and then has to be programmed by the dealer who charges $75 or more but you should be able to get the dealer to program at no charge. There is also a small thin metal key that you can buy that fits into the electronic card key - for door & glove box - for $25 or so that Lexus has to cut.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    My dealer says the card metal key is not available in the United States. Have you confirmed the metal key is available-if so who confirmed? I did obtain the key card.
  • jogan1jogan1 Posts: 11
    I purchased my electronic car a little over a week ago at the dealer. At that time they had the small metal key that goes inside the key card however it was only cut on one side. The dealer cut the key to my car's vin however it did not work. Dealer then said that Lexus would have to do and it would take about a week. Went to dealer yesterday on some other issues and dealer told me that Lexus advised that there is no key for the RX350 electronic key card. There is one for the LS and one other model. Sounds like backward engineering to me as well as Lexus doing a poor job of advising dealers correct product info. I did purchase a key card last week but was not able to use until yesterday as dealer kept my RX and gave me a loaner. It is a fine car with many nice things and a few that have been deleted from earlier RXs that would have made it even nicer.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What features on earlier RXs that were deleted do you miss?
  • Just read about what Lexus directed individuals to do regarding their Lexus RX350. I have been having the same problem since my Lexus reached 3000 miles. I start the car and the noise lasts for about 14 - 15 minutes while I drive or stay in parked and rev the engine to 18 - 2200 RPM's. The Lexus regional Rep came and measured the noise with a decimal meter and agreed it was louder than normal and stated once I registered a formal complaint with Lexus, they would most likely give us a refund of the vehicle. RIGHT!! Lexus said they would do nothing and the noise was normal. I have been in the used car business for 30+ years and know a piston slap when I hear it. Has anyone got any results from Lexus??? By the way, how is your milage? My is terrible regardless of the fuel grade I use.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    When using my bluetooth-phone I cannot disconnect if I receive a call while on the phone-call waiting. Has anyone else experienced this as I have to shut the car and phone to disconnect or the bluetooth will not work as the car screen says the phone is in use, and I cannot dial out even if I am not on a call.. In other words, the car-bluetooth thinks I am still on a call.
  • jogan1jogan1 Posts: 11
    Items that are not on 2010 RX350 that were on 2007 RX350:

    1 - Floor mats for ivory interior were ivory instead of Dark Brown. In order to get ivory 2010 Carpet Floor Mats, you must order & pay for the Premium Carpet mats at a cost of approx $350.

    2 - On 2007 RX350 the cargo area cover could be removed and stored below the rear floor. Not so with the 2010 RX350

    3 - On previous RXs body side molding in exterior paint color came with car. Now they are no longer cone on 2010 RX350. For 2007 - 2009 RXs the body side moldings are pressure sensitive and come in the exterior paint color so they can easily be replaced when necessary.

    4 - Placement of 12 volt outlets on 2010 RX350 is now deep inside of the console and to get to you must remove 2 trays.

    5 - 2007 RX350 had Adaptive Volume Control so that when the radio was on and you were using the Navigation and the Navigation Voice was speaking the radio volume would automatically be lowered. Not so on the 2010 RX350

    6 - Same V-6 engine for 2010 RX350 as in 2007 RX350 but mpg is lower.

    7 - Electronic Card Key now has to be purchased instead of coming with vehicle as mentioned in an earlier post.

    None of the above items keep the 2010 RX350 from being a beautiful and fine auto. But for previous owners of 2007 - 2009 RX350 it seems Lexus decided to save some $ and or had backward engineers ie placement of 12 volt plugs in front, deletion of the Adaptive Volume Control for the radio.
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    I have had my rx350 for 6 mo and have 3000 mi. when engine is cold there is a lifter noise when accerlating for a couple of minutes until the engine warms. I called service dept and they said this was normal. I am going in for service in a couple of weeks but would have to leave car there to cool off for this to happen. I will make sure that I do service on auto at correct intervals in case the engine blows. I have had 2 other rx330's and they have been wonderful autos. Other than this noise I have no other issues with the rx.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    These are some of the reasons why I'm a little scared to give back
    my '07 RX when the lease is up. I might regret it. It seems as if whoever was in charge of the interior design on the 2010 RX forgot to do their homework on the things that worked so well on the 2004-2009 RX's. When the next generation car comes out every five years, it's supposed to have all the little goodies that the previous model would have had plus some extras. But in this case, they've taken away some things and added others.

    For instance, the 2010 RX has a donut for the spare tire, whereas
    the '07 has a full-sized spare. I've mentioned the captain's chairs before on these posts. I've come to appreciate them. They're no where to be seen on the 2010. The inconvenient placement of the power plugs is just so counter-intuitive.

    There's no doubt that I am definitely shopping other SUV's in this class. I'm just having a hard time justifying shelling out the amount of money for any of these SUV's out there as opposed to just buying out my lease on my current RX because they lack some of the basic niceties that I've already got on my current vehicle.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I've had my '07 RX350 for three-and-a-half years now. On cold start-up, particularly when it's been rather cold out, the 3.5 V6 engine on this vehicle is kind of noisy on start up and makes that
    "ticking" sound. Apparently, this is supposed to be a normal thing
    with this particular engine. Once my car gets warmed up, maybe after about fifteen minutes??(Have never timed it), it's back to normal, quiet mode.

    In fact, I believe the 3.3 liter V6 in the 2004-2006 RX330's was a more quiet engine compared to the 3.5 V6, but also less powerful. :shades:

    Would be interested on hearing feedback from anyone that drives a 3.5 V6 from either Lexus or Toyota, and if they have experienced the same thing.
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    My 04 and 06 rx330's did not make this noise, but if this is normal for the 3.5 engine then fine. Except for the location of the 12 volt receptcales i love the car.
  • jogan1jogan1 Posts: 11
    The 07 RX350 we purchased new did not have any abnormal engine noise. Just got a 2010 and it only has a few hundred miles with no noise.
  • rxersrxers Posts: 9
    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2010 RX FWD that has about 200 miles on it. After driving one day, I parked the RX in the garage and noticed when I went back into the garage a humming noise (sounds like a small electric motor) running. I look around and below the vehicle and noticed its coming from the read axle area. I dont know how long it was running or how long it ran for because I went into the house a few minutes and came back out 30 mins later and it stopped.

    Any ideas?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    When you went back to the garage did you have your key within range of the car?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..sounds like a small electric motor.."

    The fuel pump..??

    Mounted inside the fuel tank very near the rear diff'l.

    Retractable, retracting radio antenna..??

    The potential for vapor lock in the fuel line could be somewhat alleviated by running the fuel pump for a few minutes once the engine has been shut down long enough for things to have cooled off.

    On the other hand Lexus may have finally wised up and what you heard was an exhauster "assist" fan/blower helping to remove the evaporator condensate from the A/C plenum and passenger cabin. My DIY fan/blower installation is in the lower driver side rear quarter panel adjacent to the factory exhauster port.

    More concise information at regarding their EED, Electronic Evaporator dryer.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Found it..!!

    New emissions feature. A brushless DC motor for the vapor canister emissions system located near (in..?) the fuel tank. From what I can surmise it might run at any time provided if/when there is a vapor pressure buildup in the gas tank.
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