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    Wow!!! I'm so glad I decided to research these newer Suburbans since I was in the process of searching for one (2007-2012) after selling my 2002 Suburban. I too have always owned Chevy's but now I have to say my confidence in them has been shaken. As far as Chevy Customer Service rep's apologizing for their service, this hardly gives me any confidence to continue my search for another Suburban. For whatever it's worth, if Chevy wants to continue to have customer loyalty, I highly suggest for them to do the right thing and be fair and actually take care of the customer and acknowledge and fix their engineering issues. Good luck to all current owners with these problems.
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    Anyone interested in participating in a class action against GM? Not a lawyer here, but interested in seeking legal help...
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    FYI, motivated by my frustration with my 2007 Suburban Z71 that goes through 1 to 2 quarts between oil changes.
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    for what it's worth, i had the same issues in my 2007 suburban, had the AFM disbaled and no longer conuming oil. No difference in mileage either.
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    Got three years to kill and want to get a $500 coupon off a new Chevy eh? Better to go see your own lawyer if you think you have a claim.

    A case in which the only winners are lawyers (NBC)
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    Thanks slalom1, how did you go about disabling the AFM? Was that done with code or did you go to a mechanic. I am willing to try anything at this point, not covered under warranty any longer.
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    Thanks Stever....I guess all of us on this forum and the other similar that I have stumbled across should just sit ideally by while GM screws us. Bottom line, they produced a crap product in this 5.3L, they know there is an issue and all we do is sit here and complain on a forum and get nowhere with GM.

    I hear you about the class action; however the David and Goliath approach won't get the message across either.
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    I think it's all about effectively complaining.

    Toyota paid out a lot in their recent sudden unintended acceleration lawsuit. Lots of bad PR and people dying. Only took three years for that "clear cut" one to settle.

    Better to be your own David, I think.
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    Hi haye1869,

    Have you had an oil consumption test done by your dealership yet? If you would like for us to connect you with a dealer in your area to have this test started, please let us know.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
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    Hello Amber, I am going to get it into a dealer (Mauer Chevrolet) next week.
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    Hey Stever...aka CKNSLS off of the GMTC forum....thanks for the words of advice.

    How long have you worked for GM?
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    Not me; I grew up with Buicks 50 years ago but never owned a GM or worked for them. I get to drive my mother-in-law's '05 LeSabre now and then. Of course, if I worked for GM, I wouldn't be suggesting people go talk to a lemon lawyer, or their state's office of consumer protection either I don't suppose. (The "lemon" being a catch-all; the real help would be a warranty of fitness kind of claim but lemon lawyers do those too).

    Most people don't want to make the effort though; they post on forums and hope someone will take the lead and get a class action going.

    It's really quite easy to dial up a lemon lawyer or just a regular lawyer in your town and ask them to evaluate your problem. Usually they'll have a paralegal take your info and let you know where you stand, and often it's free. Even if there's not enough money involved for the lawyer to pursue it, they may tell you what your chances are if you just go to small claims. Some AG offices have researchers who focus on car problems as well, and sometimes they'll go to bat for you.

    I just don't get too excited about posts wanting people to file class actions - I see them all the time and very, very few of them get anywhere, and those that do take years. And then the owners still get squat.
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    Glad to hear! Well, if you'd like for us to reach out to your dealership as well to get a few more details or start a case for you within our system please let us know. Otherwise, please let us all know how the appointment goes next week.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
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    Honda has agreed to settle a class action for the same issue with their V6's with variable cylinder management.

    As part of the settlement, Honda will extend the powertrain warranty on these models for eight years (from time of purchase or lease) with no mileage limitation, and it will also reimburse customers who had to pay out-of-pocket expenses for related repairs such as spark plugs, pistons or, in some cases, apparently, an entirely new engine. (Of course, the repairs had to be related to certain trouble codes.) Lawyers will get no more than $800,000 from Honda and the guy who originally started the case, Vince Eagen, will get $1,000 for his "time and effort."

