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2012 Subaru Impreza



  • davidsd1davidsd1 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the good post. Now at least we know how low some dealers are willing to go.

    I think I got super deal when purchasing my Outback last Oct too. MSRP was $28315 and I paid $27500 OTD in San Diego. The good part was they took my 18 months old Wenza for $500 OVER bluebook trade-in value. I ended of paying 4K net difference to switch to OB.
  • thom52thom52 Posts: 30
    ..."again, incredible deal! looks like it's right with the $55 doc fee (i've heard about dealers in the past jacking that up)..."

    Another plus of buying the car in CA instead if WA.
    WA puts a legal limit of $150 on that bogus "Documentation Fee", and ALL the dealers charge the max during final signing. The more "scrupulous" ones will warn you its coming. Even a local "no overhead, you do all the paperwork" dealer tacks on this "documenation" charge. Of course, as long as you know this ahead of time, you negotiate with this in mind and assume it as part of their profit.

    So even your $55 doc fee is a good deal by WA standards.
  • bobdole888bobdole888 Posts: 38
    edited March 2012
    I recently got a ELM 327 bluetooth adaptor that allows me to connect to car through the OBD2 port and get enhanced gauges using smartphone/tablet. These adapters are dirt cheap, you can get one from Amazon or eBay for less than $20.

    For those of you that hate the dumb temperature 'gauge' on the impreza, you can read out exact temperature this way.

    I'm using Android app called Torque to do this.

    There's lots of other data that you can display (O2 sensor, 0-60 time, mpg graph, turbo boost, hp...).

    If you already have a smartphone/tablet, you can get lots of virtual gauges for $20. In addition, you can read any error codes from you car.
    So if you ever get that mysterious "check engine" light, you'll know exactly what's wrong with your car without having to take your car to the mechanic!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    edited March 2012
    They should add a 2-way web cam on the chassis so you could talk to the people building it.

    That way you could chime in, "Hey, you missed a spot" when they're buffing it in the final fit/finish area. LOL

    Of course you'd have to say it in Japanese. :D
  • larry1135larry1135 Posts: 43
    We ordered our Impreza last night we got the...

    4 door limited sedan
    popular package #2 w/homelink auto dim mirror, rear bumper aplique, cargo tray, all weather floor mats plus a center tray.

    Also, got the remote start.

    Price out the door is $23305.25 should take 6 to 8 weeks for arrival.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    me too: that was always the benchmark for my other cars. nice mix of faster driving on 101 and more leisurely driving on 156 and 1 made for typically some of the best mileage i've gotten. (i used to get 40+ mpg regularly in my 2000 honda civic for this trip which was originally rated 30/35 but "downgraded" to something like 27/32 after the new EPA standard was established a few years ago)
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    well, so that means you are around one week ahead of me. it'll be interesting to see if the color choices (dark gray for us) and my lack of options make a difference in delivery time.
  • Hi,
    I had the same problem only at 1400 miles and I was just contacted by my Subaru Dealer saying I was only one of 3 cars in the entire US that this happened to during break in so they want to give me a new engine block and research the one that is currently in my car to see why this happened. If you haven't been contacted yet I might call your local dealer to see whats going on. I have a 2012 subaru impreza premium MT.
  • hcalcathcalcat Posts: 30
    I just checked with Costco and they said the arrangement with their dealers is to sell at invoice. Not the best deal apparently. I am in Southern Cali. I was interested because the DGM Sport Limited that I ordered end of January is due here in April.

    As a side note, Costco is offering a $500 cash card for Subaru's purchased between March 15th and June 15th thru their program.
  • hempy7777hempy7777 Posts: 3
    edited March 2012
    I ordered a Sport Limited with moon roof and nav and popular package in Silver during the first part of February and have had no info other than it is due sometime in April. What have others experienced as far as order wait times, I think the guy who took me on the test drive said 6-8 weeks and the lady who actually placed the order, the internet broker, might have said 6-8 or 8-12 weeks. Just curious about others experiences, I got an awesome deal so I can't complain but I really need the car soon, my truck has been acting up, need a new fuel pump, and hoping to get the new car so I don't have to replace it.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,642
    Depending on the age and shape of your truck, either just fix it... or look into renting a car for a few weeks.

    That can be quite cheap in some areas. The trick is to get the information before the truck conks out.

    Good luck -Mathias
  • Bob,

    Congratulation, that's a best deal i ever heard. i want to buy the same model like your, but I'd like to have question about Homelink option, is that mean you buying the popular package #1 (Auto-dimming mirror with compass and Homelink; Rear bumper applique; Set of four all-weather floor mats)?If that so, I will going to talk to Capital Subaru soon. Thank you.

  • Eric,

    I just got the homelink mirror option. It's not the #1 package.
  • cgalnycgalny Posts: 8
    edited March 2012
    I've been seeing some very low MPG numbers posted here for the Impreza, so I thought I'd post my experience.