    I've battled 2 different dealerships with this issue for 4 years with my 07 Suburban and got every excuse in the book but no solutions.
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    so has anyone started a lawsuit against GM yet for this issue?
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    Probably, but you don't read about small claims cases very much and if a lawyer is involved, usually a settlement includes a gag order. And sometimes it just takes a call from a consumer protection agency or lawyer to get a recurring problem fixed and you don't often hear about those situations either.
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    I have never had a vehicle consume as much oil as my 2008 Suburban started doing this summer. At first I blamed the quick oil change location assuming they did not put enough oil in at that time. I almost blew my truck up at approx 4000 miles after that change. My employer at that time had an in house mechanic that changed it and it seemed to be fine when I checked it regularly for awhile afterwards. Then this past weekend (approx 3000 miles after oil change) I could tell it was knocking so I checked the oil and it was severely low and had to add more oil until I could get it changed today. Oil change/rotation today; clean tomorrow; for sale sign on it the next day. Sad thing is, I love my truck! After researching this issue it seems no one can provide a recommendation to solve it. Not even Chevrolet/GM.
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    Ok guys this may work for you-- I had the same issues with oil consumption on my 2005 5.3 a couple years ago. Two quarts every oil change if not more was the norm. They all recommended a consumption test too. I looked for the PVC to replace it Guess what??? didn't have one. Well that didn't make any sense to season guy like me (or did it) Long story short, I had 155,000 on her then--- now she has 189,000 and NO OIL CONSUMPTION. Look and follow where your PVC tube from the top cover of the engine to the valve cover. Take your drivers side valve cover off. It takes only a few minutes. You will find inside there is a sheet metal covered area that houses some type of a oil filtering system where the tube entered the valve cover"it's clogged" the ole girl needs to breath. I placed it in my cleaner and even used carburetor cleaner. That my friends could be your problem too. The dip sticks stays on the full till my next change. [email protected]
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    Read my Nov 4, 2013 post on oil consumption on the 5.3 it may help your readers. # 10 socket and a little elbow grease keeps the ole lawyers out of the shop. Read on my friend----)
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    Read my Nov 4, 2013 post

    Hm, you posted this on November 2, 2013.

    So we get to wait two days? Is this a lawyer's trick or what? DST falling back must really be messing with my clock. :D

    (yeah, I get that you mean post #76. ;) Not everyone has the tools or aptitude to wrench though).
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    OMG This must be the week for comics; honest mistake my friend.
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    Attn: gmcustsvc,

    I was also informed by my Chevy dealer that I have the oil consumption issue. I would like to know if GM is doing anything to assist customers financially with this issue. My dealer told me the only way to permanently fix this is to either rebuild the engine ($5700) or replace the engine ($6500). As this is a known issue, I feel GM should cover most of the cost of this issue. Please reply with what steps I should take to get a proper response from GM.
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    I see that Sarah or ? representing GM Customer Service replies quite often on here, requesting information. I'm wondering, has anyone had any success with that? There are a lot of unfortunate stories posted here that GM should take full responsibility for. Putting people through what they are and leaving folks high and dry is completely unacceptable. Anticipating the arrival of our 3rd girl in February of 2008, we purchased a brand new Suburban 5.3L, loaded Z71. We take our safety and investments very seriously. I was delighted and intimidated to have such an expensive, yet brand new car. I'd say a little over a year into it, I started talking to the service department about noise. They had it in a couple of times and said they failed to recreate the noise. Finally once I video taped it and emailed it to them, they replaced 8 lifters & gaskets. About 5 months ago, I suddenly experienced a rough idle. I took it immediately to my GM service folks, and they replaced the #1 spark plug and wire telling me at the time it had fowled out for some "unknown" reason. Clearly they knew what was going on at the time, but they were content to patch it up, charge me (out of standard warranty period by 4 months) and send me on my way, a ticking time bomb, just waiting to break down in possibly a remote place
    with my kids in the car. Then about 2 oil changes ago or less @ around 105,000 miles, I noticed a knocking, but no oil light. So I checked the oil. NONE on the dipstick. We added 4 quarts and watched it closely. I initially thought that perhaps something was goofy with the plug when they did the last oil change. Then I had the oil changed. When I mentioned the incident to the technician at the GM Dealership, they said NOTHING about this issue. So we're still clueless as to what is going on. Then one dark night, December 21st, 2013 to be exact. I glanced over to the oil pressure gauge on the dash while my husband was driving on a lonely back road and mentioned that it looked maybe a little low and to check it when we arrived. Sure enough, at our family Christmas celebration, we find out that my car is again over 3 quarts low on oil. Still no oil light on the dash came on. Obviously we fill it up and begin investigating. Then it happened, the stabilitrak lights went on, the engine light went on, and the engine begins to run rough......while I am in the mountains with 2 little kids. I bring it to a certified mechanic, where it currently sits. Compression test confirms cylinder #4 is dead, down to 125 psi in the #2. Thousands of blogs on multiple sites confirm everything else. GM has a FAILED product, and I have NO car & 3 kids, plus a car payment and insurance I'm responsible for. This product was doomed for failure the moment it left the car lot. It was just a matter of time. We have poured thousands of dollars into maintaining this rig for the long haul, you couldn't find a better car owner, plus we've replaced 2 left hubs and a fuel pump. After not being able to get a hold of the dealership by phone (common problem, calls are routed to a 3rd party answering service), my husband went, with file in hand. The Service Manager was not phased in the least by my husbands findings and told him that the "best case" scenario would be that GM would split the band aid fix 50/50, which would cost us 2k. WHAT? GM's "fix" is simply kicking the can down the road 25k miles, hoping to get out the liability and in the meantime, putting families like me on the streets. What am I supposed to do now GM with a car that's worthless to me and a life in which I'm responsible for transporting 3 people around? When Monday morning rolls around, I have to get my kids to school. How's that going to happen GM? Will I need to
    seek an attorney, use the lemon law, post on every single blog and GM/Chevrolet facebook page known to man kind to get your attention?

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    Read my post from July 2013. GM issued a bulletin about the oil consumption. ALL of these should have been recalled to fix the issue that they knew about.

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    Having similar oil consumption issue with our 2012 Suburban. Our '01 and '06 Suburbans didn't have this issue.

    2012 Suburban - last year, our local GM dealer did oil consumption test and did a "carbon cleaning" to fix issue of burning 1-2 quarts of oil. Said we should be good to go. Most recent check (3 wks ago), we burned 3.5 quarts since last oil change. Dealer wants to again do an "oil check".

    Our 2012 Suburban is our "good" car we use for family (4 kids) vacations on long road trips. It's the car we "trust" in the family to be designed/engineered well.

    When you spend $60k on a new Suburban, you trust it to work.

    This our 3rd Suburban we've bought new (also '01 and '06). Still have '01 Suburban with >100k miles and it doesn't burn oil. Love '01 but left wondering if best of GM is in the past?

    Seems GM not wanting to deal or pay for fix. Suggesting it's "okay" to be burning this much oil. Really?

    We first brought this to GM dealer within 3yr/36k warranty. Now within 5yr/100k engine and powertrain warranty. Still getting run around. GM wasting our time and money.

    Looking for a good solution to above. Or means to get local GM dealer to solve problem once and for all. Want to buy GM/American but this just non-sense.

    We'll again buy a family SUV in ~2 yrs. Given all above, not sure next one will be a Suburban or other brand.

    What happened to that solid trust worthy GM Suburban Brand?

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    Your story is so spot on with mine that it's scary! I want to keep my 2008 Z71 Suburban because its the ultimate family trip vehicle but the neverending saga of oil comsumption issues and all of the issues that are appearing now that are related are going to put me in the poor house! My issues started at 50k miles now i have 127K and have given up. Towed it to the original dealership today along with my pile of documentation from Chevy Dealer after Chevy Dealer trying to "fix" this unfixable problem. I have a new work car now and lake season doesnt start for a month. Got my case number from Chevy Assistance today from a lady by the name of ...ready for this one......I'm craping you not....."Sarah". LOL I'll let you know how this turns out.

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    I have a 2008 Suburban LTZ. I got my oil changed on 2/24/14. My family and I drove to Florida from Minnesota. We are on our way back by St. Louis today and the check engine light comes on and when we slow down we here a semi-loud ticking found. Let it sit for about 25 minutes and checked the oil. The dipstick was bone dry, we have driven about 3300 miles since that last oil change, and am planning on getting one when we return to Minnesota. Added two quarts of oil and when I started the engine the ticking is now gone and sounds normal, however the check engine light is still on. Why do these vehicles have so many problems with oil usage? I've had to add oil in the past, but something like this has never happened. This is obviously not a reliable vehicle. GM needs to figure it out now!! I will never buy, nor recommend a Chevrolet again. Feeling stuck in St. Louis!! Hopefully I don't get stranded with my wife and three kids. This is an ongoing issue that GM seems to be ignoring!
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    I have a 2007 that has been nothing but a bug piece of crap. We have had oil consumption tests, repairs, and still the #1 and 7 plugs get fouled so bad the car throws codes. Local Chevrolet dealer is not trustworthy. They did a repair in December to replace those two plugs but wouldn't tell us why it's happening. This weekend the truck threw the same codes again so I pulled the two plugs and one is completed crusted with burnt oil, the other covered in fresh oil. I've called Chevy customer service and their reps are horrible! They must be trained in making people angry. I have a 1999 that's perfect, I was considering getting a newer model but these reports don't make me confident in the product. I'm about to perform a full social media blitz on this to prevent others from this gross negligence by Chevy.