    I have the Impreza Premium with the CVT (and a bunch of other options), and all off my driving is what most people would consider city. The computer says my average speed is 24-25 mph. All of my driving is on suburban roads with speed limits of 35 to 45 mph, with no highway driving, and frequent short trips, stops and turns. My 2012 Impreza has about 1500 miles on it and I have been averaging approximately 29 mpg, but that's without jackrabbit starts and sudden stops, and using the cruise whenever possible, even in fairly heavy traffic. I estimate that if I drove without regard to mpg, I'd get about 27 mpg in my 'city' driving. That means driving with a heavy foot and not worrying about mileage. I'm sure the car will get over 32 mpg, and perhaps closer to the full EPA rated 36mpg on straight highway driving, meaning setting the cruise to a speed somewhere between 55-65mph and leaving it there for at least a half hour. At least the way I drive.

    I'm frankly surprised to read that some people are getting only 14-15mpg in the city. I don't see how that's possible, unless their driving consists entirely of driving in the middle of NYC during rush hour. Even then, I don't know... If I were getting 14-15mpg on my Impreza I would be VERY bitter and would voice my displeasure to my dealer and Subaru in a very serious way. I would not tolerate it. The dealer I bought my Impreza from offers a money back guarantee. If you don't like the new car you buy from them, they will take it back and refund your money within a certain number of days (can't recall how many). I would certainly take advantage of that if my Impreza was getting only 14-15 mpg in the city.

    And oh yes, I have owned and driven MANY cars since I started driving over 30 years ago and I love the 2012 Impreza. It's perhaps the best new car value I have ever bought. Its combination of low price, AWD, comfort, cargo room, and mpg are, in my opinion, second to none. I just hope it does not suffer from any problems down the road due to the fact that it represents a major redesign. I hope they got the bugs out before production began.
  • flopkaflopka Posts: 22
    I'm not sure a 35-45 mph driving speed is really "city" driving, though. I'm lucky if I have stretches where I get up to 40mph for a few seconds. There have been times when my average speed is 11-12 mph for a commuting trip. Sounds like you're not dealing with too many stop lights or heavy stop-and-crawl rush hour traffic? You didn't mention how long it took you to reach 29 mpg. (Supposedly it takes a while to ramp up to the "full" mpg)

    I can report that my mpg continues to creep upward: I made 18.9 yesterday and I expect this to get better as I drive the car more. The car has ~275 miles on it, and it has unfortunately only been driven in fitful traffic (one reason why I'm anxious to get it out on the open road during the break-in period).

    In any case, I might make a good test subject for city MPG because that's virtually all I have had time to do these days - a 25 minute commute every day back and forth.
  • cgalnycgalny Posts: 8
    edited March 2012
    Sounds like you're not dealing with too many stop lights or heavy stop-and-crawl rush hour traffic? You didn't mention how long it took you to reach 29 mpg.

    I'm dealing with MANY stop lights and stop signs and am constantly stopping and turning and accelerating/decelerating. I do have a light foot, however. I occasionally drive during rush hour traffic, but not very frequently. Regarding an improvement in mpg, I can't honestly say I've noticed much of an improvement, if any at all. If memory serves, the very first tank I measured returned my highest mpg...over 30mpg with only a tiny bit on the highway. Nevertheless, I expect to see an overall longer term improvement in mpg once the weather warms up and the car breaks in.

    I still feel that anyone averaging less than 15mpg in "city" driving has reason to complain. Unless, once again, this represents the absolute worst case scenario such as driving up and down Broadway in NYC during rush hour, all day long.

    A rather interesting phenomenon that I've noticed with the Impreza CVT is the "intelligence" of the cruise control system. Driving other cars I've noticed that based upon the instant mpg displayed by their computers, I can usually duplicate the mpg driving without cruise compared with turning on the cruise. I cannot do this with the Impreza. I've tried many times to duplicate the computer displayed instant mpg using my foot vs the cruise. The cruise always wins. And since I use the cruise as much as possible (even in traffic), this probably improves my overall mpg.
  • larry1135larry1135 Posts: 43
    edited March 2012
    I think anything below 22mpg for city would be plenty to complain about or even sue over. Since the new epa standards even 22 for city would be bull when 27 is on the sticker. I don't expect it to be spot on but it should not be a huge difference either.

    flopke - do you have a manual transmission?
  • thom52thom52 Posts: 30
    ..."And since I use the cruise as much as possible (even in traffic), this probably improves my overall mpg. ..."

    This statement intrigues me. I have always thought of cruise control as something to be used on freewheeling freeway driving. (non-existent in our area). What is your technique for using cruise control in heavy stop-go City traffic? Maybe that would help.