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    So Chevrolet is sending me to a different dealer but they still haven't acknowledged there is a problem and won't agree to pay for anything yet. The new dealer was supposed to call me yesterday but I've heard nothing yet. The #1 plug is so fouled it looks packed with tar and Chevy changed it in December of last year. The #7 was coated in wet oil. The other plugs look fine. Could it be valve seals? Rings? Something worse? Who knows but the problem started BEFORE my warranty ran out so I expect this to be covered.

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    I thought I would add my experince with my 2007 Suburban. I purchased mine certified with 45k miles on it. I started have oil consumptions issues right away and was told by the dealer they weren't aware of issues. We started a consumtion test thatlasted forever but indicated about 1qt every 500 milez of hiway driving. They finally offered to pull valve covers and install a deflector. That didn't work and oil consumtion remained the same. Then after undergoing more consumption tests we finally started talking "lemon law" and they replaced the engine at about 60k. Around 100k we were having the same issues again we started doing consumption tests and indeed was losing quite a bit of oil that would fall under the replacement plan. We set up a date for the repair and when I dropped it off was told that on the second enine the warranty is not extended and you only get the balance. The mileage was 103k. The regional chev manager (so I was told) offered me a trad4e in plus $2500. However the trade plus the cash had to be used on a NEW vehicle! Good luck making that work when these things are $45k new for same vehicle.

    So I am pretty much screwed and disappointed with Chev. I am still losing about 1qt every 500 miles and keep 3 qts in the truck.

    Thanks Chevrolet.

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    To all who are experiencing oil consumption on 07-14 vehicles, does your vehicle have the active fuel management or cylinder deactivation feature? If so I would highly recommend you consider this to possibly be the issue. I own a 2008 GMC Yukon with this engine destroying feature, it greatly saddens me that GM puts this feature on their new engines which would other wise be just as reliable as Gm trucks of the past. But today it's not about reliability, it's about getting owners to pay in the service department and making money. This is only costing them loyal buyers in the long run. Either way DISABLE OR TURN THIS FUEL SAVING FEATURE OFF, it definitely was the cause of oil consumption on my vehicle, which I'm sure now has some permanent damage because of running on zero oil multiple times. Now the vehicle is v8 all of the time and the engine feels much more healthier instead of constantly having to shut off and reactivate cylinders every 15 seconds. I bought a device that plugs into the OBD port underneath the steering wheel called the Range V8 and can be unplugged when you need to service your vehicle so no warranties are voided. I hope I've helped someone in typing this, and good luck to all fellow owners.

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    Well I apparently am in the same boat as every other suburban owner. I just bought an 07 with 130k on it. The truck is in great shape and I really like it. I have had it about a week now with no trouble. My father in law has had an 08 for a few months and noticed on start up and downhill with his foot off the gas that his would smoke. I just thought it was a fluke and was isolated to his truck. Mine had been fine until lastnight. Leaving his house started it up and was surrounded by a giant cloud of smoke. It was dark so not sure what color it was. I only knew of him and me that have a suburban and thought that 2 out 2 do the same thing. Those aren't good odds. Well after doing some looking this morning I guess it doesn't matter about mileage year style... Nothing makes a difference. They all have the same junk motor design. I know I have no warranty anymore but is Chevy fixing this problem for people like they should be?!  Since they should have fixed the problem before they even released the first one from the plant. I could probably replace the valve guide seals on my own but it is a lot of work and time that frankly I don't want to spend when this is their problem and responsibility that should have been taken care of 7 years ago. I paid 13 k for the truck and really thought for that money it would have been a reliable truck with minor problems not major issues. Maybe I should kept my hemi Ram. 

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    Tragedy on this cold winter day! The beloved 2007 Suburban, or "Red Sparkle" (named by my 3 kids) has taken ill.

    Several years ago, it started going through the oil like mad, and a failure to report low oil on filter changes (or high consumption) at the dealership maintenance bay left me in the position of having exactly 100,600 miles on it before they (dealership) informed me of the excessive oil consumption for the engines in these vehicles. GM would then not stand behind Red Sparkle, as it was 600 miles past warranty. 600... about one tank of gas too convenient...

    Fast forward 2 more years, I, a Single mom to 3 children- AND the beloved Red Sparkle... Red Sparkle is the workhorse of the family- my ex and I agreeing I should keep it years before, as it was (or supposed to be) the more reliable of our two vehicles... as Custodian, Red Sparkle would be primarily responsible for hauling my children, back-packs, groceries, a cello, and my photography business/studio gear... sometimes all at once! RS is definitely needed and used in this family.

    Now that RS has 134K miles, I am putting 1 quart per tank of gas...or 8-10 quarts between "oil changes" Thought: is it really a "change" when all of the oil from the previous change is gone?? like the old saying "fill up the oil and check the gas"

    Buying oil by the case, and always having a spare in the Suburban have become commonplace, as are new spark plugs... since GM changed acceptable consumption standards, refused to stand by Red Sparkle as the nearly 40,000 SUV they sold me, and I am at a loss now...

    Yesterday, my oil pressure dropped to zero suddenly, the check engine light came on, and I called the tow truck as my 3 kids, dog, and I waited on the side of the bitterly cold Washington Highway.

    Today, the service manager at the dealership told me I need a new engine. The total cost of this would be $8,040.00

    The "band-aid" fix would be over $3,000.00 and he could not guarantee Red Sparkle would not quit on me next week...

    by the end of the day, the dealership had a sales representative calling me, offering me between 9,000-10,000 for the Suburban, of course, was also wanting to show me some fantastic SUV models to replace RS... Seems fishy-

    The part which went bad was my oil sender... it is a $116 part.

    My engine IS on it's way out-

    My pistons ARE letting oil blow past the tune of 8-10 quarts every 6,000 miles...

    He told me my engine was too high in mileage (134K) to warrant fixing the pistons, and a new engine was the way to go...

    SO- this Single mama, who owned what was supposed to be a reliable family workhorse now, and for years to come- now owns a very expensive Boat Anchor-

    Shame on you GM for selling a faulty product and ripping off vulnerable consumers in the process- You could have just altered the trajectory of my families future with your poor customer service, bad engine, and forcing me to become financially destitute at the most critical hour of putting my life back together and raising my children by myself.


    heartbroken, disconcerted, dissatisfied American consumer

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    I too have a 2007 Suburban. 60000 miles. It has been using 2 1/2 quarts every 3000 for awhile now. All the mechanics have said this is acceptable. My 97 chevy truck with just at 100000 miles doesn't use a drop. Come on GM, this should have been dealt with. We have paid hard earned money for these things.
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    2008 Suburban bought new, had nothing but trouble since new, first 3 years it was at the dealer waiting to be repaired or being repaired for a total of about 4 months all told, after tearing the car apart numerous times, replacing the battery numerous time they finally brought in a GM specialist and decided it was the body control module. As the car approached 100,000 mile warranty the engine started ticking, took to the dealer they said it was bad gas, then started running low on oil, more than two quarts in 3,000 miles, dealer said 2 quarts was normal oil usage, after warranty was up car started running very rough, dealer said it needed a new cam and lifters, after we complained that we had been bringing it in since before the warranty was up the dealer said they would give us a discount on the repairs, next the engine started fouling the #1 cylinder spark plug, we still had to keep a close eye on the oil so it wouldn't run out, nursed it along until about 160,000 miles then there was no oil pressure the engine had to be replaced. Installed brand new (not rebuilt) engine from GM, at first 3,000 mile oil change the people at the service shop said the oil was a quart and a half low. Our disgust and ill feeling toward the dealer and GM cannot be expressed I would not recommend this dealer or GM to anyone and will tell everyone I can about the poor service and products.
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    I seem to be having all the exact same problems as the rest of you. 2008 Suburban with 116,000 miles on it. I regularly do the maintenance (only at my dealership) on it, which has been easy, since it has been in the shop regularly the past 4 years for engine problems. I have been experiencing the Stabilitrak and Traction Control messages on my dash for years. I just blew my engine and am without a car until I decide if I go for the $8,000 new engine or if we can find a used one to put in, but I fear that I will end up experiencing the same issues with the oil consumption. And just paying to fix that. The dealer told me that my car is worth $10,000 right now, replacing it with a used engine for $5,000, it will be worth $15,000...replacing it with a new engine for $8,000 it will be worth $15,000. I paid over $60,000 and expected it to last much longer than it has. I am extremely disappointed with GM and their lack of acknowledgement of an obvious widespread problem.
    If there is a lawsuit, I would like to be informed and included. This car is at half its life. GM needs to stand behind their product.
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    No more GM for this household. 2007 Suburban with multiple problems addressed above. And they marvel that Toyota is breaking their truck market. Stand behind behind your product or prepare to lose the most profitable market that you have. GM's response has been quite repulsive.
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    I have 2013 chevy suburban 1500 have close to 50k miles , I do always change the oil every 4000 miles because i don't like driving more than 5000 miles with V8 engine and I do my own oil change since I have lack of trust with some mechanics. I use mobile 1 fully synthetic with new oil filter for every change. But I start noticing every time I change the oil the output is 4qt instead close to 6qrt. contacted the dealer and said that's normal but I know for sure that's not normal. I guess they trying to avoid my concern til my truck out of warranty. Anybody have any idea how to approach these suckers and get the issue resolved?
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,631
    moetaha said:

    ......I do my own oil change since I have lack of trust with some mechanics........ Anybody have any idea how to approach these suckers and get the issue resolved?

    How about treat them the way you expect to be treated, that would be a start.

    On second thought. Get yourself a J2534 approved tool. Register for and then pay for a subscription to GM's TIS to web. Then you can call and see if GM will assign a VCI for your vehicle that disables the displacement on demand system which will cost another $50 and then if applicable perform the update. All told that will cost you around $2500 and anything that goes wrong would be nobody's fault but yours. It would be easier for you if there were techs to do this, but the job doesn't pay enough to make dealing with the above kind of abuse justifiable.

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    Exact same problem here. 2008 Suburban, just under 100,000 miles, owned since new. Consuming 1 quart every 1500 miles or so. I am getting lots of engine misfire codes. Shop says problem is on cylinders 1 and 4. On startup, I occasionally get massive clouds of smoke. Very disappointing.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Might want to do a cylinder leakdown test on those two.
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    There are a couple fixes for this oil consumption problem to try. I have a 2008 LTX with 215,000 miles, with all the same issues as everybody else. The 4 cylinders that deactivate when it goes into 4 cylinder mode are cylinders 1, 4, 6, and 7. These are the 4 cylinders that always get fouled from oil from these engines, because of oil getting in the cylinder when it runs in 4 cylinder mode. Im getting a programmer from Hypertech to turn OFF the AFM system. This will help to not foul plugs from extra oil by keeping the engine in 8 cylinder mode at all times. The PVC valve also needs replaced with the new improved design with a baffle in it so the oil cant sucked out into the intake as easily as it does now with the stock design. You need to buy the left side valve cover to replace the PVC valve because it is all one piece. (Bad design)

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    2015 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ - GM Certified 40k miles.. Well here we go again! i experienced the ongoing issues w/our last 2008 GMC Yukon XL Denali, worst part of that was Oil burning around the 40k mark, just to do oil consumption test forever, watching it burn 1Q, up to 3Q in between oil changes. From 40k up to 99k miles, GM decides to issue a statement that this is normal oil consumption for a high mileage vehicle. Really! from 40k all the way up? I took back to original deal, who finally did something. No they didn't replace the engine as they should have but they did the Pistons/Rings, which basically worked for 10-12k miles and it went right back to the oil burning. From there it also started to stall, had all the Stabilitrack and engine lites, etc. but basically it would get hot and loose compression and shut down. If you waited 30 min's it would start back up but eventually stall at the next stop. Engine was bad around 115-120k miles. Now i decide to get another one, 2015 Suburban, very first month i notice the exact same issue. Burning almost 1Q in before i can even get my 1st oil change. GM this is not right or normal!!! i have a Ford Truck 260k miles, a Lincoln MKS 160k miles, Ford burns about 1/2 Q in between Oil changes. Lincoln burns ZERO! It's with the dealer, along with constant vibration, AC went out and it has a few scenarios of delay/hesitant acceleration. I'm not sure i'm up to even chase this issues again and might just leave this car with the dealer!
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