    I really think they need to rename the EPA "City" number to "Easier Suburban" driving. That might help set expectations better. :confuse:
  • larry1135larry1135 Posts: 43
    I would not consider city drving to be "heavy stop-go". I would consider "heavy stop-go City traffic" to be rush hour traffic which does not last all day in the city.
  • thom52thom52 Posts: 30
    "I would not consider city drving to be "heavy stop-go". I would consider "heavy stop-go City traffic" to be rush hour traffic which does not last all day in the city."

    Maybe not in YOUR city.

    AHA, maybe the crux of the matter. :)

    Seattle area HEAVY traffic is pretty much 24/7, with maybe a few tiny windows, on a good day, between maybe 10:30am-11am, and MAYBE between 2-3 am on some nights..... in good weather. "light" traffic is getting to go the speed limit on the freeway with about a half car length between you and the car in front and behind you, brake lights flickering in front, which just doesn't seem conducive to casual use of cruise control. And if you try to "just relax" and leave that gap open more in front of you, it WILL fill up with other cars jumping in front of you, still making you drive with a foot ready to jump on the brake.
    Light traffic is NOT a draw for living in the greater Seattle area.... :cry:

    and most towns in this area set the stoplights in town to catch you at EVERY light, instead of setting them for keeping you moving if you do the limit. Seems counter to saving gas, but I assume is better for raising revenue.
  • larry1135larry1135 Posts: 43
    edited March 2012
    "Maybe not in YOUR city."

    My city is Chicago which I believe is rated #1 for worst traffic.

    Did a google search 2010 Chicago was rated #3 for worst city traffic.
  • Are you in the US or Canada? I'm assuming US because you mentioned New York. If your getting 29 US mpg, that would be about 34 Imperial MPG is what reference Canadians use. My current car gets 14-20 Imperial MPG, all city driving, depending if its winter or summer, so 34 MPG would be a big jump. I've been driving like an old grandpa too, but it doesn't seem to help.

    PS. My current car is a '97 Legacy Outback 2.5 AWD.
  • Turn it in FWD? What year/make/model of outback did you have? Was there a distance limit on FWD only?
  • techdudetechdude Posts: 87
    Finally picked up the car today and it was worth the wait in my opinion. I drove it home from the dealership, about 70 miles and got around 33 mpg according to on board calculation. I'd say that's about 90% highway and driving like i normally would. Anyway, thanks to all on this forum because i learned a lot and saved even more! Good luck to all soon to be owners!
  • rayccraycc Posts: 28
    it was 2001 outback. I don't think there was distance limit.
  • camdollcamdoll Posts: 13
    I just got home from a long 9.5 hour trip from PDX to the bay area. I too have been disappointed with my MPG in my 5spd, though I do have quite the heavy foot.

    Typically I drive a good equal split city/highway and have been getting about 23.4 mpg (lifetime). My trip to CA I drove about 75-85 and only got about 26.1mpg on the way there. For some unknown reason, driving habits the same, on the way back I got 29.3mpg. If I had the patience (I was alone on a very long one day road trip) I would have gone closer to 65mph and probably would've gotten much better.

    Overall, I'm still a little disappointed in the MPG. Maybe it will continue to get better as I get more miles on it. After the trip I have 2600 miles on the engine.
  • debbadoo2debbadoo2 Posts: 24
    For those of you with the Limited trim, how do you like the leather seats? Comfort? Quality?
  • Bob,

    Thank for fast reply. Your price is still the best one that I know.
  • cgalnycgalny Posts: 8
    I have always thought of cruise control as something to be used on freewheeling freeway driving. (non-existent in our area). What is your technique for using cruise control in heavy stop-go City traffic? Maybe that would help.

    Well, first of all I never use the cruise in heavy stop and go traffic, but I do use it in virtually every other type of driving scenario.

    I admit this is dangerous if you're not careful and fully aware of the traffic ahead of you. I'm not sure I can describe the technique properly. What I do is I turn the cruise on and then use the cancel button as a quasi-brake, whenever possible. And then re-engage the cruise to accelerate. The reason I do this is two fold. First of all because it's sort of interesting and takes some of the monotony out of driving, but mainly because as I mentioned earlier the cruise has an even lighter "foot" than me and maximizes mileage. I'm not going to recommend this method of driving to others, but it's become second nature for me now and I feel safe driving this way. But the Impreza's cruise seems especially good at saving gas, compared to other cars I've had.
  • cgalnycgalny Posts: 8
    Are you in the US or Canada? I'm assuming US because you mentioned New York.

    I'm in NY. And by the way, the mpg figures I'm quoting are actual, manually computed mpg numbers. The car's computer is quite inaccurate, averaging about 1.5 to 2 mpg too generous in its mpg computation. But that's the case in all of my cars equipped with computers, so I won't hold it against the Impreza.
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